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and a heads up from me, I'm moving from Seattle to Atlanta in...*checks watch* 16 hours. Sooooo... I'm going to be pretty much incommunicado for at least a week and a half. I ain't dead though!

well that was odd. I couldnt see the two posts before mine when I was posting. Oh well.

YEEEES. Good googly moogly I hope there is still a spot open. Kobolds is best! Let me read up on dungeon world classes, I'll have someone ready in a bit.

Jade Inheritance sounds amazing.

Honestly, I'd be down with any of these, and would love to play, but for Jade Regent I have an idea that would be fun to go with, of a disgraced former spymaster, who is called back into service by old ties.

I'd be happy playing the heir if no one else wanted to, but I'd need to bone up on that part of Golarion (I've got the PDFs, but have yet to skim them).

I really don't feel like wading through the last few pages of posts...

Note: If you're going strength, consider picking up medium heavy armor prof, or taking a one level dip into something that gives it. Investigator magic is not hampered by heavy armor.

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Personally, I'm running an investigator as a bit of a melee glass cannon. I picked up Mutagen ASAP, and use a 2-handed weapon. You've got a lot of options that make melee more viable, so get Power Attack and then Extra Inspiration so you can blow Inspiration points right and left and you can't go far wrong.

As an alternate build, go Empiricist Investigator, Pick up Unarmed Combat, and Snake Style. With the right talents, you can get your Sense Motive to truly hilarious levels, and then use that for your AC. Investigators get a lot of shapeshifting magic that could mesh well with this, but talk to your GM first.

Also, sometimes I forgo the Bark Skin, and get my Bull's Strength from the Cleric. That way I can have spider climb and invisibility instead.

I also have many, many points in Intimidate. Because a ten foot tall invisible orc skittering across the ceiling towards you SHOULD.

For the record, in our mummy's mask game, I'm playing a half-orc with 16 str and 18 int. For combat buffs, I'm usually rolling with Mutagen, False Life, and Bark Skin. Pepper with Enlarge Person, Alter Self, Shield, and Bull's Strength for tough fights. I use a +1 Greataxe.

We're currently at lvl 6.

With all buffs running, I have 16 str, +4 for mutagen, +4 for bull's strength, +2 for Alter Self, +2 for Enlarge Person = 28 Str. When combat starts, I use Quick study to get studied combat up ASAP. In this admittedly optimal situation, I have +16 to hit, and deal 5d6+17 on a non-crit. This does admittedly burn through inspiration (because you have to spend it each time you use studied strike to reapply studied combat. This is why I spend every feat on Extra Inspiration.) but not as much as you'd think. Not a lot survives multiple attacks like this at lvl 6.

We also have an alchemist in the group. Neither of us have felt useless.

Then allow me to elaborate!

No, I'm not implying that it's "the" way you will have to target players. That's silly, why would we do that? I'm saying it's a way you CAN target players. As such, it needs to be not broken.

There are already other ways of targeting players. Tab targeting for instance. We're looking at improving those as well (for instance, removing harvest nodes from the tab list).

We don't always respond to every thing on the forums for a variety of reasons, not the least of which because doing so would be a full time job that would prevent us from actually making a game. Also, sometimes we don't respond to things because we're still figuring out how to resolve an issue, and don't want to promise or imply a time-frame that we can't hold to. Before you say that no one would take such a response as an implication, I'll point out that you thought fixing one feature, above, implied removing other features. It's hard to predict how people will take these things.

I found no one guilty, nor innocent. That's Customer Service. I run QA. I care about fixing the underlying issues with the game, not the players. :D

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I need more than "Everyone is benefiting from an issue, but he's doing better than anyone else" to assume a person is exploiting. Especially since the first portion of the video takes place next to a tower, not next to the hex border.

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From initial testing, we are now considering adjusting the hitbox size (this will likely become even MORE important when small PCs are a thing, for obvious reasons) and dealing with the issue that tracking a moving target to click it seems to be triggering the "mouse click to look/turn" rather than the "mouse click to target" which is a bug. This doesn't happen every time, but it happens often enough to be annoying.

Other potential issue here, as I see it: flagging for opportunity appears broken in the video - I don't just mean on Slammy. A LOT of people were moving around at faster than a walking pace without triggering opportunity. This does point to an issue. It does not point to cheating on the part of a single individual.

Finally, flagging for PvP: I'd love to know if he was jumping into a preexisting pvp situation or not. It APPEARS like he starts off jumping people who are already flagged for PvP, then moves on to chasing people down who weren't flagged, at which point he finally did flag. But this is supposition on my part. I can only see things from his view point, and thus far I've not had a lot of luck reproducing this issue as described. Am I missing something here?

Anyway, I just wanted to post here to mention that we are looking into it, and to share our initial findings. If there are deeper issues, it's going to require more testing to find them, which is why that's on my docket for the rest of the day.

out of curiosity, to those who are leaving their vulnerable bodies where pvpers can reach them, how are you planning to keep others from farming you?

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Yeah, our smoke test is currently something like "Turn it on. Do these 30-some odd steps. Did anything break? If so, do not post build to live servers."

A good smoke test should be quick, and should only test features that are required for release. Ours includes stuff like "Can you take damage?" and "Can you move into a new hex?" and "How about respawning, does that work?"

We know about the Wolf and Rogue Thornguard situation. It will be fixed. For now, we advise running.

well, if you target someone with bottomed out rep, I think you only lose 10 rep, tops.

Can't play eldritch knight. Prestige class.

Can't play magus, not one of the available classes.

So, due to a very odd character creation mechanic we used (try it! it's hella fun! http://samhaine.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/pathfinder-card-draft-chargen/) I find myself with an odd set of character options. I think I know what I'm going to do, but I'm wondering what YA'LL would do in my place.

Starting level 3rd

Str: 17
dex: 8
Con 15
wis: 8
Int: 16
cha: 8

Race: Half-Orc from Garundi

Available classes for the build: Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard, Druid, Bard, Arcanist or Investigator.

Restrictions: You cannot have both Arcanist and Investigator in the same build. No prestige classes. Core is cool, advanced players guide is a maybe. Other books are a no.


Alas, my lurker status, it is no more...

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Hello all, I'm Rob, QA guy for Goblinworks. I should be getting my handy dandy forum tag shortly, but I wanted to go ahead and address the question of what information a bug report submits.

The bug system is still in an alpha state, just like everything else, but it does give us a pretty healthy amount of information.

It includes (but is not limited to):
Player name
account name
player location
player facing
...and some various information about what server the client is on when the bug is submitted.

This means that when you are submitting a bug, it's helpful to do so from the location where you encountered the bug. If you wander off and keep playing for another hour or two, and then submit the bug, it'll be a little harder for me to reproduce the problem you encountered.

There is not currently a method to include screenshots, but that's certainly on my list of long term upgrades to the bug reporting system. It's a rare problem that I can't figure out what's going on between a location and a bug description.

TL:DR - You can submit a bug by hitting ESC and selecting "Submit Bug". If you see something wrong, Submit a bug. We appreciate them.