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It seems the Moon Patron (which the Winter Witch is called out as being able to take) does grant Meteor Swarm, a [Fire] spell, which a Winter Witch is not allowed to learn or cast.
How should this be handled?

I know the Vengeance Patron was already removed from the Winter Witch Archetype for the same reason, should this be handled the same way?
If yes, then the number of Patrons available slowly gets quite low.

Well, seems we are back down to 4..
Somehow this game doesn't want to really take of.

Just as a heads up, I'll be in Japan the next week and then back to European schedule.

I'm generally ok with either, the recruitment is already more fun than many actual game.^^
Also as I said in the Interest Check, I'll be in Japan for a week, starting today. While it should not have to much impact on my posting in general, the fact that I only have my tablet here might mean shorter posts.
Afterwards I'm back to European schedule for the foreseeable future.

I think there is one simple reason why they made DR epic not that hard to overcome: otherwise the guardian ability that gives you DR/epic would be OP (as would be the smite ignore DR part etc.). Not because it would be defensively strong, but because it would let certain builds easily overcome the new "super" DR, while that would be almost impossible for certain other builds (rogues...).

"Where am I? Who knows? I don't know you. Just place the ring on the ground and leave the apparatus. I'll look at it."

Seems like yet another case of DM missing action.
I think he got kinda busy, what with his posts first getting sparse before stopping. Well, maybe he'll recover :)

Well, considering that it only takes about 2 minutes, there's then no point not doing it :)

Correction: 1 Minute^^

The boards form fields, which, when filled in, appear on the top left
of the profile (some also appear under your name in each post).
So Full Name, Race, Class/Levels etc.
Your example characters have them mostly filled out.

Ok, took the stat block out of the spoiler and gave him one more language (Vudrani, because I guess quite a few of the older texts in the monastery are still in that language and he has thus probably learned it).
Do you also want us to fill in the "optional" fields? I always found them rather lackluster (or use them as a small combat statblock).

One question that I wondered about after Steady Hand's/Alhandra's posts:
Isn't Osiriani kinda the "normal" language here, considering that we are in, well, Osirion? I'm actually pretty sure that I read somewhere that it's usually considered "Common" (and the free starting language, though I can't find that right now, so I might be wrong here) in northern Garund (), with Taldane mostly only spoken by traders and foreigners.
Just wanted to make sure we are all actually speaking the same language when writing "Common".

You see nothing north, though there might be something behind the curtain. You see a small illusion aura in the south.

"What's wrong? Can't speak?"

One question about Alhandras robes: But they are sliding over the ground, right? To hide the tail/tentacles?

While the voice seems to come from the south, you are not that sure about that. It sounds somewhat off, might just as well be actually coming from the north. You at least would know some tricks that could do that.

Your combined effort finally manages to open the lock.
The door opens into a wide room filled with preserved animals and creatures of every kind and form, some pretty old, some unsettling fresh looking. The northern end contains what looks like a taxidermy lab, mostly hidden by a thick curtain.

Once you enter you are greeted by a high pitched voice, seemingly coming from the southern end of the room.
"Ho there. Who might you be? Oh, and did that old witch already finish her contraption? She told be it would take at least a week before that heart was stable."

You may attempt a Perception check.

DM Crustypeanut wrote:
Hilde Alfborne wrote:
When is your deadline for consideration? I've got my character concept and am making the packet now.
DM Crustypeanut wrote:
September 8th 2013 at 11:PM Mountain Time Zone (UTC-7).
That, and preferably having at least one post in the gameplay thread.

err, no :)

Yix tries to open the door, but does not manage to get a hold of the old lock.

You see nothing of interest, just naked, weathered stone walls.

Now what? Break in, try to pick the lock, turn back, knock?

You make your way back down, the golem, silent and swaying, following Hijiro.
Back in the ballroom you decide to look through the opposing doors, not sure yet what lies behind.

What does lay behind it is a short, empty hallway with 3 more doors.

Perception check please

The while the small ones to the side are open and lead to tiny, derelict storerooms, the main door straight ahead is locked.

Here's the map again.

Well, the downside of the 1/1 multiclass is the 0 BAB.^^

If Will saves are important for corruption, then its fine. Though going with Cleric instead of the Champion, a fall from grace is no mechanical apocalypse anymore. Falling all the way and coming to the conclusion that true perfection is only found in oblivion or perfect entropy (or something like that) is thus at least theoretical possible without screwing the crunch over.

