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Once the Similacrum is turned into a bat it should loose the special ability to grant a CL with aid another. Coven is an extraordinary ability and Baleful Polymorph loses them. The halfling trait that boost aid other does not give a +2 bonus, it changes the +2 to a +4, the would not effect the +1 CL Bonus a Coven Hex gives either. Your player is adding effects to abilities and ignoring drawback. Though it is an interesting idea, it is not possible with how he has worked it out.

No, normally Animal Domain gives a Companion, Divine Hunter looses that Domain Ability and gets ability scores on current companion as a replacement.

Not a standard build to be doing all that at lvl 5 with only an Enlarge person buff and some channeling. Maybe with other buffs going. But sounds like multiple good to great stats. Not sure how they are getting good damage with variant channel either, 3d6 halved plus effect. Then with feat to channel a d6 positive is not alot of healing. But pretty sure if this cleric is as tough as claimed, the other characters should be coming into power soon.

VMC is a variant multi class. You count as both classes. Yes you trade out feats for abilities, but you still count as being both classes, so you have to take the white dragon bloodline with the Sorc abilities. The only ways your getting White Dragon and Boreal are Crossblooded or Eldrith Heritage.

Foreclaws and Shifter claws use the same limb...they don't stack. Also the secondaries are a bit of a wash even with Multi Attack, -2s and less damage if they hit. Can still add that Gore and Tentacle though, for some cash.

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Considering a Falcon only has 2 Feet, rule mongering aside, not how you get claw and talon attacks from the same appendage. Natural attacks are pretty clear in that you need to have the appendage to get the attack, no tail = no tail attack. Pretty sure most GMs would allow Claws or Talons if you have both options, 1d3 or 1d4 won't break a table, but allowing claws and talons would be like allowing Bite and Teeth attacks at the same time.

One note on Familiar, Protector is nice for sharing damage, but might want to also look into Valet, for ease of delivering touch heals. For survival Life has FH/1 as you are already using, and for your Wandering Hex you could take Stone to give it DR also.

Healing Hex is handy with a bigger group, the 1/day per group member adds up fast.

Haste is handy and you can get it with Lore, also at L9 can grab Blessing of Fervor (off the Cleric list, using Favored Class Bonus), has a Haste like bonus and is a nice all around group buff.

Another option, since you are going for Mainly Healing (with channels) the Witch Doctor Archetype, that gives a Second Channeling Pool. Smaller Pool. but still 5 more channels/day (3+cha 1d6)

Unless you are soloing the AP, that stat block will make the game no fun for anyone else. Could play as a Commoner and ruin it for the rest of the party. Are you sure he did not mean to allow Lizard Folk or Nagaji? Also, calling the DM foolish is a total lack of respect.

Or at L7 (7 ranks of Handle Animal) get Monstrous Companion Feat to swap your current companion to the Owl Bears (adds Magical Beast). Pretty sure you can basically use a slightly modified Grizzly Bear Companion with Magical Beast Template. Or, if it is a Homebrew, just ask to just use a Re-Skin, 100% Grizzly Bear stats that looks like an Owl Bear.
Unless the goal is to have a second companion, would say the Handle Animal checks might be tough and contained within an area doesn't seem that useful, unless you have a base.

Guess you could always be a race with Fey Magic or dip a level of Hunter or Druid to get Shillelagh and then be a Staff Magus, not a great work around for power attacks and such, but would give a 2d6 1H weapon that can be boosted with Magus fun. Still need an 11 in a possible dump stat, but might be interesting.

Yes, Dimensional Slide Exploit is a (SU), so it would work, Tapestry Traveler has a Lvl 5 pre-req only.

Twilight Sage gives Arcanist Exploit, even though it is altered and choose a specific one, it meets the qualifications of Extra Exploit. You get the Consume Life Ability just for taking the Archtype, it is a Sub out for Consume Spells. Magicak Knack boosts caster level, not arcanist levels, Dimentional Slide is based on Arcanist Levels and not Caster or Character levels, so it would not help here.

