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Most recent link a few posts up (post #71) has always worked. Available file has just been updated with improved pictures. Text was never finished but the effort is still a wonder to behold.

P.S. Above is at least a 13 RP race (mostly pushed up by SLAs) and roughly on par with an Aasimar (15 RP). This is at the higher end compared to core races but not so powerful as to be overwhelming. If you want to knock power level down slightly then consider removing constant "detect evil/detect good" SLA and possibly reduce fly speed to 30 ft. or 40 ft.

Here is a pic to go with it
Medium sized Sylph

Or this one
Sword & shield Slyph

Hi Jos...I am someone.

You have it correct as per resizing rules.

Diminutive sized
Str 3, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 6, Wis 11, Cha 10

Tiny sized
Str 5, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 6, Wis 11, Cha 10

Small sized
Str 9, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 6, Wis 11, Cha 10

Medium sized
Str 13, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 6, Wis 11, Cha 10

Note Sprites appear have a +8 Racial bonus on Escape Artist checks.

For your situation of a medium-sized Sprite PC, try this...
Note changes to movement, racial skill bonus, and ability score modifiers.
Mega Sprite
Medium fey
Senses: detect evil, detect good, low-light vision
DR 2/cold iron
Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft. (average)

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 5th)
Constant—detect evil, detect good
At will—dancing lights, daze
1/day—color spray

Skills: +2 Racial bonus to Escape Artist checks
Ability Score Racial Traits: +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence
Base Languages: Common, Sylvan

SQ Luminous (Su) A sprite naturally sheds light equal to that provided by a torch. A sprite can control the color and intensity of the light as a swift action, reducing it to the dimness of a candle or even extinguishing its luminosity entirely if it wishes.

It's interesting that responses to date have been 'behind the scenes'. I was initially concerned such excellent conversion work wasn't being publically acknowledged (and hence spur you on to complete the project) but clearly I needn't have worried. :)

Bite damage should be 2d6+4 (+3 Str x 1.5 for single natural attack).
Also CR 2.

Magda Luckbender wrote:
I've converted the G1 Steading of the Hill Giant King to Pathfinder. I'd love to see all these in one place.

Magda, will you be posting a link here for your "G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief to Pathfinder" conversion? Happy to PM you for download link if you'd prefer.

FYI: I've had it confirmed these NPC giants are indeed in error and would require Quick Draw feat to have the stats listed.

Giants Revisited errata - can giants without Quick Draw feat throw multiple rocks per round?
Overall, throughout Paizo product literature the answer appears to be NO.

Given that and as an aside, I think most rock throwing qiants would swap out one of their existing feats for quick draw; it's too useful for them to pass up.

Now, why are the following two giants in Giants Revisited an exception to the rule?
Page 21 - Orynox Marchelin (Male fire giant fighter 9) - Ranged rock +22/+17/+12/+7 (1d8+10 plus 1d6 fire and smoke)
Page 50 - Rahstalshan (Female stone giant elder sorcerer 10) - Ranged rock +17/+12/+7 (1d8+10)

Each of these can throw multiple rocks per round and don't have Quick Draw feat listed in their stat block. My guess is that they slipped through the cracks during editing.

Can the authors or a Paizo staff member please confirm these giants are in error and should have had Quick Draw feat?

v21 is nicely improved.

I assume all Awakened creatures are from the spell http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/a/awaken

That arbitrary "awakened creatures gain 2 HD" is a bit problematic when trying to determine progression by level.
Let's use Dire Wolf on page 167 of v21 as a discussion creature. Thinking out loud here...normally they are fully formed at 5 HD so should an awakened dire wolf have to wait until 7 HD to receive +2 Str, +2 Dex & +2 Con? Probably not, or it would be stunted growth compared to a 5 HD dire wolf. Maybe 6-7 HD have no ability score bonuses; they are all gained by 5 HD? Similarly, if a dire wolf was awakened from birth would it be a minimum of 3 HD?

Regarding size, at 1 HD it might be Small-sized, though leaving it Medium-sized is probably ok. I'm trying to think of size at birth for a large animal. For example, a Medium-sized human has a Tiny-sized baby, not a Small-sized one.

Under Traits and Class Features it would be helpful to add a comment that it 'gains 3d6 Int and +1d3 Charisma'. In fact it would be better to list base ability scores, such as "A baby awakened dire wolf has base ability scores of Str 11, Dex 11, Con 11, Int 3+ (roll 3d6), Wis 10, Cha 11+ (roll 10+1d3)"

Include "+4 vs. trip" under 'Traits and Class Features' section.

'Languages: Common' should be 'Languages: Common plus one additional language per point of Intelligence bonus (if any)'.

HD progression might be along these lines...
1 HD: +2 Dex, Feat, +1 Natural Armour, Small Size, Bite 1d4, Speed 30 ft.
2 HD: +2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, Medium Size, Bite 1d6 plus Trip, Speed 40 ft.
3 HD: +2 Str, Feat, +1 Natural Armour,
4 HD: +2 Str, +2 Con, Large Size, Bite 1d8 plus Trip, Speed 50 ft.
5 HD: +2 Str, +2 Con, +2 Wis, Feat, +1 Natural Armour
6 HD: -
7 HD: - Feat

...however above progression would change if ability modifiers for different sized creatures are considered. This would be similar to factoring in the Young Template, though reversing 'Table 2-2 Size Changes' on page 296 of Pathfinder Bestiary is more the size modifiers I'm pondering.

I second everything Andrew Black just said.

I also agree that reading 300 words on a poorly phrased item is tedious but the reader can simply stop reading and vote it down.

RE: Good designers use only the words they need, and make each of them count.
"Fetish of the Frog Queen" is a great example of a well-written wondrous item that actually needed the full 300 word count, and in fact would have benefitted from an additional two sentences over that limit.

In contrast...

Below is a great example of a complete item from this year's voting that is only 65 words (and that's after I added a few extra words to better define the item's powers!). I believe this was the briefest entry in the competition. It's definitely a 'keep' for me.

Hostess' Earrings
Aura faint divination; CL 3rd
Slot headband; Price 1,600 gp; Weight

These simple earrings are often worn by hosts and hostesses at large parties. They whisper the common name of the person the wearer is talking to. The earrings do not reveal secret names such as an outsider's true name.

Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, detect thoughts; Cost 800 gp

Well done Total Biscuit! Superb item name. Great flavour and well written. You can go far in this competition.
I like the 'Metamagic Rod' style pricing and power levels applied to a Wondrous Magic Item.
The word "priest-king" bugged me until I checked and saw its from Paizo's Boggard descriptive text.

After reviewing above feedback the submission is almost flawless. I've managed to add two lines of clarification but this takes the item over 300 word count limit so it's understandable why such statements weren't originally included.
(342 words)

Fetish of the Frog Queen
Aura strong transmutation; CL 17th
Slot none; Price 9,000 gp (lesser), 32,500 gp (normal), 73,000 gp (greater); Weight 4 lbs.

Created from the bodies of certain frogs whose poisons induce potent hallucinations and delusions, these mummified husks are variously cited as the invention of either grippli druids or an unusually cunning boggard priest-king. Regardless, their powers are a boon to any caster favouring mental manipulation and alteration.

Three times per day, while casting a targeted mind-affecting spell that allows a Will save, a caster holding a fetish can draw upon its powers to lace the spell's energies with a magical poisonous essence. Instead of affecting the target's mind directly, the altered spell attacks through the victim's body as a psychotropic toxin, necessitating a Fortitude save in place of any Will saves the spell normally allows.