I'll put up an introductory post in the gameplay thread later, no time right now.

Yeah, I believe Mythic is supposed to grant WBL as otherwise a freshly created character does have far less money than someone who reached that "level" by beating CR-appropriate challenges (which drop money for the increased level).

Just one question: Why should they?

Not every feat give the same benefit for every archetype.
I highly doubt that anyone would for example demand that they "fixed" Two Weapon Fighting just because Master of Many Styles can get an additional attack with it while a normal monk can't.

So just continue randomly exploring the ground level?^^

Dotting here too.
My monk/champion of the enlightened by now kinda moved more towards monk(1-3)/cleric of Irori to avoid possible problems with corruption.

Will post the character once I worked in a campaign trait (not sure yet which. Planning to probably dual Hierophant/Trickster and not yet sure how to include either of those 2^^).

You are planning that at least 2-3 people take the same Mythic Trait?

With some more trying your combined effort finally lets you screw the plate in. The hole is closed for now, though the hinge nature of the plate allows it to be opened.
The golem mostly held still, only finally driving the screws in let him shudder. [b]"Feels f.u.n.n.y?"[b]

If you think oracles are bad, think about Alchemists. Remember that Infusions (at least as far as I know) are not spells...
(Through utilizing either ranged or melee path abilities, he can still get quite strong, it just doesn't really feel right)

Venomblade wrote:

Edit-With Fleet warrior- you can do this before or after moving your full speed too!

You can't, fleet warrior only works on a full attack.

RAW Power Attack should still get the x1.5 for 2-h, since you are still using the Power Attack feat which still has that feature.
Mythic Power attack just enhances Power Attack ("When you use Power Attack (..)") and does not replace it.

Is it possible that you just send foes with a rather low CR against them?
If he's level 10 with at least 1 Mythic Tier and in a 6 man party, most challenging enemies should be at least CR 11-13, if not higher.

And meele CR 11+ monster should have an about 50% chance to hit AC 34.
For example: CR 11 Stone Golem: +22 Attackbonus, CR 11 Elder Earth Elemental +26 Attackbonus, CR 12 Purple Worm +25 Attack Bonus etc. And those are run of the mill bestiary monster, nothing optimized.
True, with Crane Style they'll have to hit twice in a round to damage him, but that still has a good chance to happen.
Even if you go with the (compared to released monsters laughable low) "expected" attack bonus given for CR 11 in Mythic Adventures, those still give a 25% chance to hit.

I right now can't see how he can be only hit with crits against those attackboni....

And if you are only talking about low CR mooks, those should not be able to hit a "tanky" character that often. That's kinda the point of bulding tanky and he sacrificed probably at least some offense for it.

I would actually advise to start that slightly earlier.^^
Being able to one-shot yourself (with reasonable likelihood) is usually a reliable sign that you should tone down the offense ;)

I think I can't say it often enough:
If they would REALLY mean weapon damage dice, the feat would just be plain out broken (yes, even more than Mythic already is).

You all do know that it is possible to get 12d8 as damage die? And that dealing 48 times your strength bonus alone would be slightly ridiculous? If you really want, I can sketch you a build (actually mostly the same monk build that gets over 2000 with the sane ruling) which would do about 13000 damage with that reading... Not that more damage changes anything above a certain threshold.

The two of you try to screw the plate in but don't manage to actually drill into the golems bones. At least you manage not to slip.

Try again?

Well, the highest level 20/mythic 10 Vital Strike build I could quickly put together (took me about 10 minutes, so probably not the best possible) gets 4 Vital Strikes per round for an average of 2190,375 damage per round (as long as everything hits, which should be the case against pretty much everything that doesn't really pump AC/ has a miss chance/uses Crane Wing. Though its always possible that I did miscalculate something.)...

And guess what? It uses 12 level of monk.^^

Ah, found the rules text (remember that Vital Strike is not a static bonus, but a multiplication):

Multiplying Damage wrote:

Sometimes you multiply damage by some factor, such as on a critical hit. Roll the damage (with all modifiers) multiple times and total the results.

Note: When you multiply damage more than once, each multiplier works off the original, unmultiplied damage. So if you are asked to double the damage twice, the end result is three times the normal damage.

You multiply damage twice, once for Mythic Vital Strike, once for Critical, thus the multiplier stack additively.