Premake the terrain map and work around it. The dragon is making a swamp, ok, make on, lots of water, sinkholes or quicksand pits, harsh terrain all over, maybe some outcrops of vegetation for cover. Maybe height tier the map, outer area drops 10-20' to a swampier area, maybe following a river flow, with a small waterfall on one side. Waterfall could be an entrance to lair or a distraction/trap, use the lower area to control movement, streams splitting off from pool at bottom of waterfall, makes for good areas for dragon to fly out of and into for flyby tactics. Again, harsh terrain, limit mobility is key if it is a single mob.

Maybe add a class level or two, Anti Paladin would make it truly evil and add some juice to offset the mythics a bit. Not really sure how the party works with the mix, the warpriest and antipaly should not even be in the same party, but maybe can play off that. Have the dragon use some form of ranged communication to bribe a player, desecrate the area, add in a possible dragon ally, even if it an environmental ally, like plant creatures or something corrupt to throw off the players.

Do they know the encounter? Add some element to throw them off, if they know what they are facing they will have acid resistance and fear saves handled, toss in some fire or poison. Modify the mob, give the dragon some "mixed" blood, maybe a sorc bloodline and then add a second Breath Weapon on a separate rotation. Or really confuse them, mix the Breath Weapon...Acid/Poison mix so damage+stinking cloud...2 save means more miss chances instead of all save and or resist the Breath.

Just please don't post back....Dragon attacks, party does x.y.z...dragon melees....dragon dies in 2 rounds. Been a player for those fights and they are lame.

Lycanthropes are not a playable race, because it is very unbalanced. IF this a homebrew game and the GM allows it, the game might get out of hand, maybe he will let you change race to a Skinwalker, they have a Were-Croc and a Were-Shark Variant that won't kill the game. Depending on Class, the Croc is actually pretty good, the Shark would be different.
Looking at the new lycanthropy, even standard wouldn't be that bad, they removed the Fast Heal and only have DR 10/Silver in Hybrid Form..but the "Curse of Lycanthropy" with the bite attacks is what would be a problem.

Power attack requires a +1 Bab...Rogues get +0 at L1. In fact none of your first 5+ Feats can be taken without at least a 1 bab, so scrambling feats won't work either. Also why waste the trait on Heirloom Weapon when you are taking Fighter Levels?

Vital Strike is only 1 attack, and can not be used as part of a full attack action. Looks like all the rest of the stuff are legit loopholes though. Also the Tiger Trance requires a full round action to even start, then reading actions and CMB to even make the charge. But you are a Rogue so can just stay in hide until you make that CMB.

Felt it was over-hyped, I collected the old Black Panther comics and this wasn't that superhero. This was more political and about "empowering" the secondary characters. It was a good movie, but no where near the top of the Marvel movies. Slow paced, horrible CGI and serious collateral damage for peaceful people looking to help the world. The car chase was cool, but serious damage for a guy supporting the accords. I liked the take on the bad guys and thought that the princess was the best character, but the Panther, his love interest and even the royal guards were thin. Would have liked about 30 min less of the politics and maybe add in some live (not poor CGI) action.

How do you get Eldritch Heritage at Level 1? Character Level 3 Required. Other than that it looks legit, don't even need to be human. Trait, L1 Feat EH, L3 Feat EH, L5 Feet Boon. I guess a bit faster than the Nature Soul Route, since need level 4 for would be L5 and L7 Feats. Decision is what level do you want the Companion or do you prefer +3 Know Nature vs +2 Know Nature and +2 Survival. That or since you want to play a Cleric, just take the Animal Domain, getting a Companion and Boon at L5 to offset the level. Less feat/trait intensive.

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How are you getting Arcane Bond at Lvl 1? Duetist gets one, but also trades Bardic Knowledge for it. Familiar Bond gets close, but has Iron Will as a pre req, so no elf/half elf for whatever elf thing your looking for. Pretty sure you would need Iron Will, FB, Imp FB and then you could get improved familiar. The concept is there, just not sure how you are going to build it. Even if you dip a level of Sorc to get a familiar you would need to Boon Companion it and then it will still max out fairly fast and make Improved Familiar hard to get.

