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Liliyashanina wrote:
Rokku wrote:
This sounds like a lot of fun. Are you familiar enough with Spheres for me to make use of it?
Sadly, not really.

Alrighty, fair enough. Then I would like to request the Legendary Monk with pretty solid odds that I take the Champion of the People archetype.

This sounds like a lot of fun. Are you familiar enough with Spheres for me to make use of it?

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Why is this a Rogue class feature instead of just how Finesse weapons work? D&D 5e figured this out like 5 years ago, guys.

Posting this here mostly 'cause I figure the rules team is most likely to notice it: The Ectoplasmatist archetype for the Spiritualist does not replace the Bond Senses class feature. Is it meant to, or is there some other ability that was meant to go there?

Drejk wrote:
The burn as is seems to me to suffers from a greater problem... Because each point of burn inflicts one point nonlethal damage per level that cannot be healed until the next day, it means that average kineticist cannot use more burn per day than 4.5+Con modifier. Which at higher levels is about two wild talents/metakinesis use, three or four with Constitution increasing effects. 20th level character focused on Constitution can reasonably have ability score of 36, which gives +13 modifier - about 17-18 burn points per day. Seems ok, allowing to use the max boosted powers three times per day. Assuming you don't do anything else... And you don't mind fainting ever other round when an opponent stabs you for 1d6 damage dropping you current hit points below nonlethal damage already suffered...

I 100% agree with this. Burn needs to be overhauled, probably with set damage values.

Does counting as a monk allow a Brawler to ignore Stunning Fist's +8 BAB requirement? Because as far as I can tell it does not. Which means no Dragon Style until 9.

Yay dark sun! I'm thinking Inquisitor, because 1) I've never done it before and 2) it'd be good for a pissed off ex-templar who was screwed over by a colleague.

4d4 + 4 ⇒ (2, 3, 4, 1) + 4 = 14
4d4 + 4 ⇒ (4, 1, 1, 3) + 4 = 13
4d4 + 4 ⇒ (3, 4, 1, 4) + 4 = 16
4d4 + 4 ⇒ (3, 4, 4, 3) + 4 = 18
4d4 + 4 ⇒ (2, 1, 4, 4) + 4 = 15
4d4 + 4 ⇒ (3, 4, 3, 2) + 4 = 16

Wild Talents: 1d100 ⇒ 551d100 ⇒ 32 Ectoplasmic Trinket
1d100 ⇒ 71d100 ⇒ 47 Psionics Resistant

Sounds neat.

I will be happy to make our big dumb guy!

I would play me some Scion.

I do love me some taclord. I could always hybrid, except ugh no, hybrids.

I will happily provide a leader. Artificer seems like it'd be a good fit, though everyone has a decent basic attack so a Warlord could work too. Anyone have a preference?

Also Sencho, taking a quick look at your sheet, my only real recommendation would be to make sure either your strength or dexterity, whichever you plan to use as your primary attack stat, is at 18 or higher.

I'm down! I just reacquired a fully functional character builder. Throw up some deets son!

Just checking while I consider what trait I want, though starting with a 22 Int seems pretty good. A Cryptic can never have enough skill points.

Is robotic augmentation straight -1 to stat +2 to other stat?

Just a personal analysis, I kinda feel like starting PBP games by telling the players "talk among yourselves" is always a mistake. If they signed up the players did so because they're interested in the story idea you have, so delaying that is bad.

I have seen a LOT of PBPs die off very early because they just didn't get going. Probably the most important thing in PBP is starting fast and maintaining that momentum.

Sounds good to me, boss.

Right off the bat I think I'd like to play an Android Cryptic, a walking lifeform database with advanced pattern analysis software.

I know I kinda petered out over in the NeoExodus thread (mainly because there's been so little NeoExodus material converted to pathfinder, which frustrated me) but... I have wanted to do something in Numeria for a good while now.

Awesome, might be a good time to step in and prevent a barfight.

Or encourage it.

If Ezreal called Vi "mittens" he's probably getting his face punched off.

I have no opinion on where we start, I just wanna start already ^_^

derp derp

I thought the captain's most important function was having sex with green women.

It was a terrible idea to send Vi on this mission.

That will be made abundantly clear to Caitlyn when she gets home. ^_^

Still here.

Honestly, if you want to have damage heal at a vaguely reasonable rate, maybe just make everything nonlethal. It's not like anyone in He-man ever got hurt for real.

Stripping magical healing is a thing I see done fairly often and it rarely works out well, much like when people want to remove magic items or some other random part of the system. The game's designed assuming all those things are available. With no magical healing it's *really* easy to grind a party down very quickly.

Also, how does this affect items with healing spells in them? A wand has a third of the charges?

IMO the best thing to do would be to just leave healing as is and handwave it. Sure, there wasn't a "Heal-Arr" or whatever in He-Man but again, nobody ever really got hurt unless the plot demanded it.

Are there two different LoL Shattered Star Campaigns going? Did I just post in the wrong thread a minute ago? I think I did!


U want sheet? I has sheet!

Viscount K wrote:
Hm. Here's a twist - I think neither. For this game, I would allow you to switch your monk unarmed damage and brass knuckle damage. As in, your training is going into fighting with the weapon, instead of your fists. If ever deprived of your brass knuckles (or cyber-gauntlets, or whatever you reflavor them to be), you would still have Improved Unarmed Strike, but you would do damage as if you weren't a monk. How's that work for you? Oh, and you could still use up just your weapon slot (magic item wise) and be allowed to kick, provided the weapon you make up makes sense for that. As with all rules bending I'll be doing, if you like all that, justify it in your backstory and it's yours.

