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Sebastian does it with donkeys.

Set wrote:

This thread is udderly ridiculous.


Zuxius wrote:
Wow, this thread has been a lot of bull lately.

You are including bullfrogs?

Heathansson wrote:

Dude. Buckets aren't in the SRD.

Everybody in Golarion uses skins made from cattle stomachs.


Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Tarren Dei wrote:
Isn't this thread about to turn into a free-form roleplaying thread? I keep checking in to see if it has happened yet ...

Kobold Cleaver scratches his bony head and stares at the cow.

"This is a new development. I shall report to my masters."
He vanishes.

The cow smiles to himself as he chews his cud. "Hah! Soon even dragons will know of the sacred cow. There will be a great slaughter marking the ascendance of the 5th edition."

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
No thanks...you look like the cow that the Fourth rejected, that the grill spewed back upon the patio.


I'm feeling unloved.

Chris Mortika wrote:
Throw out rolling up a character, and "buy" his attributes with "points".


Celestial Healer wrote:
Throw out character classes. Every character has a set number of "power points" that can be used to "buy" any character abilities of any type during character creation.


taig wrote:
Levels should be scrapped and replaced with achievements. After you unlock enough achievements you gain a new class feature.


Ggr-rog-nard wrote:
Dragonborn3 wrote:
You may also be a paizo nerd if you have aliases that you are not using in pbps but are still active.



Kobold Cleaver wrote:
vagrant-poet wrote:
Kruelaid wrote:

Wow, I wonder if I have swine flu.

A nasty fever came on fast.

Sound the ridiculous media overplay! Chickens, tick. Pigs, tick. Wait... Oh god, don't flu the beef, I need it for eating delicious burgers and cow pieces.
Don't forget Mad Cow Disease.

Yes. All cows are mad. Don't eat them.


Joshua J. Frost wrote:


Moff Rimmer wrote:
Cuchulainn wrote:
"It's a MUTE point."
It's not a MUTE point, it's a MOO point -- you know -- a cow's opinion.


Michael Suzio wrote:
I'm not sure about this. I don't consider it a complete sacred cow, having played through plenty of 1e/2e games where this was the norm.


vivsavage wrote:

Sorry if this has been addressed a million times before...


the thing in the bed wrote:



seekerofshadowlight wrote:
eh .....well ......umm.......gods. I was gonna make a snide comment here mostly involving 4e, undead abominations and cows, but ya know what I'm good.


Sueki Suezo wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:

I also want to agree. Pushing steriotypes too hard makes for less interresting characters/backgrounds.

(Yes, this is kind of a Scared Cow. But then I would ask . . . "How do you like your steak?")

It's time for us to call Dennis Leary on this one. :)


CourtFool wrote:
Sacred cows!

Moooooo Moooooo Moooooo

Moooooo Moooooo Moooooo
Moooooo Moooooo Moooooo
Moooooo Moooooo Moooooo

CourtFool wrote:
veector wrote:
For example, I was teaching my brother-in-law the basics of D&D the other day and one thing I found myself stumbling over was "why do ability scores range between the numbers 3 and 18".
A sacred cow perhaps?


Sorry ... bit slow on that one. Thanks for the call, CourtFool, me sacred poodle buddy. Been busy looking for threads bashing vancian magic and arguments about gnomes as a playable race.

Jal Dorak wrote:
Does giving sacred cows hot steaming injections of Bovine Growth Hormone count too?

"mooooooOOooooOOooo" :-)


Dead Horse wrote:
Make them stop!

What we're doing the dead horse / sacred cow thing now?

I wasn't ready.

Dread wrote:
... Many 'sacred cows' were violated in the creation of 4e. Those Sacred Cows scream for revenge ;) ...


"Nothing to see here ... move along."

Taliesin Hoyle wrote:

About sacred cows. Do you have any idea how hard it was to get anywhere in Varanasi or Calcutta before the law made moving the sacred cows legal?


mwbeeler wrote:
Dead Horse wrote:
Is it over?
Shhh, just lie still.

There's no place for me here. I feel unloved. ... I mean 'Moooo'.

EileenProphetofIstus wrote:
Tarren Dei wrote:
On page 2 ... with the cows ... aren't they both cows? I mean, not bulls?
It apppears that they are steers, which are bulls which have been "modified". And yes, farm animals of the same gender to this sort of thing all the time.


Moooooooooooooooo. ;-)


KaeYoss wrote:
Mokuren wrote:
KaeYoss wrote:
Asgetrion wrote:

If Jason replaces the current magic system with Spell Points for all the spellcasting classes
He'll be burned at the stick for the needless slaughter of a Sacred Cow. Vancian magic is one of the things D&D should never lose. It's one of the things that makes D&D unique.
And it's being thrown away with 4e.

D&D is being thrown away with 4e. And a lot of people won't play 4e because of that.

If they turned Pathfinder into another 4e and fire the old fans, too, they'd go belly up.


Corian of Lurkshire wrote:
Sacred cows and dead horses. Why am I not surprised?

Dead horse has been here?

JLH3 wrote:
A couple of stat suggestions based on real life averages, while I'm barbequing sacred cows


cr0m wrote:
I like giving dwarves hammers and picks, but dropping axes is crazy talk. :)







Moooo mooooooooooo!