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You might need to re look at how your player is using the dagger also. It is a Dagger, so not a valid Flurry Weapon, it does a maximum of 1d4+2 damage + str (about the same as a 1d6 weapon) and even though the bleed stacks, it only does damage on the NPCs turn. If he somehow has a way of stacking in flurry and a ki pool attack and hits with all three, its 3d4+6 + str and a total of 3 bleed on the NPCs turn. I can only assume your issue if that he never misses and 3-4 rounds the line he is doing 9+ bleed. Would think at least one of the fighters has a +1 longsword or 2hander that should be outpowering the dagger, assuming it is used correctly at 1 time per round.

Could be wrong, just seems like the item might be misused to have the result you are having issues with. Not cheating, just not understanding certain aspects of the weapon/class.

Can offset the CL, but not spell progression.

Potentiality OP..A decent character builder will make a guy that can hit consistently a couple times a round at low level. So R1:1d4/1d6, R2 1d8/2d6, R3+ no balance....add in Lead Blades or Enlarge and it gets worse faster. Then think about the guy with Combat Reflex or Vengeful Strikes, they have full bab off round attacks. There is a reason Furyborn has a cap, for a +2 Effect it can only get +4/+4 Better at best. Your concept if great, but the application is too powerful in the right players hands. Maybe cap at 3d6 for a 1hander or 4d6 for a 2hander, both higher than most weapons maximum to offset the crappy d4 or d6 base you would use. If not by round three even a lower level character that is built well will own the fights.

For balance sake, think of the same sword in the hand of the non maxed character that get one attack a round, with a limited BAB and not focused, he starts with a trash damage die and it will reset often. They would hate the weapon. So same group, different characters and one becomes a god, the other a chump.

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The players are derailing the campaign. You claim to be the groups healer and you refuse to heal a player, then the snubbed player decides he is going to kill the groups healer. Alignments don't seem to matter, nor does the concept of a group that works together. You stress your alignment restrictions regarding removing his gun when he awakes, to avoid a conflict, but seem to ignore that he seems to be a known criminal and is planning on murdering your character, for not saving him from getting put into a coma. That character is Evil and so if it came to if you could Smite him and have a bit more balance.

Seriously, the only thing the two of you can gain from continuing the PVP style is ending the game or causing people to leave. Remember Lawful Good is not Lawful Stupid, this started because you refused to heal a party member, for whatever reason, refusing to heal an ally, if that was your role in the party, is not Lawful or Good, it is just rude.

Also might want to check your numbers, 75 a round seems a tad high for an average, well with a small character with non full bab. 1d6 weapon with spell strike at +7d6 spell strike and another 1d6 for spell combat, maybe add 5 each hit for dex to damage and an extra attack from a haste buff...still seems like 50 avg per round. Assuming it is a low wealth/magic campaign that is. Granted you may have some far superior gear that the rest of the group, but coming in at lvl 5 and adding 1k wealth can be much more than a +1 armor/weapon and some consumables. This also assumes you never miss. But seriously if the others are averaging 10 a round at that level, there is something else going on, they should also have haste and similar gear. A Lvl 7 Paladin with Smite, full bab with big bonus, should be getting 3 attacks and hit more often, hard to see him doing 10. The Rogue should be getting 4d6 Precision damage with that many melee. I doubt you are the problem in the damage disparity.

d12 a Barbarian with a 7 con. This character shouldn't have even gotten to lvl 5. Not sure if it a player decision or the way the GM runs his game, but really letting any character start with a 7 con is just asking for trouble, especially a melee character. Good luck in that game.

Not sure what route you go, if the plan is to hide in the T-Rex mouth for cover bonus and such then both you and the T-Rex will be doing no melee damage anyway. Just don't see it getting a bite attack with you in it or your getting any attack from inside it.

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It really is not that powerful for a L2 Spell. The Claws are 1d4, yes the reach is alot for that level, but not game changing. The abilities gained are nice, but again won't ruin an adventure.

If you really want to not allow it, then just don't. Looks like a Homebrew game and GM can allow/disallow things if needed. Remove the Troll from the list because it is a Giant Sub-Type and upsets balance if you feel the need. Be aware though, that if this player has been researching perfect forms that he may have a planned out character and you should discuss his path before he progresses further, you may have more issues down the line if you don't care for this form.

Rage does not prevent reloading a weapon. The gunner got the short end of the stick. standard game the GM has the final say, so the gunner looses, PFS....not so much.

