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Okay, throwing together a one shotter since full group won't be able to get together today.
I'm basically having them play out the short story Jerusalem Lot. So if u haven't read this very old short story and don't wanna be spoiled, read no further. Not my fault lol. Gonna have 3 lvl 3 character and one of them (unless they all related) has inherited a mansion in Ustaluv near a small town of Preachers Corner.
I have the mansion drawn up with all the secret rooms taken care of. I need advice in how much and what kind of loot should be found in the mansion. I'm usually horrible at distributing loot.
Also I'm using 2 creatures in the walls and gonna use maybe a haunt or 2,any suggestions? I was thinking of making them vampire spawn (minus energy drain) or ghouls.

Whatever I use for in the house, I was gonna use them for the abandoned town church scene. I have created a dhampir elder mythos cult cleric as the bbeg. I was thinking of using something for a fear effect every 1d4 rounds for the worm. Also dunno if I will have them fight it, was thinking more of using it as a end game "peek a boo" moment at the end. I let the dice roll as they roll, but I'm not sure what to do about that. If it's something they fight, I want it beatable. If it's just a "get the **** outta there and don't look back and run mutha***" I'm wondering what to use?

I appreciate the advice in advance for GMing this.

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Okay so long time GM/DM and one of my players is taking a stab at GMing (yay!!!) and he's running rise of the runelords. I'm gonna be playing a bard (all time fav class) and I have an idea of a human bard fiddler who is more focused on Magic (support/damage) than mundane attacking.
Now this is this players first time gming so I don't wanna break his game, but any suggestions for spells and feats for me? So excited I get to play that I'm having a block in creating this character. Tyvm in advance :)

Also forgot to add that this character will most likely be the face/Magic user of the group.

How are some ways that my players can identify if npcs have classes besides the npc classes? How would u go about telling the players if they asked in roleplay?

Okay need some advice on Kendra and connecting her to the vampires in ashes of dawn.
Making Kendra a lvl 2 lore oracle with the wasting away (to give the pcs a reason to be helpful towards her). Making AA a long time rival/friend of the professor and having him convince her to move to the town in book 5. thanks to the board for these ideas.

Now the thing is I want the eye organization to be after her or a reason for her not to want to be part of it. On top of that, I'm trying to figure out how she is connected to the vampires as well due to motivations of certain npcs of that book.

Any suggestions to help me brain storm? Also with the idea of this being a "horror" campaign. Thanks in advance.

Ellos everyone, planning and prepping to run carrion crown again and was looking and saw some new options and wanted to know if there's anything I'm missing and/or suggest to run.
Now the products I do have is book 1-6, the free pdf for players to create and get an understanding of CC, also have the module carrion hill to be thrown in on their way to book 4, the letters that (I'm sorry at work on break ATM so don't know the name) from the boards have created, also the rule of fear book, and the inner sea world guide hardback.
I have the horror adventures book on preorder.
Those are what I have so far.

So far I found the murmuring fountain that I am going to buy, but did legendary do any more that can be used in carrion crown? Are their any other modules (pathfinder or 3.5 old versions) that can be thrown into carrion crown as well like carrion hill? Any other books or PDFs that I am missing or could benefit from for carrion crown?

Tyvm in advance :)

Okay quick question, if a spell is longer than a standard action, does it continue to be if cast from a wand and become a standard action?

okay I'm taking the plunge and gonna try to play "solo" and GM carrion crown at same time. So far this is what I got. 3 characters using core only materials while using 20 point buy. Gonna be a dwarf cleric of pharasma, a human undead sorcerer, and a half elf rogue.

Now some advice please as I am in unfamiliar territory. Should I bump up the characters starting level a bit? Any advice on how to avoid any pitfalls while trying to separate GM knowledge away from character knowledge? Is there anything I should know or be aware of?
Thanks in advance :)

okay, so got a lvl 9 sorcerer undead bloodline necromancer with 50k to spend on items. Doesn't want to spend items on the usual boring stuff like amulets of natural armor, headbands of charisma, etc etc. basically wants to spend gold on items that scream necromancer and adds flair to the character.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Okay, so I'm putting together a campaign in Taldor and its gonna be focused on dragon hunting and politics. I got the campaign down, but my group has surprised me in that they are basically all martials with exception of 1 vanguard.
Now I'm very interested in how this will play out since most are focused on mainly melds with some range sprinkled in. Now I'm usually the type of GM who rolls in open and let's dice fall where they may, so while I don't shy away from pc deaths, I don't actively seek it out, because without the players how else am I to tell a story that they enhance and interact with.