An altered spell is considered a poison effect, with the following provisos:
• An opponent may end the spell by casting neutralise poison on the victim and making a successful caster level check
• Time spent suppressed by effects such as delay poison still counts against the spell's duration
Accelerate poison halves the spell's duration but does not affect saving throws
• An altered spell transferred to another target, such as by absorb toxicity, is still considered cast by the original caster for the purposes of adjudicating effects (whom a charmed victim regards as their friend, for example)
• Effects that duplicate poisons, such as toxic gift, cannot duplicate altered spells

An altered spell is still vulnerable to spell resistance, dispelling and other such effects as normal. Immunity or protection against mind-affecting effects no longer apply however creatures that are immune or resistant to poison now apply those bonuses.

Three varieties of fetish exist: lesser, normal, and greater. A lesser fetish affects spells of up to third level; a normal fetish affects spells of up to sixth level; and a greater fetish affects spells of up to ninth level.

Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, poison; Cost 4,500 gp (lesser), 16,250 gp (normal), 36,500 gp (greater)

A good concept Peter J., but ordinarily written. I love the simplicity and versatility of this item and the fact you used "god of death" so it's not Golarion specific.

I'm surprised the author, judges or others haven't commented that "the user may ask the corpse up to three questions" does not compute for an item with CL 5. Speak with Dead states "You may ask one question per two caster levels."

After reviewing above feedback I have rewritten the item as follows...
(218 words)

Death Mask
Aura faint necromancy; CL 6th
Slot head; Price 8,000 gp; Weight 4 lbs.

This elaborately carved wooden mask is styled in the image of the god of death. When placed upon a corpse, the user may ask it up to three questions as if the user had cast speak with dead, (if the dead creature's alignment was different from yours it gets a DC 14 Will save to resist). As long as the head of the corpse is intact enough to fit the mask onto it, the spell will work no matter how damaged the corpse is. The mask may be used to speak with up to 3 corpses per day but a particular corpse may only be questioned once per week.

Additionally, if a living person dons the mask their appearance changes to that of the person whose corpse was most recently used to speak with, as per the disguise self spell. The wearer appears as the deceased did when they were still alive, though a creature that interacts with the disguise gets a DC 11 Will save to recognize it as an illusion. The disguise lasts until the mask is removed or it is used to speak with another corpse.

Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, disguise self, speak with dead; Cost 4,000 gp

Excellent entry Christopher Wasko! Any magic item that requires a prerequisite to use (such as a feat, skill rank, class ability, alignment or worship of a deity) is a win in my book. Adding value to PCs taking a rank in Perform skill is fantastic.

I'm surprised the author, judges or others haven't commented that the save should be DC 13, not DC 12.
"For a saving throw against a spell or spell-like effect from a magic item, the DC is 10 + the level of the spell or effect + the ability modifier of the 'minimum ability score needed'* to cast that level of spell."
* "To learn, prepare, or cast a spell, the wizard must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell level."

The concentration check (DC 10 + spell level) to cast spells is the best choice, matching that for "Vigorous motion".
(DC 13 + spell level) is tempting based on "Affected by a non-damaging spell while casting = DC of the spell + spell level" but in this case "Vigorous motion" is a better fit.

I initially didn't think I could reword the item any better...but now I may have.
(237 words)

Bonedancer Bodhrán
Aura moderate necromancy; CL 3rd
Slot —; Price 6,700 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This calf-skin drum is painted with an image of a grinning skull, and comes with a giant’s finger bone to use as a beater. A creature with at least 1 rank in Perform (percussion) can play a steady rhythm on the drum as a standard action. This grants all undead within 30 feet of the player a +2 profane bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and Will saves during each round the drum is played. Alternatively, the drummer can instead force undead within the area to dance in place to the beat of the drum. Mindless undead receive no save and can take no actions other than dancing. They cannot leave the spaces they presently occupy and take a -2 penalty to Armour Class and Reflex saves for as long as the drummer plays. Intelligent undead can resist this effect with a DC 13 Will save; those that fail their saves dance with the same penalties as above, but can take actions that do not require them to leave their spaces. They take a -2 penalty on attack and damage rolls and must succeed on a concentration check (DC 10 + spell level) to cast spells. The drum’s magic can be used for 9 rounds per day.

Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, command undead, bardic performance class ability; Cost 3,350 gp

Belladonna Blue, congratulations on a wonderfully evocative entry! I took all the above feedback and spent 2 hours revising the item to take that into account, make clarifications, and review the humanoid vs. monstrous humanoid component.

It would be great to hear your take on other people's refinement of your item.
(285 words)

Bitter Widow's Veil
Aura moderate enchantment and divination; CL 8th
Slot head; Price 14,000 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.

This delicate black veil is often made from black lace or crepe and affixed to a cap, bonnet or band. Once donned, amorphous shadows swirl beneath the veil across the wearer's face. The veil is infused with the bitterness of a widow who lost her husband to senseless war or violence and uses her grief to try and "punish" those who kill each other.

Whenever a humanoid creature is slain in combat within 30 feet, the bitter widow's veil gains one charge, manifesting as a small, shadowy tear. The veil may only contain one charge at a time and an unused charge dissipates in an hour if not otherwise expended. While the bitter widow's veil contains an unspent charge, the wearer can see and hear ethereal creatures as described by the see invisibility spell.

The shadowy tear may be shed as a standard action which causes flickering shadows on the wearer's face to coalesce into an inky overlay of a woman's anguished visage. The visage unleashes a bereaved scream that can be heard for some distance. In addition, an invisible 30-foot cone of terrible, mind-affecting grief radiates out from the veil's wearer. Creatures within the area of effect must make a DC 16 Will save or be sickened with sorrow for five minutes. If any of the affected creatures have dealt a killing blow to a humanoid within the last 12 hours, they are stunned for one round due to helpless, weeping grief, after which they are subject to the sickened effect.

Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, crushing despair, overwhelming grief, see invisibility; Cost 7,000 gp

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Ixxix (Clay), congratulations on a great entry! I took all the feedback above and spent 4 hours revising the item to take that into account, make clarifications, and try to limit abuse by players.

- Added quiver capacity limit of 20 arrows
- "A transformed arrow must be stored in the Nightsbane Quiver until used" limits the number of arrows and who can use it
- Confirmed a transformed arrow still does normal damage (e.g. bludgeoning critical type for transformed bludgeoning arrows)
- Better clarified what creatures are specially affected through the help of language taken from "Sunlit Strike" feat
- Specifically called out shadows and vampires because they don't have light blindness, light sensitivity, or sunlight powerlessness universal monster rules

It would be great to hear your take on other people's refinement of your item.
(191 words)

Nightsbane Quiver
Aura faint evocation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 16,000 gp; Weight 3 lbs.

This black silk quiver bears a silver star-and-moon motif. The quiver has a maximum capacity of 20 arrows. Each arrow placed within is transformed into a tangible beam of light after 24 hours. The arrow retains its damage dice, critical type, and any magical properties already possessed but special materials such as alchemical silver or adamantine are lost. An arrow removed from the quiver before 24 hours has elapsed is unchanged. Once an arrow has been transformed it must remain stored in the quiver until used. When such an arrow is drawn, it produces illumination equivalent to a daylight spell for 5 rounds, after which the arrow fades and disappears.

Arrows altered by a nightsbane quiver automatically bypass any DR light vulnerable creatures might possess and also count as a force effect if those creatures are incorporeal. These luminescent arrows are particularly deadly to shadows, vampires and other creatures vulnerable to light (such as by the light blindness, light sensitivity, or sunlight powerlessness universal monster rules).

Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, daylight; Cost 8,000 gp

It was pointed out that my download link (from Apr 22, 2010, 01:15 PM above) is no longer available. Here is my conversion from 2010:

Spellthief Class Pathfinder Conversion

I put a fair bit of effort into researching and comparing it to other Pathfinder Spellthief conversions available at that time.
Paizo's Sandman Bard Archetype is available if your game is limited to using official Pathfinder material.

