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So I am running a game in which my players have done something unexpected (no surprise there...). After Lavina has sent them to go appease the Glutton and check out the Lords of Dread, they have decided to by pass the Glutton.
As I did not have the Glutton waiting for them, expecting the bard to play the reeds, so they decided to make a run for shore! They told the captain to return in 2 days and the whole party went to shore and entered the cave.
Now, my problem is what to do about the Glutton? I do not think that the party will make it back to the cove in 2 days time, and they have taken all the treasure off of the ship and hid it on shore.

The way I see it, there are 3 options :

1. The captain, in fear of the Glutton, never returns and leaves the party stranded.

2. The captain returns to wait for them and the Glutton sinks the ship, leaving the party stranded.

3. Somehow, the party totally lucks out and the captain is there and the Glutton is no where to be found.

What should I do? Is there another option?

Is Paizo planning on releasing the online suppliments for the remaining issues of Dungeon?

Just curious since we start #143 this week and I use the STAP maps/pictures from the online stuff all the time.

So, with all the craziness of this new announcement and the advent of the Pathfinder adventure line, this means that WoTC will not be involved with Pathfinder. So, Paizo will be free to make item cards for what ever they want? Will there be item cards included in the Pathfinder modules, or will there be item packs tied to the new adventure paths? I think many people here, including me, would be very happy to see that.

OK, so everyone has some Item Pack cards now and with the random assortment in Item Pack 2, I think we should start a trading thread. It is just like trading baseball cards when you were a kid, except we will have to mail our trades to each other.

I will start it off :

I am looking for a Banded Mail, Studded Leather, Tower Shield and a Circlet.

I have a foil Plate Mail, Periapt, a foil Wand and a Lance that I am looking to trade away.

Counter offers are welcome...

Just looking for a little hint as to when Item Pack 2 will be ready. I have already pre-ordered some packs, but I would like to have them before my next gamming session.

Thanks in advance.

I am moving and cleaning out the old gaming stuff. As much as I would love to keep these issues, there just is not room. I have Dragons from 150-220 (roughly, there are some misssing issues).

I am not looking to make any money, I would just like to see them in the hands of someone who will enjoy them (like I did).

Would anyone here be interested in having them? All you would have to pay is shipping. If people are interested, then I will post the full list of issues. Magazines will be given to those who post first.

Finally, if this is the wrong place to post this, my apologies.