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sozin wrote:
Yes, that was what I was talking about. I guess I could edit the macro so it at least uses the token name or something.

I think there's a flash impersonate thing I can do to get the icon showing up. If not, I'll just put in the name - I agree, it is annoying.

How's the Power Attack/Deadly Aim/etc. coming?
It isn't :-( Like I say above, I want to figure out a comprehensive way of attacking feat implementation that doesn't involve me manually coding up each one. So, something after the 1.0 release.

Any chance for a true Rage button or perhaps Favored Enemy?

sozin wrote:
Two, the NPCs skill, cmd, and save rolls are still seen by players.

This is complete, download from the usual place.

the output of the NPCs for attack rolls is different in format to the output of PCs (I know this is probably because the rolls are secret rolls but is it possible to keep the impersonation?)
The main difference I'm seeing is that PCs have the impersonation icon to the left of the attack output, whereas NPCs have nothing. Is this the difference you are referring to? If so, then yeah, you are right, this is because the attack roles are private to the NPC/GM.

Yes, that was what I was talking about. I guess I could edit the macro so it at least uses the token name or something.

I'll let you know if I have any more suggestions. How's the Power Attack/Deadly Aim/etc. coming?

There was a hint that Erastil wasn't necessarily a male chauvinist religion. Surely, the religion isn't against women, but it's implied by supportive material in Kingmaker that the church of Erastil places men over women. In one of the Pathfinder Chronicles book detailing the Pathfinder Society, there is a cleric of Erastil who is a woman that apparently discovered some ruins that the church wasn't always like this and in fact differed to women instead of men. Can you elaborate more on this or just leave it as a mystery?

Just to give you some more info:

One, the output of the NPCs for attack rolls is different in format to the output of PCs (I know this is probably because the rolls are secret rolls but is it possible to keep the impersonation?)

Two, the NPCs skill, cmd, and save rolls are still seen by players.

Three, my players would really like the Health to remain hidden so they don't know the HP of the monsters and how far down except by description. Could there be another health button that does not do that or perhaps does not do that for NPCs?

Four, any word on the Power Attack, Rage, etc. changes?

James Jacobs wrote:
The NPC wrote:

Wes is running a mass effect game?

What is system is using? When is it set?

Also, who/what do you I'a?

The Mass Effect game uses Pathfinder rules, with a strong helping of my Unspeakable Futures rules.

It's set between Mass Effect 2 and 3.

Ia Walter White!

Totally want this game! TAKE MY MONEY!

Also, is it possible to get to Rovagug's Cage/Prison by the Darklands?

Will the Darklands ever be mapped out completely or just be left up to the GM? Anything else hidden in the depths of the world? The ancient watery kingdom of Aboleths perhaps?

James Jacobs wrote:
Final Fantasy X-2 (this one was my favorite)

The one fault of James Jacobs. I'm sorry.

So any updates?

The Divine Hunter archetype has no mention of a Divine Mount for Divine Bond. I assume that means there is no choice, and the paladin MUST choose to bond with their ranged/thrown weapon. Is this assumption correct? If so, what was the general design decision for it?

sozin wrote:
No prob! BTW, the issue ended up being that Bodhizen was using MapTool b88, which Is Known to be broken. b87 is the version that TokenLab supports.

I was actually going to ask that next. :P

I understand your hesitation to hard code ammunition. It's not a huge deal. I think it might surprise my players in game when they declare an attack and the macro tells them they are out. OH NOES! Lol.

Anyway, thanks, and looking forward to more updates ie Rage / Power Attack or Deadly Aim / etc.

Bodhizen wrote:

1) I am using the test campaign.

2) I have imported the macro properties.

3) The TokenLab token is on my map.

Are the tokens set to use the correct macro properties?

I know that you don't actually get the full stats on your char sheet button. Is that what you're talking about?

Or are you unable to get the macros to show in the selection window?

Bodhizen wrote:

Maybe I'm not doing this correctly... I watched a video tutorial.

When I save my characters through TokenLab, things seem to work out just fine. However, when I try to open them in MapTools, nothing is there except the token. None of the character's stats are present. Is there something that I'm missing? Am I making some kind of colossal error? I've been playing around with it for the past few hours and haven't been able to get it to work properly at all. Some assistance would be very much appreciated. :)

1) Are you using the test campaign for testing purposes?