Guess that means you are rewriting the rules. Good luck with that. Also why ask for any advise when you are going to completely ignore what is given? Your evidence and your feelings won't get your character into a game. Maybe you should consider a Homebrew game where rules can be interpreted differently and skewed in your favor. For some PFS GMs you will have your personal feelings vetoed and then will have traveled to not get into a game.

Only the Snakebite Strikes SA "stacks", both of the other classes are "as Rogue", So 1d6 for SS 1, +1d6 for Cav 2, +1d6 for Monk 2(since a Rogue gets every other lvl). So 3d6 at L5...same as a standard Rogue, but with the bab boost. The Feat won't help the build until lvl 8, as it has a limit on die equal to half 4 at L8, assuming none gained with Slayer or more lvls in these classes. These classes are as a Rogue, but they also don't scale as fast after need more as rogue lvls to gain a die every other lvl. Oh...a Lvl of Assassin would give a stackable Die also..sp can have 4d6 at Lvl 6.

Also teamwork feat can give a d6 is you can get a partner to assist with that and there is a ring or swarming stabs that can add 1d6 twice a day. Now if you are a Dagger Specialist you can bump them too d8s, might help.

The player cheats/misinterprets the rules, uses the parts of a rule that work for him and changes/ignores the rest. The GM allows this and even appears to defend these actions and then complains that the GM and the other players find this character OP and no fun in the group. No advise seems to be accepted, this is an unfixable problem due to the given GM/player mix.

If the build is right, and in the proper campaign setting, many characters can appear OP. Many people build characters in many ways, poor balance in home games comes up a lot. In these games the GM needs to be on top of the rules, how the characters level and even what gear is spread around the party. Jacking the encounters just to make it a challenge for that OP character just makes it less fun for the guys on the bottom of the curve.

Remember that the goal for the game is for the entire table to have a good time, and if it is not, fix it, don't complain that the game is unfair, you are a GM and in a home game you can just fix obvious problems.

CL 3 for Cleric 3, Magical Knack +1 trait to CL and Race +1 to CL...would be CL 5. Magical Knack is used to offset multi-classing, it would give a second CL if you took another level in a class other than cleric. This bonus maxes at your HD. Some might read that both abilities give the same bonus so they don't stack, but they are different types of bonus, so most GMs should let them stack, really up to interpretation. Your Bless would be CL 3 + 1 = CL 4.

There is a reason that there is not enchant for that, it would be confusing and too powerful, there costs for enchanting weapons with non standard materials to consider. There are enchants that already do similar effects like Gray Flame or Holy. One cheap enchant to avoid all DR is to easy. If you really want to use that spell, pick up UMD and then maybe a UMD item.

This would be similar to the true strike items people bring up, if it is to good and item creation rules would make it insanely cheap that it is probably broken and not available. Or, if the item is priced so well and the benefit is so good that every character would have it as a must have item, it does not exist.

Not sure what you might be looking for really, sounds like the GM with be handing our freebies. Can't Permanency Mage Armor or Shield normally, so a free 8 AC that takes no slots at lvl 8. Fairly safe to assume you will get whatever you want in this game. Even if those spells could be done it takes a CL or at least L9, I doubt gold will be a concern either.

I have to agree that a 7str is crippling for any melee character, one str debuff with take you out of the game.

Invisibility is just a +20 Stealth Check, +40 if not moving. If he is following in combat the bad guys get a Perception roll. There isn't even an additional Stealth roll to add too that +20. Pathfinder Invis is not a Tolkin Ring of Invisibility. At the level you get leadership lot of bad guys should have at least a 50% chance of spotting the healer.

Sneak Attack does not apply a metamagic because it is NOT a spell, it is an additional effect added too a spell. You can still cast the spell with added metamagic and then add your sneak attack damage too the total.

Scorching Ray is NOT is 4d6 with multiple rays, the sneak attack damage only effects the first ray too hit, this is important because you can miss with some of the rays and can shoot at different targets.

Surprise spell does not add Sneak Attack damage, it allows Sneak Attack damage to be applied too certain spells. Hence the reason you don't get the damage applied twice too the same attack.

If the target is flat footed and you are using a targeted spell, one you make a roll to hit, you can add Sneak Attack damage without using surprise spells.

Too add Sneak Attack damage too NON attack roll spells you must use surprise spells.

