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Full Name

Trevor Gulliver




Father 2 / Professor 10


Gender is an imagined binary imposed on a diverse set of characteristics.


That's kind of personal.


Changes every year.

Special Abilities

Question evasion; telling my wife what she wants to hear ...


Chaotic good.


Dieting? Not really, but I should.


Ottawa, ON


Korean, English, some French.



Homepage URL (captaincanuck)

Strength 13
Dexterity 12
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 11
Charisma 11

About Tarren Dei

I have worked as a desktop publisher, poster designer, layout artist, construction worker, newspaper delivery boy, gardener, dog walker, hairdresser's assistant, pig sitter*, doorman, pacifist bouncer, actor, movie extra, artist's model, assistant publicity director, journalist, language teacher, teacher educator, language teacher educator, textbook writer, administrator, proofreader, editor, speech competition judge, short order cook, advertising salesperson, research assistant, teaching assistant, grant application writer, conference organizer, door-to-door salesman, lighting technician for theatre, set designer, stagehand, photographer, waiter, warehouse manager, and educational television program host. I have never been an executive in the oil industry, but I played one on TV. I now teach in a university.

* The pig was eaten by wolves. To date, it is the only job I feel I didn't have at least some success at.

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1984 (I think) with the red box basic set. I played regularly until 2nd edition and then abandoned RPGs until returning from eight years overseas and discovering 3.5.

I hope to someday use my doctorate in education to advocate for the educational potential of many types of games, including fantasy role-playing games.

As a father, I have been able to involve my 8-year-old son in some amazing adventures that got him reading, writing, speaking, listening, mapping, drawing, researching, planning, strategizing, calculating, advocating, persuading, questioning, remembering, and moralizing. I recently entered the RPG Superstar competition with him.