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Please cancel all of my current ongoing subscriptions. Thank you.


This order has been waiting for 8 days and still hasn't moved at all. Any idea when I should expect it to process?


This subscription order notified me as though it was going to ship on 10/27 but I haven't seen anything saying it has gone out yet. Is it possibly still in the queue for this week?

I have an order in my sidecart, buthe I think it should be processed by now. Can someone let me know?

Looks good thank you!

I ordered L5R stuff to go with my October shipment and now it is in my sidecart.

But I've changed my mind and would prefer it be shipped on its own whenever it is ready. Can my order be edited to reflect this?

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Character generation Method 1 in the book still uses point buy. It worked pretty good for my players.

This might have been asked elsewhere, but is there a plan for a print version?

Corran54 wrote:

Anyone else feel crippled when coming from PF to SF?

No. Slight differences in plus and minus at first level hardly makes someone "crippled." There is different math and bonuses are flatter in SF. Not being mathematically perfect compared to a different set of rules is not "crippled," it is different.

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Has anyone tested the Solarian live over several levels yet? This seems to be a premature assumption based on existing assumptions from Pathfinder.

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Steve Geddes wrote:
I had 37 items this month and mine was shipped right at the beginning. It's a weird lottery, unfortunately. :/

Well there goes that theory! I suppose we're back to just terrible luck.

CorvusMask wrote:

Just to note, I'm going insane from waiting since I check everyday and keep refreshing the page even though I know its gonna take 3 weeks at max

I'm too spoiled by my previous subscription experience when I got them around same time Skeld did :'D

Killing me too. I ordered everything because I've been excited and it seems like the big orders are the ones getting shipped last. Just dangling there in front of me.

Sara Marie wrote:
ShingenX wrote:
A quick question as one of the many who subbed and is anxiously waiting for the pdf: I want to properly temper my expectations, so do you have any idea if someone who ordered more is more likely to be waiting longer for shipment?
None whatsoever. We cannot look at an order and determine when it might ship, partly because the point at which it is most efficient to ship could vary from day to day based on what's going on in the warehouse that particular day.

Ok, sorry if I am being a bit of a bug on this.

If I could, while I am already bothering you: will the subscription orders be shipped so they arrive by 8/17 since that is the release date, or could it be later? I haven't done one like this before.

Maybe I haven't clicked around enough, but is there already a place to order/preorder this?

A quick question as one of the many who subbed and is anxiously waiting for the pdf: I want to properly temper my expectations, so do you have any idea if someone who ordered more is more likely to be waiting longer for shipment?

I don't think the spoiler tags are necessary. There isn't a plot, per se, that can be ruined or some kind of M Night Shamalyan twist in the core game book.

I am chartreuse with envy right now. Order processed last week but no pdf!

gowen7thcav wrote:
Thank-you for your response. I don't care if it's delayed I would just like a date to expect the material. I can't plan my gaming schedule for Starfinder Adventure Path: Incident at Absalom Station (Dead Suns 1 of 6) if I don't know when to expect it. I plan to order the pdf so I can be up to speed on the core rules while I wait for my book to arrive. I am just frustrated that I am spending close to $200.oo and I can't get a release date from Amazon.

I subscribed to the whole line, and my order total for literally everything coming out in August was like $250, and I'm getting all the pdfs too. With the pdfs + Paizo subscriber discount and getting it as soon as they can ship it, I think it was worth the extra $50.

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Does this podcast do transcripts? I really don't care for podcasts or sitting and listening to people talk, but I'll read a transcript of an interview.

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I'd be more worried about the Alien Archives if there wasn't multiple Pathfinder Bestiaries and a conversion guide. That makes it easy enough to generate all the space beasties you want until the Alien Archives comes out.

EDIT: Also, there will be Starfinder Society scenarios in addition to the AP, too, so you should have plenty of adventures.

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theheadkase wrote:

I notice you didn't mention the Monk as one of the classes in your blurb at the front...does this mean you don't have a conversion because there's already a Monk in the Core book or you don't have one because it doesn't fit OR you have one and just didn't put it in the blurb????

(I love Monks)

After looking at the Solarian, I have a feeling there is some monk niche already accounted for in Starfinder.

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So if I want this instead of regular, I have to cancel my subscription, which undoes all my Superscriber benefits.


So if I have a subscription to the core rulebooks can I get this as part of it?

Man, sorry to be a bug.

Will I get the advantage discount after the first purchase on each subscription? Did I read that right?

Thank you

Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello ShingenX,

You are correct. To qualify for the Paizo Advantage discount you need to have subscriptions to the Starfinder RPG, the Starfinder Adventure Path, the Starfinder Maps, and the Starfinder Accessories. If you are subscribed to all of these subscriptions your account is also treated as if you had a Starfinder Society subscription and the scenarios will get granted to your account complimentary.

Alternately you also get the Paizo Advantage by subscribing to the Pathfinder Adventure Path. But this route does not include the Starfinder Society scenarios.

Ok, I added the maps.

Will my existing Society subscription update for free? Or do I need to remove it?

I have subscribed to the Adventure Path, Core Books, Society, and Accessories, but not the maps because I won't use them.

Does this mean I will not get the Paizo Advantage?