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Hello all! I'm finally getting around to playing Ahmotep through Mummy's Mask and she has been fun. Question about her prestige class skill that states:

"When you attempt a Knowledge or Diplomacy check, you may recharge a card to add it's adventure deck number."

I know there are some pretty hefty knowledge and diplomacy checks coming up so my question is did I miss some errata that said to add knowledge as a skill for Ahmotep? 1d4 + AD number still seems far too weak for the checks needed to clear...

Keith Richmond wrote:

I can confirm that Alase, who also does not roll a lot of dice, is able to take on PluTo through AD6.

I wouldn't try to solo with her, mind you.

I keep waffling between Zetha and Alase to play Mummy's Mask with Drelm. Zetha has been tons of fun through AP3 but I hate to banish good offense spells as they don't come up that often even using Drelm's extra draw at the trader.

So for Alase's power "At the start or end of your turn, you may examine the top card of the cohort Tonbarse's location then (you may) shuffle that deck, then draw Tonbarse" would I be able to use this power at the end of my turn then immediately display Tonbarse again?

I assume if it's used at the start of my turn I can use the display power any time I want during that turn...

Can the skill "When you are dealt Combat damage, you may recharge a card to reduce the damage by 2" be used multiple times on the same fight? I just rolled nothing on a check against an ambush Traitor on a RotRL replay... so can I recharge my hand to mitigate the damage or is it one of the power then discard the rest of my hand as damage?

That's a pretty nice power! More than makes up for the lackluster combat which she can avoid pretty much at will anyway.

Oh I got so caught up in reading this discussion I forgot why I came here in the first place...

For Zetha's "You may banish a monster from your hand to evade your encounter or to use your Stealth skill in place of the listed skill for a non-combat check" does that mean I can banish a monster to use Stealth for acquiring boons using this power or is it meant to apply to versus bane rolls only?

Vic Wertz wrote:
It counts as playing a spell for anything that cares about whether a spell is being played.

Bummer, I was hoping staves would be an out of scope attack so she wouldn't have to banish... I still think I'll give her a whorl. I originally bought the Summoner class deck for Balazar but he already beat Wrath so I want to try something more subtle for Mummy's Mask.

Gods I've waffled SO much this time trying to get my perfect trio together for solo play. I credit the dev team for making so many compelling characters that I want to play them all!

I even entertained going with 4-5-or 6 characters, but I tried it with Wrath and it gets too diluted playing that many solo. 3 is the sweet spot IMO.

Anyway, after playing the Basic adventures way too many times I've decided to move forward with Ahmotep, Simoun, and Alahazra.

Ahmotep is a must, I LOVE this iteration of the Magus. Simoun is my favorite of the disable types, but I really struggled on the third slot. I would prefer Zadim or Yoon but I feel like a big part of the coolness of MM would be missed without having an explorer on the team (I know Zadim scouts a tad but it doesn't scratch the exploration itch like Estra or Alahazra can).

This is definitely the best Pathfinder ACG pack yet. :)

I thought so since the spells say "you may attempt to recharge".

I was confused since I found a post discussing this topic via search where Mike said the unofficial rule was to roll if you could but you didn't have to improve the roll... but that was in 2014 and a lot has changed since then. :p

Another Estra related question, can she choose to discard a spell instead of recharging?

When it says skill rather than die, we would add +2 not 1d8+2, correct?

"Add your Perception skill to your check to defeat a barrier that has the (Obstacle or) Trap trait".

I played it as perception die my first couple basic scenarios and needless to say, barriers were ridiculously trivial for Simoun...

Vic Wertz wrote:
It is written as intended. If his Intelligence skill is d10+1 and he's gaining the Arcane skill equal to his Intelligence skill, he is gaining "Arcane: d10+1," not "Arcane: Intelligence +0."

I've been reading Mavaro use cases until my head hurts since my Mavaro mini will be here today... if the mailman is working today... but I digress, I'm still not sure if all of the applications I've seen described would be legal.

A couple examples:

"You may display a card to gain all skills listed on the check to acquire for that card equal to your intelligence until the end of the turn. At the end of the turn, recharge the displayed cards."

So for a combat check can I reveal a sword then display it for this power or do I need a second weapon in my hand? Or vice versa, meaning can I display it to gain the Melee skill then reveal the sword for the combat check?

The same question would be applicable for spell-casting: Can we use the displayed cards for their power or is locked to grant skills and we need another card to play?

I've seen many "confirmed" answers so I'm not sure what the official ruling is.

