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This weapons locker looks to be great. Nice to have lots of weapons.
It would be great to see the same thing for the more common wondrous items (boots, bracers, gloves, gauntlets, belts, etc...). I have bought every item card set to date, and I still run out of these items as every character tends to have one (at the higher levels anyway).

Bagpuss wrote:

Better pics here.

Awesome, thanks!

Have you used them? It seems to me there might be a problem with flying characters moving around the map in combat, with the base being a 5"x5" square. Since the base would have to move through the middle of everything and force a lot of pick-up and replace of minis on the "ground" map.

Has anyone bought/seen/used these yet?

I am curious at how stable they are. From the photos and description, I cannot tell what the base is, and how big the base is. In the picture they have a bunch of minis piled on top of a high platform, what what is holding it all up?

If anyone can answers these questions, I would certainly be interested in this product.

Thanks for the ideas!

I am leaning towards the Glutton confronting them on the way out ... but we will see what happens when the time comes.

So I am running a game in which my players have done something unexpected (no surprise there...). After Lavina has sent them to go appease the Glutton and check out the Lords of Dread, they have decided to by pass the Glutton.
As I did not have the Glutton waiting for them, expecting the bard to play the reeds, so they decided to make a run for shore! They told the captain to return in 2 days and the whole party went to shore and entered the cave.
Now, my problem is what to do about the Glutton? I do not think that the party will make it back to the cove in 2 days time, and they have taken all the treasure off of the ship and hid it on shore.

The way I see it, there are 3 options :

1. The captain, in fear of the Glutton, never returns and leaves the party stranded.

2. The captain returns to wait for them and the Glutton sinks the ship, leaving the party stranded.

3. Somehow, the party totally lucks out and the captain is there and the Glutton is no where to be found.

What should I do? Is there another option?

Gary Teter wrote:

The online PDF supplement to Dungeon #144 is now available. This supplement contains all the maps from the issue, as well as player handouts and NPC illustrations.

6.8 MB PDF


Thanks guys, you rule!

Keno wrote:
hilarious! I especially liked Chuck Norris and Michael Jackson.... Hmm, is it legal to say "Chuck Norris" and "Michael Jackson" in the same sentence?

The Michael Jackson thing is actually a good story.

The guy playing the elf wanted to play a mysterious bounty hunter guy that is good at disguise. So he disguises himself as a dark elf, even though he is a regular elf (the whole black/white thing).

Plus, who is more righteous then Chuck Norris!

That is some excellent artwork!

Our group has a less talented artist, well I would not say he is soo much of an artist as an electronic image paster (you'll see...).

From left to right,

Micklebee, Gnome bard
Cowlen, Human fighter/kensai
Lenthanis, elf fighter/ranger/mage
Theron, human cleric
Grog, dwarf barbarian
Murdock, human druid with rhino pet
Storm, human paladin

all bit's and pieces tie into something that happened in the game along the way. 00-h/party3.jpg

Just so my voice is heard on this subject, I do not plan to convert to 4th edition. My group and I plan to stay on 3.5.
Although I have not subscribed to Pathfinder yet (because we are only 1/3 the way through STAP), I do plan to pick it up when we finish the STAP. It would be nice if there was more than 2 Pathfinders to choose from when the time came.

Terok the Sly wrote:

BTW the final battle with Vanthus is quite a let down, I would plan on adding something to the encounter to spice it up if you want your party to get the feeling of a last pitched battle at the end.

My PC's mowed through him and 2 Vrock's I held back to attack with him in about 6 rounds.

Well, my PC's are about to tackle him. The rest of the attack on farshore took until 4am, so we packed it up after they dropped the vrocks. I ended it on a cliff hanger where the last thing they hear is Lavina screaming "Vanthus".

I don't think I will have to do anything to him. All the PC's are out of spells (except some level 1s and 0s) and they are all at 1/2 hps or less. I expect Vanthus will challenge them greatly, with a good chance of killing one or two.

Tomorrow night I will pit my party against the Crimson Fleet at Farshore. Right now I am saying 50% chance to TPK. They have all the tools they need to succeed, whether or not they use them correctly is the key.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Rhothaerill wrote:
Cool about the item cards. What were they called again? ;)

GameMastery Item Cards: Rise of the Runelords.

Linguists among you may note certain similarities between the name of this product and that of our upcoming Adventure Path in Pathfinder.

I may not be playing this AP, but this is the right thing to do! Item Cards for the APs rulez!!!

I just received my Dragon's Trove cards last night!