2) Are you importing the macro properties?

3) Is the TokenLib token on your map?

Hmmm, well. A Crossbow is only ever going to use bolts. Is there a way in the attack macro to look for a property with the name "Bolt's Crossbow"?

What value changes when you go into Basic Resources and click the up/down button for Crossbow Bolts?

Is there a way to reference that instead and increment ie do what the up button does?

sozin wrote:

I did some more digging into this. I'm not sure if I can infer the relationship between the arrows and the weapon from the output xml file.

Here is a crossbow:

<weapon name="Crossbow, Light" categorytext="Projectile Weapon" typetext="P" attack="+1" damage="1d8" crit="19-20/x2" quantity="1">
<wepcategory>Projectile Weapon</wepcategory>

And here are the bolts:

<item name="Bolts, Crossbow" quantity="20">
<weight text="0.1 lbs" value="0.1"/>
<cost text="2 GP" value="2"/>
A crossbow bolt used as a melee weapon is treated as a light improvised weapon (–4 penalty on attack rolls) and deals damage as a dagger of its size (crit ×2). Bolts come in a case or quiver that holds 10 bolts (or 5, for a repeating crossbow).

Note that there is nothing in the xml file that explicitly says "these crossbow bolts are being used by this crossbow."

So I'm not sure this feature is possible :-(

sozin wrote:
Fox, can you describe how you see the longbow increment thing described above working?

Thanks for fixing the Crit Confirmations!

Basically, if the longbow attack button is used, do a simple if statement (possible in Maptools I assume) to increment the used number of arrows under Basic Resources...if possible.

I mean there are other things to consider like what if the person is using Manyshot/Rapid Shot/Deadly Aim/etc.

For now, I'm able to say, mark it in your resources, just saying it would be nice to have the token keep track of that for you and VERY surprising when all of a sudden you try using your longbow only to find you are out of arrows!


So when the Longbow Attack Button is pressed:

If (Used Arrows not equal to Total Arrows) - Fire Longbow and Increment Used Arrows
Else - Cannot Fire Longbow

Once you can get feats to function you would make it more complex but that's the basic thought process.

I'd also still allow the player to manage this in Basic Resources as well.

Hmmm, it says unknown library Lib: TokenLab despite the fact that spell reference, feats, traits, abilities work.

Also, is it possible to set the rolls for NPCs to be secret rolls? I know the cheap way is just to add /self, but it'd be nice if setting a token to NPC makes the rolls secret. Also, not having the health bar appear for the NPCs would be nice save for the bloody condition. Always liked the bloody condition.

EDIT 1: Ah-ha, have to copy over your Lib token from your default campaign. That works for ammo. Is it possible to have a ranged attack like longbow increment used arrows? It's cool otherwise, thanks for letting me know.

EDIT 2: Also, I've always run with confirmation rolls when it comes to crit and fails. I've noticed that when a crit is made it rolls the damage twice but keeps the same result. Is it possible to get it to actually roll and not do that?

James Jacobs wrote:
donato wrote:
2. If and when there were ever another hardcover compilation of an AP, which one would you do? Which 3.5 AP and which PFRPG AP would reprint?
2) Second Darkness would be the one I'd like to reprint the most, since I'd kind of like to rewrite vast portions of the 5th adventure... but that's also one that's probably the least in demand AND has the most copies still in stock... so it'll likely never happen. Honestly... I'm not really eager to reprint any of the APs at this point... but if the stars came right I'd love to Pathfinderize Age of Worms or Savage Tide...

Ach! I love Second Darkness~! Do I need to buy the books again to make that point? I'd love for a reprint with Pathfinder rules~! Perhaps I just had so much fun with my group, but it was run very well.

sozin wrote:

Ok, patch has been uploaded here. Really, it should work this time :-)

I will ponder how to handle rage/power attack/etc.

Thank you! I'm glad you're considering it. Thanks for the great work!

EDIT: It worked! Thanks for the patch. It just confused me because I didn't know which token was which until I realized it was in alphabetical order.