I really like Estra but she can get tooled fast without spells in hand... Has anyone asked/considered whether the add 1d10 to a strength based combat check would also trigger her add 1d8 against undead skill?

I haven't been playing it that way because the skill specifically states that the card has the undead trait... my idea would probably only apply if it said "invokes" the undead trait.

So Zadim can discard a weapon to use his stealth skill on his own combat check?

I assumed so, but in the sub-section about solo play it says Zadim isn't good for playing alone which has me doubting myself. With that skill plus a cheap and efficient examine he seems great for clearing a location by himself.

ThreeEyedSloth wrote:
Hopefully they will be available soon!

I hope so too. My local game store doesn't have MM yet and I'd rather be deciding who I want to play than watching election coverage...

You make the attempts to temporarily close open locations before you resolve the villain fight so that second scenario shouldn't come up.

All players would temp close to prevent the villain from escaping, then if the villain is defeated he would escape as normally but all locations not permanently closed would be shuffled around... at least that's how I handled it in my solo 3 character playthrough.

I know the rules about casting spells and using items per encounter, but I find my Varril with a spell called Divine Fortune which states "Display. While displayed add 1d6 to checks by characters at your location. Discard/Recharge at the start of your turn."

I just pulled a spell, Steal Soul reads "Display this card next to your deck to add 1d4 to your checks while displayed." It stays displayed until the scenario ends.

So would playing Divine Fortune while Steal Soul is already displayed count as using two spells at once? My theory is that Steal Soul is a persistent buff and doesn't count as multi-casting unless I tried to cast both on the same encounter, but I may be suffering from power-hungry bias. o.O

Hello all.

I'm a little confused about Varril's "When you attempt any check you may discard a card to use your Divine skill instead of any listed skill" power (although I love it, best thing since sliced bread).

I have been using it for ranged checks making my light crossbow use divine skill + 1d8. I just pulled the archers bracers which add 2 to any ranged check.

So even though I'm using my divine skill this is still a ranged check even though I'm using divine intervention to improve my aim, correct?

I am having a blast with this guy. He may join the dream team if he can catch up. :)

James McKendrew wrote:
cartmanbeck wrote:
Got my Oracle deck in the mail, definitely not disappointed in it. The three characters are all amazing in different ways, and I had a lot of trouble deciding which of them I'll use first. (Ended up choosing Ramexes for his double-dipping of Allies).
I don't HAVE to decide. My girlfriend got hold of mine before I could. She's playing Grazzle in SotS.

I was really torn between Ramexes and Alahazra, but she won out because of how awesome she was in S&S.

She's blasting through catching up to the rest of the team!

So by that logic Holy Radiance offers melee+1d8+# of mythic charges+1d10 base when wielded by Seelah?? Plus an potential 1d10 bonus if the bane has the demon trait... and 1d6+adventure deck number if discarded?

The card is a bit confusing as written because it states each bonus as an additional add on which implies you get it if you completed the preceeding condition.

Is the Barbarian Horde henchman supposed to be an Army?

Mike Selinker wrote:

Don't know quite when we'll get to adapting Meligaster, but he is a complete and total jackass.

I would also not trust Athnul as far as she could throw me, as she is based on this archetype.

You dare to insult Athnul! I shall smite you soundly about the head and shoulders until you recant this indignity!

Seriously though, I RP most games as a Lawful Good type so I am having a little trouble with the Keen Strike specialty for Athnul... still, the distinction between poking holes in things to torment them like the Hamatulatsu and poking holes in them to kill them and save the world might be enough.

I'm almost done with AP3 with Seelah, Athnul, and Enora so I'll have to decide soon!

Hello all. I searched for this but couldn't find a definitive answer. Would Balazar be useful as an archmage? The wording of his power sounds like he couldn't buff his Charisma die to d20 since it's a strength check and we're only adding the arcane skill... but his arcane skill is charisma based.



Matty Ace wrote:
skizzerz wrote:
Matty Ace wrote:
Andrew L Klein wrote:
Did you go through the FAQ and make those changes? Or are you going straight off the card?
I am going off the character sheets supplied on this site.
The FAQ may have changes that haven't made it to the sheets yet, you should probably check them :)
Thanks I'll will give them a look over ti make sure there are no inconsistencies. Feel free to let me know if you find any!

Hi, it looks great so far, thanks! One minor issue I found is that Crowe doesn't start with Heavy Armors, only weapons and Light armors with the Heavy Armor box unchecked.



