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I am going to be running a campaign with a lovecraftian feel to it. I plan to use both the horror adventures book and the occult adventure book to for the game.

What is some advice you guys have to help with this sort of campaign?

Any good books on the outer gods and great old ones out yet that I might have missed?

One of the abilities of the artifact is to drain vitality and strength (Con, Str) when it deals damage. I want the players to have to roll a Con saving through or take some ability damage. Is there anywhere where someone had laid out the different saving throw DCs based on party level and how hard you want the saving throw to be for a quike graph or something?

For example, a succubus (CR7) with 7 levels of wizard would be a CR ?

And how do you do this math to figure it out?

Asking for a player and sending him here to find it.

My brother is planning to run a campaign where we play evil characters, and I am greatly looking forward to the idea of playing a Tiefling Rogue with the Div Bloodline. I recall reading somewhere (I believe it was the blood of fiends book?) that these Tiefling don't experience emotion, so my problem with this character is, where does the drive come from? All the PCs and NPCs I've ever made were able to experience emotion on some level and therefore, coming up with drive for something was not a problem at all, but now I am going to be playing someone who CANNOT experience these things. I know he is going to be a cold hearted killer, who never looks back, never regrets, but....the drive, I can't figure that one out. Any ideas. And any interesting things I can throw into this character to make him more memorable?

In my campaign the shadowfel (shadow realm) and the mortal realm are starting to fuse together, and soon my players will be entering this realm. The mortal realm is still dominant, but the shadowfel is starting to absorb it into its realm, creating a part of the mortal world known as the shadowlands. I have some indeas What are some things i can do to push this setting, and some encounters I can use as well.

-Vampire castle coming up obviously.
-A paladin escorting a necromancer to find justice.
-Undead everywhere
-Pens filled with humans for the undead to breed and feed on.
-Maybe a shadow dragon, although I am using a black dragon tonight and don't want to use to many dragons (They are special when I DM, players know there is going to be a good fight, don't want to lose that idea)
-Demons serving Orcus (Demonlord of undeath for those who don't know)
-Enhanced necromancy spells.
-Any other ideas?

Running a Black Dragon Lair in my next session. Need some help figured out his lair.

So far i Have:
-Underwater tunnels to help him get around the lair (escape and ambush as needed)
-Kobolds that are high off the swamp gas
-Swamp gas that gets you high
-Acid geysers
-Half Dragon Crocodiles that are in the marsh guarding the entrance.

What else could I add to make it fun and memorable for my players. Not really looking for things about the dragon I guess, I got that figured out, just want to make the lair interesting also. That is where I'm looking for more ideas, but dragon tactic advice is welcome too.

As title asks.

Arcane Training: Half-elves occasionally seek tutoring to help them master the magic in their blood. Half-elves with this racial trait have only one favored class, and it must be an arcane spellcasting class. They can use spell trigger and spell completion items for their favored class as if one level higher (or as a 1st-level character if they have no levels in that class). This racial trait replaces the multitalented racial trait.

What exactly does this do? I am not sure I understand what a character with this would gain.

You stand on what seems to be the highest point of the Iron Fortress, only it is in ruin. Around you, you see armies marching South-West. Lava flows through the fort and in the surrounding landscape. The forest that once surrounded the Iron Fortress is nothing but a barren landscape.

Mikal extends an arm toward the undead army. "They march for Carmia, that nation will no longer stand against Orcus"

Something isn't right. There is something missing

Anything we can do with a spell book?

Okay guys so welcome back to the outbreak. Until we finish Jacob's campaign we will play on here so that the story of Alesia.

This thread here will be used for out of character discussion. If you have questions of comments that your character is not saying, or any other form of meta game talk, post it here unless it can be posted with an in character post in the game play thread.

Here is a recap of what has happened so far:
1)You guys met up in Col Fen, which was then destroyed by undead.
2)You assisted the people of Col Fen in trying to get to Hrothgar, but were taken by the orcs.
3)The orcs sent you to the Caverns of Time, where you each received a vision of the future.
4)You guys found out that Mikal is the key to the outbreak, and took him, the people of Col Fen, and the orcs to the Iron Fortress.
5)On the way to the Iron Fortress, You met another group of survivors led by Maria, who has been helping you on some of your missions.
6)You met the order of the Golden Sun, who are now living in the fortress
7)You were told by an angel, Iaoth, to find the Raven's Skull
8)Alex was attack, found out that someone has been visiting Mikal in his coma, and Rao made a deal with a demon for power. Also, Jay found out about a legend from the Black Swamp, about a Shardai-Kai who has been living there
9)You confronted the man visiting Mikal, and found out that he is Mikal from the future. You grabbed him before he teleported away, and are now in the future.