So I am asking for advice in what should I tweek so that basically the players have a chance to survive without a class healer or really a class caster? I thought about reducing the enemy casters to where there still are casters but not underneath every rock. But I thought about what spells to shy away from unless they add something themeactically or just used sparingly. Also about healing, should I up the chances for potions or wands of clw? Should I adjust the wealth?
I'm in new waters and while the thought excites me, I would like some advice so that things could run smoothly and advoid situations where they cannot overcome at all etc.
Tyvm in advance

Ok was wondering what u would use to determine to find out what a weapon or armor was made out of.
Lets say the playerw find a cold iron longsword.
do the pc automatically know its made out of cold iron?
Does the pc make a dc 20 appraisal check?
Or does the pc make a dungeonering check?

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Was doing some reading and researching for ideas of a campaign im gonna do and i came across some interesting things about aboleths and veiled ones etc. It got me thinking how aboleths and dragons would perceive each other.
Now when we think of aboleths we think of giant ferocious intelligent and manipulative fish and dragons we think of giant ferocious flying element breathing lizards. But they are both intelligent and both can assume human forms and both have manipulated mankind to one degree or another.
So it got me thinking, what would happen if there was both assuming human forms in a human kingdom. How would they perceive one another if they found out about one another is really the nitty gritty of my question. Woukd they even consider the other and if they did would it be on friendly, foe, or nuetral terms in general situations?
I see some good ideas here but i cant for the life of me find any material about this and was wanting to know what you think.

Ok ive had the itch to GM and i got a group waiting and was gonna start them off on dragons demand and work into other modules tweeking them to tell a whole story/campaign.
im usually a "by the rules, no rule of cool" type of guy and im wanting to expand and be more relaxed in GMing.
now gonna have a get together soon and hang out and let everyone reconnect because of us all working retail and discuss party setup, what they are expecting, the house rules, etc etc, basically to get everyone reconnected as freinds and people and so we are all on the same page over pizza and drinks.

Then i got a heads up that one person is wanting to bring up to the group about mythic rules and using them. I dont have a problem with that as i have wanted to run a mythic campaign one day so im down if it gets brought up and people are down for it. The thing is im not very familiar with it as i have never used the rules before. So im asking for advice on a hopefully up to lvl 20 campaign advice on mythic to prevent being broken and tag team rules. Any help if appreciated, tyvm

Ok been GMing for some time now and had to take a break due to real life, but things are looking to clearing up and im getting the itch to GM again. The thing is ive always relied heavily on drawn out maps and grids and figures etc, and i had to sell most of that to friends who GM themselves for their groups because i couldnt use them.
Sooo now im venturing in to GM but now relying on theatric GMing and these people i will be GMing for are my friends so i have that passive drive to give them the best experience i can because they are awesome in taking what i give and making something more awesome with it.

So as someone who is not only a lil bit rusty as a GM but also going full blown into what my friend called "theatric GMing", im asking the board to give some advice on what yal deem as important aspects (or aka "key") to sucessful theatric GMing and what to back away and stay away from.
i appreciate it in advance, ty.

Sorry if this has been brought up before but rereading the core book because im getting back into GMing and wanted to ask a question.

Ok from scratch (meaning crafting the armor and enchanting it) how long does take to create a +1 scale mail armor?

Is it 1 week to craft the masterwork scale mail at 17g+50 then 1 day at 500g for the enhancement totalling out at 1 week and 1 day?

Or is it just 1 day at 500g for enhancement and 75g for masterwork and 25g for the armor?

Preciate it greatly

Ok getting the itch to GM again after i had to quit due to real life and asked my players what they wanted to play, pirates or dragon hunting with politics. They went with dragon hunting.
So basically due to real life, im am using modules and tweeking them severely and have an idea to use Dragon's Demand as a way for the party to be nobles or influental people in the country of Taldor. General idea is after that module to get them integrated in the Taldors society and politics. Was thinking of using Entombed with the Pharaohs but changing the location to the one beside Taldor, academy of secrets but again changing location and tweeking it to be in taldors capital, tomb of medusa and blood of dragonscar unchanged but tweeked, and even gallery of evil but instead tweek it to get players better fonnected with nobles etc.