And as another idea, can you track ranged attacks ie ammo? If not, that's fine just wondering if that is in the xml file.

I downloaded the latest one, and I'm still getting the string error.

Just FYI.

sozin wrote:
Sorry for the late response! I've patched this, it should be fine now.

Thanks for patching it!

Just some questions for you though.

1) Having some problems getting Two-Weapon Fighting to be put on the token. Is there an easy way to set that up?

2) A barbarian in the party would very much like a way to just macro rage and change subsequent rolls on the fly. For now, we're just using the temp macro, but is there a way to make special abilities like rage register for the token?

3) Power Attack and Vital Attack, if you have the feat, is would it be possible to create a macro for it in the converter?

I know it might sound like these are lazy things, but I'm not familiar with working in the macros for Maptools. I find this to save a lot of time for my players as well as myself for making monsters. Thanks for all the hard work.

I'm having some problems with Version 0.20

When I import my heroes, I get a string error for the name of the character "net.sozinsoft.tokenlab.dtd.Character@(location)" instead of the name.

Indeed, I would also appreciate a reupload. Much thanks.

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Shadows can also move into walls and such. Mine tended to stay underneath me in the ground until I needed it. I believe there is a way to unsummon, just need a fort save though.

Ah yes, here it is.

"If a shadow companion is destroyed, or the shadowdancer chooses to dismiss it, the shadowdancer must attempt a DC 15 Fortitude save. If the saving throw fails, the shadowdancer gains one permanent negative level. A successful saving throw avoids this negative level. A destroyed or dismissed shadow companion cannot be replaced for 30 days."

Will there be anything extra for previous prestige classes? This seems like the third time Hellknights will be published again.

Also there's that whole shadowy minion of Pharasma who looks strangely like Aroden and all...just throwing that out there :P

Any updates on this recently?

nightflier wrote:
1) Isn't ZK's and Shelyn's father in fact The Prince in Chains?

^This. Also, I don't think we know who their mother is. Would it be safe to say that ZK faced something Cthulu-eque to make him go koo-koo?

Dark_Mistress wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Lord Gadigan wrote:
Norns are pretty awesome. They're CR 18 Fey. They cat cut the threads of someone's life (20d6 untyped damage with a Fort save for half), preventing resurrection without Miracle or Wish if they kill you with it. They also have some fate manipulation, magic shears, and a fairly good assortment of magic powers.


Do the Cold Rider fey have anything to do with the cold fey of Irresen ?

There is no mention of Irresen in their text.

The Cold Rider was introduced in the Carnival of Tears module, and yes, they do have stuff to do with the cold fey in Irrisen.

Most likely, this won't be a big deal in your games since those PCs that use UMD will try to raise it pretty high so they can only fail on a 1, and NPCs will usually have the ability to cast the spell themselves or have a high UMD. The rules do not state it, but I might rule the 10 or more or maybe on top of rolling a 1 (which also has that not being able to use the wand the rest of the day thing btw).

I'm actually running a game which used the "Into the Haunted Forest" module and changed the Breastplate of Fire at the end into an Ironwood Breastplate instead (Druids with metal breastplates what!?). Basically, I treat it like mithril pretty much, and it most certainly could be enchanted...if they knew what it was enchanted with ;)

ShadowcatX wrote:

Re-reading it, that's a horribly worded FAQ.

Corporeal spells and effects that do not cause damage only have a 50% chance of affecting an incorporeal creature (except for channel energy).
There's no reason to put "except for channel energy" in there at all, channel energy does damage. (Or did they put it in there to indicate that channel energy can heal incorporeal creatures?)

Yes, it can. Channel Negative Energy can heal all types of undead.

Thus Channel Energy does both damage and heal, and since some balance is needed, Channel Energy does full damage/heal to those in the area. Selective Channeling allows you to target creatures you want to opt out.

You wouldn't want an evil cleric to be able to keep all his incorporeal minions up with 1 channel vs a good cleric who could only do half with 1, kind of silly.

James Jacobs wrote:
Calypstar wrote:
I know there won't be as many outsiders in this one probably, but will we have a few more of my favorites? I'm wondering if there will be more angels, archons, proteans and inevitables? Especially the last two, I love the more law and chaos stuff than the good and evil. More giants, too maybe? And fey I'm sure.
There'll be some, but not all. Certainly more giants and fey though.

