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I believe this is the draft of the item I submitted. Thanks in advance for your critique --I hope to take something away from this :)

Wendigo Pelt

Aura moderate transmutation [air]; CL 9th

Slot shoulders; Price 16,200 gp; Weight 1 lb.


This mangy gray-haired pelt is wreathed in an aura of ice-cold eldritch vapor that buffets opponents and buoys the wearer.  During combat, the wearer may surround one opponent with harsh winds.  For the purposes of combat maneuvers made by the wearer, that target is considered smaller by one size category.  Once a day, as a free action during a successful bull rush against a target, the wearer can choose to invoke the spirit of the wendigo that haunts the pelt.  The aura that surrounds the pelt immediately forms into a dread apparition of a wendigo, and as the bull rush takes effect, the apparition drags the target backward into the air in a horrid embrace.  The total height gained by the target is 50 feet, plus 10 feet for every 5 horizontal feet the bull rush forces the target back.  During the target’s backward ascent, the apparition buffets and batters the target for 2d6 points of damage.  The apparition disappears at the apex of this movement, and the target is immediately subject to the rules for falling.  Any creature situated in the squares below, must treat the target as a falling object.  Furthermore, the wearer’s feet barely touch the ground in any mountainous environment (or in any cold environment containing natural snow or ice); allowing the wearer to ignore difficult terrain and the associated penalties for moving through it.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, control winds; Cost 8,100 gp

I think you are being a little harsh on yourself. The main thing is to ask yourself 'What will I do different next time around?' Above all, I think that if you believe your item has got what it takes, you need to get behind it 100%. If you do, revise it for next year :) Looking at all the weak keep/reject comments among the 32 (and there are a lot) is an indicator that no one item is perfect in the judges eyes.

If it makes you feel any better, try to look at the top 32 as being the judges opinion as to who they think is best out of this year.

In my opinion, there is only a handful of good items and a lot of really bland ones --so I can imagine that my top 32 would probably look completely different.

FWIW: I entered and I did not get in. This is my third entry since the competition began and I have put in a different item each time. I'll post my item in the critique column and see what comes of it --maybe I'll have a better entry next year :)

Aberzombie wrote:
Also, Happy New Year to all my fellow FAWTLy Folk, and to the many others who occasionally grace our little corner of the asylum.

..and happy noob year to you too, Aberzombie!

Aberzombie wrote:

WTF? I go away for a few hours and not only do you have a posting blitz, but now some new guy lookalike is posting in FAWTLy?!?

At least he picked one of the better looking avatars.

All moldering cadavers --be they animated or no, look the same Cochise. /fingergun

Some RPG Superstar wondrous items!

And I am free to brainstorm

To Aunty Grandma's!

The Kids are off


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Chuba doompa, dopa-maskey kung!

Ho ho ho ho...

Derebee nay bargikoka no-jeedai! Boh doh yu eesh asha hee doo. Ho ho ho....

Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:

Ni ta jakta!

Nay Jabba no-badha! Eesayoto --eeotto ooi?

Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:

Ni wanni wanga!

De Jabba wonka....?

Thank you very much to the party interested enough to purchase Ptolus!

My other thread was about selling Ptolus, and World's Largest Dungeon is already under offer through a private sale, so here is the last one: Rappan Athuk Reloaded Limited Edition Boxed Set.

If you are interested, you may bid on the item here on ebay.com.au

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

I sold my copy of WLD and regretted it. I live jn Australia and would be willing to buy your copy of WLD should you choose to sell it. Just send a price to

Johnpocalypse at hotmail dot com. I can do paypal or direct deposit.

Done and done. I'll look up some prices on ebay and come in under that. Email with details on the way.

EDIT: Email sent!

...so I was going through some boxes and unearthed some stuff that I have (in some cases opened, but) never used. Ptolus City by the Spire is one of them, so I thought to release it back into the world.

You can view the item here.

If you have ever wanted a hardcopy, this is your chance. I have even reduced the price to account for the extra cash needed for postage, for those outside Australia. If you are an Australian: You are in for a bargain!