I must say that this is an excellent set, probably the best so far. I am not going to list all the cards here, but a can give a little breakdown :

~10 armor cards, highlights include dragon armors and a cool new tower shield

~25 weapon cards, a couple nice long & short swords, a pick, darts

~20 scrolls, all are unique and interesting

~20 potions, all are unique and interesting, although there seems to be a flask theme for some of them

~5 rings, I like these ones a lot!

~5 staffs

~10 wands

~20 miscellaneous items, belt, hat, goblet, box, book, vestments and some other cool stuff. There is a good variety here and most of it are new items.

Now, I just can't wait to get the next set. :-)

I also am running a large party, 7 characters including a Druid with a Rhino, and they are not have too hard of a time. They also went through the temple at 7th level. Once they figured out the the paladin could bless their weapons, the demons were a lot easier.

In all, I just add one or two enemies to each encounter and it seems to be pretty even. They almost lose the tough fights, but otherwise seem to move right along.

There is a short thread on it here : ts

Could I please get a copy of the stat blocks as well?



James Jacobs wrote:
We are. We're also working 2 jobs right now, so we don't really have much time to set up the online supplements. They'll be a bit longer, but we'll eventually have them online.

No doubt with Pathfinder and the Gamemastery modules you guys are all working crazy hours!

Thanks for not forgetting about the online supplements, they are much appreciated.

Is Paizo planning on releasing the online suppliments for the remaining issues of Dungeon?

Just curious since we start #143 this week and I use the STAP maps/pictures from the online stuff all the time.

When will we see a list of the items that will be included in Dragon's Trove?

I am really, really, really wanting a tower shield!

I have lots of stuff to trade, please post here or send me an e-mail if you are willing to trade away a tower shield.


Wow, I thought that we would be in the minority with 7 players but it looks like people have bigger gaming groups than I thought. Cool!

Human paladin
Human druid
Dwarf barbarian
Human cleric
Gnome bard
Elf ranger/fighter/wizard
Human fighter

farewell2kings wrote:

Share the cost with your players. ...


I am going to ask them at the game tomorrow night.

The original post brings up many good points and I agree or at least fall into some of the categories.

I fully admit that Paizo as a company, kicks ass! They have done more to re-spark my interest in D&D gaming in the last few years than anyone. In fact I love the APs! I started AOW and stopped at a TPK, only because STAP was in my hands and we were excited to start it.

However, I think is not the norm for me or my gaming group. The only reason that I have not signed up as a Pathfinder subscriber is that I have enough material to wait and see it in person to decide. Then, if I like it , or my group is ready for something new, I would get it. However, $120 to spend on an AP is a lot of money. Thusly, I will consider starting a Pathfinder AP very carefully.

So, with all the craziness of this new announcement and the advent of the Pathfinder adventure line, this means that WoTC will not be involved with Pathfinder. So, Paizo will be free to make item cards for what ever they want? Will there be item cards included in the Pathfinder modules, or will there be item packs tied to the new adventure paths? I think many people here, including me, would be very happy to see that.

So far, my party has had little trouble with the STAP. No character has died, but everyone has dropped to negatives and almost death, at least once.

However, my party is big, 7 players :

Human Paladin of Hieronious
Gnome Bard
Dwarf Barbarian
Human Cleric of Hieronious
Human Druid of Obad-hai
Elf Ranger/Fighter
Human Fighter

They are missing a wizard, but so far the STAP has not challenged them in this manner. They are all 4th level, and just last week, wiped the floor with the Hydra. I even have the hydra and 8th head and 40 more HPs, but my party can deal damage like there is no tomorrow!

Anyway, I think it is like any other adventure, you need to tailor it to your party, either tougher or easier. I am going to have to throw more numbers at my party. They can take on any single oppenent with ease. When they get to the sarragosso, there will be plenty of horrors to soften them up before they get to the mother.

I have a 4x8 pool table upstairs in a big room. I simply bought a 4x8 sheet of plywood and covered it with felt. When we game, I put the plywood over the top of the pool table and we play around the table. We also use a crystal caste 3x5 gaming mat, and just draw all the stuff with wet erase markers. I have been painting minis for 20+ years, so we got plenty of those.

Derek Poppink wrote:


What do you all think? Is anyone else already doing this?

Yes, I do this if I think that the party will most likely sell the loot and not use it. In fact, if they are really close to a city to sell the loot at, I don't even give them the cards.

Chris Manos wrote:
I got some cheap card sleeves to slide the cards into. Write on the card sleeve instead of the card. You'll need to experiment with what pen you can erase from the sleeve, but they are cheap enough that you can just discard the sleeves when done.

The cheap card sleeves are a good idea and easy enough to find. Will they fit into the 9 pocket sheets? I use the 9 pocket sheets to go with the players character sheets, so it would have to fit in there. In the meantime, I have been using pencil and eraser.