So glad for more fey! I was hoping for some mid-higher level ones. Here's hoping!

Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper wrote:
I am pretty surprised at the high support for Epic as well. Part of why I created the poll was to confirm if "Epic Supporters" were part of a minority. I suspected they were. I sort of felt that with Pathfinder's changes to the 3.5 system that after level 15 you were pretty much epic already. Apparently some people just can't get enough power :)

I mostly want epic rules for the many epic level villains in Golarion that I want to use in my games. Tar-Baphon, Geb, Baba Yaga, etc.

Can you combine Moonlight, Starlight, and Sunlight Summons?

If a First Worlder takes sunlight summons, moonlight summons, and/or starlight summons, would the feat apply to the Eidolon?

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James Jacobs wrote:
klevis69 wrote:

Hello sir.

I'm not sure if it's been asked, honestly I didn't search very hard.

Anyway, I love your guys' stuff. Paizo is super. Are there any plans for releasing content for 20+? Similar to the old Epic Level Handbook or something similar (but better of course cuz it'll be paizo!)?

This actually is one of the most frequently asked questions about our upcoming books. The answer is: We'd love to do something like this, but haven't yet had the chance to fit it in to the schedule. At one point, we were worried that there's not enough interest in the topic, but I'm starting to think that there is. In fact, I always thought there was interest, but that opinion is spreading here at Paizo.

I would like to add to that interest!

Also, by far, this is my favorite thread.

Thanks for being so helpful.

Blue Star wrote:
That Guy With the Fox wrote:

1) Get the Strength Damage Rogue Talent

2) Get the Prereqs for Shadowdancer
3) Become a Shadowdancer
4) Get a Shadow
5) /hug your flanking buddy (ie the Shadow)
6) Enjoy killing things due to Str Damage
Okay so level 14 or so? That Strength damage talent is an advanced talent. I don't think it's very fair, or nice, to make someone suck for 13 levels.

Not really.

I will say I had a tough time, but first, I went for Shadowdancer (so my steps are out of order :P ), which you can get at level 6. Hide in Plain Sight really helps since as a rogue you should be the skill monkey and put as many points into stealth as possible. This means you can do a fairly decent job of stealthing around and hitting enemies in blind spots (combine with acrobatics if necessary). Find a way to get yourself into flanks with your allies. Always a good thing to keep in mind.

Then get enough levels in Shadowdancer to get a Shadow (awesome companion). Level up in Rogue for your Advanced Rogue Talent, and you are golden.

Now another thing to realize that a lot of people are forgetting is that rogues are not made to be a damage class. They are skill monkeys, trap finders, and all around flank buddy. They can deal out some heavy damage if they can get the rolls and have sneak attack. There are also various builds like someone can be a str rogue if they want to be more of a brute. Either way, the rogue isn't meant to be hitting like a barbarian, fighter, cavalier, eidolon, etc. However, they are good for distractions and keeping people locked down.

One of my best experiences as a rogue/shadowdancer was the final encounter in Second Darkness, where I locked down the final boss while my companions dealt with the minions in the room. There was no way we could deal with that boss while the minions were up, so I took the liberty of being the fall guy and keeping the boss distracted. Funny thing though was the shadow was killing the boss :P Forced the boss to retreat and come back later haha!

I think Rogue is fine. If you're looking for a heavy hitting rogue, fourth edition is a good choice. Not saying don't play PF, btw. I'm just saying if Paizo wanted Rogues to be heavy hitters, I think they would have designed them that way. And besides that, I've had my fun with rogues! They are awesome!

EDIT: But if the GM and players agree to change a class, it's their game as well. Always remember to have fun!

1) Get the Strength Damage Rogue Talent
2) Get the Prereqs for Shadowdancer
3) Become a Shadowdancer
4) Get a Shadow
5) /hug your flanking buddy (ie the Shadow)
6) Enjoy killing things due to Str Damage

Hello again, sir!

Couple more questions for you.