That sounds cool to me, and speaking of backstory, I just had some ideas while I was in the shower:

During the Last Great War, the Dark Lord Skeletor unleashed a horror on Eternia like none other before it: the De-Men! Savage, brutal beasts with ferocious might, the De-Men were an ancient Horde experiment that had been deemed a failure. Because while they were truly monstrous warriors, their ferocity was too great to be controlled. And so they were sealed away in underground vaults for thousands of years, waiting for someone cunning or foolish enough to loose them on the world.

Skeletor was that person. Twisting secrets of Eternian science and sorcery he and his followers gleaned from the very spells and devices used to imprison Skeletor himself to dark purpose, the Dark Lord created thouands of sets of manacles and leg irons that when clapped onto the De-Men, bound them and bent their fury to his will. With this horrible new army at his command, Skeletor began his final campaign, the one which nearly brought Eternia to his knees.

In the final battle with Skeletor, the tide turned when the Sorceress -- channelling all the power of Greyskull through the Swords of Power and Wisdom both -- broke Skeletor's great work. When his control over the De-Men vanished, his army fell into chaos. Many of the De-Men lashed out randomly against any they could see and fell on the battlefield that day. Some were cunning enough to flee back to the Dark Side, and haunt that shadowy realm still.

One changed.

Perhaps he had always been different, or perhaps the light of the Sorceress' magic struck him more deeply than the others. Even now he cannot say, and to him, the reason is immaterial. He simply knew in his heart that the freedom he had now was a great gift, and he would repay it by turning his strength against those who had made him a slave and a murderer. Immediately he turned on his commander -- the martial artist mutant Karatti. Caught completely by surprise, Karatti was severely wounded by the very skills he had taught the enslaved De-Man and fled the battlefield. He holds a grudge to this very day.

When the battle was over, with both He-Man and Skeletor vanished, the De-Man surrendered to the Eternian forces. Many clamored for his execution -- De-Men were nothing but thoughtless monsters, after all. But the Sorceress, even as she grieved for her missing husband, came and spoke with him. As they talked, he didn't ask for mercy, or demand release. He simply thanked her for freeing him from Skeletor's power. So moved that she stepped forward and placed her hand over his heart and, feeling the good radiating from it, she set him free once more.

"I feel something noble within you, De-Man," she said, "from today forward let justice and righteousness be the only things you are chained to."

With that she let the Power of the Universe flow into him. It radiated out from his heart to the symbols of his slavery -- Skeletor's shackles and leg irons -- and changed them. Symbols etched into the steel changed from glowing a baleful red to a bright, shimmering white.

"Rise, Noble De-Man," said the Sorceress, "I free you a second time, because Eternia needs hearts like yours more than ever, today."

And so he rose as Noble, taking what the Sorceress had called him as his name, and he has served as the Sorceress' guardian and champion ever since.

So I'm thinking sort of a "noble monster" type here. A brutish creature with a heart of gold (Oni-Spawn Tiefling Monk) from the Dark Side of Eternia who turned against his wicked masters and put his fearsome might to work fighting for justice!

I want to know your take on the whole monks and brass knuckles issue though, as I go to spend my cash. Some people think Monks get to use their unarmed damage with them, some don't. I fall on the side of "do" (mainly because Monks need all the help they can get) but its your opinion that matters here, Viscount K!

I think he means the Tattooed Sorcerer archetype.

I am interested as well, but dithering over ideas.

This sounds amaaaaaazeballs.

Cool. What's your greatwork of choice?

Well, I'll definitely start with a plasma pistol. Gotta have my phaser!

Spaaaaaace! Planet Hoppers thread is here!

I'm here and ready with Galen Tark, Aegis in Spaaaaaaace!

Earthdawn is something I'm only vaguely familiar with but always wanted to try.

Also for people still milling about this is a free NeoExodus player's guide type document.

To expand on this, I realize the *only* way to have firearms is to be from the Arman Protectorate, I'm just curious if they use the standard "Emerging Guns" rules or one of the ones where they're more common. Though considering Machinesmith has to take a trick for firearms proficiency I have probably answered my own question. Back to the crossbow then!

Can I get a feat/trick/prototype/something so I can eventually use the Focused Shot feat on full attacks?

Actually never mind, back to machinesmith. I AM INDECISIVE. But nobody else has even put forth a character idea yet so I've got plenty of time to BE indecisive.

I am curious about firearms rarity rules still though. I kinda want to use guns or a repeating crossbow for style purposes, but the lack of an ability modifier to damage + ridiculous reload times hurts a lot.

Actually reading machinesmith is hurting my brain. Maybe gunslinger from the Arman Protectorate? Do they get an alteration to the cost and availablility of Firearms at all? (Basically I'm hoping to get the "Guns Everywhere" level where Gun Training comes in at level 1, because waiting for level 5 suuuuuuuuucks.)

So I'm definitely making a Machinesmith from the Arman Protectorate. Taking the Mechanus pet as my greatwork and... probably shooting people with guns as a backup? Human or maybe Dhampir for style points.

So excite to make punch!

Is anyone else here down for the planet-hopping game? I've been PMing back and forth with Prince and am hoping I will not be on my lonesome.

Have there been any updates to the NeoExodus races? The only ones I've found are 3.5. Oh and one that LPJ used the Advanced Race Builder to make on his own blog.

Anthony Krast is correct, I took the Dual Talent alternate racial trait.

Sticking my head in to say I'm still interested and will probably make a Machinesmith, but I'm out of town until Monday and all my NeoExodus materials are back at home, so I can't make a character until I get back.

I definitely like the idea of the World-Hopping game, and I'm glad you're open to 3rd party! I have a bunch of SGG stuff I'd like to get some use out of.

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