Thinking of tweeking Blood of Dragonscar to end up being the bbeg and fjnishing up the dragons, but wanting to inject dragons here and there throughout the campaign. Basically setting it up that dragon hunters are viewed very highly in taldors govt as a way to reclaim some fame but i dont want dragons around every corner. Planning on a long campaign that is mixed with dragons and politics but the way its looking is that first 3rd is dragons, then a very good portion is politics then ending on dragons.

I guess what im asking is, does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to inject in the game? Was kinda wanting the dragon in dragons demand to reoccure later but in all im having a block. I like to have the players some how inadvertantly be respinsible for waking up a dragonat the end with what they doing while interacting with politics but a block.

Does anyone by chance have list of some modules that are set in Taldor by chance? Looking through my books i can only find Dragon's Demand and Tomb of the Iron Medusa. Does anyone by chance know of any others?
Tyvm in advance :-)

Ok hope this is the correct place for this but for awhile i have wondered about the card game. Ive heard many good things about the game from different websites and with Obsidian launching the video game of this, im itching to get in.

BUT i am in the position to where i dont have many funds to throw down alot for many different things. So im asking as someone who has enjoyed many different types of video games, board games, and recently the past couple years tabletop gaming, i have 2 questions.

Question 1- how would u describe the "playing" of the game? Like what does it resemble as? Examples of games that are similiar in mechanics and whatnot because i am totally in the dark about what the gameplay is actually like.
Question 2- what would i need to get started? Im planning on playing with my kids and try to get my gaming group in on it. Group would be 3 to 4 people and thats basically how many of my kids that would be playing with me. I have run RotRL campaign tabletop and was thinking on doing S&S at the beginning of next year but i usually modify the story of my games so i didnt know if that would cause an issue or not. And since i dont have the funds to blow on EVERYTHING, I wanted to know what exactly i would need to run with said groupsnof people.

Tyvm for ur replys and sorry if im not exactly clear, like i said im pretty in the dark about the details and im asking here for some light on the subject.

okay was wondering how do most people do their point buy system. do you follow the table in the core rulebook table 1-1 or do you just do 1 point per ability going up no matter how high it is (ex. strength 17 to 18 costing only 1 point instead of 4 points?).

also i am guessing for PFS you use the table in the core rule book to determine, but what do you usually use for your home games?

ok i need some advice. usually i run home games akin to pfs rules and i am trying to step out and let the players have more fun. i am currently running a carrion crown game online and i have a player whos playing a sacred shield paladin.
now he is big into ravenloft and with this campaign he wants to replace arua of courage with something else so that since this is a horror campaign, he and his allies will still feel fear (supernatural or otherwise). im allowing it and trying to figure out some alternatives o replace it before next game.
i would like something that would fit his characters concept. his backstory is hes part of the shining crusade and worships the deity milani (yes i know its CG but im allowing it because it fits the charcater style and beliefs).
so what would be soemthing that would fit something gained at lvl 3 and fit that backstory?
tyvm in advance

Ok before i had my morning coffee i had a good idea (crazy i know!). Ok i had an idea to do a game in the 1800s during the beginning of the industry age. Players would be going against mr hyde and spring heeled jack and more and trailing jack the ripper etc etc. Basically a game to bring in all those old legends or scary tales of old and tie it all together with Yog-Sothoth.
The thing is, outside of pathfinder and d&d i dont really know of any other systems.

Do yal have any suggestions by chance?

sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question, but how do u do random encounters?

i'm about to run a campaign and they are gonna be dungeon diving. now most of the dungeon is already fleshed outwith encounters and whatnot, so how would i run the random encounters then? i figure they are optional, but was wondering how to implement random encounters into the dungeon.

tyvm in advance.

