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Hey Loup, I was thinking of a similar backstory for a different character, maybe we can do a shared history?

My character is a changling kunoichi; I was thinking of making her a ninja in service of the Jade Regent in her past life. Maybe we worked together? Perhaps we died separately, or perhaps not.

I was thinking my character would of been probably executed for disobeying an order to evil to commit.

Hey Dapper, this is EMG's brother. He's been talking to me about this game for a while and mentioned now could be a good time for a new player, and I've been kicking around a few concepts. Is there room for one more?

1. Second Darkness
2. Council of Thieves
3. Reign of Winter

My 3 cents. I think the vampire game interests me the most, but themes campaigns, in general, are sweet.

Thinking NE Sword Saint/Hexcaster Magus/Witch of Insanity Oni.

Will post more later. This game sounds funking badass.

No offense, but this glacial pace, at least on my end, does stem from the confusion of how to allocate my levels, since I don't know if we're using gestalt or not. Our backstories are pretty much done, and I have a pretty much done character except for a potential 5-25 extra levels. So close the game if you want, I'll play him some other time, but I've kinda been waiting on you.

I'm just not really sure what you're looking for.

My character was a hellknight, a staff wielding counterspelling gladiator, a crusader and a master riftwarden, He certainly had fans and followers, but he's old. He is only human(half-elf for statistical purposes) after all, albeit with an extended life-span. He had throngs of fans, but now he wants to live in quiet, although it seems that every time he tries to settle down he gets dragged back into the chaos.

I want Leadership & it does make sense, of course, but he basically abandoned the Hellknights, although he did help them by completing Curse of the Crimson Throne at around level 18(if that's cool with you) with only the help of his cohort(his squire while he was a hellknight). Most of his gladitorial fans are old or have died, and although he is known as an elder in the Rift Wardens, they are a loose association of casters.

He spends a lot of his time in the outer planes, the Astral plane, or his own demi-plane. He also owns a small, unassuming scroll store in Absalom.

I'm cool with doing gestalt, but I'm confused as to how it would be implemented. are we gaining gestalt levels in game or staring with them? If we are starting with them, are we self-limiting for flavor? Which i'm totally cool with. I'm wizard 10/magus 2/signifier 3/rift warden 10. If we could do gestalt I'd just combine magus and hell knight signifier for 5 levels.

If we're gestalting a full second side of 25 levels, we'd probably be way too powerful. We should't do that, in my opinion.

Since we aren't doing gestalt to start, is it cool if I keep him a Hellknight Signifier for flavor? I was also thinking of giving him a squire (from the Knights book) that stays a Hellknight after my character leaves the order and having them reunite later in their journey (during Curse of the Crimson Throne), becoming his cohort.

The alignment changes correspond with changes in his environment and big changes in his way of thinking. He was brought up on Hermea, and worshipped the God of his parents, Gorum. After his exodus, he has a near death experience (shipwreck) &he was rescued and indoctrinated by Cheliax and became a Hellknight, which is why there is such a dramatic change. Both CN & LN occur roughly 100 years ago, before te 1st crusade. As he fought in the crusade and adventured throughout Golarion, his true personality began to shine through, but it was only after he denounced The Hellknights and joined The Riftwardens that he actually started doing "good". No longer bound by service to Gorum or Cheliax, he seeks out good for its own sake, using his abilities to protect the multiverse.

And as for the ascension event, that's fine. I just wrote that up because I thought it was cool and being one of the few to ever go to te positie energy plane fit the granduer and scope of this game. If you don't mind, I'd like to leave that in as part of his backstory and just make it a sign of his impending mythic-ness.

Do you have any suggestions for his ascension? Is it the same as the original PCs or should I come up with a unique story?

Throughout his life his alignment has shifted from CN (as a follower of Gorum on Hermea) to LN (an indoctrinated Hellknight) to NG (a crusading Riftwarden). He is currently Nuetral Good and will probably stay that for the foreseeable future.

As EMG said, I like gestalt and the way you want to use it works perfectly for my character.

Born in Hermea, an island utopia experiment ruled by a Dragon, Zayir was third generation. He was schooled in the ways of magic and combat and excelled in both; molding his talents into a unique fighting style. He was strong, quick, intelligent, gifted with long life, everything Mengkare was looking for, but, at 16, he was also the first to voluntarily leave. His ship was destroyed not soon after he departed and he washed ashore on Cheliax. Saved by Hellknights on the coast and taken in. Inflamed by initial faith of Gorum and his new found devotion to law and order, Zayir became a fearsome Signifier. Adapt in counter magic, evocation and melee combat, he easily dispatched heretics as a member of the Order of the Pyre. Until he was called to crusade. It was there that he saw the true breadth of Golarion and the truth of the vastness of the world. After the 1st crusade, he denounced his allegiance to Cheliax & the Hellknights and joined The Riftwardens, seeking to make better use of his incredible talent at counter magic and sealing and protect the world from any more attacks. He has been living in Absalom selling scrolls since the 3rd crusade, at least, so it seems to the mortal world.

In truth, after the crusades had ended, and having traveled most of Golarion, Zayir became a planeswalker. He travelled, sealing rifts in the great beyond and on planes all over the cosmos. Working with and fighting outsiders, he learned much about himself and the nature of the universe.