Temmogen wrote:

Did anyone get a Spiked Chain?

Just about everyone I've seen, is looking for it. Now I'm really curious to see what it looks like.

I have a spiked chain, and I don't like double weapons. In fact I dont use them in my game.

Anyone want to trade a spiked chain or double sword for a tower shield or buckler?

The Mask of Gornor
(Dungeons & Dragons 3.5)

Gornor, a shaman of the small village Nandale, was a leader and teacher of his people, an uncultured but civilized tribe. Everyday Gornor would walk the lands around his village, searching his thoughts for ways to bring wisdom and strength to his followers. On a certain day when the rains and snow melt had eroded away the soft ground, Gornor laid eyes upon something unknown to him. It was the grave of an ancestor, partially revealed from the earth. With him laid a stone tablet. Gornor carefully removed the stone tablet and looked upon it’s writings, an ancient version of his tongue. He could make reason of most of it.

He surmised that the stone tablet detailed a ritual of celebration. It told of a mask to be fashioned for this ceremony from the skull of an ancestor. Gornor followed the instructions to the letter. He carved the mask out of the front half of the found skeleton’s head. Painted with red and etched with a strange rune, the mask was complete.

The villagers were all called to a large bonfire that night. Gornor promised to teach them something about their past that could surely help them with their future. They listened as Gornor told them how their relatives had made a mask and did a dance in order to receive guidance from the gods. Gornor donned the mask and started chanting, it was the last thing he would remember.

The stone tablet carried a message very similar to the one that Gornor thought he had deciphered. His ancestor’s had created this mask to celebrate the rite of manhood, when a boy of the village was the right age. His ancestor’s were berserkers!

As the last syllable left his mouth, Gornor’s face twisted and the mask creaked into a gruesome visage. All but the bravest warriors of Nandale fled from the newly formed beast. The shaman, with a truly horrific face, growled like a bear. Eyes wide with fury, he snatched up a club and sent the nearest warrior crashing to the ground, skull caved in. It took 6 other warriors over a minute to “save” Gornor. Gornor’s rage was so violent and so powerful that their best warrior, Redcreek, was forced to place his spear right through Gornor’s heart. As they laid Gornor’s quiet body down, there came the clatter of the mask slipping to the ground.

With their leader lost, the tribe of Nandale thought it best that Redcreek take the mask to the next market, or caravan he could find. Perhaps they could trade it for goods to get them through the next winter…

1/day : Berserk Rage (as per the class ability) for 10 rounds and not affected by fatigue. If donned by a class that has the Rage ability then the Rage is not a berserk rage, extended by 10 rounds and not affected by fatigue.

Moderate Transmutation; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item; rage; Price 10000gp.

Iustinian, I have these for you :

20 crossbow
78 staff

Would you trade me

11 buckler
104 gauntlets


I am interested in the banded mail and half-plate. What are you looking for?

Is there anyone else out there? Personally, I would really like to trade. I can't be the only out there with 6 platemails in 8 packs ;-(

I have a group that TPKed in AOWAP and now we are playing STAP. They were a little light on fighter types in the AOWAP, so I think they have overcompensated ...

Storm - Male Human Paladin of Hieronious
Mickelbee - Male Gnome Bard
Grog - Male Dwarf Barbarian
Theron - Male Human Cleric of Hieronious
Lenthanis - Male Elf Ranger
Cowlen - Male Human Fighter

Name: TPK
Adventure: Three Faces of Evil
Location: Temple of Hextor
Catalyst: Bad planning plus bad rolling
Long Description:

The party had just gone down the elevator and killed the two teiflings, but not before one of them had knocked on the door to Hextor's temple. The party went into the temple and were replled by the skeletons and more tieflings with darkness spells.

They regrouped in the main room with the pool, drank some healing potions and decided to go up and rest. This would have been a good idea, but somewhere along the way, they changed thier mind. This was to be thier last mistake.

Healed up, they went back into the temple. Things were going well, until on round 3 when the Beast joined the fight! With the main fighters rolling 5 or less on thier attack rolls, round after round, they dropped one by one to the Beast. Once the fighters were down, the casters were mopped up with ease. Only the monk was able to run for her life and live to tell the tale.

Well, AOW was fun but with the TPK, we are moving on to the Savage Tide. I am sure you will hear from me again on that Obit thread. :-)

I think someone mentioned exotic weapons, but I would like to be more specific. Of all the exotic weapons I think the most common ones are :

Dwarven Axe
Bastard Sword

So, I would like to see those first.

How about familiars?

OK, so everyone has some Item Pack cards now and with the random assortment in Item Pack 2, I think we should start a trading thread. It is just like trading baseball cards when you were a kid, except we will have to mail our trades to each other.