Ok as a gm who would like to start my group with running some pfs casually (aka without recording but basically learning how to run a society module) wheres a good place to start?
Should i go with season 1 and work my way up and/or is there an over tying theme or story with each season?
Heard a lot of good things about the society modules and was thinking since i had some cash in my pockets to buya few but didnt know where to start. With my group we wouldnt be under a time limit so id be able to run it online however long it takes so my players be able to roleplay and enjoy it.
also can someone point me to where i and my players can get a good look at the factions and what they represent and whatnot as well?
Tyvm in adance

ok going through the module and ive noticed some very small DCs and im a lil confused if they are the right numbers.
B2-DC of 5, failing by 5 or more does such and such. (how is it to fail by 5 when rolling a 1 when will still net u less than 5 or more)
C3-also a dc of 5 that does somethign 5 or more (which wont ever happen when rolling a 1 on the dice will still save you)

i think those 2 were it, so im asking is it really a DC of 5 or is it supposed to be higher because the txt stating if u failby 5 or more is making me think its maybe missing a 1 or 2 in front of it to make them 15 or 25 or something.

ok I need advice on creating a crazy cleric. He is a cleric that is usually a normal nice guy but when hes gets pressured or harmed hes basically flips. What I mean is that hes starts rambling and about preaching about the end of days of the visions hes sees. was thinking about him being a good character that is using an old god for a deity. The cleric gets these visions that just warp his mind while he's viewing them that's scares him that hes trying to warn everyone of the impending unrational doom. Now the GM is running carrion crown and is excited about bringing him in if he can be created nicely. The gm is excited because I told him he could use my mad ramblings to hint or foreshadow future events.
Ok so fluff is done, now down to crunch.
So now domains and the favored weapons and even who my deity should be. The gm is down to creating a "new" deity if I cant find an existing one that doesn't match. I know one of the domains is gonna be madness but I dunno what the other should be. the gm is ok with making a new favored weapon for the diety as this person will have an enormous book they weild and preach from. was wondering a good decent damage stat for wielding a giant book. and yes my first feat will be weapon prof "Book" lol.
What race be good? outta the core races because I myself don't know enough of tieflings or assimers to feel comfortable roleplaying them so a good race to fit this.
we are using what he calls a 15 point buy system. its not the normal one but basically all ur stats start off at 10 and u have 15 points to place where u see fit. u can only dip below 10 to 8 on one stat and the highest before racials is 18. each point costs one point meaning I dip to 8, im getting 2 points and it takes 8 points from 10 to get to 18. what would be good stats for said character?

I know im asking for a lot but im digging this concept but I don't have the knowledge to make it fully happen if that makes any sense. ty in advance.

Okay, so can someone tell me if this is correct.
If I have the feat to craft something magical but I don't met the prerequisites for the item but I have the gold, all I have to do is add a +5 to my craft check and I can bypass the prerequisites correct?

If so, then what is the point in having the prerequisites in the first place then? Why not just in the prerequisites just say u need this feat, this gold, and met the crafting dc instead of having spells or caster levels to craft it in there if u can bypass it with a +5 to ur dc?

Lets say a lvl 1 rogue who has 10 str is using a shortsword that is 19/20 to crit. The rogue goes up against a mob that has ac of 20 or higher and rolls a 19. Does the rogue hit said target?

Okay first off, my players out if ur in here :-)

Okay so now I'm bringing deadman noose module on my players. All lvl 1s, a wizard, monk, alchemist, and a ninja.
The background. The players are part of an adventuring guild that has accepted a couple of jobs. Right now their mains are doing the kobold crown one. They have sent the dmnpc who is a bard ahead to scout out info on the mission for deadmans noose. The playersvare gonna have a couple of different characters to be able to do all the modules. This is one where they are bringing in their "alts". I have thru a dm fiat used messgae spell wayyyyy farther than what it allows to send word to them that the deadline is coming soon and that the bard is gonna do the mission himself and that when they are done with that to met up at the guildhall.
I have changed a bit of the module in that the bard will be disquised with the group and not the one gentleman. Basically the bard was snooping and came across the gentleman on his deathbed and learned how to take care of the problem. The gentleman had already prepared the poisens and tracked down all the subjects who were still alive and had sent letters to the relatives of the ones who were dead (aka the players) to met up at a certain inn at a certain time on the anniversary. The gentleman also since the bard swore to finish his work so that his friend could rest in piece told the bard about the ghost and gave him something to talk with said ghost. Bard when the friend died soon after went to the jail house and basically brokered a deal with the ghost that he would finish what was put in place so that "justice" could be served and inexchange the bard wanted protection from his wrath (basically safety in being an ally). Yes the dmnpc who is harbringer of the guild is lawful evil.

Now backstory done, I'm wondering what exactly was in the letters that were sent to my players to get them to come. I want the players to get spooked at the inn by the residents talking about the anniversary but I don't want the players to be spooked out and untrustworthy of said bard because he plans on poisening their food to knotch them out so that he can dag them to the courthouse. The players won't know each other, I need it to pertain to a relative that lived here that has passed on.