Visions from the Caverns of Time:
Rao: Rao’s vision was when he discovers that he and Ot are the ones who cause the outbreak to begin in the first place, and that Rao died in the process.

Ausk: Ausk had a vision of him marching on Hrothgar with an army of orcs.

Emul: Emul had a vision of him battling Ioanna over the body of a female deep in the Shadowfel

Alex: Alex had a vision of the final battle.

What you know about the Raven's Skull:
Questions for the Raven Queen: The following questions were asked to the Raven Queen by the party looking for the Raven’s Skull:

Does anyone in this fortress know where to skull is or how to locate it? Y
Is it a priest? N
Have we met them? Y
Are they human? Y
Is the skull in the hands of our enemy? Unclear
Is it connected to Mikal? Y
Is it located in Torah? Y
Is it located within 90 miles of our location? Y
Is it located within 10 miles of our location? N
Is it above ground? N

You also know that the Raven's Skull is a fail safe that the Raven Queen created in the past in case Orcus ever tried to destroy the mortal world again, which he has done in the past. It hold some of her divine spark, but you are not sure what it will do or how it will work.

Since we played last I did add some gods from the Pathfinder setting to Alesia, to fill gaps where we didn't have gods to fill certain roles.
-Cayden Cailean
-Erastil (not to be confused with Erathis, who was already part of the setting)
and -Zon-Kuthon

I also changed Kord to Gorum, a straight up war god instead of a war/storm god.

Rules for the campaign while we are using PbP:

1)Do your best to keep this thread for discussion, and the game play thread for in-game in-character talk and keeping the story going forward.

2)Try to post once a night, except for on nights we are playing Jacob's game, as I don't want to be taking the focus away from his game.

3)Create an alias for your character, and post in that so we can keep everything clean and easy. You don't need to have your stats on the alias page, just need to have an alias to post in.

4)No need to post die roles, I know you all and trust you, but you can post them if you want too. For encounters with a lots of enemies, I will not be posting the dice roles, as that is a lot of work.

5)try and learn the text formatting, which you can look at below a comment box, Bold for what your character is saying outloud, italics for your characters thoughts (which we won't meta game with, but can still be fun to use) and out of character when you do need to add out of character text to an game play post.

6)We have spoilers here, which are like the drop boxes used above, don't read them if your name isn't on them. You can use them too if you want to have a private conversation, but I do reserve the right to look at ones you post.

More rules to follow as we need them, but these are all I could think of ATM.

Are there any spells that counter the effects of being blind while casting spells?

My character as the stargazer campaign trait for iron gods. It gives me a "+2 to identify aliens, their weaknesses and abilities" my DM asked me to find out what an alien is, so I can start using this trait.

From my character's perspective, he is the party leader, however there is one character in he party who is contradicting everything he does, simply because my alignment is different from his, how should I handle this paladin, who hates my character simply because I am lawful evil?

Even when my ideas could have come from this paladin, he gets everything he can do to stop me because I am evil. We are playing iron God's, he worships serinrea.


If a target is helpless. Can multiple people all coup de grace the same target at the same time? Like if someone is sleeping. Can a group of people stealth up to them and they all coup de grace?

I'm playing Iron Gods with my group and I decided to play a Taldan impossible sorcerer who is worshipping Brigh. He came to the town (torch?) hopping to start finding evidence in nurima (?) of alien life and one day join the technic league and creating in the name of Brigh.

I'm going to get to read over the section in the adventure path that talks about the brigh religion but what kind of advice can you guys offer in playing him, both in a role-playing say (how do taldans act, what can I do to roleplay my impossible blood line, how can I mix these into my religion?) and how can. Build him. I'm going to get arcane leather training and some crafting feats, and if my DM is okay with it, the contruct feat as well, but what else can I do to be effective?