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Doctor Necrotic wrote:
@Silke Oooh! I love it! Thanks for taking the time to make this. Also, this beats my take by far.

Thanks for the kind words Doctor Necrotic. I like the presentation of your work. I've refined the encounter after further play testing (especially the acid shadows) and updated the file linked in my earlier post. For those who have already downloaded this encounter, I recommend you download it again.

A lot of thought and effort has gone into it. It's a pretty polished product now. Enjoy :)

Document linked in above post has been updated, had some play testing, and is ready for use by nefarious DMs everywhere.

Document contains...
* Defiler Lich Template (CR +3)
* Morbent Fel - a Defiler Lich Human Wizard (Universalist) 14
* Black Rock - an Advanced 12 HD Marrowstone Golem
* Desecrated Acid Shadow (Blast Shadow Variant)
* Desecrated Bloody Skeleton (Rock Troll)

I second the comment by Demiurge 1138 but ok Doctor Necrotic, I'll bite and post. :)
I looked at just one conversion of interest Defiler Lich (AD&D Dark Sun/Ravenloft) and absolutely went-to-town on it. After days of work redesigning and creating an entire encounter around this creature, I present to everyone the first draft.

Download Lich, Defiler (CR 16).pdf.

I haven't had a chance to playtest the defiler lich or included scenario but if anyone does please PM me or post your comments here on how it went. Also mention any errors or improvement suggestions.

Trust me, the above download will be far more worthwhile than people are expecting. I recommend DMs take their time to completely read the scenario; it's dastardly nasty. I envisage it for four optimised 16th level PC's.

I'm going to use this beastie with my players tonight. If you've played D&D long enough to remember the original Sussurus - get your Pathfinder conversion here.

Some pages of legacy notes used to recreate the creature are included.
Comments, rebuild stat block workmanship, and encounter scenario ideas for this unusual critter are welcome.

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Post and you shall receive... :)

It's been over a year since I've worked on this historic module. The text is unfinished though looking at it now the module's size and effort involved is truly epic.
Picture selection is finished and viewing these alone makes the download worth checking out.

Download Here

That’s a good question. At 18th level Endurance may be the best patron due to Miracle and the sheer versatility of spell casting it provides not to mention it’s cheaper than books for inherent bonus to ability scores. Of course most PCs starting at 1st level never get played through to 18th (and beyond) to enjoy the superiority of this spell.

At lower levels, spell resistance and protection from energy are worth memorising each day. Endure elements is handy depending on how harsh environments PCs find themselves in (in recent years I’ve seen it needed quite often). While most Scarred Witch Doctors are likely to have a Belt of Con +2 or +4 by low to mid-levels, I guess bear’s endurance is handy if you don’t have one.

What makes a good patron?
- Clearly one that doesn’t include spells already on the witch’s spell list - check.
- One that is thematically pleasing for the character concept – check. It doesn’t always have to be about min/max; flavour can be important too. But yeah, choose for flavour? Who am I kidding :)
- Ideally it would have AoE Reflex effects that can be combined with Dazing Spell – fail; need something like Elements patron to be best at that.
- Ideally it has spells that can’t readily be gained from magic items such as Boots for haste and a Ring for freedom of movement.
- Ideally it has spells that you want to prepare each day and just not have on scrolls (such as a witch of healing patron might do).

Soo… after all that I’m reconsidering what is the best patron to take. Particularly at low levels (say L1-7). I originally had Trickery: 2nd—animate rope, 4th—mirror image, 6th—major image, because mirror image is such a life saver and a witch could really benefit from this spell.

Anyone got any suggestions for best Witch patron for levels 1-10?

@Viking Irishman's Witch Guide - you are da man! I've studied all the witch guides and yours is the best (and most up to date). So thanks a bunch.

The Orc Scarred Witch Doctor is all kinds of awesome and I've evaluated Endurance as its best Patron.

Gah the man hours! Hear ye, hear ye, naysayers. Gather round. Just when you thought is was safe to go adventuring, that Rapunzel was the pretty lass in Tangled, that nobody would ever take Prehensile Hair hex (and certainly not before Slumber, Evil Eye, Misfortune and the rest)...think again! A burst of Orc flavour has arrived and his name is <drumroll> "Da Doctor Nazog of the Third Eye"!

Heheh, check the background…a lot of effort right there.
Nazog - Scarred Witch Doctor L2 (Male Orc Witch).pdf

If folks like the background I'll post up the L2 and L20 character stats in a few days.

Spoiler: An Orc witch riding around on Ebony Fly to gain massive fly-by movement while hexing and conserving his own Move Actions is both thematic and metagame win!

Congrats Daemonslye on the new format for A Paladin in Hell (Reloaded). Obviously this is a work in progress but rather than just thanks, it’s great, give us more…here is a mass of useful feedback. All well intended to improve your work of course!

A Paladin in Hell (Reloaded) feedback:
For awareness only: The document is presented in “Letter” page size as suits US and some South American countries. “A4” international standard (ISO) paper size is used in most countries in the world today. Here is a good article on the subject: A4 vs. US Letter http://betweenborders.com/wordsmithing/a4-vs-us-letter/

It’s interesting the page count has gone from 161 to 109 in the new format. Has much text been removed or is this just from page layout? Of course pages covering “The Temple Besieged” are currently missing in the new doc but included in the old.

Throughout the document we will differ in that you tend to minimalize the number of images used whereas I’d like to include more. I do want to use only the most appropriate and highest quality images available.

Please, please, please remove the mottled background from central text area on each page. While it can be visually appealing it makes text harder to read which is the most important thing. Suggest trying mottled background for left and right margin and have it fade to white after 1cm (i.e. as reaches the text columns).

Reduce the footer height. Does it really need to match the header in height? Suggest removing black background from footer so it is either mottled parchment (as per the left and right margins) or have the current black header on top and place all the fiery red below (no thin red strip left on top).
Header text is inconsistent throughout the document. On each page consider making it “A Paladin in Hell” on the left and <Chapter> on the right.
Thus you have
“A Paladin in Hell” “Background”
“A Paladin in Hell” “Fortress of Emirikol”
“A Paladin in Hell” “Demonwing”
“A Paladin in Hell” “Descent Into Hell”
“A Paladin in Hell” “The Temple Besieged”

Page 1 Move “Pathfinder Adventure Conversion” text up 1 cm and centred on the page. Presumably the current goal is to have it centred over the demon’s head rather than the page. Move “A Paladin in Hell By Monte Cook” text down so it obscures less of the picture and perhaps “By Monte Cook” is in line with “A Pathfinder…18”.

Page 2-4 Remove the fold(?) line that appears ¾ down each page

Page 2 Remove black spot from Paladin’s left and right leg.

Page 3 This page could be deleted or else combined with page 2.

Page 5 Excellent information and layout! Every module should have an advancement track by chapter page like this one. I would move the words “A Paladin in Hell” to the header or else place them above the Paladin’s head in the image.

Page 6 You were right to remove all this text “The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game simplifies…one game system to another.”
Personally I’d use a space on either side of each dash and shorter dashes. i.e. “Divinations – Scrying or Finding” instead of “Divinations—Scrying or Finding”

Page 7 It would be ideal if the brown (holder?) marks could be removed from the right-hand and especially left-hand side of Oerdh Crystal image. It would be nice if the crystal image and words “Oerdh Crystal” were moved up 1cm inside that black oblong.

Page 8 The map is noticeably less cluttered. Suggest moving the red dot of Riverford slightly to the right so it’s not in the river’s centre. Consider cropping the map 1 cm up so the name of “Andoshen river” is visible and perhaps the words “Isle of Kortos/Merciful Bay” are not. This would also make “Riverford” more centred on the map.