Also inside the courthouse, what's a good way to keep them trapped inside without breaking immersion. Would having it where fog covers the land to where u can see the rooftops but when u try to go there, it keeps getting farther away and make it seem like they have ran a bit of distance only for them to turn around and be right inside the court house be an okay thing?

Any other advice be much appreciative, like how I can dscribe the town as they are traveling inor how the locals act or say etc etc. I want the beginning to be just right layered in fluff and just enough info to let them be scared and have a slight I'idea when they wake up in the courthouse, what's up.

Tyvm in advance for ur advice :-)

Okay for the past 5 or so years, I've been entrenched in fallout and elder scrolls games and a few others. This week though instead of buying stuff to dm with (such a small stuff left for complete collection :-) ) i decided on buying a few games.
So I started searchimg the halloween deals on steam. And then bam all of a sudden I had just purchased 4 games before I even realized it.
First one up to bat was Outlast. Just wow. Graphocs, controls, concept, its does what it says it does....scare the ahit outta you while being fun. Hands down scarieat game I've ever played and its an indie game
Second up to bat was killing floor. Dunno if that qualifies for indie but very fun and challenging game.
Third is slender teh awaking. Granted I dunno how I never saw the youtube videos of it but was very well done except for the doors. But it looks great and has incredible atmosphere and after I tur ned off the game, it made me remember when I was little and being outside and feeling like someone was watching me. Strangely as I smoked my cigerette outside I couldn't stare at a single spot in the woods and almost couldn't look out there for aome reason lol.
And then fourth, Contagion. Its still in beta but has a lot going for it. Massive levels, rare ammo, and pretty much forces playera to share and communicate....otherwise joe who went out on his own seems to pop back up ready to grab ya and make you a special friend lik e he is. The phone setup is very nice and the sound quality is superb. Theres no actual map atm but u can gauge where ur friends are by the noices they are making like in gunshots, doors being broke down, etc. Really easy to get lost but very good detail for levels in a beta stage.

Now I said all of that because usually when I think of indie, I think of meatman, world of goo, or minecraft. Great ideas but graphics that I saw as a youngin growing up. Really surprised me with these new indie games in tbe quality of detail, graphics, and controls, and downright fun these games are. Its like I'm playing a triple a title. Just amazed at the progress and quality of indie games that are coming out.

Okay can anyone send me a link or some details of known mage guilds/colleges in pathfinder? I have a player who's wants to eventually become mage of the arcane order and I was gonna use an existing school in pathfinder for the player.

Okay. Got a player who's starting a lvl 1 gnome wizard in illusion school of magic. He wants a beefy spellbook from a deal with a devil or demon. I'm tempted to allow this but I want some advice how what kinda deal his character would make in order to receive this book. What kinda deals would ya think for this wizard to have said spell book?
Only thing I can think of is that he offered up sacrifises for said spell book and made himself forget how he got it meaning that be already fulfilled the deal and forgot about how exactly he got it. But that may seem a bit to punishing so I'm looking for some advice and examples of deal he could make or have made. Meaning either things he's already done for the book or will eventually have to do or a code of fonduct etc etc.
Preciate the advice and again I'm still on the fence about this.

Okay right now in the middle of a dungeon, and due to real life problems a good friend of mine and his son who wants to play, can no longer play. Right now have no idea how long they won't be able to play but from the looks of things for a good while.
I don't wanna kill off their characters incase they are able to start playing again, but I am asking for some advice in how to make their characters gone from the game and make sense?
We was getting rdy to get into the dungeon in the module crown of the kobold king.
They were playing a monk and a magus.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated and ty.

Okay was reading the rules on natural attacks and always assumed u can use every bit of ur natural attacks in a full round action, but then I came upon the line that stated that if u can normally get only 1 normal attack off, when ur able to get 2 or more normal attacks determined by BAB, u don't get more attacks, u just get to use an attack with another limb thatu haven't used...
If I can get all my natural attacks off in a full round action, then what's up with the extra limb to attack with? Does that mean there's a limit on the amount of natural attacks u can get off because if u get an extra limb that isn't being used then what good is it since uve already gone thru all ur natural attacks?