Note also that I didn't mean this as: Every Mythic Vital Strike build deals less damage than a Full Attack build (that's something I'm not clear about yet, to many possible builds), but that the build you gave is less damage than a good Full Attack Build.

I wouldn't say it feels like level 1 (level 1 you usually have a high chance to miss), but like high level 3.5 play....

While I have to admit that the RAW isn't clear about it, I'm pretty sure you are not supposed to multiply the extra damage on a critical hi but to count it like a higher crit multiplier. Remember that the Vital Strike dice are not multiplied but added to the total and damage multiplications generally only stack additive with each other.

So with a x4 weapon it become:

normal xdy+z damage
greater vital strike 4*(xdy+z)
critical greater vital strike 8*(xdy+z)

Your example would thus "only" do about 500 damage (though I already know a few further tricks which could take it again quite a bit higher....).
That is still enough to onehit pretty much everything, but quite a bit lower than what a Mythic Full Attack build can do.
And remember that Fleet Warrior takes out most of what made Vital Strike useful (Move + attack), so they had to bring the damage roughly to the same level as a Full Attack or it would have become completely useless.

As it stands it's less that Vital Strike allows Meeles to Rocket Tag and more that ANY Mythic Build slightly optimized for damage leads to rocket tag.

Sunny: Let's just say the spell did run its course.
Hijiro, a Dex and a Strength check please.

You did miss "Amazing Initiative". Spend 1 Mythic Point, take a second standard action.

That looks great.

Still no info on Tar Kuata though. :P

I'm not 100% sure, but while I would probably allow it, I don't think it's supposed to work with spell's/bracers as it actually says "your armor" instead of only mentioning AC. But that's only guessing towards the intend, RAW doesn't seem clear in either direction. So its a DM call.

Well, a Legendary is pretty much just a Path Ability that everyone can get on Mythic Rank 1. The level 20/mythic 10 is just to get it constantly (Eternal potion).
For one fight, all you need is Mythic Rank 1 and Improved Invis.

Well, yes. Attacking give arguably your square. But there are a few ways to hinder that and not everyone does attack in a fight.

Well, a good number of casters already fights only invisible without any problems of colliding.
Just telling your allies where you'll roughly stand (possibly over a telepathic link, so the enemies don't notice it) is usually enough.

The second point is a rather specific theoretical case that I don't really think is important for the question if such a build would be counterable.
Nothing short of completely omnipotence works 100% of the time. The tiny chance that a completely random hit knocks you out precisely when you are soon needed is rather unlikely and hardly makes it balanced.

It does say "damage die" and not "weapon damage die", so I would say yes since SA etc. are part of your damage roll.
That would mean taking it once is (on average) +0.83 damage per sneak attack die (taking it a second time is already only +0.66 damage).
Quite strong, but hardly overpowered considering we are speaking about a rogue here and compared to some other things (a level 20 rogue/10 mythic would get less than 14.5 Damage per attack more than someone else taking it twice. A level 20 Monk/10 Mythic who takes Mythic Imp. Unarmed and Titan Strike gets 13.5.)

If it wouldn't work for SA, then it would actually be weaker for rogues than for, say, a Greatsword fighter despite being Trickster Path.

Doesn't look like it. For monster there doesn't seem to be any regeneration/unkillable ability.

So, a Level 20/Mythic 10 Alchemist with Enhance Potion, Eternal Potion(Improved Invisibility), Enhance Magic Item, Mythic Paragon and Legendary Item(with Undetectable) can't be found, ever?
(Well, as long as he doesn't walk into an Antimagic Field or gets randomly hit by a DC 36 beating Dispel)

Even if he gets killed by a Random Symbol Trap (is there any that can kill a level 20 Alchemist?), he'll return to life 24 hours later and is still undetectable while "dead".

Does anyone have a "real" counter for this? (besides casting Dispel Magic everywhere?)

I'm pretty sure the level 10 ability is only meant as an update to the level 9 version.
Meaning you can still be killed by everything, you just wont stay dead unless killed by artefact crit/coup de grace.
Meaning literally "can't get the dead condition" does not make any sense.
"Oh, I was disintegrated and don't have any body anymore. But at least I'm not dead and can still take all actions!".....

But yeah, that's not what it says right now....

But that ability is generally quite exploitable, even with the "doesn't stay dead" reading.
A Level 20/Mythic 10 Aberrant Sorcerer (EX immune to critical hits and Coup de Grace) is effectively an IKEA tarrasque....

