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I am going to be running a campaign with a lovecraftian feel to it. I plan to use both the horror adventures book and the occult adventure book to for the game.

What is some advice you guys have to help with this sort of campaign?

Any good books on the outer gods and great old ones out yet that I might have missed?


One of the abilities of the artifact is to drain vitality and strength (Con, Str) when it deals damage. I want the players to have to roll a Con saving through or take some ability damage. Is there anywhere where someone had laid out the different saving throw DCs based on party level and how hard you want the saving throw to be for a quike graph or something?

For example, a succubus (CR7) with 7 levels of wizard would be a CR ?

And how do you do this math to figure it out?

Asking for a player and sending him here to find it.

"no, drives and ambitions aren't necessarily the same as emotions."

I agree, what I am looking for is the source of the drives, with out emotion.

"From the description in hero labs they have an innate sense of jealousy and malice, but do not feel pleasure or happiness. It also says they hide the hatefulness that lurks at their core. From the sound of it they do feel emotions just the negative ones.

Their Epithet is Spitespawn. You motivation is to prevent other from experiencing what you cannot."

Awesome! Thanks for pointing that out that adds a lot!

Dastis, thank you for that list, I'll be mulling it over!

My brother is planning to run a campaign where we play evil characters, and I am greatly looking forward to the idea of playing a Tiefling Rogue with the Div Bloodline. I recall reading somewhere (I believe it was the blood of fiends book?) that these Tiefling don't experience emotion, so my problem with this character is, where does the drive come from? All the PCs and NPCs I've ever made were able to experience emotion on some level and therefore, coming up with drive for something was not a problem at all, but now I am going to be playing someone who CANNOT experience these things. I know he is going to be a cold hearted killer, who never looks back, never regrets, but....the drive, I can't figure that one out. Any ideas. And any interesting things I can throw into this character to make him more memorable?

In my campaign the shadowfel (shadow realm) and the mortal realm are starting to fuse together, and soon my players will be entering this realm. The mortal realm is still dominant, but the shadowfel is starting to absorb it into its realm, creating a part of the mortal world known as the shadowlands. I have some indeas What are some things i can do to push this setting, and some encounters I can use as well.

-Vampire castle coming up obviously.
-A paladin escorting a necromancer to find justice.
-Undead everywhere
-Pens filled with humans for the undead to breed and feed on.
-Maybe a shadow dragon, although I am using a black dragon tonight and don't want to use to many dragons (They are special when I DM, players know there is going to be a good fight, don't want to lose that idea)
-Demons serving Orcus (Demonlord of undeath for those who don't know)
-Enhanced necromancy spells.
-Any other ideas?

Awesome advice guys, ty

Running a Black Dragon Lair in my next session. Need some help figured out his lair.

So far i Have:
-Underwater tunnels to help him get around the lair (escape and ambush as needed)
-Kobolds that are high off the swamp gas
-Swamp gas that gets you high
-Acid geysers
-Half Dragon Crocodiles that are in the marsh guarding the entrance.

What else could I add to make it fun and memorable for my players. Not really looking for things about the dragon I guess, I got that figured out, just want to make the lair interesting also. That is where I'm looking for more ideas, but dragon tactic advice is welcome too.

As title asks.

awesome! makes sense thank you!

Arcane Training: Half-elves occasionally seek tutoring to help them master the magic in their blood. Half-elves with this racial trait have only one favored class, and it must be an arcane spellcasting class. They can use spell trigger and spell completion items for their favored class as if one level higher (or as a 1st-level character if they have no levels in that class). This racial trait replaces the multitalented racial trait.

What exactly does this do? I am not sure I understand what a character with this would gain.

what are you planning jacob?

Maybe luck could use luck as a source of re rolling?

Anything we can do with a spell book?

I recently got a "mask of 1000 tombs" which gives me a +10 on all knowledge checks, but has no eye sockets, so I need a way to see.

Yes, I can always take off the mask in combat, but it would be way cooler if I kept the mask on imo

Are there any spells that counter the effects of being blind while casting spells?

