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ALright. He's gonna see about getting this up and running if it can get momentum again, after he gets the campaign I'm in for him rolling again. Just a thought, Caleth, when you get back to this thread, if you are indeed missing players, I've still got my staff-bound magus. His name will have to be changed, but it's still intact otherwise.

He's had some health problems lately. He said he'd get things rolling again in my game thread, and I put a little notice for him in the OOC thread there, so hopefully he'll see it.

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I was checking in here a while ago and was wondering that myself, not that I'm a player. >.>

What room is the bird in?

"Jim" Rivets wrote:

Jim will walk up to Alton, provided he does nothing to harm him, and extend his hand.

It could have been worse. You could have killed everyone. I thank you for not doing so. This doesn't mean this is over, but we'll finish it later. Definitely the hardest I've ever fought, though. Oh, right. Sorry about your rats, I was under the impression you were completely destroying Agartha. Well then, I'll be off.

Whether Alton shakes Jim's hand or not, he'll then leave to find Aananda and the others. In fact, sending to Aananda

::Is everyone alright? If not complete destruction, then what happened?::

Just putting this back. It seems to have been lost in the break.

So, does this mean that after any remaining combats get completed, a new thread will be started?

That does seem to be quite a conundrum. Unless he's from an alternate timeline, too, this doesn't appear to be possible.

I know, right? Will Jim survive his ordeal with professor Vakkler? Will Vakkler survive Jim? Will Vakkler glare at someone, and subequently send them to detention? Find out next time, on Agartha: The Avalon Chronicles!

I'll check it out, but I don't have high hopes.

You need a reason for sacrifice? :P

I took it as "Yes, this destroy is blowing it up or getting rid of it."

Your way works too, Alton.

It could if they're close to death. Say they're at -1 hp, you're dealing 1d8+str+1d6elec+1d6, all nonlethal. That, on average, will drop whoever is being hit to a -13, possibly killing them before the healing takes effect. Once Nonlethal meets up with your lethal damage, it becomes lethal itself.

Merciful would be nice, although I'm not sure which gets resolved first, the damage itself, or the healing.

Joshua Hirtz - Drow Noble BB/Kensai Magus
Lysa Arianna - Tiefling Witch
Bpa144 - Hobgoblin Gunslinger
Azten - Black Blooded Oracle
ajkkjjk52 - Halfling Barbarian
Kip84/Drakr - Dwarf Fighter
OberonViking - Dwarven Grappler
Edgar Lamoureux - BB/Staff Magus
Raging Bull - Goblin Bard
Traveler Andrezi - Elan Nomad/Elocator
Roshan - Fire Elemental Bounty Hunter
Monkeygod - Godling
Akasha - Witchblade
Nazard/Kor - Frost Giant Barbarian
Caepio Alazario - Byarsh?
Dreaming Warforged - Monk/Inquisitor
Camris/Elros - Elven Cavalier
Groth - Elven Fighter

I think that's everyone. Please don't get mad if I missed anyone.

Edit: Sorry, Groth.

We'll finish this when you get back. >:)

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You fool. You really expect to kill me here, in my own realm? You must be mistaken. You see, here, I am the Game Master, and we play by my rules. [Maniacal laughter ensues as the announcer rises 10-15 feet in the air.]

Tsk, tsk, Asch. You should know by now that nothing can penetrate the fourth wall until you sunder it. As this is an invisible wall, I'd imagine the nearest equivalent would be a Wall of Force.

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A fairly heavy crate has just been shipped, addressed to the Avalon Academy, specifically to one Aananda. It is scheduled to arrive in a few hours. Will the crate reach Aananda? What are the contents of said crate? Why are you reading this in the voice of a television announcer? Find out next time, on Tales of Agartha: The Avalon Chronicles.