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Lots of exciting stuff. I like the new direction for Mythic Monsters. As far as mythic spells and feats I hope you do not forget the remaining companion/campaign setting/adventure path spells and feats that have not yet been mythicized. Your mythic partners Kobold and RGG also have a lot of spells and feats that could use mythic treatment from Midgard/Complete Advanced Feats/Divine Favor and Bulletpoints/Genius Guides respectively.

I agree with 137ben. There should be listed stretch goals and possible add-ons. I'm a backer because everything I own from Rite has been great and I trust the publisher. You should maybe brag more about previous work and the authors involved. I would recommend copying the campaign formats that Legendary Games, Kobold Press and Frog God have done in the past as they have had very successful kickstarters.

I'm in. More dragon options are always a good thing.

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Fighter should be a priority, but I also love sorcerers and oracles.

I own almost everything Rite has published, but I don't own In The Company of Dragons. This is mainly because I do not like the idea of PC dragons. I never used to like NPC statblock compilations, but I was a kickstarter backer for Faces of the Tarnished Souk because i trusted Rite Publishing. Faces of the Tarnished Souk is now one of my favorite RPG supplements ever made. Anyways, lots of internal conflict for this kickstarter.

You may as well grab the Spellhunter trait from Drangon Empires if your GM will let you.

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I can only afford a few dollars a month, but best of luck. You have provided a great service to the community for years and I'm happy to help that continue in a small way.


I have posted my first two reviews. I have bought most things over the past two years from here and d20pfsrd. Is it possible to post reviews at drivethrurpg without shopping there?

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Reviewed here and d20pfsrd. I am very new to reviewing. I cant review it at drivethru rpg because I didn't buy it there.

Reviewed. My first review.

haruhiko88 wrote:
There was a random 3pp feat book that one of my players like. The only feat I allow from 3.5 into pathfinder is from that book. I think it was something like "colorize spell."

Do you remember the name and publisher of the book? I would be very interested in this.

Otherwhere wrote:

And I obviously don't want to have to say: Look, guys - I'm clearly not a GM who can run with summoning! So I have to ban it from any of my games.

Instead, I seek advice and try to learn to up my game.

Maybe let the other players control the summoned minions actions(so long as they act in good faith), instead of just the dice rolls.

Maybe, I need to analyze all the systems a little more first.

Just backed as a defining scholar, and I'm guessing backer #14

Very excited for this. Good luck!

What happened to Mythic Constructs? Are they still happening or did I mes their release?

Last chance bump folks. This will be over in 2 hours.

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Thanks Flaming Crab! You are now my second favorite crab after the Mudcrab Merchant.

You have probably already thought of this, but good places to advertise the KS would be d20PFSRD, and the Wayfinder and Pathways magazines. I know d20PFSRD does a good job integrating their advertising, as my adblock app never blocks their ads.

I'm too late! Looks interesting though. This will go on my wishlist, after my next paycheck.

You have outdone yourselves with the Qomok. If you do an Iron Gods adventure supplement, it would make a good central villain.

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Happy to help. Two more quick things. You should ask Paizo web staff well in advance to have the KS featured in the store blog. You could also ask Enzeitgeist to hold off on any reviews of your products until the Kickstarter begins in order to maximize the exposure his reviews bring and give him a chance to plug the KS.

Go to the mythic mania KS homepage. They were on four or five different podcasts. Google those podcasts and find their contact info. Then introduce yourself and your company and attach a product sample or two and ask if you can come on the podcast to promote your KS.

I've always felt this game was missing later evolutions of beast shape that would let you be a kraken, blue whale. etc. As KhanyaGnorc pointed out, a Transmogrifist Psion gets you to Gargantuan, but good luck starting out Large.

I'm happy to pay $20 for the PDF. Although print options are not important to me, I have seen many complaints about them on various KS message boards. My guess is that you are best off charging 45-50 for the book hardback upfront, but that is just a wild uneducated guess. My advice would be to talk to recent 3PP publishers about how they think printing options impacted their KS. Rite publishing's Faces of the Tarnashed Souk KS had print options similar to what you originally proposed. Legendary Games Mythic Mania had softcover with hard cover as a stretch goal. One last piece of advice would be to get yourself invited to as many gaming podcasts as you can to try to get the word out.

A couple of things you may want to keep in mind for your kickstarter. Make sure you include the word Pathfinder somewhere in the title. Otherwise folks using the search tool won't find it. I've noticed that projects with lots of smaller incremental stretch goals tend to do better and keep folks involved on a daily basis than ones with far off stretch goals. You may also want to just do a softcover to start and leave the hardcover as a stretch goal in order to make sure this KS is a success. Although its not fair, people are wary of first time KS creators as well as second time creators whose first project failed. You want to make sure you leave the first category soon and don't join the second.

Perhaps only 98, as I have almost all of your stuff. I'll have to wait on this for at least a week or two though due to finances. Must say I'm always glad to see new products coming down the pipeline from IG.

PG 288 is missing the entire writup for the feat Rune Mastery. It is on the previous pages list of feats and did exist with a write up in Pirates of the Western Ocean.

I only needed the Race Guides, but well, it was still a good deal.

Will Ultimate War's aerial rules be compatable with Companions of the Firmament?

I am very excited about the upcoming Urban Dressing compilation. I have purchased the previous wilderness and treasure compilations and am very happy with them. Some questions. I noticed on your upcoming releases that there are more urban dressing individual releases for later this year. Will there be an eventual Urban Dressing compilation sequal in the future? I'll admit I am more interested in the compilations than in the individual releases, as they have everything in one convenient place and are a great value money wise.

For folks still on the fence for these last few minutes, this kickstarter is a great deal for pdfs.

Very interesting. Blindsight, Scent and a climb speed could make for a very capable scout. It just needs a way to overcome the perception problem.

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Will there be a magic item section? Cauldrons and such.

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Raging Swan Press also offers a really good free adventure called The Sunken Pyramid which you should check out. You can't go wrong with any of the mega-adventures from Frog God Games though. Endzeitgeist also has top ten lists and accompanying reviews from the past few years that are filled with amazing products. This is truly the Golden Age of 3PP.

I actually like both versions quite a bit. I only noticed because I sponsored paizo's snowball for the mythic spell compendium before i got to reading the letter S spells in Deep Magic. I wouldn't want both to show up named the same thing.

pg. 241 there is a 0-level cantrip called Snowball. There was previuosly published in Paizo's Peoples of the North a 1st-level spell called snowball. Could you maybe rename the cantrip lesser snowball or somesuch.

@Patrick Curtin - You didn't miss anything. The kickstarter is still open via paypal for a few more days. In fact if you become a backer you could be a big part of making more monsters happen, as that is the next stretch goal.

There is a feat in Kobold Press' Complete Advanced Feats called Improved Caster Level that does what practiced caster did in 3.5 .