It would be good to make text read to the players stand out more than just a font change. Perhaps that text could have the mottled parchment background.

Put “Message for you master” in italics

It would be nice to have the words “I can provide…lost to torment forever.” on a scroll but agreed it would need to look better than the scroll image in previous document. What do you know…simply reuse the scroll image you have on Page 35 - perfect!

It would be ideal to place the crater image (from page 6 on the old format document and missing in this one) to appear somewhere near this text “The Temple has been snatched away from the Material Plane”.

Page 10 “The Metalstorm CR 14 XP 38,400” should be in a sidebar. If you don’t want line borders then a mottled parchment background for this section would accomplish that.

Page 11 Most certainly the words “X POINT HARROW” on the map need to be in red text and either larger or bold. The map is also out of place – it needs to appear on page 9. The image on page 9 needs to be on page 13 alongside “E. The Crystal Spires”.

It would be good to place the rock outcrop image (from page 9 on the old format document and missing in this one) to appear somewhere near this text “Little grows amid these dry stones…”.

Nice presentation of the d% table. This whole section “The Reality Rents CR 14 XP 38,400…” should be in a sidebar. If you don’t want line borders then a mottled parchment background would accomplish that.

Page 12 Definitely a fan of the “in-line creature stat block” format. This presentation is a big improvement over the old format document.

Again, to make “A bedraggled man…” stand out this could have mottled parchment background while the rest of the page text has white background.

Page 13 I would definitely return the excellently appropriate “Steeds of Chaos” image to this page (it has been removed from this document).

The Iron Golem descriptions sound like Slaughterstone Eviscerators. It would be ideal to add a picture of them like this http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/Monster2_gallery/9.jpg even if you just use ordinary Iron Golem stats rather than enhanced ones modelled on the Slaughterstone Eviscerator base form.

Page 14 Noted you’d removed "Throne of Power", "Prismatic Rod", "Ring of Joining" and Emirikol’s stats blocks and presumably plan to include them in the Appendix. I would definitely place them all in-line instead.
Regarding an unwilling teleport power for the "Throne of Power" note that Pathfinder now has that spell and it’s called “Ice Crystal Teleport” http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/i/ice-crystal-teleport.

Page 15 I would move Emirikol’s image from this page to just after “I ….. (a smile plays on his lips), am Emirikol the Chaotic.” on page 14.

Page 17 Bravo on finding a truly awesome picture to represent Demonwing!

Page 18 Consider removing the word “Side” from “Demonwing – Top Side View” or change it to the word “Topside”.

Update Demonwing’s stats to take into account Pathfinder vehicle rules found here: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment---final/vehicles#TOC-Warship

Page 19 Consider returning the ‘Spectral Trolls’ image to this page (from page 19 of the old format document).

Page 23 Adding a parchment background to the map is a great improvement.

Page 24 I would place Flerd Trantle state block in-line rather than appendix and put it after “Flerd Trantle (see Appendix X: NPCs)”. Then have “Demonwing Level 1” map page followed by “Demonwing Topside” as the start of the next page after that.

Dretch image looks great in the centre of the page. Close the gap between the words “taunt” and “the” in this sentence: “The dretch will continue to taunt the PCs until it is killed or intimidated.”

Page 26 “The Mother” image looks better in purple than the previous green. You’ve also cleaned it up nicely.

Page 27 Not so sure the merits of removing "Ring of Destiny" sidebar to the appendix but ok.
The addition of Trapped Passage diagram is a great addition!

Page 28 It would be nice to include a Vrock image. Even the one that was previously in the old document format on page 31.

Page 29 Nice change of Demon Giant from “Advanced giant thrasfyr” to “Goristro”
Personally I’d place an extra carriage return between “…lava pool.” and “A towering figure…” and do this for all following monsters.

Page 30 Remove the word “to” from “as part of a treaty to aimed at the destruction of Emirikol.”.

Page 31-34 There needs to be more white space separating each NPC.
A shame to cut out Ginnamar’s image from page 32. I would return the picture you had from the old format document.
Good job finding an appropriate Urdefhan image for page 34. It sorely needs to be moved to page 33. Page 34 I’d return the image for T’ROL, “GISH” from the old document as well.
I understand the tools you’re using make it harder to redo page layouts but it’s what I would do. Why cut the page count? It’s not like we have to pay for printing costs lol.

Page 35 You’ve removed the diagram for Area 11, 11a, 11b that was on page 39 of the old format document. I would most certainly return it and add it here. Suggest changing the “Up arrow” to a “Down arrow” that is placed beside Area 11. It makes more sense as that is the direction PCs will be travelling when exploring these areas.

It would be worth noting in the text that Area 11a (and even more so 11b) would be a great place for PCs to hide or rest in relative safety.

Page 36 The change of “sphere” image is controversial. While it is a better looking picture, your original on page 41 of the old format document is more appropriate.

Page 38 Threakil is a drow. You forgot to darken/grey his face like you did on page 42 of the old format document. The darker colour would also better match his hands. Please redo this touch.

Page 39 Again, I’d personally add the Soul Gem sidebar here and have it in-line rather than in the appendix.
Can you re-add the “Temple of Lamashtu” floor plan from page 44 of the old format document to this one?

Page 40 ”...a map drawn on humanoid skin (see page 00);” Obviously the page number needs to be remembered to be filled in as the document progresses.
Personally I’d move the entire map text from page 45 to appear just after “You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.”

Page 41 Ajhani image is on the wrong page. Ideally it is moved to around this area “This snake-bodied fiend has a six-armed woman’s torso” on page 40.
The choice of image is probably an improvement over the one in the old format document. Certainly those two are the best available on the web.
Without question the “Boggard Priests” image you have on page 50 of the old format document needs to make a return as “Grubthup the Old” on page 41. Failing that it could represent a “Boggard Under Priest” on page 42.

Page 45 Place the map image after “...brings a frequent smile to the marilith’s lips.” so the image is in-line (better associated with) “The Map” text. Also consider moving all this to just after Ajhani entry on page 40.

Page 46 Love the addition of “The Prison” map.

Page 47 So glad you kept the risqué Eva Erendez image. Curious how it has had its sharpness reduced. Your copy of the image on page 53 of the old format document is a superior presentation.
Not a fan of moving stat blocks for “Luck Greenbottle” and “Daiyu Gozen” (and presumably their images) to the appendix.

Again there needs to be an extra carriage return between document text the NPC stats, otherwise everything just runs into one another making it harder for the reader. Add more whitespace between…
“…Area 18A.” and “Jiilis appears…”
“…defeat him.” and “Not blessed…”
“…Currently -5” and “Possessed of great…”

Page 48 Be good to have a picture for Scratch. This one is better if you can clean it up http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Tz9438SseBE/THMDnEFUIqI/AAAAAAAAACE/uQycD2C2zow/s 1600/Osyluth.jpg

Nice improvement for Astirix picture however you could do better by using a wounded dragon pic. The best example that is appropriate and you could clean up easily is here: http://art.shtoikak.ru/images/stories/kerembeyit/Steel_Dragon/Dragon%20Orig ins-%20War%20of%20Dragons%20FINAL.jpg

Page 49 I would return the Babau picture such as the one you had on page 59 of the old format document.

Page 51-52 Good job redoing the Glass Room floor-plans, however the map key on page 62 of the old format document really needs to be returned to page 52 of the new one. To accomplish this, images on page 52 could all be moved further to the left or right. The side view image on page 51 can then be added above or below the May Key text so everything is on this one page.
The order of floor-plans on page 52 would ideally be listed in the order that PCs are most likely to tackle them (i.e. 1st floor, 2nd floor at top and 3rd floor, 4th floor at bottom).
Not a fan of the font used for creature positions, the “G” in particular is hard to make out. If the letters font size is reduced and enclosed by a black circle (much like a miniatures base) that may also be an improvement.

