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Titinamblule, you have to do it by hand on your characters profile page as far as I know. You can steal the format of off someone else's page if you'd like

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skimmed over the PDF. looks great!

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Axial wrote:

Wait, Mythic characters become "Immortal" at Tier 9. But there are certain methods of killing them that do work.

Is it possible that Deskari might have to kill the PCs more then once? Because it might lead to the party having to keep "re-spawning" and coming back, which has the potential to be either hilarious or annoying.

good point. Remember also that demon lords respawn as well. so as long as Deskari can survive a year after the PCs kill him the first time it could become an eternal battle of some sort

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chopswil wrote:
FAXON p. 37 has no class level for his witch class

if you look at his stat block, next to HP it says he has 5d6 hit die, so he is level 5