One Card for Multiple Items?


From the beginning it was obvious that you could track Wand charges on an item card.

The Paizo staff started doing the same with Potions, for adventures where the party receives 23 shield of faith potions ( iewPage=0#41858). The party gets 3-4 cards to represent a common potion, and tracks the number of doses on the cards. This is easily extended to Scrolls.

As I look at some high-level adventures I'll be running, I think I'll be doing the same thing with other gear. If my party fights 8 orc pirates who each have a +1 greataxe and +2 hide armor, I'll be giving them 1 greataxe card and 1 hide card with 8 ticks on each, rather than 8 greataxe cards and 8 hide cards. I assume they'll sell the lot anyway. If there are twin monks with matching amulets, rings, boots, and gloves I'll give out 1 amulet, 1 ring, 1 boots, and 1 gloves (unless multiple characters claim a particular item).

What do you all think? Is anyone else already doing this?

Derek Poppink wrote:


What do you all think? Is anyone else already doing this?

Yes, I do this if I think that the party will most likely sell the loot and not use it. In fact, if they are really close to a city to sell the loot at, I don't even give them the cards.

Liberty's Edge

I lay out cards for items they see. But dont write on the back till they choose to keep something rather than sell it.
So potions in multiples of one type gets one card with doses on the back. But if two characters are carring around potions I give them each their own card. Same with armor and weapons.
I put the weight of the item and any bonuses or special qualities on the back but one card per player character. Loot for selling just stays penciled on the character sheet like the old days.

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