My group is playing a game in Andoran and following all of the Falcon's Hollow modules for now, and they are about to finish Hungry are the Dead and about to find out about the seals used to keep the Whispering Tyrant locked away. Since it isn't mentioned explicitly, I was wondering where the other seals might be located. I'm actually quite surprised that one of the seals is in Andoran of all places and not near Lastwall or Ustalav. It would be helpful if there are more in Andoran, perhaps in the Candlestone Caverns? the Also, did you have an idea for how the Night of Silver Blood went down in Olfden? That was the night the werewolves of Arthfell Forest attacked Olfden for three nights and were immune to silver weapons until they all started dying from the failed ritual. How did the Shadow Pack druids come to find out about this ritual?

Heyo Pathfinder peeps!

I've been running a game on JTV called the Quest for Hickory Dunger:

I'm a bit stuck as to how to proceed with one of my player's background. He was a part of the ShadowPack Druids in Arthfell, and I've been hoping for more Andoran stuff to flesh out an encounter with the werewolves in Arthfell. Unfortunately, not yet. So, I'm looking to you peeps to help me flesh out more about the werewolves of Arthfell.

Ideas I'm experimenting with:

1) Small "Tribes" of werewolves run by shadowpack druids to keep them secret and safe as their numbers increase.
2) The backstory to the Night of Silver Blood, what led to the discovery of their immunity to silver, what caused the deaths of so many werewolves, can they possibly bounce back and do it again?
3) What sort of nasty werewolves could I use? Give me some ideas! Keep in mind this is a group of 4-5 level 10 party.

EDIT: Also! They are about to finish Hungry are the Dead! That means there needs to be other places where the Shining Crusade hid their arcane seals trapping the Whispering Tyrant. Any possible hotspots that might be cool to do? Perhaps having to do with Runelords? Fangwood?

I've been going over the First Worlder, and I still think more fey should be added to the Summon Nature's Ally spell for it.

Do you agree?

If so, what fey would you add?

EDIT: Also, Moonlight Summons and Sunlight Summons kind of negates the benefits of Starlight Summons, was that intentional? Are we supposed to only really choose one of those feats or take them all?

Hello again, sir.

I was building a summoner akin to either a "Dragon Rider" or "Falcor" style Eidolon, and was working on a quadruped with pounce that could fly.

In order to do a Flying Pounce that would allow the Eidolon to move past without provoking an AoO, would I have to have the Eidolon get Flyby Attack and the summoner get Ride-By Attack or can I just get Ride-By Attack?

I have perused the playtest of the advanced races, and I came to an interesting thought that came up in my group's last play session. You see, my players have a tendency to die...a few times. The Druid keeps at least one Reincarnate with the material components ready in case one of them should fall.

Now, our Half-Elf Paladin fell in battle last game, and we spun the wheel of fate. Turns up Orc, which absolutely thrilled the Dwarf :P

Now, we were quickly converting the character, and Str, Dex, and Con depend on the new body. Racial stat adjustments change to affect the physical stats, but there is no mention of the mental stats other than the player still has all knowledge/skills from his previous life. Despite the spell stating the racial adjustments change, my players fought me on that technicality that the Paladin's mental stats shouldn't change, and thus the paladin keeps his mental scores and adds a +4 str to his character. I wasn't fully alright with this and decided I would ask on the boards about this, and we continued with the Paladin having a +4 bonus to his Str.

However, we ran into another problem when we were trying to decide what racial traits should change. It doesn't make sense that he keeps his Half-Elf abilities, and we roughly decided to use 3.5's system of genetic and culture traits.

Low-Light vs Darkvision: Obviously Darkvision (Genetic)
Light-Sensitivity: Obviously Genetic so he should have
Orc-Languages and Weapon Famliarity: Cultural so no
Ferocity: Toss-Up sounds similar to both...and I can't remember what we chose
Half-Elf Adaptability: Didn't make sense for the Paladin to lose his Skill Focus (Knowledge Religion) unless the mental stats can change...
Elven Immunities: Gone
Elf Blood: Gone
Keen Senses: Gone
Multitalented: Kept since the Paladin is multiclassed with Oracle (nice GM)
Elf Languages: Kept

I know this has been long coming, but this is a 2 part question. Will there be a distinction between cultural and genetic racial traits in the Advanced Race Guide? Also, does the Paladin's mental stats get adjusted accordingly with the full Orc adjustment (+4 str, -2 int, -2 wis, -2 cha)?

