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For the people who hate a foot of snow or more. Two words: Las Vegas.

Food, room and board, transportation, shows, marijuanie, shooting ranges, 24 alcohol, scantily clad showgirls. in-door pool parties, and slightly warmer weather (35 - 55 degrees). Did i say we had scantily clad showgirls?

What are you waiting for this Christmas? A resurrection?

Summertime is a month away! Time to get the night club, pool, and roving bars up and running.

Hey, it wasn't in front of my sunny and fun resort and casino. All my beautiful nymphs are frolicking in the pool right now.

I have vodka and OJ. Screwdrivers any one?

I am Divine, but I'll come back to this later. Even a god must from time to time.

Liar. My win shines like gold in the sun.

*Walks into the Thread*

"This is your funny Sunny Godhead and I want to know who put all the these turnips in my resort. My night club and swimmming pool are over-flowing this red vegtables. Have you ever seen anyone swim in a wave pool filled bottom to top with radishes? HAve you?!"

*taps his foot impatiently*

"Who's going to clean up this mess?"

Vodka and orange juice are my brands, especially when mixed together.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Tin Foil Yamakah wrote:
Freehold holds no power in the west or the south
hisssssssssss, whispered blasphemies
Fixed it.
drunken, boastful lies! You have felt the caress of mother winter in the south! There was snow! You took pictures!

I laugh at your scientific fallacies.


Why Sissyl? Cause it rhymes with missile which I'm riding for a win!

But I'm winning still.

So I clean myself with heat and fire. Always sunny and winning.

So says the woman with the medusa complex and the world of Warhammer orc wanna-be. That two for the win and I'm done with a third.

Stupified, but I am winning.

Hangs warhammer on the mantle and above the fireplace to collect dust

I win!

I heard the Sunny Godhead. I win

I miss Phoenix. I made love to her.., twice. Talk about hot times.

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You should worship me. It's OJ/Vodka screw-drivers for everyone and the Las Vegas life-style.

Fascination? Do you know how hot it is in the Southwest!? Swimming pools are a god-send, namely me, with all those beautiful buxom nymphs. Without the babes of summer, I could never successfully run my chain of resorts-casinos without them.

The next poster wants a Vodka and OJ mix

Happy Holidays from Las Vegas, Nevada

Quiche Lisp is banned for worshipping a blind mole-ish evil gnomish deity.

That one way of shooting down a career. Vicious Chicken, you are vicious, but not enough for the win.

Psttt, Matt, don't take the role. Something better will come along.

...and now I'm a god. I like going up in the world and melting glass ceilings at the same time.

The next poster is jealous of my divine status.

flies across the assembled alter egos mutter something about quasars, sladds, and safety

Bah. I'm a god, judge, marshall, and congressman. My cosmic search warrent says so right here. You're all damn lucky I done have you rounded up and imprisoned in the Seven Heavens for possessing illegal contraband.

Where is it. Ah, got it.

Collects quasar and leaves the thread via trans-dimensional phasing.


Slams Gentleman Nurn with a gravimetric pulse. Proceeds to fins the quasar. Movs towards the basement, third door, second shelf down.

Kicks in the front door to the thread with explosive force

Greatings you disgusting turds of chaos! Someone has a star fragment and is using it the ferment deeds of chaos. I'm here to collect my quasar and chew bubblegum.

And I'm out of bubblegum...

Throw an aura of stellar flame and G-type gravity shealth around himself With cosmic senses capable of navigating the chaos of thread, he moves towards his objective

VIP services at my resort when it opens again.

I need to dig through my archives and find my resort again.

There! I repeat! There is no winter in Las Vegas! Only 70 degree temperatures.

Feel the heat mortals.

BSM is banned for dabbling in politics and fire. Two of the most chaotic elements of the universe.

"...mumbles under his breath..."

Been thinking about it...

Oh, if I open my new Casino/Resort, I win.

Gruumash is banned for auditioning for the part of a Bond girl

Gruumash, SnowJade, and gran are banned because they forgot I'm a godly pimp.

Mythic, like the Sun Awesome.

lucky7 is banned fro scaring all my nymphs away.

BSM is banned for inflammitory comments.

Let's Have a party!

Diplomacy 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22 vs. 18

Success. Huzzah! Dancing and dining for everyone!

26303 stars in my galaxy

Sissyl is banned for bringing chilly autumn nights.

I don't need o use daylight savings time. I AM DST.

Dr. Sigmund is banned for posting before Noon, Pacific Standard Time.

StL is banned for causing celiac.

lucky7 is banned for bringing darkness.

No, I'm a winner because my name does have vicious in it.

Sissyl is banned for not shinning bright enough.


Losers. I win

Not without orange juice and vodka it isn't.

That's my job.

Everyone likes half-naked nymphs and a well-deserved screwdrivers. The mixed-beverage that is, not the stabbing impliment

Drejk wrote:
Ok, who put waterfall outside of my window?

Wasn't me, I like Sunshine and beautifully naked nymphs.

Preps a vodka/orange juice mix drink

I like it here. It's nice and hot. Weeeeeeeeeh!

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