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My other thread was about selling Ptolus, and World's Largest Dungeon is already under offer through a private sale, so here is the last one: Rappan Athuk Reloaded Limited Edition Boxed Set.

If you are interested, you may bid on the item here on ebay.com.au

...so I was going through some boxes and unearthed some stuff that I have (in some cases opened, but) never used. Ptolus City by the Spire is one of them, so I thought to release it back into the world.

You can view the item here.

If you have ever wanted a hardcopy, this is your chance. I have even reduced the price to account for the extra cash needed for postage, for those outside Australia. If you are an Australian: You are in for a bargain!

In closing, I also found my World's Largest Dungeon (maps still in shrinkwrap) and my opened but unused copy of Rappan Athuk Reloaded (Official Killer DM #544). I am still hemming and hawing about selling those too.

I don't own much Pathfinder stuff, other than the first AP, Rise of the Runelords. What I am trying to find out is as much about Golarien as possible, specifically to do with Cheliax and the death of the deity Aroden.


1. How did Aroden die?
2. How did the Chelaxians become aware of this?
3. How long ago did Aroden die in terms of the current campaign year.
4. Where can I find all i need to know about the Hellknights?

Before I give my credit card a coronary and buy everything PF related, can anyone steer me in the right direction as to which book(s) would assist me the most? I figure the Campaign Guide is the most pertinent, but I would rather get some advice first.

Thanks for your help everyone!

I have noticed that there are a number of threads on Feats that question if they are worth the cost of taking, etc. There are a lot of feats out there in bacwards-compatible 3.5 land; a lot more than will ever be taken by a player through the normal life-span of his/her character.

I was struck with the idea (and I am yet to put it to my DM) that perhaps a lot of these issues could be solved by 'buying' feats mid-level with XP. (Though that is not to say that this rule is a caveat to sell at a discount subpar feats, rather that there are a lot of them to take and everyone would like an opportunity to take them).

To elaborate more, to buy a feat would cost a player an amount of XP(dependant on level & progression speed, to keep the cost consistent per level) and restrict it to buying X (either fixed or dependant on level) number per level (to minimise players exploiting Challenge Rating XP rewards).

This way, players can pick up more feats that they may not have necessarily considered taking at level advancement. It makes feat trees more accesible and gives better access to Metamagic feats for spellcasters. The offset is that Players may end up with lagging levels to their peers, but such is the price for extra abilities. Yes, it does make PCs a little more powerful, and/or it may make its own game balancing issues, but I think that it may have its bonuses in terms of the 15 minute working day.

Certainly, this is a half-baked idea that has not been put into practice. Does anyone want to comment?


I am quite confused and frustrated.

I live in Australia and I am having a lot of difficulty trying to support my Local Gaming Stores.

Thing is, I cannot seem to get any Pathfinder after issue #4.

I have tried 3 local retailers and 1 mail order retailer. Up until today, I have had some fairly consistent information, but the last answer has me angry that I have missed the boat:

1. Tin Soldier/Walrus and Carpenter (25th March 2008): Has not been shipped to Australia yet. No one has it.

2. Games Paradise, Sydney (25th March 2008): I don't know where the order is; it looks like it has not been shipped from the US.

3. Napoleon's Bookstore (25th March 2008): It has not arrived from the US.

4a. Military Simulations, Damien's version (17th Jan 2008 & 29th Feb 2008): We are still waiting on the first shipment.

4b. Military Simulations, Andrew's and Peter Stone's version (25th March 2008): We sold out on the 19th Feb 2008, sorry we didn't ring you when we had it, but you should have preordered.

NOT ONE SINGLE RETAILER has been able to give me any information on:

a) If they can even get Pathfinder regularly, if at all.
b) What month they can roughly expect it.

And it seems to be too late to order from anyone now. I repeatedly ask 'Can you get it in?'

I get 'Uhh, if it comes in with the next shipment, maybe.'

'When's that?' I ask.

'Maybe next week.' Was Andrew's reply from Mil Sims.

What sort of comment is that? Would you buy from this person?
Tin Soldier, Napoleon's Bookstore and Games Paradise are similar:

'Can. You. Order. In. Pathfinder. #5. Please?'

'I can give you a call once it reaches the store.'

'That is not what I asked. Could you order it from Paizo, or do I have to buy it from Paizo myself?'

'All I can do is call you when it reaches our store.'

'So that is a....No? A Yes?'

'We are expecting it in next week'

'Uh huh. Okay thanks. I will talk to you next week.'

Am I speaking a foreign language or not asking the right way?

I have a game to run, but it has stalled completly because of this. But I suppose that is my fault because it seems I cannot just pick one off the shelf. I never had this problem with Dungeon and I fail to understand why it is different all of a sudden.

Paizo, I want to get to the bottom of this. I figure it is either the retailers cannot be bothered to make small orders (for various reasons), or PAIZO cannot guarantee a retailer if they will get the product they have asked for (on behalf of a customer).

I liked Dungeon and Dragon, and I have liked Pathfinder, but if I have to indulge in some saga-lengthed excuses from retailers and distributors about every single cotton-picking issue, I am going to lose interest very fast.

Your comments are welcome. My conclusion-jumping may be incorrect, but the bottom line is that I still only see Pathfinder #4 as the latest issue in any RPG store I have access to.