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Savage Tide Adventure Path

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I too, would like to impose upon your generous nature! If it's not to much trouble, that is.

Can I add my name to the 'I'd like to leech off your hard work' list?

humbleminion at yahoo dot com dot au

Oh oh, can you send me your awesome Pdf-file, too??!

Many thanks! :D

I would also very much appreciate this...

Please may I have a copy of your wonderful tome.

Mando wrote:

Putting these docs on the web seems unfair use of the copyright, so let's say we're friends, and now we can exchange this privately by email. (in fact, I feel I have a lot of things in common with you all AP3 DMS :p)

For those who might be interested, just let an email here and I will send you the files (.rtf and .pdf).

cool, thanks a ton!

Me too please

zahnb at wideopenwest dot com

Yes, please!

Thank you very much!

Please, me too!
Thank you so much for all your work on this project.
loribrown at att dot net

Takasi wrote:

For AoW I ended up doing this. I recreated all encounters in the new stat block format and printed one sheet for each stat block. For encounters with multiple creatures with identical stats I just add columns for individual for tracking hit points, ammunition, daily uses, etc.

I use these sheets for tracking init. I try to print out the latest version of my player's characters in the new stat block format.

If these sheets were already available as downloads it would save me some time. Not sure if I'm allowed to post this, but all of the stat blocks I've made are listed on my website for Age of Worms:

Wow - I just looked this over and I got to say I am impressed.

Could I please get a copy of the stat blocks as well?



Dark Archive

I would love to be added to the list as well. Just starting Savage Tide this coming week, and the previous and future .pdfs would be a huge help.



Me too, please.


bmcdaniel wrote:

Me too, please.


Mail sent to all above.

Check your spam folder!

Fred, aka Mando

I would very much appreciate a copy of all of the files, and if you would add me to your ongoing list, that would be great! Thank you for all of your hard work in advance.

I too would like to have a look at these sheets. Thanks!

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I also would love to join this long list of people. Appreciate the time and effort.


Please send me any new updates.


I just started running the Savage Tide and saw this post. I'd love to be added to the list and get the pdfs if you have time. My e-mail is:

Thanks so much.

This sounds like a great resource - khess at yahoo dot com

I'm starting the AP next week,and would like a copy of the pdf, 9jack9 (at)

stingraylonnie wrote:

Please send me any new updates.


Sorry, forgot my E-Mail

Liberty's Edge

I would love to get the info as well: lylestirk at AOL dot com

With great thanks, I'd love a copy as well.


wOw! What a resource...I cant believe that all these people are interested in it and it can only be sent via email.

Can I get them as weekend I begin DMing the ST:AP...this would be mightily nice to have.

thanks very much

Is it too late to get in on this great resource? I would gladly pass it on to others.

please and thanks in advance

my email is

Sovereign Court Contributor

Please sign me up: musketeer[at]primus[dot]ca

With great thanks!

If there is more work to be done, let me know how I can help!

Liberty's Edge

Me too, please! Many thanks.


This sounds great can you forward to me as well?



Hi Mando,

Well I've been slowly accumulating information for my attempt to run STAP.... our campaign group are just about to complete AoW after 18 months.

I would be mighty grateful to receive the fruits of your labour. Hats off to you for your diligence, and from the amount of posts in this thread, greatly appreciated efforts by the gaming community.

Thanks in advance;

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Mando! Your stat blocks for adventures 01 - 05 have literally SAVED my game. Thank you so much!

Any word on the stat blocks for adventures 06, 07, and beyond?

Scarab Sages

I wouldn't mind a copy of that

The Exchange

I think I must have fallen off the mailing list somehow. I only have the ones for 1-3. Could you please resend all the ones you've finished for 4 on to me?

Liberty's Edge

Alas I just saw this thread and can I please get added to the list and copied on the previous blocks. Thanks a bunch

mando - might it be easier to put your stat blocks at as suggested by koramado early on in this thread and direct people to that site?

I just got some stat blocs for TINH from there, and it worked out well.

just a suggestion !

Mando, might it be possible to get those stat blocks from you?


If at all possible, can you resend the completed ones so far, and keep me on the mailing list for any future updates? I seem to be missing at least #4.

Mando, would you please send me a copy also?


If it's not too late to jump on board, I'm just starting this campaign and would love any help you can send my way.

I am in the same position as TracerBullet42, just starting the prepwork and character creation. This would be a great boon. Please send a me a copy of this/these file(s).

hiredsword at gmail dot com

Thanks a bunch in advance!


Grand Lodge

I am currently prepping to run this AP. Please send a copy to


If its not too much trouble ;)

Can you please put your file online somewhere? Or please send it to me at

Or perhaps someone else who had already received it could forward it along???

Dark Archive

Can you please add me to the list of the humble beggars.

howardpb3-paizo at yahoo dot com

Thank you

I suppose I'll throw my name in, too. Pretty please?



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Fiendish Dire Weasel wrote:

I think I must have fallen off the mailing list somehow. I only have the ones for 1-3. Could you please resend all the ones you've finished for 4 on to me?

To update, I am wrong. I am not off the list, I am just illiterate. No problems here. :)

Thanks for putting these together Mando. Looking forward to the blocks for issue 6 and beyond! Great work!!!

Thanking you in advance.

This is real digital initiative.

Please may i have Your marvelous work too.


Liberty's Edge

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Hey Mando... that email List must be getting huge!!!:-p

I would love to get in that action and add myself to that list..


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