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Vic Wertz wrote:
It is written as intended. If his Intelligence skill is d10+1 and he's gaining the Arcane skill equal to his Intelligence skill, he is gaining "Arcane: d10+1," not "Arcane: Intelligence +0."

I've been reading Mavaro use cases until my head hurts since my Mavaro mini will be here today... if the mailman is working today... but I digress, I'm still not sure if all of the applications I've seen described would be legal.

A couple examples:

"You may display a card to gain all skills listed on the check to acquire for that card equal to your intelligence until the end of the turn. At the end of the turn, recharge the displayed cards."

So for a combat check can I reveal a sword then display it for this power or do I need a second weapon in my hand? Or vice versa, meaning can I display it to gain the Melee skill then reveal the sword for the combat check?

The same question would be applicable for spell-casting: Can we use the displayed cards for their power or is locked to grant skills and we need another card to play?

I've seen many "confirmed" answers so I'm not sure what the official ruling is.

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Once a card is displayed, you cannot use any of the powers on it, because we have a rule that says "If you are instructed to play, reveal, display, discard, recharge, bury, banish, or otherwise manipulate a card, that card must come from your hand unless otherwise specified." The powers on weapons and spells do not specify otherwise, so they need to be played from your hand. If a card can be used while displayed, it would have a power that says "While displayed, ..."

Therefore, if you want to "double-dip" a card, you would need to play it before displaying it for Mavaro. This really only works with reveal powers, as any other sort of power would mean that it no longer is in your hand for Mavaro to display. So, your sword example looks fine but your spell one would not work (you'd need two spells; one to display and the other to play). Sequence-wise, you would determine which skill you're using before you can use Mavaro's display power during a check -- and the skill you gain from displaying must be the skill you are using for that check (otherwise it won't relate to the check and therefore cannot be used). In other words, Mavaro's power would be part of the "play cards and use powers that affect your check (optional)" step of the check.

During the "attempting a check" step you can only play one card of a given type. So having a second one is of no use (unless you managed to legally display one before getting to the "attempting a check" step). This said, as explained in previous posts, unless confirmed otherwise, it seems you can first reveal and then display the same card (e. g. Weapon) during the same step.
Well if you couldn't Mavaro would have a hard time wining a single combat.
Note that as explained, revealing then displaying usually works with weapons and not with spells.

Just quibbling with skizzerz's word choice...

skizzerz wrote:
Once a card is displayed, you cannot use any of the powers on it...

I'm certain that's not quite what he meant.

I'd say the only powers you can use on a displayed card are powers that explicitly say they can be used while the card is displayed (as skizzerz indicates later in his post). He is right that any card you play must come from your hand unless something tells you it can come from another source.

Frencois wrote:

... This said, as explained in previous posts, unless confirmed otherwise, it seems you can first reveal and then display the same card (e. g. Weapon) during the same step.

Well if you couldn't Mavaro would have a hard time wining a single combat...

However on second thoughts after recovering from xmas dizziness, I'm not sure sure on that. Yes you can reveal then discard most weapons for addtional dice typically, but that's because the card itself "instructs you otherwise" vs the basic rule stating you can play only one card of each type during a step.

For Mavaro, you are not really "instructed otherwise". So it seems you cannot reveal (to fix the skill you use for combat) then display (to get the melee skill at the Intelligence level) either the same of a different weapon.
Note than you can however discard a divine spell (to fix the skill and dice) then display a blessing (to get the divine skill at the Intelligence level).
I really would like an example of play for Mavaro from not-this-Mike including what he can and cannot do.

But...displaying the weapon for Mavaro's power isn't the same as playing that weapon. Therefore, he should have no issues revealing a weapon to set the check, then displaying it to gain the proper skill.

This is similar to Lini (RotR) revealing an animal to add 1d4 to her check, then playing that animal for its power.

What Mavaro can't do is display multiple cards on the same check to gain multiple sets of skills as character powers can only be activated once per check/step. Similarly, he can't display cards to gain skills that aren't relevant to the current check. For example, he can't display a cure spell during an encounter unless he is making a wisdom or divine check.

Ooops you are totally right. Displaying the card in this case is not playing it since you are using Mavaro's power not the the card one. So you aren't playing twice a weapon. I guess I had too much Alsace's wine and schnaps for the holiday.

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Was there ever an official ruling as to whether Mavaro can use his power to display cards at the end of his turn, just for the sake of recharging them and replacing them with other cards?

There is some "consensus" that this might be possible, but I don't think that an official ruling has been made. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. :)

No official ruling.
Consensus is you can display as long as it as an effect (like giving you Intelligence roll for a new skill, even if you won't use it). So for example if you have two copies of the same card you couldn't display both since the second wouldn't had anything. Or two armors that would both have Constitution Fortitude checks to aquire.
In short, any card you display must have at list one skill listed in the skills to aquire that is not present in any of the already displayed cards.

Note that there is an exception if Mavaro still has at least one check to pass before the end of his turn. Then he could display a card that has a trait not present in already displayed cards even if the new displayed cards has skilled to aquire already present, if he has checked the relevant power.

OK, thanks for the update. That's very helpful.

I literally started a new Mummy's Mask campaign yesterday (my second one), and I happen to be playing Mavaro. So any official rulings would be appreciated. :)

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