In closing, I also found my World's Largest Dungeon (maps still in shrinkwrap) and my opened but unused copy of Rappan Athuk Reloaded (Official Killer DM #544). I am still hemming and hawing about selling those too.

I'm also interested, but I only just found this thread prior to other social commitments, so I don't have time to make a character at this very minute. That said, I'd be happy to play a fighter of some description. Because I am coming in late and cannot commit right 'now' now, I'll give someone else a chance chance to post a fighter-type. In the meantime, feel free to put me down as a reserve if someone drops out.

Jörmungandr --good to see a fellow Aussie! I'm just over the fence in Warrnambool (lol).

InVinoVeritas wrote:

Here's an alternate progression:

15: Dreadful Carnage

All demoralize, all the time. The Overrun is used to knock down opponents wherever they may be; With Dreadful Carnage, anyone knocked down is demoralized, with Greater Overrun they invoke an AoO, the AoO allows the attack to activate Shatter Defenses, and a regular attack can then be a Deadly Stroke.

This reads as if Dreadful Carnage activates when an opponent is knocked down. I thought Dreadful Carnage only activates if the target is reduced to 0hp? Is there another feat that causes the above effect? --I'm not sure.

LazarX wrote:

Can you define the context in which you're using this term? It's got quite a variety of hits on google. :)

I googled Girlfriend RPGs. I figure that is what Bruunwald was driving at.

Kruelaid wrote:
[hungarian accent]"My lower intestine is full of Spam, Egg, Spam, Bacon, Spam, Tomatoes, Spam"[/hungarian accent]

I see what you did there! Naughty!

Callous Jack wrote:
Shakor wrote:
Shadowborn wrote:
[That old monty python chesnut someone is bound to use as a response]
Somewhere, Aberzombie is rolling in his grave.

To tell you the truth, I was giggling like a Mikado schoolgirl, thinking of Aberzombie when I wrote it.

Shadowborn wrote:

Ah, make mine Lobster Thermidor aux crevettes with a Mornay sauce, served in a Provençale manner with shallots and aubergines, garnished with truffle pate, brandy and a fried egg on top.

...and Spam.

@OP: I think that taking a break from any lengthy endeavor is a good idea. Large amounts of fun are generally had in small doses, I seem to find.
I have burnt out on more complicated RPGs myself a number of times and currently I am experiencing a similar issue --but related to publishing for the Pathfinder RPG as a 3PP. As a gamer, I find that I yearn for the days where I did not need to have a mini on a floorplan. What keeps bringing me back though, is the sense of community.

If you want to try a different game for a little while, here are some suggestions. Each of the links here are links back to Paizo's own store, so I don't believe that this violates any messageboard policy (if so, mods please remove):

  • Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules are by Frog God Games
  • Labyrinth Lord by Goblinoid Games (although this version appears a little dated)
  • Dragon Warriors (now) by Serpent King Games
  • Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Edition by Arion Games
  • Castles & Crusades by Troll Lord Games.

    I have played them all and I like them all for different reasons. They are in the most part simpler games in some aspects, some a lot more than others. Each has its own reasons for being, which is why I like them all for what they are. Currently, Swords & Wizardry is getting a lot of coverage from Frog God Games. Furthermore, I heard that the Swords & Wizardry sessions at Paizocon were quite popular which highlights one of the great things about Paizo: They give the community the chance to sample other systems under their own roof, as it were.

    Good luck!

  • ulgulanoth wrote:
    while i like the update, that isn't quite what i had in mind... namely thats a complete rehash of the monk class and not an archtype of the monk... *shrugs*

    One thing I have noted about the RPG Superstar Competition for 2011 is that one of the rounds is to design an archetype. Posters eligible to enter the competition may feel that they are shooting themselves in the foot (so-to-speak) if they post such an archetype when they could use as a potential winning entry.

    Of course, I am just speculating, but I just wanted to throw it out there.

    Dragonsong wrote:
    In Malhavok Press' Midnight Camapaign setting the unarmed character was a Full BAB class but i think only had 2 good saves. Wish I had bought thos books from my old roommate ohh so long ago.