I'm posting off my phone so sorry for typoes and such. I'll post an idea of what I want him to look like with feats and such when I get to a place where I can.

Where do i find Chronicle sheets for novels and advneturepaths?

which elemental school is opposed to metal?


Without knowing anything about me and my play style (so only thinking about how this campaign goes) and without any spoilers (cause no one likes those) would I be more happy with the impossible bloodline or the stormsoul bloodline? Which one fits into the story and is mechanically better?


Everyone in this group has not played any pathfinder at all with the exception of myself and the groups sorcerer (who has played 2-3 sessions). I know that this group isn't going to be a trouble group cause they are just here to have fun (for now, hopefully they will love Pathfinder for more than just a good time with friends).

What are some pit falls with this AP that I should look for and things that I could do that helped your game?

I myself have read through the first two adventures and some of the third. I have DMed the first book and a half of the adventure path.


If you have a negative modifier to your wisdom, how do you roll play that?

If -1 int means your slow or have a hard time learning, and -1 Cha means your hard to get along with, what is - wis?


A player had to drop out of my RotW game and I am looking for a new one. That party has asked for a character with Melee/skill power.

All heroes must be good alignment (but i wont get too hung up on law vs chaos), 15 point buy and use one of the six backgrounds presented in the players guide. NO GUNS! or samurai/ninja. You can play any core race, Tiefling, or an Aasimar. Other than that just make your characters normal. Two traits, one from the campaign and no dual campaign traits in the party.

You will take the path associated with your campaign trait.

Current traits are "Child of the Crusade" "Touched by Divinity" and "Rift warden Orphan"
Current characters are :Archer Paladin, Dwarf Cleric of Torag, and Half-elf summoner

The party is level 1 but nearing level 2


Does the Touch of Lore power allow me to make knowledge checks against creatures whose knowledge skill I don't have ranks in?


I started a Wrath of the Righteous game a while back and no longer have the time to keep it going. I'm hoping to find someone who will be willing to take my place DMing so the players can keep going. They have just met up with Lann in the cave systems Here is a link to the campaign page.


two things. First, whenever my group plays a adventure path we cant make it past the second adventure in the arc. How can i keep my playes interested as a dm and fellow playes intererted as a pc. We all have busy lives of course but advice would be nice. Second, i always try to make a character that will fit into the adventure path as best as possible but my fellow players players dont worry about fitting in to the setting, they just play. That frustrats me. I know it shouldnt and i want to get over it. Say things to me to help me get over it

Do we have access the old gods yet anywhere do we have to wait till part two comes out?

If I, as a wizard, scribe a spell from a scroll into my spell book, is that spell scroll used up, or do i still have it?


Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch glances out a window as the last wisps of twilight fade over the Fenwall Mountains. Turning from the sight, she runs her hand along the rustic cabin’s wall and stands beside an occupied wooden bed before addressing you.

“This,” the venture captain says, gesturing to the man thrashing around violently, straining against the bonds that lash him securely to the bed, “is our colleague, Kalkamedes. Every night for several weeks now, he has fallen into a deep slumber and tried to sleepwalk right out of his cottage. If not restrained, he marches straight north, eventually falling off a cliff or into a bog as if trying to get himself killed in an attempt to reach an unknown goal.” As though he were expressing disagreement, the man tied to the bed suddenly begins pumping his limbs even harder, the violent spasms threatening to smash the bed into splinters.

“There are those who have recently criticized the Pathfinders for our indifference to the plight of our fellow field agents. It’s time to show that’s not true. I want you to help Kalkamedes, whether he wants it or not. Several of our best spellcasters have attempted an extensive list of magical cures, but whatever sleepwalking curse or effect he’s under tenaciously resists our efforts. All we can do is keep him safe.” Heidmarch pats him with a degree of professional affection, and Kalkamedes rewards her by trying to swat her with his head.

“Kalkamedes’s friends are at their wits’ end, so we are going to attempt the only thing that we have not tried: we’re going to let him go tonight. That’s where you come in. I want you to follow him and keep him safe and in one piece. Let him get to wherever his addled brain thinks he needs to go so badly. Maybe, just maybe, if he gets there, you can find a way to help him. Maybe you can determine who or what did this to him and find a way to undo it.” Heidmarch pulls out a serrated knife. “Now before I cut him free, does anyone have any questions or last minute preparations?”