Page 53 I would return the awesome Bebilith image from page 63 of the old format document to page 53 of this one.
Nice replacement of “Male jotunblood giant two-headed troll” with “Jotund troll” from Bestiary III. I’d include the picture from that book with a touched up base as well.

Page 55 Canyon of Insects image has improved. The addition of a grid is nice but too small to be usable. It would be more so if the image took up an entire page.
The ant image from page 70 of the old format document would have some value (possibly reduced in size and/or placed over a rocky background image) on page 55 of the new one.

Page 56 Move Kroth image from page 56 to page 57 and consider erasing bird flock from top right of image. Well done on the colouration – so much better than the gaudy colours in the old doc.
I would return the great Shoggoth image from page 71 of the old document to page 56 of the new one.

Page 57 I would return “The Balor’s tower” image from page 73 of the old doc to page 57 of the new one. It does a great job of indicating the ‘room' layout.

Page 58 I would return great “Retriever” image from page 74 of the old doc to page 58 of the new one.

Page 59 This picture is a nice addition, presumably better position right before “22. The Balor’s Tower (CR 9)” on page 57.
Consider having page 57 end with “hp 47 each (5 HD; 5d8+25) (Bestiary 281)” then page 58 is the image currently on page 59. Then page 59 starts with “22. The Balor’s Tower (CR 9)…”.

Page 63 A great improvement over the image presentation on page 78 of the old doc.

Page 64 Cocytus map is much improved though I’d much prefer having this as a full page image.

Page 65 That’s a great image for “Vehn the Exile” in humanoid form. I’d include the image for Vehn in hybrid form as well (from page 82 of the old doc). Again I’d have his full write-up inline rather than refer back and forth to the appendix.

Page 66 I’d definitely return the shark and diving bell image from page 83 of the old doc to page 66 of the new one.

Page 67 While the image is interesting, the one you had on page 85 of the old doc is more appropriate.

Page 68 The map from page 86 of the old doc is better coloured, larger (always ideal), and easier to read.

Page 69 Gurdansk image is a definite improvement over the one on page 87 of the old doc.

Page 71 Caahn’s lighter-shaded hands and left bicep look much better here than they do on page 89 of the old doc.

Page 73 How cool is that picture! It looks much better than the version on page 93 of the old doc.

Page 76 Light-shaded picture looks better than it did on page 96 of the old doc. Consider elongating the sphere by 1cm to include more of the original picture.

Page 78 Agreed, the image that was on page 97 of the old doc had to go.
Consider a page break after “The granted request will follow the same basic principles of a wish spell.” Then have “Riven – Level 2” map as page 79 (rather than the current page 80) followed by a new page 80 that starts with "Riven - Level 2 It is as cold on Level 2 as elsewhere in Riven.”.

Page 88 The new Squinnamorg pic is awesome. A great improvement over the one on page 112 of the old doc.

Page 89 Consider returning the image of Erihil from page 113 of the old doc to page 83 of the new one.

Page 91 I would return the image of Bleg you have on page 115 of the old doc.

Page 92 I love the new yellow parchment background for maps like this one.

Page 96 I think the Lemure swarm image from page 121 of the old doc could be reused here.

Page 101 It would be good to have NPC survivor stats and pictures inline rather than in the appendix.
P.S. The picture of Vorren Mallorn on page 129 of the old doc is exceptionally good ;)

Page 104 Much better to see more of the picture here. Again though the sharpness and thus enjoyment is savagely reduced compared to that on page 130 of the old doc.

Could I get a copy also please?


4 people marked this as a favorite.

Hi all,

I’m back! Relationship issues kept me off the project since Sep 2011 and actually caused RPG interest to wain but things are getting better now. Thanks to everyone who wanted a copy and to Greystaff for spreading the love. Torlandril Morninglord's comment humoured me…btw its 441 pages of obsessive compulsive! :O

I deleted the old link but here it is uploaded anew
G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King (Pathfinder Conversion).pdf

The artwork is in place and that’s why so many pages. What it needs now is creature stat blocks and room descriptions in boxed txt. I may or may not continue to work on it. If anyone is up for the task or collaboration send me a message.

Hi William Ronald, can you please send me a copy as well. Thanks!


@Shfish ask and you shall receive :)

I deleted the old link but here it is uploaded anew Warmage Class Pathfinder Conversion.pdf

The design goal was a 1:1 conversion while using Pathfinder Rules. It may have stayed a little after substitution of 3.5e Spell Compendium spells for equivalent Pathfinder spells but the class is a faithful and play tested conversion. Have fun and let me know if there are any questions. A rather detailed change summary is included on the last page.

Footnote: I’m pulling out a favourite PC (10th level Pathfinder Warmage using this conversion) for a game this Saturday. Love the class!

Oh I agree with you. Note that half of these deaths were very temporary (i.e. recovered by breath of life spells).

Magic dominates the game to an incredible degree. Giants are just a big bag of hit points to modern Pathfinder PCs. You can’t bring their power to bear when large numbers of giants can’t reach the PCs due to limited room sizes or obstructions such as pillars and even each other. They end up having to stand in line and be mowed down by area-of-effect spells. It is worth noting that giants caused very few PC deaths and they needed powerful weapons to do it. One wielded a vorpal axe which was successful against 1 PC. 4 Hell Hounds were converted to Nessian War Hounds and those four simultaneously breathing fire over the same area slayed 3 PCs.

Archer based Fighters or Ranger PCs are devastating. A L12 Ranger Archer slaughtered an advanced CR12 chimera all by himself in 1 round. It's crucial weakness turned out to be low AC (i.e. less than AC 20). The poor creature couldn't even get within range to engage the party! The Magus is a powerhouse class and the arcane spell casters were superb with high spell DCs. 19 times out of 20 the giants couldn’t make their reflex saves. Melee based PCs also have high ACs making them very tough to hit.

Teleportation magic is a major problem and without that it would be Wind Walk instead. The party simply teleported away for frequent rest stops. There is also the ever-present stoneskin passed all round and haste. Some PCs also have mirror image. Naturally I did many things to make it hard for them such as grouping encounters and optimising creature builds including giving them class levels. Other tactics included Eclavdra disguising herself as a Fire Giant child to make an appearance in the throne room when the PCs returned for their second raid. She was there to cast Greater Dispel Magic but it didn't help much and she left. She also True Resurrected King Snurre so the party just killed him twice. I built her as a 20th level Cleric so later on in the module a few PCs died from DC 29 Weird (Domain spell) and another PC died from DC 29 Implosion...they were 15th level at the time and still killed her anyway. Speaking of optimising, the next thing to do in the conversion is replace one of the Fire Giant’s feats with Quick Draw so they can each throw 3 rocks per round.

We are about to try a 4 week concept adventure without magic. Oh how nice it will be to actually use skills like climb and heal again!

@KTFish7 Why thank you. I'm sitting here on holidays supposed to be working on this conversion but I am not. You might just get me motivated!

@Lincoln Hills You are exactly right "Infiltrate, learn who's pulling the strings, and assassinate them." I'm trying to write in as much of that option as possible. Most players invariably make head-on assault and my group were no exception. At the expense of 20 character deaths (parties above 9th level can revive fallen PCs without too much trouble) had the power to steamroll the module. They are at its end with just Brazzemal left to face next week. Eclavdra was slain and Nedylene escaped. They did not discover the temple or Snurre's hoard.