Ok, so assuming that I go all in on Crowe the Archmage, does this power enable me to reload my spells if I succeed in my attempt to recharge them:

When you defeat a monster (□ or acquire a spell), you may move or put the bottom card of your deck on top of your deck, then end your turn.

I'm pretty sure it would work as I intend because I would complete the check to defeat the monster, roll to recharge the spell I just cast to defeat, then use my victory power to move the bottom card up.

Kolasi wrote:
I'm playing Mauler Crowe as a Marshal right now with Seelah, Kyra and Adowyn, and I don't think I could imagine playing without it. Right now, we are on AD4 and there are quite a few monsters that get into the upper 20s/30s because of locations and scenarios. We have the benefit that our Seelah decided to go with Guardian so we don't have two Marshals, but the strength and charisma bonus from the Marshal path is pretty solid. Good luck with either choice!

I could go Guardian with Seelah but then I won't get much mileage out of her Charisma skill on pre-action checks. Decisions, decisions.

I'm sure I'll have fun either way but I don't want to be too gimpy.

I suppose I can run with two Marshals but that's a lot of Mythics to hand back and forth with no interesting powers to use.

Not sure if I'm ok with that, but I also don't want Crowe being useless in combat if no spells are available.

I've played just about everyone through the early stages to see who I like best and for my solo run through I am taking Crowe, Seelah, and Kyra.

It's time to pick Mythic paths and I find myself Really into the Spellrager style for Crowe (plus I already have one Marshal with Seelah).

Has anyone played Crowe without mythic strength and is it painful in the late game? I always use spells when possible with Crowe but sometimes he gets stuck with a weapon and no spell which gives him a still formidable d12+1+weapon+d10.


Hello all.

This is in regards to the Steel Shield and Seelah's ability to recharge heavy armors when using her add 1d6 skill.

Would the Steel Shield be considered a heavy armor even though it isn't one of the attributes listed?

The reason I ask is the shield benefits from heavy armor proficiency but it isn't one...


It seems really strange to me that this version of Sajan uses acrobatics as a primary skill with almost all of the weapons in the Class deck, except the ones he owns. Is that a misprint where it lists Strength, Dexterity, or Melee as the checks on the Temple Swords?

Athnul seems like her combat is pretty poor compared to the others, although her get out of encounters for free power could be handy.

At best her combat could be 2d6+1d10+2, and that's if she recharges a card and discards a blessing. Presumably she'll start with an amulet of mighty fists plus a caltrop bead, but still...

That's what I figured. I'm still waiting on my Monk Class deck as well. I'm hoping there are some good starting cards for her in there.

Hello all. I'm very excited about the Monk deck and I look forward to starting a new group with Athnul included.

Is there an official recommended deck list for her, or just use Basic cards and run with it?

James McKendrew wrote:
So, once Athnul takes on the Keen Strike Monk role, her first power immediately ceases to do bludgeoning damage and starts doing piercing damage? FINGER OF DEATH!

Interesting... has anyone played any of the class deck monks with Wrath of the Righteous?

Are the character sheets up for this pack yet?

Ok cool. That makes more sense that way.

Every other deck searching ability seems to come with a shuffle afterwards.

Awesome, that makes him even more powerful than I originally thought.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Darago is not instructing you otherwise..

Hi Vic.

A couple questions about Darago:

Can his captured enemies be used for damage?

If so, can they be discarded, regained via healing and still used for their 1d4 boost?



He was always strong as a group member in RotR but he was really weak by himself until he got a Role.

I like that the Bard is a bit more self-sufficient in the new adventure pack. Can't wait to play, although I'm more than a little peeved that I didn't get any promo cards with my base set. Penalizing people who choose to support our local game store is total BS.

Picked my copy of Skulls and Shackles up from the local game store today!

Quick question about Lem. The expansion character card states:

"You may recharge a card to add 1d4 ( +1) ( +2) to any check by a character at your location."

I recall that RotR Lem couldn't use his buff on himself until it was explicitly stated on the Role card. Is that still the case, or can the new Lem self-buff immediately?

Ok I thought that was the case. I did a lot of reading on the subject, but most of the behemoth threads on dice refer to whether the bonuses apply on additional dice such as blessings, which they don't. I couldn't find a solid answer on this and it seemed a little overpowered...

but I played Approach to Thistletop tonight and faced Gogmurt with +3 from the scenario and +2 from the Goblin Fortress and that Strength bonus saved my bacon!

I just added a point to Kyra's strength. So when she uses her Mace for a combat check, does that Melee skill include the bonus to strength as well?