Well, it kinda depends on your BAB (for PA, as the bonus is higher with higher BAB) and your strength bonus does not actually become 6(you just add 1.5*your strength bonus to damage), but yeah.
The final damage bonus with 18 strength and 1 to 3 BAB is 9.


Probably. Though it means they kinda messed up, having two thing (the actual Mythic Subtype and just being Mythic) noted in a stat-block in exactly the same way.
So, if they now publish a monster that has Mythic Ranks, but is not supposed to have the abilities of the Mythic Subtype (like increased Natural Armor, Ability Boni etc.) one will have to check all values to actually know if it has the subtype or not. That could turn monster advancement into a major headache...

Maybe anyone around who has Wrath of the Righteous and can tell us how it's done there? (assuming there are Mythic NPC's in it)

Hmm, then she is not possible to be build with the rules in Mythic Adventures, but her custom template/unique buildup not released here that also specifically modifies the subtype or they indeed mixed up terminologies and just meant to mark her as Mythic (as opposed to having the Mythic Subtype, which, without MR doesn't make much sense).
Note that having the subtype gives A LOT of different abilites depending on MR that a normal Mythic Character does not posses.

The book gives two ways to get the Mythic Subtype:

By getting a Mythic Template that also grants the subtype (like Mythic Lich or Mythic Vampire, all of them "delete" the Mythic Tier of a character)

By the "Making an existing Monster Mythic"-rules, which add the Mythic subtype, but can only be added to non-mythic creatures (so no Mythic Tier).

Mythic subtype wrote:

Mythic Rank: A creature with the mythic subtype gains 1 to 10 mythic ranks, representing its overall mythic power.

Its rank is generally equal to 1/2 its original CR.
Mythic Rank wrote:

A creature shouldn’t have both a mythic tier and a

mythic rank.

Where again did they give Baba Yagas stats?

Edit: Ah, in "The Witch Queen’s Revenge"? Well, I don't have that, so can't check if its the (modified?) subtype or just to note she is Mythic.

the DZA wrote:
Should all Mythic characters gain the Mythic subtype?

No, Mythic Tiers and the Mythic Subtype are actually impossible to have at the same time.

Only Mythic Monsters gain the Mythic Subtype. Even a "normal monster" with Mythic Tier does not get the Mythic Subtype and if you gain the Mythic Subtype you loose all your Mythic Tiers (but get some Mythic Ranks, generally half your original CR).
It's pretty much like this:

If it's a character/NPC with Mythic Tier, it does not have the Mythic Subtype

If it's a NPC/Monster with a Mythic Rank, it does usually have the Mythic Subtype

A Mythic Character with the normal Vampire Template has a Mythic Tier and the same Mythic Abilities as a Mythic PC. => No Mythic Subtype

A normal character with the Mythic Vampire Template has a Mythic Rank and the abilities of that template. => Mythic Subtype

If a Mythic Character get the Mythic Vampire Template, he looses all his Mythic Tiers and gets a Mythic Rank ONLY depending on his original CR (without Mythic Tiers).
This can indeed make him weaker than just getting the normal vampire template.
Want to be an Archmage that became a Mythic Vampire? To bad, you loose pretty much all Mythic Casting Boons without any (RAW, as a DM I would just overrule it, so I guess it's no big problem) way to regain them.

Well, there are quite a few "reroll" abilities and there is an guardian ability that lets them "block" a single target spell.

Overall save or die effect do become a lot more powerful (again...), as it seems the save DC increase through Mythic Tiers (mainly thanks to the ability increase) greatly outweighs the (pretty much non-existent) save bonus increase.

[God, I always forget the Surge. Yes, if you spend those resources, the chance for survival aren't that bad. But if you are flatfooted or need the immediate action for something else, you are probably dead on a 19 (on weak saves against optimized save or die specialists). So not much changed compared to non mythic...]

Well, it doesn't say anything about your looks. So you probably will look pretty old, pretty soon.
Hence the shriveled up barbarian (which kinda is a trope in itself).

But fluffing yourself as young looking should usually be no problem I guess.

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Such a feat is not included, sorry.

It's a Universal Path ability instead. Well, kinda.
You still age, you just don't get any penalties or die.
Yay for shriveled up 300 year old barbarians!

Longevity (Su): Upon taking this ability, you can no
longer die from old age. If you have penalties to your
physical ability scores due to aging, you no longer take
those penalties. You still continue to age, and you gain all
the benefits to your mental ability scores.

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