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You return to the coffee house, tired after your exertions to find a very excited Rexus greeting you.

"I've done it. I've finished the translation. The last section speaks of how the leaders of the Silver Ravens had seen the writing on the wall- they knew House Thrune was likely to seize control and had come to the difficult decision to surrender should this event come to pass, hoping to prevent Thrune from razing Kintargo. Indications exist that the cache of treasures and documents hidden in the Fair Fortune were intended to serve as a sort of time capsule, should Kintargo forget the Silver Ravens with the passage of time.

There's something more. Reading through the documents I am convinced that my mother survived the Night of Ashes. The Sacred Order of Archivists have long used chambers below a local museum of oddities called Hocum's Fantasmagorium as a secret base of operations. If my mother survived the fire, she may have been silent for so long simply because she's been lying low in the chambers below the museum. The mithral key she left me supposedly opens many locks within the building."

Oh you can have more secret organisation rolls at this point too to see if the Silver Ravens grow.

"Crissali also said destroying the contract will banish the imp."

"Certainly, I can do that for you, it shouldn't take very long."

Assuming you wait...

About an hour goes by and Rexus comes back.

Crissali says it is an infernal contract disguised by a secret page spell. She was able to read it, it binds an imp known as Blosodriette to this plane to serve a family long since deceased. It instructed her to reside in the Wasp's Nest below the coffee house unless otherwise instructed."

Rexus is disturbed by what you have found.

I thank you for this news. I suspect that this is probably the grave of my parents. I would like to bury them properly, probably in Temple Hill, but I think we should move cautiously, undoubtedly the areas will be being watched, we should wait a while until we have a stronger position in the area.

The following morning Rexus leads you to the Long Roads Coffeehouse where his mother's ally Laria Longroads has a business. The coffeehouse is located in Villegre, just northeast of the park. It caters to an eclectic mix of customers, serving coffee and food. You are greeted by a small halfling woman who presses steaming cups of coffee into your hands

"That is sensible, I thank you for your offers of help with the translation, I will look through first and maybe call you if I get stuck. There are some basic rooms you can rest in here if you are willing and I will take you to see Laria tomorrow."

I'm assuming you now head back

You head back to the bookshop and meet up with Rexus.

"You found the remnants of the Silver Ravens, well done! We should pay a visit to the Long Roads Coffeehouse, where my mother's ally and underground contact Laria Longroad can be found. In the meantime I will work on decoding these documents for you. Laria will be an invaluable advisor in helping to rebuild the Silver Ravens."

"Rutilus, I have heard of Patch, I think he is a member of the Bellflower Network. I do not know currently where they are hiding out but I will research this on your behalf.

Thank you for agreeing to help. I have recently discovered that my mother Porcia was a member of a secret order called the Secret Order of Archivists, a band of Iroran scholars dedicated to the protection and restoration of history. After the Night of Ashes I met with a woman named Laria Longroad, one of my mother's contacts. She produced a coffer of valuables and a note in my mother's hand. Here, you may read the letter (see notes link).

Laria spoke to my mother 7 days ago just after Lord Mayor Bainilus vanished. At the time Laria apparently thought my mother was overreacting. Anyway I give you as a sign of good faith the contents of the coffer.

So the coffer contains:

2 Victorocora signet rings worth 75gp each
2 m/w silver daggers
2 sets of bracers of armour +1

The man leads you to a bookstore called Crissali's Fine Tomes and heads to the back room.

"Thank you again for that timely rescue. Truth is, our meeting was no coincidence. I followed you from the protest earlier today, but in the panic that erupted I lost track of your group. You proved yourselves to be people of uncommon skill, and I am a man of uncommon needs. Please accept this gift of 100gp each as a reward.

My name is Rexus Victocora, and until last week's Night of Ashes, I was one of this city's nobles. My parents' estate burned to the ground that night - I escaped simply because I was studying at the Alabaster Academy during the fire. There were other fires that night, as you know-fires that many believe were started by Barzillai Thrune or his agents in an attempt to squash any spirit of rebellion Kintargo might have.

Now more than ever we need that spirit of rebellion to stay strong, but Thrune's actions have driven into hiding those who would stay strong and resist. Those who could once rally the city to a cause, such as Lord-Mayor Jilia Bainilus and my parents, are missing at best, and are more likely dead. I cannot do this on my own, but with the aid of talented citizens such as yourselves, I have hope that we can. Will you aid Kintargo? Will you save the city from the devil?"

The victim stands up, a little shakily.

Thank you. If you would follow me I will take you to a safe place, where I will be able to reward you properly