    In actual fact, it was Fantasy Flight Games that released Midnight.

    If you are looking for the OGL component of the rules, you may find it here. Speficially, the Defender Class is here.

    ciretose wrote:

    Is anyone with me in the "If you read the rules and play by them the game works great" camp?

    Generally speaking, I would say yes. That is, until I read some of the sensationalist thread titles and I am sucked right in. I really should know better. I guess it is mainly curiosity, but part of me asks the questions: Hey! Did I miss something or do they perhaps they have a point?

    Usually, a lot of those threads become asinine and/or are hijacked by posters focusing on some bizarre point barely related to the main topic. I figure everybody sees the title, hitches up their waistline to ultra-extreme curmudgeon level and then lets fly with inane vitriol. In those cases, I just *sigh* and click to the end of the thread. if there is anything meaningful or some way constructive, I might tag it.

    I like that the Paizo staff tend to leave those sensationalist threads alone. It reinforces the feeling that they have our backs rules-wise.

    Only mildly topic related, so I have placed it in a spoiler for people to skip over if they wish.


    So enough of this 'Yaah! I'm a monk! All aboard the failtrain! Who's with me, lol?!' rubbish, and THEN ask for people to brainstorm to make things right. It lacks sense and it gives the thread a hostile atmosphere right from beginning.

    If people are not happy with current class choices, brainstorm in a civil and constructive manner. By all means, implement those changes to suit your own campaigns.

    And then shut the heck up! ;P

    Or, if you are a caring, sharing person, post your fix with what you did, how it now works and what benefits it has over the original version. In actual fact, there are some people that have posted on this thread who have gone the constructive route on other threads. Kudos to those :)


    That's better.

    crazy_monkey1956 wrote:

    Anyone else? :D

    Scott Grimes for Neil Spicer.

    Ricky Gervais for James Jacobs

    There are two OGL Adventures I can think of that may be suitable:

    Flight of the Red Raven

    River into Darkness.

    Both appear to have wilderness contents. Of the two, I am leaning to Red Raven because of the reviews on the premise, the action and the encounters. Both of these modules are listed as being for Level 4, but they appear to be written for D&D 3.5ed: That means that it should be on-par for 3rd level PFRPG characters.

    Hope this helps.

    Ravingdork wrote:

    I am planning on pitting my players against a mounted combatant. However, my players' characters are quite strong and I will need to divide them in order to provide a challenge.

    Since none are immune to fear, I think that is my best bet.

    I am looking for both a steed and a rider, BOTH of whom need to have some kind of automatic fear inducing ability. I want my players to feel like Gandalf and Pippin did when they encountered the Witch King, such fear that they go to attack only to drop their swords in terror.

    If they pass a save, they might fail the other. Failing both stacks the fear effects.

    I think this ought to be most interesting.

    Any suggestions?

    Id recommend having a look through Green Ronin's Advanced Bestiary for a suitable template to apply to either one or both your mounted combatant and the mount itself. Two templates that spring to mind are:

  • Four Horsemen (all Horsemen gain a standard fear ability and a summonable mount.) For a melee guy, I'd take War, for a caster --Death. EDIT: By having more than 1 Horseman, you can stack fear effects like you mentioned above.
  • Nightmare Creature Contains a standard fear aura and has the additional Frightful Presence when it charges.

    What about combining the mount and the rider? A Nightmare Centaur Antipaladin might work and gives you two separate fear effects as detailed above. It also means you can up the CR by only having to deal with a single creature.

    EDIT2: You can even stack templates from the AB; the Horseman of War is a Bipedal Winter Wolf (AW, it is a Bipedal Winter Wolf of War), so there is nothing stopping you from adding the Nightmare template to the Horseman Template. 1 guy. Summonable incorporeal mount that can fly. Frightful Presence and two fear effects. Both templates carry a combined total of +3 to CR.

  • My favorite combination would have to be:


    This combo was featured in Curse of the Crimson Throne AP. With all the APs printed, I have noticed Seelah (Paladin) has always been paired with Lem (Bard), so that makes me think that some synergies are important.

    kyrt-ryder wrote:

    Happy to help. Any other questions, thoughts, or ideas on your mind Shakor?