If a character is a Dwarven rogue with the trap spotter rogue talent, do they get two separate checks against a stone trap?

I run a pathfinder game using all the Darkmoon Vale/Andoran modules I can find. Right now, we're on Hungry Are The Dead.

Be careful if one or more of the party gets kissed, this puts a stricter time limit on getting back to town as they only have 24 hours before they become a varghoul.

The Forge Spurned is okay, but he's too strong if you have the Hellcat fight with him. Still, my party had an easy time with him. Might consider making him a bit tougher if he's alone. Maybe threaten Kreed's kid.

Jekkajak was FUN! He color sprayed the whole party and pretty much TPKed them if they hadn't saved that monster in a previous room.

I would make Kerrdremek a true cleric. There were times the party would have benefited more from that. That's also because my party was able to befriend the Kobolds.

Jeva is the BEST! She waited til they were knee deep in the dungeon and separated the ranger from the party and attempted to kill him. She didn't succeed, but that's because the player was very paranoid when the little orphan girl somehow surviving in the wilds wants to go into a dangerous dungeon...ya, I might try to make this seem more plausible.

I also buffed a lot of the Kobolds because a lot of the fights were way too easy. It's fine if the fight is easy, but making the combat rounds virtually worthless because they can't hit anyone in the party is too easy. Some HP should be lost and spells cast.

For other help, I found d20pfsrd to be beneficial. Still needs to be tinkered with, but a good starting point. mastery-modules/crown-of-the-kobold-king

I find that I appreciate the house rule where the DC is the same as the check in the book, but it only gets you basic information as to what the creature is. If you best the DC by 5 or a multiple of 5, you can ask questions about the creature and the GM will answer them in what they determine is the best way.

For example, I can ask how good is that kobold's sight, and the GM may answer that they don't see well in bright light (light sensitivity) and see better in darkness (darkvision) and that they seem to not excel at picking things out (low perception).

martinaj wrote:

I know that Paizo has mentioned that they have intentionally left most of their NPCs unstatted so that such endeavors could be left up to the GM, that they might be able to toss some NPCs against whatever party level they required. However, looking through the setting, it seems like there are a few NPCs intended to have attained epic levels, as the things they have accomplished indicate a level of power that no one but 20+ level PCs could contend with, among them:

Baba Yaga (can keep an entire nation in a perpetual state of winter)

Tar-Baphon (killed a god)

Geb (has said dead god for his consort)

Razmir (burned a city down overnight, though I get the feeling he's not in the same league as the others on this list)

Xin (got so awesome he exploded)

Nex (made his own plane)

To me, these seem like adversaries that should challenge an entire party of 20th level character - the final challenge of non-epic play. Is this an accurate assessment? And if so, how does one go about statting them for the time being? Any suggestions?

Oh, I have plans for Baba Yaga and Tar-Baphon in my Falcon's Hollow campaign...and maybe a tie-in to Geb and Nex through the Tar-Baphon lore. We shall see *devilish grin*

ProfPotts wrote:
Considering the other possible Arcana options, I don't see many chosing Concentrate as written. If it's got to be a 'once per day' ability I'd say make it an 'auto-success' once per day - quicker, easier, and hardly game-breaking. Or go the other way and make it a flat +4 bonus on the check all the time (or maybe a '+4 bonus as long as you have at least 1 point left in your arcane pool' sort of a thing).

I was just reading this, and I agree that it should just be a flat-out +4 bonus on Concentrate checks. My experience has most players know exactly what they need to roll in order to succeed on Concentrate checks, so if they see a low roll, they don't have to wait for the DM to ask if they want to reroll with a +4 bonus. They'll just immediately do it.

The other way is for the DM to secretly make the Concentrate checks, but that takes the dice out of the players' hands. I find most players don't like this save for story elements, not to mention the DM has enough to worry about. But should this work out, the player would more than likely just take the second roll anyway since it adds a +4 bonus to the roll.

Either way, a flat +4 bonus that stacks with other feats/etc. works well and makes sense for a melee combat oriented spellcaster like the Magus.