I will start it off :

I am looking for a Banded Mail, Studded Leather, Tower Shield and a Circlet.

I have a foil Plate Mail, Periapt, a foil Wand and a Lance that I am looking to trade away.

Counter offers are welcome...

Since I am not at GenCon, I will have to wait for mine to ship when you all get back to the office. ;-( I will save any real reviewing until then.

However, I was hoping that there would be more potions in the mix. In your average treasure to be found, there are way more potions than anything else from the list above. Just look at the potion ratio in the last Dungeon Adventure Path, Age Of Worms (which I am currently running). It would be nice to have 3 or 4 potions in each pack.

Well, if you as impatient as I am, here is a link to the artist's website. You can find some of the artwork for ItemPack 2 stuff there!
Once again, it looks fricken brilliant!

Thanis Kartaleon wrote:

The temple wouldn't relocate, actually. The Ebon Triad needs access to that Black Pool in the Dark Cathedral to begin the first event in the Age of Worms. Will they increase security at the temple? Yes. It should be more difficult now since the party screwed up the first time. Did the party kill Theldrick?

My suggestion: Get them arrested and put in the local jail. The Triad then creates a lesser Ebon Aspect (knock it down to 6 HD) and sends it out to destroy the ones who sacked their temple. This gives the PCs an opportunity to break out of jail (due to the Aspect breaking down the walls) get some combat (so they can get enough XP to tackle the now-harder Dark Cathedral) and get away (presumably to the abandoned mine office, if they set up there). If they avoid going back to the mines, the Triad sends another, stronger Ebon Aspect (+1 to +2 HD) after them each day/week until they get the hint that they're being targeted and must go back to finish what they started.


Oh, that is good stuff. I was actually looking at a simular situation with my party. They didn't kill all the guards, but they did kill 2 of the foremen and 3 of the guards. The others they stripped down and sent off.

In anycase, since they were turned away at the door to the hextor temple (they were not prepared for the skeletons and cultists waiting for them), they will most likely re-group. As soon as they exit the mine, it will be time for the arrests...

Just looking for a little hint as to when Item Pack 2 will be ready. I have already pre-ordered some packs, but I would like to have them before my next gamming session.

Thanks in advance.

PC Names: Timit son of Timit, Timit and Allistar
Adventure: Whispering Cairn
Location of Death: The elevator trap
Catalyst: Mass stupidity
Long Description:
The first thing you probably ask yourself is how can 3 characters all kill themselves in the same trap? Well, I will show you that it is easier than it sounds.

This is our second play session and the party has just returned from clearing out the tomb area at the bottom of the "yellow" elevator. They are looking for other places to explore. For some reason, even though it was pointed out multiple times, they never decided to look into the hole that the beatles came out of. So, they turn thier attention to the elevator with the crushed skeleton in it. When they first saw this elevator, they all said "I am not going in there!". However, this time they decided that they should go in there. Better than just one character, they should send two! Just in case there is something to fight at the bottom. So, Allistar the human rogue and Timit son of Timit the half-orc fighter squeeze into the crushing device. Brilliant!!!

The other character, Timit, is the other half-orc's brother and has a combined int(4) + wis(7) + chr(3) of 14. His death was basically a mercy killing. He went to investigate his brother's remains, when the elevator closed on him too.

Never under estamate the stupidity of a party. Or, as the saying goes, "None of us is as dumb as all of us."

We just finally started last night!
Anyway, here is our blog, just cast of characters up right now.

I am moving and cleaning out the old gaming stuff. As much as I would love to keep these issues, there just is not room. I have Dragons from 150-220 (roughly, there are some misssing issues).

I am not looking to make any money, I would just like to see them in the hands of someone who will enjoy them (like I did).

Would anyone here be interested in having them? All you would have to pay is shipping. If people are interested, then I will post the full list of issues. Magazines will be given to those who post first.

Finally, if this is the wrong place to post this, my apologies.

13garth13 wrote:

As an expat Canuck currently living in Tampa, I have searched high and low for some Kokanee down here in the States, to little avail.

I am afraid that you have located yourself in the wrong part of the US. Out here in the northwest, you have to go out of your way to find a store that does not have Kokanee. In anycase, I sypathize with your plight. I have relatives in South Carolina, and if I want to drink good beer when I am out there, I need to bring it with me.

Here is something that has not been metioned. Perhaps it is becuase it would probably be more than one page, but...
Anyone remember the old "Side Treks" adventures? Just little 2-3 page adventures that were easy to throw into any campaign and would usually take a couple hours to play out. I would love to see something like that take up the new slot.