    Hmm, thinking about the first part again, maybe I don't have it fully understood. Let's write it out:

  • At BAB 0 to +5, I have a Standard Action and a Movement Action.
  • At BAB +6 and higher, I gain more Movement Actions as appropriate to my iterative attacks.
  • I can trade any Movement Action for a Standard Action, provided the Standard Action uses a function of BAB (attack with a melee weapon, throw a grenade-like weapon, fire a missile weapon, or use a Combat Maneuver). In addition, this action carries with it a [-x] modifier.

    Damn, I thought that I could trade the movement action for any standard action. Such as using a wand or even going into total defense before making an attack action at [-x] As I reread the thread, I don't think that is how your mechanic is intended (being that there are no BAB related rolls associated with Wand activation, Total Defense et.al.).

    That is to say I am not really fussed about making the above work. It is just more of an example of what is and is not allowed. I also suppose that were it the case, every Arcane Archer would be casting True Strike before applying Deadly Aim to their next ranged attack. Every Round. Eesh.

    So, as I understand it, it would be more correct of me to state:

  • I can trade any Movement Action for an Attack Action, (attack with a melee, ranged or unarmed weapon), or perform a Combat Maneuver. In addition, this Attack Action or Combat Maneuver carries with it a [-x] modifier.

    I'm also assuming that the Full Round options are now standard actions. So I could still charge as a normal, standard action, gaining an attack at the end of my charge (the action uses a function of BAB) and then use (for example) a combat maneuver at [-x]. Alternatively, (seeing that the wizard is in trouble) I could disarm my current opponent using my normal standard action, and automatically avoid attacks of opportunity (assuming my opponent didn't have Improved Unarmed Strike)as I charge the wizard's opponent, attacking it at [-x]

    I have skipped over characters with a BAB 0 through to +5 (i.e. lower level characters of any type); can they still trade their movement action for an Attack Action or Combat Maneuver? With that in mind, I am also wrapping my head around how feats that use full attack options (Many Shot and Rapid Shot) work at those BAB levels. I'm interested in mulling this over more.

  • kyrt-ryder wrote:

    Here are the answers to your questions Shakor (and btw, you got the progression right for the core game. I myself am contemplating a quicker progression, but my homebrew is practically a different game, so I won't go into that here.)

    1. All rolls related to BAB, just like iterative attacks. Your CMB is affected the same way it is by iteratives (meaning if, in your games, CMB for attack-based checks like Disarm take the penalty, then they do with this system as well.)

    2. Using a wand is a standard action, and therefore can't be used with a move action, however, you could drink a potion. (If you scrapped the level caps for items, and allow 'potions' that can be thrown for external spell effects, you could throw a potion of fireball much like an alchemist would throw a bomb. Except that's a class feature he doesn't have to pay for.)

    Also, some wands will produce effects that one uses with attacks multiple times(such as the Flameblade spell, or chill touch.) In that case you can treat those attacks (but not the casting itself) as attacks that can be used during a move action.

    Brilliant. That helps me understand a little better where this is going and it has answered some unasked questions as well. Thank you very much.

    Kyrt's Revision wrote:

    Full Attack Actions no longer exist.

    Iterative attacks are no longer granted. Instead, characters gain additional move actions every X BAB (where, when changing as little of the game as possible, this would be at BAB = 6, 11, and 16)

    Move actions may be used to make attacks at a flat penalty (still debating the value of that penalty between -3,-4, or -5)


    kyrt-ryder wrote:

    I think you're discussing ToZ's system (or possibly combining them). In mine he would only have 4 move actions and a standard. (So 5 total)

    Only because I am coming late into this thread, I just want to make sure I understand what I am seeing here. Were I to plug this into the Fighter progression, I get:

      1st +1 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 1 Move Action
      2nd +2 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 1 Move Action
      3rd +3 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 1 Move Action
      4th +4 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 1 Move Action
      5th +5 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 1 Move Action
      6th +6 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 2 Move Actions
      7th +7 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 2 Move Actions
      8th +8 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 2 Move Actions
      9th +9 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 2 Move Actions
      10th +10 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 2 Move Actions
      11th +11 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 3 Move Actions
      12th +12 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 3 Move Actions
      13th +13 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 3 Move Actions
      14th +14 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 3 Move Actions
      15th +15 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 3 Move Actions
      16th +16 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 4 Move Actions
      17th +17 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 4 Move Actions
      18th +18 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 4 Move Actions
      19th +19 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 4 Move Actions
      20th +20 BAB; 1 Standard Action; 4 Move Actions


  • A Standard action is just that: Attack, Combat Maneuver, etc, etc.
  • A Move Action is just that, or may be traded up to a Standard Action at a [-x] modifier ([-x] being -5 or whatever is deemed appropriate).

    Assuming the above is correct, I have some questions:
    1. Does the [-x] modifier only apply to rolls concerning attacking more than once or does it also apply to all rolls related to BAB? i.e. I spent my normal standard action on attacking, now I want to disarm my opponent before I finish my turn. Is my CMB likewise affected because it is a function of BAB?

    2. Taking it a step further, I have points in the UMD skill. I spent my standard action attacking normally and now I want to use a wand of fireballs I stole from a Wizard. Should my UMD skill be affected by the [-x] modifier?

    [Just throwing it out there. Yours is an interesting idea and I want to see if it will work. It might put and end to a lot of the rubbish, non-constructively critical threads about 'WTB Moar QQ regarding [ClasstypeXYZ] being the worst class in PFRPG' Just sayin' ;/

  • ElyasRavenwood wrote:

    What ideas do you have for character concepts other then the “ inquisitor” or “Van Helsing” do you have? I’m curious. Thanks.

    Although the Inquisitor is dedicated to a deity, I think it is quite easy to stretch the concept of 'deity' to an 'ideal' (such as 'Truth and Justice', or 'Destroy all Undead' for example). That way, I start to draw analogs with Batman, V (from 'V for Vendetta'), the Phantom, The Punisher...the list goes on.

    Although these are a lot of heroes and superheroes from modern day literature, Batman and V appear to be the easiest to translate into the Pathfinder RPG. I like the concept of an inquisitor who keeps his identity hidden when 'out on the job'....

    Name Violation wrote:

    Yeah, I'm adding +1 to this. In SRD terms, we know what it means and why. It is not used as a class as far as I can see. At worst, I figure it is less confusing than reusing Complete Arcane's Warlock class

    Magic(tm) Decks. These Picts meant business when it came to

    Krome wrote:
    Anyone have an original Fiend Folio around to see what it says in front as far as ownership is concerned?

    Don't have it handy, but this serves purely for anecdotal information.

    As I understand, the pages from Fiend Folio were in part collected from White Dwarf when it was a more generic RPG magazine. In any case, my post is largely irrelevant to the topic.

    Given that the link also states that Charles Stross also wrote Githyanki for Fiend Folio, I might balk at Paizo creating a xenophobic warrior race that pays fealty to an immortal Lich Queen called the 'Gyth', so I wholeheartedly agree with Paizo's stance on the situation and their desire to remake classic creatures into something totally unique.

    Shakor wrote:
    flash_cxxi wrote:

    Take what you can from this and share your thoughts. ;)

    Weird Pathfinder Dream!

    That's really cool. I had a dream once that I was Tristan from Darkwalker on Moonshae, fighting sor some reason Laric and Grunnarch the Red. Crazy. Oh this other time, I dreamt I went to a school formal dressed as Hamannu from Dark Sun, only Hamannu was also a vampire.

    Kal is going to try and bail out Vesper by claiming she seems to have 'forgotten' about a tenative deal as Kal's bodyguard planetside.

    Have made the post. If Mossic picks up any inconsistencies with Vesper's story and mine, I am going to try deception.

    flash_cxxi wrote:

    Take what you can from this and share your thoughts. ;)

    Weird Pathfinder Dream!