I have another group doing this module very soon. Let's see if they tackle it in a less bloodthirsty manner.

Hi sozin,

Great job! I know all about module conversion being a “labour of love, the project taking lots of time and energy”. I’m particularly interested in your work on a presentation and technical level and noted several things you did that I learned from and will incorporate myself…so thanks a bunch.

I could go through and suggest a list of presentation improvements like…
Change the text from left-aligned to justified
Delete the section break on page 29-30 in the word doc
Replace “litch” with “lich” on page 31

…and so on but that would be like telling you to suck eggs.

I suspect using Hero Lab saved you a massive amount of time on creature stat block creation, accuracy and consistency though I’ve not used the program myself.

Providing everything as a bundle (in addition to the PDF) is awesome and the word doc allows people to manipulate the file for their needs. A fantastic effort and thank you for sharing it.


The board has been extremely quiet this past month on downloadable module conversions. It’s time to change that with another G3 update. You can download the latest version from my opening post. The last update was rough but this one has all the artwork in place. Now I can focus on encounter descriptions, treasure and stat blocks. Work has slowed down but it should pick up again for the month of October when I have the entire month free to work on it.

I can be brutal by realistically grouping encounters as defenders come to each other’s aid against the PC interlopers. After my last post I gave them oversized teddy bears to play with (i.e. lots and lots of gnolls) so they went home with a warm and fuzzy feeling. No character deaths and they gained two gnolls as groupies :P

RE: “Think of the modules Silke...think of them”.
You cracked me up. I’m not swearing off doing this again…just doing it this way again.
daemonslye likely needs some motivation help to complete "A Paladin In Hell - Pathfinder Core Rules Conversion" so it may be better to spend time assisting with something like that.

RE: Thanks to everyone who worked on this. Zerzix and who else? Silke?

I provided input early on but this is zerzix's work and more recently with assistance on dragons from joesk. Tips hat to zerzix for the volume of creatures covered.

If you’re interested, listed in the Appendix of G3 download is my take on Savage Species style progression for selected monsters.

Hi folks. I've been itching to post your next update every day for the past two weeks but kept holding off until there was sufficient progress to show.

To the 66 people who downloaded the last update its worth downloading it again from the link in this thread’s first post. It’s now a 30 MB download.

Last post the module was nearing 300 pages. This post it’s an amazing 413 pages. At this rate I might do the impossible and expand an 18 page module to 500 pages! Of course it's picture rich which accounts for most of it.

What you see here is definitely a work in progress with notes all over the place. There are still 30 pages of pictures to add, and then I can start on the text and stat blocks. After that it’s formatting and proofreading. Rest assured it is coming together and there is additional content not yet incorporated such as 500+ names. Yep I'm going 'all out' so every critter in this module has a name!

You'll never see another module like this one - even from me. It's one of a kind. If you've got a pic to add or replace, or a cool critter name then please post a link. I particularly need a lot of gnoll names.

P.S. First-pass play testing is already in progress. My players pointed out last week there have been 14 character deaths and they are only halfway through the module. Some things will be toned down such as a vorpal headsman’s axe because sure enough I rolled a confirmed crit so it was off with the PCs head.

That has come up before in other threads on Paizo forum. I believe the ratio is 2:1 (2 rounds/day Pathfinder = 1/use per day 3.5e)

To see this in action below is my conversion of a 3.5e feat that uses Bardic Performance.

Snowflake Wardance (General Feat)
Feat conversion notes: The following is a faithful conversion of Snowflake Wardance using Pathfinder rules. It rewards taking more ranks in Perform (Dance) skill and can be used in conjunction with Inspire Courage thus allowing the Bard to aid the party and boost himself in combat. The bard gains suitable value by taking the feat.



[GENERAL] 3.5e Frostburn pg50
You have mastered the snowflake wardance, a mystical style of fighting with slashing weapons that allows you to leap and almost seem to float haphazardly across the battlefield like a whirling, razor-edged snowflake.

Prerequisite: Bardic performance ability, Perform (dance) 3 ranks.

Benefit: You expend two rounds of your bardic performance uses per day to perform a deadly style of combat known as the snowflake wardance. Activating a snowflake wardance is a free action, and once activated, you add your Charisma modifier (if any, to a maximum of your hit dice) to your attack rolls with any slashing double weapon, slashing light or slashing one-handed melee weapons you wield. This bonus to hit stacks with any bonuses you get from a high Strength score (or Dexterity score, if you are using Weapon Finesse). You cannot use this feat if you are carrying a shield, wearing medium or heavy armour, or carrying a medium or heavy load.

Snowflake wardance is an Extraordinary ability (Ex) that is not affected by blindness or silence. It expends bardic performance uses per day but is treated separately to the magical effects of bardic performance. A bard can perform Snowflake wardance in conjunction with a bardic performance ability such as Inspire Courage.

A snowflake wardance lasts for a number of rounds equal to your ranks in Perform (dance). A bard can end her snowflake wardance as a free action and is fatigued afterwards for a number of rounds equal to 2 times the number of rounds spent in the snowflake wardance. A bard cannot enter a new snowflake wardance while fatigued or exhausted but can otherwise enter snowflake wardance multiple times during a single encounter or combat.

Hi Darkholme, making your Illithid conversion available is great and helps others. You also got it done in quick time :)
I have an opportunity to playtest Pathfinder conversions of these iconic creatures in a few weeks from now and your conversion should be one of the variants tested. If I gain any insight or have alternatives to offer I'll post them for assessment by yourself and others.


Good pickup. Even though "alarum" was changed to "alarm" in newer print editions I see now that TSR's original module had it correct.
Definition: alarum "Archaic an alarm, esp a call to arms"

Now that is cool...definitely keep it as "alarum"

The more sepia toned page edge looks good…nothing more to do there.
No problem with the pics – I figured even if you used just one of them it was worthwhile. As it turns out that’s exactly what happened and Olgani is nicely improved with a more representative pic.

Regarding NPCs names:
I prefer to retain NPCs names where provided in old modules.
Can you add the Jarl's wife's name? It's 'Lady' Amgroth and their Winter Wolves are Bez and Rebez


To get any user feedback is precious so I’d say nit-pick away.

@Kirth Gersen
You can't beat a production value of "free" :)

RE: Rebalancing Encounters
I have thoughts and observations on that one. As a player I like having a range of encounter difficulties from low to high rather than everything being a near perfect balance of EL (CR) vs. Character Level like in modern modules. I’d like to see PCs flee occasionally and sometimes resort to guerrilla tactics rather than steamroll through modules just because they are powerful enough to get away with it.
You must know that typical optimised PCs can take a lot more than their Challenge Rating. For example I recently threw a record 43 opponents at a party of eight 12 level characters in G3 play testing and despite 4 deaths the party slaughtered everything. Hordes of Fire Giants (including King Snurre and 15 young) were no concern to them at all. The four deaths actually came from 4 simultaneous flaming breaths from nessian hell hounds (which I will take into account when writing the encounters in G3). Note also that death is temporary once the party Cleric reaches 9th level - though deaths do cost the party money.

Party spell casting is the bane of large numbers of enemy units. For example in my last session the party launched energy damaging spells with Reflex saves and not one giant made their saving throw all night.
Also creatures with low AC (like AC 23) meet swift deaths at the hands of full power-attacking fighters and particularly from optimised archers. Also note that large numbers of enemies have trouble getting into positions where they can bring their full force to bear – typically they have to line up and wait to be slaughtered due to very small room sizes.

So I would leave the number of critters as written and where needed - beef them up with better feat choices, magic items, and templates. It’s easy for DMs to drop a monster or two from each encounter if they are concerned.