We'l guys like i promised. What Scenario would you like to play?

when I turn in the adventures I DMed with my friends the last two weeks I cannot figure out how to set myself for slow progression. The program auto assumes that I am on standard advancement when I am on slow. How do I give myself 1 prestige point instead of two?


“One of our number has fallen.” Venture-Captain Adril Hestram lets the grave words hang in the air before continuing. It’s difficult to imagine a large man like Adril defeated, but in light of this grim news his shoulders slump; he is a man who suffered a loss. “Targos Min-Katheer, esteemed venture-captain, is dead. His last wishes are simple: he wants his mortal remains to take one last trip along the Silken Way to his home city of Katheer, there to rest with his ancestors. He was one of our finest and we aim to honor his request. It is for this reason I’ve called you all together.” Adril points one sausage-thick finger at the map on the table, tracing a line from Absalom to the mouth of the Pashman River, then snaking up the river to the oasis city of Lopul. “Here is where you can gather up his remains and join the silken caravan, one of the only caravans daring the harsh journey across the desert from Lopul to Katheer. This mission is simple, joyride really, but we insist you give it the attention it deserves. A few weeks in the sun, seeing the sights of the desert. A dream assignment.”
Adril has a way of making every assignment sound like a sweet deal, but the last few weeks traveling by boat up the Pashman River and then hiking the short distance to the oasis city have been grueling to the extreme. A poisonous river snake claimed one of your guides; you remember his last gasps well, and how his face bloated to twice its usual size within seconds of the bite.
Before you now lies Lopul, the great caravan city, erected around the crystal life-giving waters of the Pool of Sihbon, the largest oasis for over one hundred miles. Mud brick houses baking in the sun and great canvas tents crowd the central copse of palm and date trees.
Lopul is a caravan-city ruled by the Sheikh Samraf Al- Hadari, humble servant to the padishah emperor of Kelesh. The settlement’s population fluctuates wildly with the comings and goings of trade caravans, but usually has at least a thousand locals and travelers in residence at any one time. Most of the city is comprised of tents and temporary dwellings erected by merchants and caravan masters, with only about a quarter of the city’s structures being permanently built around the Pool of Sihbon itself. Among these permanent structures are a half- dozen caravanserai, the fortress of the sheikh, and twoscore domed dwellings constructed of mud brick. One such dwelling is the former residence of Targos Min-Katheer. All that remains is to collect his body and join the silken caravan.

Discussion thread is here. once all 6 have checked in I'll post gameplay thread.

I had a thread going to find a group and an adventure, I have 2-3 people so far and they decided on Murder on the Silken Caravan.

So here is the official recruitment thread looking for 3-4 more people

I'll run any level 1-5 adventure you guys want, pick it and sign up and lets go

I was having three people out today to fun our first PFS scenerio. we'd have three characters and a pre-made but now one of the real characters came out and it's too short notice to find a new players. Do I have to call it off or can I run two pre-mades?


So a game master can gain things from running an adventure? I basically got that he can treat one of his/her own characters as if they had completed the adventure he/she GMed with the exception of making a day job check. My question is if I can hold onto that tracking sheet for as long as i want or if I have to choice the character I want to give it to right away. If i can hold onto it until i decide who to give it to, where do I go to add it to my character (speaking of online here)

for example: Im going to be running a home game with 4-1 (The rise of the goblin guild) When I am done running this adventure i get my own chronicle sheet for one of my characters. Do i have to give it to my paladin (the only character i have for PFS) or can i wait until later. If i do wait until later how long can i wait, and where do i submit it to later when i decide who i want to give it to? Also, if needed could i give that chronicle sheet to a different player if they needed a level boost to play an adventure?


So a game master can gain things from running an adventure? I basically got that he can treat one of his/her own characters as if they had completed the adventure he/she GMed with the exception of making a day job check. My question is if I can hold onto that tracking sheet for as long as i want or if I have to choice the character I want to give it to right away. If i can hold onto it until i decide who to give it to, where do I go to add it to my character (speaking of online here)

for example: Im going to be running a home game with 4-1 (The rise of the goblin guild) When I am done running this adventure i get my own chronicle sheet for one of my characters. Do i have to give it to my paladin (the only character i have for PFS) or can i wait until later. If i do wait until later how long can i wait, and where do i submit it to later when i decide who i want to give it to? Also, if needed could i give that chronicle sheet to a different player if they needed a level boost to play an adventure?