Hazrond wrote:
Heretek wrote:
Atarlost wrote:
They had to kick you out to prevent you from sabotaging their plans. You are the unruly party member. You're also plainly not the party leader because they aren't following you.
Seconding this also. The party should just abandon you at this point.
I disagree, at least how i read things the party was NOT all on the paladin's side, but split between the two camps, which would mean there is no party leader, and does not necessarily mean the OP was in the wrong (disregarding the fact that popular opinion doesn't decide these things in the first place)

Sorry for late response to all of this but yes, The paladin and an NPC asked for this, My character agreed to it before we could get input from the other characters.

We Have a fighter in the group who is indifferent and a Monk who has sided with me in the past.

An evil god*

There is a villain we are looking for who plans to release a god into the world. Working on stopping that. And my character use to be neutral, the paladin was around at that point.

Sorcerer, +12 diplomacy, level 6, destined and impossible bloodline don't have level three spells because of my archtype. Buffing and combat magic.

However, we tend to not use diplomacy one eachother, we find it more interesting to have to actually convince our characters vs making them agree cause I can roll high

Okay let me clear two things up that you guys keep mentioning. Evil character's are allowed, as long as they do not act as a wrench in the parties cogs (which my character as yet to do).

Also I double checked with everyone after the session last week to make sure I wasn't disrupting their fun by "battling" with the paladin and they all enjoyed it and have joined in in most of the conflicts between our character's.

My character wants to work with the party, the problem is that the Saladin doesn't want to work with my character. No one has a problem with this, it isn't hurting the game so no need to worry about that. What I am looking for is a way to manipulate a paladin to my advantage

I've already been manipulating people he is trying to get information from to not trust him. We are currently in a city dedicated to Erastil and they kicked my out of the party for one week to do things there way, with help from the village elder, I guess what I'm looking for is a way to kick his ass in an rp sort of way so he will almost be trapped working for me

I even have his character the speech about sarenrae teaming up with asmodaus to stop rovagug, he had me thrown in is fun and I am enjoying the conflict cause I have never played an evil character, but I need to come to the table preped tonight

He detected evil at some point and found out, so he does in character know that I am evil. And yeah that is the correct God, never been able to spell her name right.

Thank you for the advice, I'm looking forward to using it tonight

My character as the stargazer campaign trait for iron gods. It gives me a "+2 to identify aliens, their weaknesses and abilities" my DM asked me to find out what an alien is, so I can start using this trait.

From my character's perspective, he is the party leader, however there is one character in he party who is contradicting everything he does, simply because my alignment is different from his, how should I handle this paladin, who hates my character simply because I am lawful evil?

Even when my ideas could have come from this paladin, he gets everything he can do to stop me because I am evil. We are playing iron God's, he worships serinrea.


ok. Thanks everyone for your advice! Helped a lot. :)

If a target is helpless. Can multiple people all coup de grace the same target at the same time? Like if someone is sleeping. Can a group of people stealth up to them and they all coup de grace?

That Wizard's Mail is nice, i might have to pick that up!

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
You shouldn't bother spending feats on light armor proficiency or arcane armor training.
I disagree with this. If you want to pursue light armor this way, doing so is a wholly valid option - that way you can enjoy the benefits of whatever magical light armor you find, among other things! My only reservation is that utilizing Arcane Armor Training costs you your swift action every round you use it, so at least avoid relying on any other "swift action" tricks.

The reason I want to be a leather wearing is because every time we have an arcane caster in our party it is cloth and mage armor, which is a logical thing to do, but I am getting tired of that feel so I decided to make my character different from that, even though it might not be the strongest build in the world, it is how i see my character.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

A suggestion or two on roleplaying your Bloodline and religion:

- be asexual (perhaps even repulsed by sexuality and flesh in general)

- personally identify more with objects than animal beings (maybe you have a habit of talking to inanimate objects)

- Ethnic Taldans have a reputation for arrogance and bigotry. Maybe you're a departure from that, especially since you might have been on the receiving end of some of it.

- OOC, look into the Art-Deco "machine aesthetic," and try applying that to your character somehow

Thank you for this. Some of it I already had but the ones I left in the quote will help me out a lot making my character stand out!