If you are denied your Dex bonus you are also considered flat footed, at least where Sneak Attack is involved.

If it is not an animal it stays what it no it does not become an animal. It stays a construct. If the familiar has share spells, it counts as what is needed to share your target "You" spells, but not for other type spells. Clockwork Familiars have 5/Adamantine DC, Construct Traits, Resist 10 Cold and Fire, Vulnerable too Electricity. They have 4 listed feats and as it is a Familiar the GM might be willing to change them up. Can look it up on d20pfsrd pretty easy, listed under Improved Familiars.

If you are ok with the feat loss, VMC Oracle might give your shaman what you want. L1 you gain the curse, L3 you loose a Feat but gain a Revelation (with a level adjust, but if not level based it's a bonus). This way you can still keep the spell progression and spirit progressions, again with half the feats, but might be worth it.

No GM and asking for advise on how to continue? No GM = no game. Not really any advise will matter until you and your group learn that. Seriously sounds like we want to play football but have no ball. Not sure what you expect from the forum here.

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This whole post is a trap. You don't want this player to disrupt the game, but he/she will only play abrasive characters. As a GM you allowed a Chaotic Evil Cleric and a Paladin in the same group, this decision was doomed from the start. Most advise is too get rid of the player and you constantly have reason why you can't, and then add more reasons why they need to get the boot.

Some of these situations should never even come up, the easy communications with Orcus...why even have that possible? Turning NPCs into mummies and having NPCs confrontational about a Charm Person, that is what Charm Person prevents, if this player is a power gamer that NPC shouldn't have any issues, it will simply never win the contested cha rolls and will be a friend. Too much leeway is given to this player and therefore they are out of control, step back and look at your GM style and see if maybe you encourage some of the behavior. Many of the punishment you seem to hand out are pretty heavy handed, and will not sway that player to play differently.

I am not trying to call you a bad GM, just pointing out that you allowed this player/character in the group, so you and the other players need to decide if you want these conflicts...before the game even starts would have been best. PVP gaming always pisses someone off, why encourage it.

Or use craft combos to make 1 shot custom arrows. Can always make a 1 use scorching ray arrow. Or make a few. They already have quivers of holding, so you won't need to get weird there, just add trick arrows. The sad part is that to add effects they need a base of +1, hence making 1 shot arrows for a couple hundred each. There are arrows and sling bolts in the books that you can use as examples. The +1 on the bow won't stack with the +1 on the arrows, but any effects will stack, except same effect....doubt shooting flaming arrows from a flaming bow will do anything more than look cool. But a Scorching Ray arrow shot from a flaming bow could do some serious fire damage. The arrow would not make it a touch attack, but would toss on the extra fire damage.

And as said before, all crafting must be approved by the GM, so you could end up with nothing trick, just bread and butter enchants.

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Just get a different is free. Then when you get to an area where the GM allows a T-Rex, dismiss yours and get a replacement. It is a class ability, doubt the GM will make it too hard to get the creature you want. This is far better than playing with a gimped companion with negative levels, because restoration spells also cost.

Great fight effect, not likely to happen in most games for that encounter though. Those DCs and actions are a gift so that his wifes character could excel. Granted I don't mind at all, but sounds like the character and the encounter were matched perfectly. Can't think of many groups that would have dragged a specialized gadgeteer along. Seems like a great group of friends with a GM that made the AP fun for them, congrats.

This player wants always on Greater Invisibility, and seems to justify it to every person that does not agree. He constantly blames his GM for allowing this blatantly abusive character (total concealment at L1 is wrong), even if he told the GM that the combo might be powerful. If the player was honestly concerned that it might be an issue he would NOT have built this character. Yes others in the campaign are bending/using other rule sets to do similar things and they are allowed, but does not make what they are doing right either.

Stick to the rules, play in other groups that follow the same set of rules, and stop trying to use outside sources to be better than everyone else. These things will give your games more balance and have less fairness issues. I don't know a GM that would welcome you into a game if they saw how you complain about your current GM and other players in your group. Stop crying foul and start enjoying the game, even a L1 gnome torchbearer can be fun...not powerful, but fun.