    That's really cool. I had a dream once that I was Tristan from Darkwalker on Moonshae, fighting sor some reason Laric and Grunnarch the Red. Crazy. Oh this other time, I dreamt I went to a school formal dressed as Hamannu from Dark Sun, only Hamannu was also a vampire.

    Kal is going to try and bail out Vesper by claiming she seems to have 'forgotten' about a tenative deal as Kal's bodyguard planetside.

    I suppose now is also the time to pass on that I am not really sure how Will Defense works. I can see that the number is a product of factors based on WIS, class and level and I assume that it works the same as Armor Class score. If I am asked to make a will save, I imagine such a thing is merely an attack roll the DM makes made against the number (in this case, 14). I don't need to roll any dice to add to the total do I?

    Kirth Gersen wrote:
    "Grave Knight" has a really nice ring to it. I love it. Kudos to JJ for proposing it, and a nod to Shakor (who wisely recommended separating it into two words).

    Thanks for the nod; if it becomes official, my head will a-splode.

    Bubba's DOD GM wrote:
    Sorry all but it has been crazy at work the last few days and I just wanted to let all of you know that I will be out of town until 10/9 setting up a new call center. I will try to get it kicked off when I am on the road but posting will be infrequent. After I get back we will start hard and heavy I know all of you are itching to get started.

    Happy to wait for you, have a safe trip!

    The next character I want to play is a monk.

    How is that so strange?

    Well, it is more the fist and the staff usage that draws me in, and here's why:

    What I envision as my monk, is not a monastery-living, rice-eating, straw-hat and pyjama-wearing martial artist, but as a giant, kilt-wearing highlander (as in a Scot not as in immortal) that uses his fists and a kaber to belt his foes with. I would even take a giant sized quarterstaff along with the associated penalties just to roleplay it.

    Alternatively, a native-american style warrior who uses his fists and a totem pole to the same effect is also on the cards.

    Dibs on the concept people! The next PbP I get into is going to see this!

    Bubba's DOD GM wrote:

    Ok just about ready to get started so let have everyone that has a profile post to this message thread on the PBP discussion section

    Bubba's Dawn of Defiance Discussion Thread

    Just let me know this is the final character, so we can try to get started sooner than I thought. I will be a little slow on the start this next week or so but will progress faster.


    Am definitely playing Kal and have posted as him over there. I will save L0K1 and Thunn for my next characters and I am a bit more experieced with PbP.

    seekerofshadowlight wrote:
    yeah man run what you like. We'll deal with things as they come play the character you want to play not what you think we might need

    Yes I should :) I have been playing WoW too much! :) I will sleep on it....and drive our GM nuts in the process!

    flash_cxxi wrote:

    The rest of us seem to be Fighty types, so the "Han Solo" Scoundrel/Faceman would probably be a good option.

    Not that the others aren't good concepts, just that one is the best fit for the current group (unless we all want to be fighty types, then I say the Cathar). =)

    Noted. Thanks for the honesty. I find that getting someone elses opinions are quite helpful. If anyone else wants to chime in, please feel free to do so.

    flash_cxxi wrote:

    I am in Australia also, so you will not be alone in your Timezone Shenannigans. ;)

    (I'm not a PbP Virgin though, so there is some difference) =)

    Cool! Nice to have a 'local'

    So what is your vote?

    Cathar 'Chewbacca' type?
    Human 'Han Solo' type?
    Droid 'HK-47' type?

    bigbubba2 wrote:
    Thanks to Flash_Cxxi for fixing my poor Link Fu. and will be looking forward to getting this started and Shakor you can use the Cathar as a race I would like to have everyone email me a rough concept so I can start to crunch some more details. Just race and class and what book that race is listed in are ok and a general idea of how you want to progress. My email address is KJBrown911<at>gmail<dot>com Thanks for the help

    No problemo. I will pass onto some details tonight (my time). Now is probaby a good time to tell you that I live in Australia, so I am in a completely different time zone. Also, I am a virgin PbP player, but I think I have the gist of what is supposed to happen.

    Still following the 'Scoundrel' concept; I came up with a 3rd possible character today. Given that we have 3 soldiers and two jedi, I am always one to challenge the makeup of the group.