James Gitsham wrote:
Secondly as a worshiper of Brigh you will be at odds with the Technic League as Brigh is about spreading knowledge with others whereas the Technic League are very secretive and hoard their knowledge, to the point where they hunt down others who have acquired "their" knowledge (see the plot points of a couple of the early Season 6 PFS scenarios).

Hm, then maybe I want to influltrate the technic league and steal some of their information and secrets. I could even be involved with the pathfinders, hopping to get the information to them. That could be fun

So I didn't want to double post but I'm past my edit time : /

Anyway, I don't wanna plan my character TOO far in advance because my DM is known in our group for characters dying often, (in the caves two of us almost died in one round), but I still wanna have an idea of where I'm going with him so here is what I have so far with feat selection:

Keep in mind my character is still level 1

Bonus human: Toughness
Level 1:Light armor proficiency
Level 3:Light arcane armor training (or w/e it is called)
Level 3 from class: Craft wondrous item
level 5: magic specialization enchantment (+1 to my enchantments)
level 7 from sorcerer bonus: Craft construct
Level 7: Craft magic arms and armor

Being there are 5 players and we are receiving gold for four of us i decided to take a lot of crafting feats to help the team out with magic items, so it would be until level 9 that i start getting some stronger feats with meta magic and stuff.

Ideas of what i could do mechanically or Roleplaying to make this interesting?

What kind of contruct should i construct

I'm playing Iron Gods with my group and I decided to play a Taldan impossible sorcerer who is worshipping Brigh. He came to the town (torch?) hopping to start finding evidence in nurima (?) of alien life and one day join the technic league and creating in the name of Brigh.

I'm going to get to read over the section in the adventure path that talks about the brigh religion but what kind of advice can you guys offer in playing him, both in a role-playing say (how do taldans act, what can I do to roleplay my impossible blood line, how can I mix these into my religion?) and how can. Build him. I'm going to get arcane leather training and some crafting feats, and if my DM is okay with it, the contruct feat as well, but what else can I do to be effective?


I'm posting off my phone so sorry for typoes and such. I'll post an idea of what I want him to look like with feats and such when I get to a place where I can.

awesome! thnak you all very much

Where do i find Chronicle sheets for novels and advneturepaths?

Goddity wrote:
Fire. It's in the sidebar.

Missed it


which elemental school is opposed to metal?


Without knowing anything about me and my play style (so only thinking about how this campaign goes) and without any spoilers (cause no one likes those) would I be more happy with the impossible bloodline or the stormsoul bloodline? Which one fits into the story and is mechanically better?


I'm not to worried about them forgetting to use abilities. I did a lot of highlighting on their character sheets so that they remember to use stuff and how it works.

I am mainly concerned about holes in the Adventure path.

your comment confuses me, what sort of issues are we talking about?

Everyone in this group has not played any pathfinder at all with the exception of myself and the groups sorcerer (who has played 2-3 sessions). I know that this group isn't going to be a trouble group cause they are just here to have fun (for now, hopefully they will love Pathfinder for more than just a good time with friends).

What are some pit falls with this AP that I should look for and things that I could do that helped your game?

I myself have read through the first two adventures and some of the third. I have DMed the first book and a half of the adventure path.


If you have a negative modifier to your wisdom, how do you roll play that?

If -1 int means your slow or have a hard time learning, and -1 Cha means your hard to get along with, what is - wis?


So, for everyone reading this in the future:Roxas is 17 and somewhat rash (Wisdom is 8) but I plan to play him as someone who can keep his cool. The rashness will come up when he gets angry and similar emotions, then he will become rash.

Roxas is being played by James :)

as we are all form different nations, should we post our actions and dialog in spoilers?

oh yeah, 'Lore Keeper'. My bad and thank you

Does the Touch of Lore power allow me to make knowledge checks against creatures whose knowledge skill I don't have ranks in?


indiana joans for the tomb raiding

I'm getting to be a PC in this one. I settled on a character with the Blood of the Pharaohs traits. Garundi Paladin or Horus :)

My girlfriend grabbed the old god trait and his playing a cleric of Horus too, so we'll see where that duo goes. Most likely will play siblings.

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