Mister +45 at lvl 11 is way off base. There is no +17 luck bonus, dueling doesn't even give a trip bonus. Also the 1 round scabbard bonus does not add +18...+4 max, you are stacking/multiplying bonuses wrong. Leverage only bumps the Weapons Enhancement bonus, not the bonus from the scabbard. Granted in the game you play in, the GM might be letting you get away with this new math,, but that won't work in most games.

That being said, his combo is nice. Multiple adds too a magic weapon is pricey at lower levels though. Even Saleem's AC and saves seem high for lvl 11, I am betting he game is very generous with the gear and interpretation of the rules.

Doesn't actually matter, Wild Shape gives specifics based on size and small options based on form. Call it "Dire" or call it Large, it gives the same stats. All based on Beast Shape, Elemental Body, etc anyway. Someone could make some insane Druid from Beyond the Beyond and turn into odd alien creatures and still get the same stats and bonuses, and would be up to the GM to figure out the attacks, but easy enough to just re-skin something already available.

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So nice to post and see someone say you are totally wrong, that assuming he was flanking, duel wielding and used a ki point for the extra attack was wrong and that this was all due too a surprise round...then to see that is exactly what happened. Saying "none of that can happen" is just rude, get some facts before you start being a jerk with your replies. Granted I doubt any of use guessed that he had overpowered gear for his level, but still, if the inquisitor catches up in level/gear, some of the issues will go away.

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Also 40dmg in 1 rnd from a lvl 5 ninja is a good rnd. Even with Vanish it is only +20 Stealth, people get a Perception Check and sounds like he was in the open so doesn't get too add any of his Stealth bonus. Then he had to wait a round to get a full round attack. Spend another ki point to add an attack. Most likely he was duel wielding, for -2 per attack, but the flanking offset that. So not a great bonus too hit, but some great rolls, then adding 3d6 dmg per hit. Guessing about 13 per hit, now in most situations, this is not happening. There will be a ton of times with no flanking, spotted through vanish, mobs with concealment, move and single attack rounds. Then he will be doing 1d8+2, with less to hit bonus than an Inquisitor with Judgments/Divine Favor/Bane.

The one level makes a bit of difference, but the situation was also a great reason for that damage boost. Took multiple rounds, missed spot checks, a flanking buddy, and at least 2 Ki points and they do not have many of those per day. Also that ninja would have been eating attacks if he hadn't killed those guys.

Issues like this come up a lot, a well rolled Fireball with a bunch of saves, DR when one person has the right weapon and others don't, any form of concealment vs that sneak attack that does not effect. Let him know that there will be times when the balance shifts. Bane will be one of those, heck just the bonus damage and the enhancement bonus will kick him higher than everyone vs DR. Also nothing is immune to Bane, things are immune to Sneaks and Crits.

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Not sure how the math is in your game, but that two weapon fighter that has +18s buffed...he has that for 2-3 attacks (if hasted), then +13s for two and then +8s for two...Has to be lvl 11+ too have that many attacks and at that level the +8s probably don't hit. Even the +13s aren't great. 11bab+2weapon+3buff-2duel wield, he only has +4 from str+any other buffs...not that massive a build even.

Also all other characters have at least 3 attacks per round? You have to be feeling the pain of an all melee group, NO one missing with second and third attacks doesn't make any sense.

Now if they are all 12-13th lvl, you really don't understand the damage a dialed l2 Wizard can do per round or you wouldn't have an issues. Massive AEs, Save or Die, oh and at range. You have a sorc and he should be out damaging everyone.

Target the bard, he has too be close to be adding the sneak dice. He can't be too hard to hit, crappy armor/crappy HP/crappy bab so not a lot of attacks from him. A bard make a party of 4 better, it makes a party of 7 much better...that's just how it is going to be for you.

Most areas seem to say Slam is an either/or attack, you can replace your claw attacks with a Slam, and you can use weapons or a Slam. Feels like fishing to justify adding it to an attack steam chain, just because they have it. A Fighter carrying a Longsword, a Shield and a Longbow can attack with Longsword and Shield or the Longbow, but not both. He also can not shoot a bow while wielding a shield, this are just options.

That being said, if you find a creature that shows it can use it's natural attacks with the slam added in, you can, for that creature. I think these are exceptions though, and most seem to be listed as options.

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