Scarab Sages

With my character ready to go (on paper) I really want to get in a confirmation scenario for my paladin to play in. Anyone running/willing to run one? I'm sure you'd have no trouble finding 4-6 players!

I'm assuming that you do gain your favored class bonus in PFS but I can't find it in the guide so I wanted to make sure.


The story begins in Druman, the capitol of Kerse. You are in the manor home of Temel Passad. You a being served the finest of Chelish wine and food while you wait for your host to arrive.

You all recieved the following letter, which is what brought you here:

The letter:
Society agents recently learned of a lost, previously undocumented Sky Citadel in what was once Sarkoris, the land now consumed by the Worldwound. As we cannot push into that demon-infested wasteland ourselves, we have recruited dwarven aid in the dangerous expedition. In exchange for military assistance and historical expertise, the dwarves will have the opportunity to reclaim this lost stronghold. Two weeks ago, Highhelm sent an entourage of diplomats and tacticians north toward Mendev to meet with Venture-Captain Jorsal of Lauterbury to discuss terms and develop a plan of attack. When they failed to arrive in a timely fashion, Jorsal commissioned sending magic to contact Rakuska Ingardam, the mission’s leader. Rakuska’s return message—cut off due to the magic’s limit—was as follows:
“Passed Xer, paid our way, but attacked and overcome. Razmiri priests hold us for unknown
purpose. We are held somewhere near the Glass River at…”
One of several possible places they are held is the Gray Revelation Inn, about thirty miles east of Xer—we suspect the Razmiri priesthood uses the site to interrogate prisoners. You must investigate and liberate the three dwarven envoys—if indeed that is where they are imprisoned—and then escort them to Mendev. Accompanying you are two other dwarves who will take the captured envoys’ places if you aren’t successful: merchant Metella Raugar and respected Pahmet mystic Amauhak. The Kalistocrat Temel Passad, a Druman with whom we have dealt in the past, has volunteered a boat to transport you north, and I see little reason why we should not take him up on this offer. Building a good working relationship with one or more influential merchants would be to everyone’s benefit. Good luck!
-Ambrus Valsin

Okay so here is how combat will work: first of all This link here should take you to a google doc were the battle map is on. The first page is where you can put in your stats (and ill put in the enemy stats) this way we can have everyone in the combat stats on the same page for easy reference.

Second, is initiative. Before combat begins i will let you know what the average initiative is for the enemy. When you roll your Init check if you beat out the average, you can act right a way. if you dont beat it wait till after the monsters go. After the monsters go then the players can go again and back to monsters and blah blah blah. ill give you a start zone somewhere on the map represented by purple borders. go ahead and place a token for yourself within the purple when ever you would like.

lastly if you would please roll your dice on here that would be great. to keep myself from having to roll all the enemy's dice on here i will be rolling with real dice and posting the results here for you too see. if you have an online dice roller that you like to use post a link to the dice results. w/e works better for you

any questions just ask

Take this time before your host arrives to introduce yourselves to eachother, even if it is just a discription of yourself. Also, it'll get you suscribed to the thread

Sign on here please. Again I will be posting the gameplay and getting this going on Monday (two days)

A Pathfinder leading a diplomatic envoy from the dwarven holds of the Five Kings Mountains has gone missing, and the balance of power in a time of war hangs on her rescue. The Pathfinder Society's divinations indicate the agent was waylaid in the theocratic nation of Razmiran, when one of her escorted diplomats failed to pay a requested tithe. Now it falls to the party to enter Razmiran, locate the missing Pathfinder and the dwarven diplomats, and escape with their lives.

If you are Interested please provided:
Character name

My only concern about myself being able to run it is: I don't know how to submit the information when we are done properly (never did PFS before). Is it pretty straight forward when I go to the link in the guide?

Being only one of them will count, should I take the time to run the other two, or should i just skip the last two?

If i skip the last two, is it worth running the first of them?

Just made my first PFS character and I'm wondering if anyone can take a look at him and see if I did everything right?



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