Hi daemonslye, nice work :)

- Great presentation and font choices (as usual) – the various heading fonts in particular

- Some of the pictures you’ve been able to source are choice additions. In particular page 2, 3, 5 (fantastic find), 9 (converted to b&w)
Making the pictures black & white is great for making artwork look consistent and timeless. It also allows you to utilise a much broader range of pictures. Having said that I’m going for colour in G3 but it is a challenge not to make it look too gaudy

- Placing the maps as they are encountered in each section is interesting – I’m now pondering whether to do that

- Yellowing around the edges of each page for a ‘ye olde module’ look is novel – might look better if it is a slightly browner shade of yellow and/or textured? Of course any texturing should be limited to the page edge only

- Adding the NPCs table is a nice touch – even if players almost never use them (which is unfortunate)

- Inline Stat Blocks look good

Spoiler - Module Information:

- Haven’t read the conversion through yet but I did notice that "ALARUM! ROBBERS!" on page 16 was corrected to "ALARM! ROBBERS!" in later editions of this module

- Suggest adding Fortitude save DC and frequency for purple worm poison in the PUZZLE BOX OF THE JARL so DMs don’t have to look it up during play

- Noted you have changed the Storm Giantess’s original name from Olgani to Kallisto – personally I prefer the original name

- Would like to see alternative pics used for the Storm Giantess and Frost Giant Jarl

P.S. I just spent 3 hours putting together a G2 picture ideas pack for you. Download it from the same link under the G3 thread. Let me know if you can’t find it (G2 - Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, picture ideas pack.zip 33.4MB).
Some of the pictures are included for consideration on the basis they are converted to b&w. Others may useful for Wilderness encounters.

Did Pathfinder scale back ‘save or die’ effects? Absolutely...and not really. Now it’s save or gain a debilitating condition (stunned for example) and then die.
True there is no ‘called shots’ as such.

Indeed my last post is a ‘save or die’ approach. I am however consulting further back than just 3.5e. For example 1e Mind Flayers eat brains anywhere from 1d4 rounds.

Speaking from experience the original 3.5e mechanic is too complicated and takes too long to pull off (even against stunned opponents) when you’re up against a party of adventurers. Do a test fight with your approach and you should find that is extremely hard for an adventurer to die from brain extraction. Not to mention the mind flayer will be dead long before this as it’s rapidly killed by the party.

The next step is to equalise our two approaches.
I was thinking you could allow a fortitude save but looking into it that may not be best.

I agree acid is used to dissolve the skin, skull and metal helms thus acid resistance could come into play. The problem then is calculating acid damage. How much acid resistance is needed for immunity? I would like to delve further into making acid damage part of the attack form. It could be that tentacle damage is physical damage plus say 1d6 acid damage/tentacle?
I suspect a better option is to have brain eating acid damage be represented as an ability drain on intelligence. Intelligence 0 = dead. This has nice synergy with Mind Flayers preference for intelligent beings as they are more filling and satisfying (i.e. more intelligence to eat).

The mindflare attack below is an example along these lines...


Grab (Ex) A mindflare's grab works against creatures of any size, so long as the mindflare has a method of reaching the creature's head.

Extract (Ex) Each round that the mindflare begins grappling a foe, it can choose to deal 4d4+4 Intelligence damage; this ability replaces the normal grapple option to deal damage.

Maybe reduce Intelligence drain to 2d4 points per round, or something like that.

If an ability drain approach is used then the below requirement for "all four tentacles to be attached" is removed. It should be removed in any event - otherwise if a Mind flayer loses one tentacle...what it starves to death?. :P

A mind flayer that begins its turn with all four tentacles attached and that makes a successful grapple check automatically extracts the opponent’s brain, instantly killing that creature.

It needs to be fairly quick, streamlined, deadly and involve grapple.
Here is a rough outline posted from my phone without books handy.

Mindflayers have a +2 or +4 racial bonus to grapple checks.
They make a grapple check with one or more tentacles. Next round they make a Check to continue the grapple (at +5 to the check if the opponent hasn't escaped or overturned the grapple by then). If successful they extract the brain, killing the victim (unless multiple heads etc.). Thus 2 consecutive rounds of grapple is needed to eat a brain. It's a rough draft but indicates the approach I have in mind.
Any thoughts?

I like the reasoning used in your approach to tackle this. A tie-in with brain eating and larvae reproduction has nice synergy. Using acid damage to eat through the skull is plausible. The mechanic isn’t there yet though. Look for ways to streamline it and review methods used in other conversions such as by zerzix above. Also look for ways to have it more closely resemble the original attack. I need ponder an alternative while the subject is ‘hot’ so it can be posted and gain the benefit of group feedback but you will get to it before I do. Our combined input will make for a better conversion.

Thanks I got it. Nicely presented and much of it useful; you certainly reworked the brain eating. It may be several weeks before I pull all the variants together to write a conversion. Look for it in the G3 download.

@Darkholme - even a week from now would be good.

I like Illithid's and need to convert them to Pathfinder for G3 - Hall of the Fire Giant King. I'm pulling together all the Illithid conversions I can find and will use these to construct a best fit for Pathfinder that also closely resembles the original.

I have no problem with Mind Blast at all, and it should be easy to convert. However the brain eating attack is extremely cludgy and hard to pull off. It needs to be totally rewritten for Pathfinder and will be the most significant change to the creature.
Based on your last post I think your conversion will be useful.


Pathfinder examples of brain eating attack forms:

I'm not endorsing below conversions and didn't really want to post them yet in case they influence your work but they do give some idea of the variety of approaches others have taken.

Grab (Ex) A mindflare's grab works against creatures of any size, so long as the mindflare has a method of reaching the creature's head.
Extract (Ex) Each round that the mindflare begins grappling a foe, it can choose to deal 4d4+4 Intelligence damage; this ability replaces the normal grapple option to deal damage.

Dexterity Drain (Su)
The otherworldly teeth and tongue of a denizen of Leng deal 1d6 points of Dexterity drain with a bite. Constructs, elementals, and other creatures that do not possess flesh are immune to this effect. A successful DC 19 Fortitude save reduces the Dexterity drain to 1 point. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Implant (Ex)The tips of a phrenic scourge’s tendrils constantly die and regrow, much like a human’s fingernails. In any round in which the scourge successfully Strikes the same victim with both tendril attacks, the tip of a tendril breaks off in the flesh and begins to burrow, unless the victim succeeds on a DC 17 Fortitude save. The larva burrows through the host, following its nervous system until it reaches the brain. This takes 1d4+1 rounds, causing 2d4 points of damage per round. When the larva reaches the brain, the subject dies instantly. At any point in this process, the larva can be destroyed with remove disease or heal.
This ability does not function against constructs, elementals, oozes, plants, or undead, and is not instantly fatal to foes with multiple heads. Any creature with natural regeneration or fast healing resists the effects of the implanted larva. The larva is not expelled, but neither can it proceed to the brain. It does continue to cause damage every round, however, as it tries to burrow (assuming the damage it causes exceeds the fast healing or regeneration, of course).This continues until the larva is destroyed, as above, or until 2d10+1 rounds have passed, at which point it dies on its own. The save DC is Constitution-based.


Right now I'm converting some inaccessible monsters from 3.5 so I dont have to lug my 3.5 books to game every time I want to break out an illithid.

Can you post here your Pathfinder conversion for 3.5 Illithid?

I'm particularly interested to see how you handle their mind blast and brain eating attack.

It's very clean and simple (which I like). You're not trying to do too much so you'll finish it quickly.

Nice find with the flame drake (as I sheepishly admit being unable to find that specific picture on the web when I looked for it a few days ago. Now I see it on Paizo's blog).

Suggest changing (B2 106) to (Pathfinder Bestiary 2, page 106). Reduce the font size if you need to.