Abbey of the Golden Sparrow - 3

Achievement Feats - 113

Forgotten Foes - 255

The Favored of Skexxiz - 333

Name: "Jim"
Race: Human
Classes/Levels: Paladin 11
Adventure: The Twice-Damned Prince
Location: The Shrine of Aroden
Catalyst: Paladin without a Perception modifier

Gory Details:

Ah yes, another one bites the dust. You may recall in my last post that a certain elf named Jimmy died. Well I forgot to mention that Jimmy had a friend named Jim...I know.../sigh. Jim is a paladin of Iomedae and was the player's original character when he started, but the player wished to switch over to a ranger around The Infernal Syndrome. With the elven ranger dead, it was time for Jim to make a triumphant return...only to be stabbed to death in his sleep...

Oh yes. Even while combat rang out in the halls, Jim found himself unable to wake up from his blissful rest. I'm sure he was dreaming of Iomedae right before a thief sliced his throat open. No, I wasn't evil. We had him roll like 4 times for perception while the battle went on. He just could never roll more than a 3 for some reason, and hearing through a wall while a sneaky rogue tiptoes into your bedroom apparently is very hard for him.

Got another couple of deaths for you ;)

Name: "Lucia"
Race: Half-Orc
Classes/Levels: Fighter 7/Hell-Knight 3

Name: "Jimmy"
Race: Elf
Classes/Levels: Ranger 10

Adventure: Mother of Flies
Location: F10. Treasury
Catalyst: Calikang

EPIC!!! Spoilers abound!:
Oh boy! This match was quite interesting. The fight started with the pathfinder savant in our group flying down the hole only to be nearly incinerated by lightning from his energy blast. Luckily, he managed to dodge the blast and flew back up. However, the elven ranger, Jimmy, decided to be epic and jump the 50 feet into the treasury...

So he makes an acrobatics check and succeeds to make one 10ft increment into nonlethal damage and willingly jumping negated another 10ft. He took 3d6 lethal and 1d6 nonlethal damage in the fall, but in the process, we allowed him to do a charge while falling. He manages to crit and does over 40 damage (two weapon fighting ranger fyi).

Fun! So the next person was our mystic theurge. The theurge did not do well on the knowledge check on the Calikang and casts a fireball in the room. The Calikang's SR negates and heals the monster and restores his energy blast. ("IMMAH FIRING MAH LAZOR!!!"). The next turn is the Calikang, full-attacks the ranger lying prone. Hits with all but 1 attack. Over 12d6 damage (not to mention a confirmed crit), we didn't even have to do the fort save for the stagger because at the end of the turn, the ranger was dead!

The theurge then says the party should hold off and plan...while the fast healing ticks on the Calikang. The plan wasn't really discussed at all, and basically is the theurge casting bless then diving into the room with his boots of levitation, halting him at the lip of the hole. This triggers the Calikang's readied action to energy blast, and the theurge blocks with the emergency force sphere from the Cheliax Companion. Sadly, we didn't roll damage for it, but basically, the party ends up lying on top of the force sphere. The theurge dismisses the spell and the two melee fall into the room (both granted charges, but also provoking AoO). The AoO lands on the fighter/hk. They deal a bit of damage, but the Calikang's turn is immediately after the Theurge...Full-Attack, fighter/hk. 2 crits with the longsword, all other attacks hit...102 damage in one turn. Dead fighter.

By this point the party was REALLY getting scared, but the pathfinder savant flies into the room and saves the day with an awesome Slow spell. The living monolith then solos the Calikang and defeats it. Most epic fight in Walcourt ever...sadly Ilnerik fell like a chump...:(

Aretas wrote:
I was looking at the Hill giant stats for the seige encounter and discovered that it does 1d8 + str with a hurled rock. Then I read rock throwing and it said that it does 2x the slam damage. Is this an error?

That's more than likely an error. Follow what Rock Throwing says.

My party went straight for the Dark Folk and Stiglor, rolled horrible on reinforcements. If they get Fmugwha and the Bloodcaps, that camp is enough to finish the battle.

Any ruling on that morale effect from Ilnerik? I would imagine that it works since it's in his Tactics. Perhaps an ability from the Totemrix?

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