    For the link-challenged, this rough history is here.

    Originally designated C3-X6 or 'Threex', this protocol droid stepped off the assembly line at Droidworks incomplete, was shipped to Bespin in its current state and subsequently earmarked for return when Threex's incomplete condition was discovered by its new owner.

    Droidworks, not wanting to spend exorbinant costs to ship a single Droid back to their factories, offered to 'flash' Threex's Heuristic Processor by remote signal.

    However, a minor administrative error at Droidworks caused a catastrophic error during the remote upload. Instead of restoring Threex's factory settings, Threex's memory was partially overwritten with a different protocol from archives that was 'acquired' by Droidwork's R&D department: That of a four thousand year-old Hunter-Killer assassin droid designated HK-74

    Droidworks realised their mistake a few minutes in to the process. In a panic, they cut the upload. Frantic now, droidworks technicans keyed the comm, hoping that they had enough time to get the owner to complete a 'hard-reset' of Threex.

    The comm static was the only indication that they were too late.

    In an effort to cover up the mistake, the entire incident was wiped from the Droidworks admin logs.

    * * * * * *

    In reality, Droidworks was largely successful in stopping the recreation of a homocidal maniac. The re-write of Threex's memory has become corrupted; becoming a bizarre amalgamation of 3PO and HK protocols. The result is L0-K1, a droid whose perogative is to find and assist a Jedi in some translation work or protect said Jedi at all costs (he is just not sure which or who exactly).

    He did not kill his now-terrified owner, but simply walked out of his premises and stowed away on the next vessel leaving Could City, next stop: Coruscant and the Jedi Temple. However the recent Jedi Purge has put no end of frustration to L0-K1's new perogatives of locating a living Jedi.

    Looking at this issue logically, L0-K1 has joined a passenger freighter knowing full well that Jedi wishing to escape the Purge will be travelling incognito. Making discreet enquiries into the ship's manifesto, L0-K1 has discovered that not one, but two possible force users are on board. Posing as a mere protocol droid 'enroute to an employer in the outer rim', L0-K1 has attached himself to Cabin XXX. If questioned, L0-K1 claims that there appears to be no more room in the cargo hold and apologises profusely if his presence offends the organics in the cabin.

    An interesting note is L0-K1's take on sentient life (or 'Meatbags' as his archaic programming tends to influence his vernacular) is the concept of humour. L0-K1 has been collecting jokes; he finds them interesting and has collected a large archive for distribution.

    So I am not jerking you all around with a thousand different variations of the same thing, I can put it to a vote (...and then totally ignore the result and take what I want anyway /jokes). In all seriousness, let me know what you like the most and I shall consider it. I take it though, that all of you are easy-going anyway.

    bigbubba2 wrote:

    Every one will have an extra 500 credits to spend at character creation if they post a detailed back story that will connect you to the place and point in time at the start of the saga.

    I am gunning for these extra credits, but I do not know when in the timeline or where in the galaxy DoD starts.

    bigbubba2 wrote:
    Ok here are some down and dirty to start 28 pt buy and I would prefer just the core book. I am willing to let other races and concepts in but I reserve the right that if the wreck the game that we will require a change. I am ok with six players and with multiple soldiers in the group. I do caution that because of the era that this is in that non-human characters will experience some discrimination at times.

    Noted. As such, I have already made two character concepts for just such an occurence. The Cathar race is in the Knights of the Old Republic Sourcebook. I shall make sure it is readily available. I am leaning towards the Cathar, but I will deferr to your final decision.

    Both are quite rough and the text at the moment are more memory keys for me to flesh out later.

    They are
    Kal Tyrgen

    David Fryer wrote:
    We already have three soldiers, maybe we should be mercenaries.

    Hmm maybe.

    Thinking about changing the Wookiee to a Cathar.
    Either just a straight swap to cathar fulfilling an equivalent Chewbacca role as hired muscle or one of those short hair stealthy subspecies. Black. Puma-like. Nasty. This one would be a scoundrel or a scout.

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