All that he had learned, though, could not prepare him for his most recent mission. While meditation on the astral plane, he felt an intense heat come over him. A radiance of power and energy, unlike anything he had known before. As the bright light subsided, he sat before a Jyoti, a being of the positive energy plane. Confused and somewhat frightened, Zayir began to speak with the rare outsider. He had been sent to find Zayir because a small tear had occurred in the positive energy plane, much like the worldwound. And although the Jyoti and Ravids are incredibly powerful, they don't have any way to manipulate the fabric of the great beyond. Zayir humbly accepted and was escorted there. Upon entering the Positive Energy Plane, a crystal flower from The Garden at the center of the plane blossomed and irradiated him with light granting him the divine spark. The Jyoti were astonished and marveled at this new development, but there was little time to waste. With his new found mythic ability, much help and great effort, Zayir was able to seal the rift before any lasting damage could be done to the Positive Energy Plane. After a triumphant celebration, he returned home to Absalom, sat back and continued to sell scrolls.

8 Scroll Wizard/7 Staff Magus(gestalt 7 Hellknight Signifier)/10 Riftwarden

Archmage tier 1

My character for this game would be a Scrollmaster Wizard/Staff Magus. He's a master of counterspelling and melee combat, and his first love is dueling; however, with the threat posed by the World Wound and other extraplanar evils, he became a Riftwarden.

Hey, this is EMGs brother checking in. I've been playign table top games since high school and started out playing, I think, an 18th level evil game & a 20th level gestalt good game (fighter/monk... epic). The Good Game lasted for over 2 years, on and off, I think, and we ended up becoming gods. I love the creative and role play aspect, in and out of combat, and, although my longest PbP was only 6 months (maybe), I feel this format is really conducive to how I think and play.
I've played D&D, Pathfinder, D20 Modern, and VtM. I've always enjoyed everything I played, but I've really been loving the stuff Pathfinder has put out. Modern was always awesome though, plus spaceships.

Someone of 15th level in Golarian is most likely an authority figure. Depending on class, they could be the leader of a church, a high ranking military officer, or a tenured professor at a mage school; regardless, they've seen some stuff. They've had to fight, struggle and make hard choices, and definitely almost die, but have come out of it, hopefully, wiser. They are not the most powerful, however, and they know that. At 15, a person would understand the power curve and gradient and recognize, that though powerful, they are not even close to what exists.

"Thorik was always destined for greatness. Ever since he was a little, troublesome dwarf, when I knew his father from the mine, I knew he'd be special." Siftan told stories to his grandchildren often. They were astounded that he had actually known the twin gods, Thorik and Godin, while they were mortals. "They grew up in this very city. I once sparred with them, after they had returned from their training." "No way!" shouted a chorus of children. "It's the truth!", shouted back the old dwarf, and it was the truth. "The last time I saw Thorik, though, he was no longer a dwarf. He had transcended. The rumor is he has merged with a plantar, an angel. His skin is now a pale silver-blue, and he's 7 feet tall with the wings of a dragon. He had a beautiful beard, with platinum bands and diamond beads, but he was still bald as ever. HA! HA!" He laughed two big belly laughs while the children sighed. "It was incredible to see what he had become, so graceful and strong. It is no wonder why he is the god of lightning."

I want in because being evil is fun, Veldrin has told me WotW is badass and that you're a great DM. I bring a familiarity with both pathfinder and gestalt, a love for creative and intriguing roleplay and lust for glorious combat. WotW sounds like the perfect game to indulge myself and I think I have a great character.

Winter Oracle/Druid - Andir is a student of chaos. But anarchy doesn't suit him, for it is not true chaos. He seeks to cause entropy wherever he goes. To drain the heat and life out of everything he encounters, until the world, nay, the cosmos is frozen solid.

Very interested.

Thinking of playing a Half-Orc Two-Handed Fighter/Demon-blooded Sorcerer

hey guys, I will respond to David's post now, but if you're in heavy blades track my posts :D I hope you guys enjoy the class haha

hey guys

I'll try to post more frequently going forward, my mom is borrowing my laptop so I have to post from my phone, but it should be all good.

Thanks for the birthday wishes :D

I'm gonna write something up quick, it's been a crazy week and i just got my laptop working again. And that was all awesome... I don't think Ancian would've said much anyway

thanks and I definitely am looking forward for the surprises in store for us :D

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so i hope that's alright, basically stolen from the hobbit, but so is the whole AP and it's honestly the best answer I could think of. Hope you enjoy it, it took a while :D

Sorry for the delay, I've been busy with a music project this weekend and have had my nose to the grindstone.

I am definitely playing the stonelord, have the character pretty much stat'd out, but need to spend time writing up a backstory. I'll have time this weekend. I'm excited; this quest with be most glorious!

Hey this is Zach, I'm definitely playing a dwarf, and reading this thread has given me a lot to think about while fleshing out this character.

I will post later tonight once I know more about this nameless dwarf.

I'm in :D

now all we need is a burglar...

well isn't it great that I want to be a Dwarven Monk or Stonelord, I have to flesh out the concept but that's the idea.

this is monkeygod's brother btw