The magma elemental picture looks bad. If you want to use the same picture here is a better quality version
Magma Elemental 1
Here is a preferred pic. The image is probably large enough Magma Elemental 2

Hi Faazazel,

I applaud you delving back so far as Dungeon Magazine's first issue! I recently ran Grakhirt's Lair from the same print run and loved it. Modern adventurers can’t replace that old-school flavour.

Personally I like having hard and easy encounters rather than everything being finely balanced for the party's level. Playing in a current game with 7th level characters, every hobgoblin we encounter is very tough and has class levels. Argggh! Whatever happened to ordinary hobgoblins in the adventure setting?

An optimised party of four 7th level PCs should be able to handle four CR5 flame drakes (EL 9), especially if you don't have them breathe 4 fireballs at once. Maybe stagger their arrival or give them the Young Template. You could also place some potions of Resist Energy (fire) in a prior encounter.

Know that your typical min/maxed PCs can handle much more than their Challenge Rating. Any creature with low AC (such as an AC 18 Fire Drake) will be cut down by fighter types in a round or two. Also spell-casting PCs tend to dominate encounters and will introduce conditions or effects that trivialise your monsters; and it gets a whole lot worse for your critters as arcane casters advance in level.


RE: Do you think level 9 would be able to handle the fights in one straight walk without resting? ABSOLUTELY

RE: Can I simply ignore all encounters below easy to calculate how hard a dungeon is? ABSOLUTELY
For example fourteen Orcs (each CR 1/3) would be like swatting flies for a 7th level party. The adventurers may even toy with the orcs and let them take a few free swings just for fun.
RE: Shrieker a mushroom that only warns. Since I can't find this creature, I guess I'll replace it with a trap with the same effect.
Just search the web. For example type in "Shrieker" and you immediately find Shrieker

P.S. I assume you are already familiar with Table 12-2: Experience Point Awards and Table 12-3: CR Equivalencies on page 398 of Pathfinder Core Rulebook.


gigglestick wrote:
I'd love to see Assassin's Knot and Against the Cult of the Reptile God done up PF style...


Those are two of my favourite old-school modules, along with Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh and Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure (and Maure Castle remake).

P.S. I have seen 3.5e and 4e conversions for B2 Keep on the Borderlands. What's William Ronald's Pathfinder conversion like? Is their a way to get it other than by posting an email address on the forum thread?

@kevin bienhoff, you’re right. I can't believe how many hundreds of hours this conversion has taken and is still only 50% complete. It’s consuming my life.

I may work best by daemonslye doing the first cut of a module (he can put out a respectable conversion in mere weeks, i.e. A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity) and I refine it (like A Paladin in Hell).

I have found it time consuming to post module improvements on Paizo forum in BBcode. If you’re working with the original Word or Publisher document then updates can be entered directly (perhaps in red text) and sent back and forth.

Play Testing Update:

Last night my group completed the entrance level dungeon which saw them advance to 13th level characters. I ran the inhabitants as reactive thus the level consisted of 3 massive battles and a few minor encounters. Last night’s epic battle involved a record 43 opponents in an attempted ambush where 4 characters died. After that, the PCs toured empty rooms to confirm the level was wiped out.

The kill tally so far is 148 monsters (which includes slaying King Snurre twice after Eclavdra True Resurrected his corpse the first time and charged 50,000 gp for the privilege. That future party loot is now consumed).

There have been about 10 character deaths, only 2 of which are permanent (a PC and his cohort, with a replacement Paladin on the way). Note that several PCs are adventuring via Astral Projection provided by a local, planet-bound, lesser demigod known as 'The Master' - who happens to be a drow harbouring, sex crazed, incorporeal, possessor demon and 20th level Godling.

The players fell “hook, line and sinker” for 3 rakshasa found barred inside the guest quarters. They were disguised as human merchants. These thieves were in the hall for a stupendous robbery – no less than the sacking of King Snurre's Treasure vault! They had information that the treasure trove was located somewhere near the king's quarters and had been waiting for a chance to make their raid. They posed as human merchants travelling from dungeon to dungeon with a horse and cart selling trade goods (the horse had since been eaten while the tiger folk lingered in their quarters).

The adventurers did these schemers a great favour as the level had been cleared of threats by the time they reached the disguised rakshasa. The wily tigermen refrained from attacking obviously powerful PCs and thanked them for their release so they could 'leave' the dungeon. The authentic seeming rascals sold a bear rug for 100 gp to a dumb (Int 6) half-ogre character and claimed it was dire bear skin. They also signed an exclusive trade deal with another enterprising PC which of course they had no intention of honouring!

After a short search the rakshasa (with rogue class levels) found the vault while the PCs searched elsewhere. They killed the pyrohydra, filled their portable hole to the brim with Snurre’s loot, and departed…sniggering all the way.

The trade deal PC has a spy network and next week he'll be informed of 3 merchants boasting of new found wealth and getting drunk in a city bar. No doubt the party will fire off a quick teleport and hunt them down. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if “these are not the merchants you're looking for”?

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback so far.

On formatting
This conversion started by incorporating your personal embellishments and as you can see I’ve taken that and am running a marathon with it. Any advice you can give would be great.

A big question is whether to put stat blocks for each creature on a separate page. It's neat but also breaks the flow of the module. If we implement this approach then it’s tempting to put it all in a separate booklet (pdf file). One advantage is you can print the things you need to edit (the monsters) while leaving the module text and pictures on your computer screen. Also the flexibility of separate pages allows you to grab whatever critters are needed for each situation. Creatures move around, get killed, and sometimes returned to life so encounters often don’t match the groupings of creatures written for each module location).


Option 1. Leave creature stat blocks in the passage of text (as it is now)

Option 2. Place creature stat blocks on their own pages (1 page or double-sided page per creature) and bundle them at the end of each encounter
Option 3. Place creature stat blocks on their own pages (1 page or double-sided page per creature) and list them all in a separate booklet sorted by encounter order.


On Gods:

G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King is set on Oerth in the World of Greyhawk thus the main protagonists (King Snurre's Fire Giants and Drow nobles of House Eilservs in Erelhei-Cinlu) worship the Elder Elemental God, (also known as the Elder Elemental Eye). If you intend to run this module in Forgotten Realms campaign setting then replace the Elder Elemental God with Ghaunadaur. Note that these deities are aspects of an Elder Evil known as Tharizdun. Player characters may discover a relic of this deity in encounter 7. KING SNURRE'S PRIVATE QUARTERS, where an ordinary looking rock is actually one of the 333 Gems of Tharizdun. This titbit has been added as a teaser for Dungeon #152 - Essence of Evil (level 20) which makes for a fitting finale adventure.

If you wish to integrate this module into a complete campaign then consider running the following modules:

For a focus on Tharizdun…
- S4 Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (level 6-10), a loosely-based prequel to WG4
- WG4 Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun (level 5-10)
- Dungeon #152 - Essence of Evil (level 20)

For an epic adventure
- T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil (level 1-8), events in this module occur in 579 CY
- A1-4 Scourge of the Slave Lords (L7-11)
- G1-3 Against the Giants or TSR 11413 - Against the Giants - The Liberation of Geoff
- D1-3 Descent into the Depths of the Earth
- Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits

Years later the characters can adventure in…
- Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (level 4-14), events in this module occur 15 years later in 594 CY
- The Crumbling Hall of the Frost Giant Jarl (L10)

On Artists:

I’ve added a statement to thank artists for their pictures.
“Images included in this module have come from the internet (public domain) and in many cases do not identify the original artist. Copyright is most likely owned either by the artists who created them or the publisher of the book(s) they came from. As a fan-based work, I wish to thank and honour the artists for such fantastic pictures and only seek to display them as fair use.”

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