Okay was wondering which mythic path would suit a LE bard. This bard plays out more out of combat focus. More into manipulation and fear to get what needs or desires.

Okay I'm at work and was wondering what's the best way to update stat blocks for the 3.5 creatures/npcs to be more in line with pathfinder stats?

Okay say I have a half elf and I get attacked by something weilding a weapon that has bane humanoid (human) on it.
Does the bane effect go off?

Okay I maybe having a brain fart but what exactly is the purpose of quickdraw? Also besides being a prerequisite for feats.
Reason why I am asking is that it states u can draw weapons out as a free actions instead of a move. The prerequisite for taking the feat is that u have a bab of 1....
But if u have a bab of 1, u already get to do that without the what's the point of the feat?

Is it merely for the hidden weapons? Because if so why then is it a prerequisite for feats of range attacks and so forth when the player isn't going to be carrying any hidden weapons?

Okay been trying to look but can't seem to find anywhere that describes how much the fines are or jail time for killing civilians or law officials at.
Reason is for precaution for my group because there are gonna be situations I can see them not stepping down to a threat and respond with action and slaying some lawman who suspicious of strangers or some cult who trys to collect payment on the group and are considered legal in certain towns where u are breaking the law by killing them even if they struck first etc etc.

Can anyone give me some advice on what seems to be good for the fines and/or jail time for killing civilians or lawmen?

Edit-sigh I forgot to add corrupt. Not just normal citizens and lawmen but corrupt citizens and lawmen that they can't provide proof of.

okay, my group has became part of an organization that is funding them to go out and do adventures ( basically a fun way to make sense in having my group basically do ALL the modules) and has set them up with a guild hall for them. I have a npc bard who is the "leader" of the company, he's the guy who goes out and sniffs and scouts for leads and etc etc.

What would be the alignment of a bard in charge of a company of (mainly some type of neutral) adventurers who's main goal is to go out and seek fame and riches?

okay, my group has became part of an organization that is funding them to go out and do adventures ( basically a fun way to make sense in having my group basically do ALL the modules) and has set them up with a guild hall for them. I have a npc bard who is the "leader" of the company, he's the guy who goes out and sniffs and scouts for leads and etc etc.

What would be the alignment of a bard in charge of a company of (mainly some type of neutral) adventurers who's main goal is to go out and seek fame and riches?

Can anyone point me towards where I can find all the languages and who they are used by in pathfinder?

Okay so me and my group have already decided on setting our "base" in the country of Nirmathas. Our base is actually just our shop or guild house in which our adventuring/mercenary company will be located at.
Now as far as the actual building we already are brainstorming what we want but we are going this route as a way to be able to do all the campaign modules. We have some characters as founders that as they get higher lvls they do higher lvl modules and we bring in new associates (aka new characters) to do other low lvl modules.
We know what we are planning will go for a long time which we are hoping.

But the question is where in nirmathas shoukd we set up our base in which we operate out of?Would it be good to do so from one of the smaller towns, mid size, or bigger towns? What are the pros and cons of doing so? Also which town wouldnt break the flow of things either since we are basically planning on doing ALL the modules and some homebrewed ones as well?

Tyvm for the suggestions in advance.

Okay I need some suggestions in what to do when someone rolls a 20 and then a 1 to confirm. Something fun and something with consequence but jot game breaking.

I used to go with that set of rolling as a critical miss and have something zany happen but rolling with a grp of dms and need some advice or suggestions in how to go with the rolling 20 and then a 1.

Preciate in advance the suggestions.

Okay I have a question about breaking items, from doors, armor, and equipemnt.
First off ill ask about this.
I have a barbarian in my group that whenever there's a locked door, he uses his maul to try to break it down. Now hes pretty beefy so he can usully overcome the hardness of the door. I have no problem whatsoever doing this, the question I ask does this start to wear out his weapon? If so what is the formula for doing so.
Also does armor and weapons ever start breaking down from adventuring use as in needing to repair the items? If so can anyone point me to the sourse and/or formula for this.
If its a case that only rust monsters or enemys sundering the party, then thats fine. I just wanted to make sure I wasnt overlooking anything.

okay, I need some advice. I'm running a campaign with some friends and one of them due to real life promotion, can no longer attend. That person is playing a fighter who is the wife of the barbarian in the grp (aka they are a real life married couple). well since the grp is basically at 3rd lvl, I asked the wife what to do with her character since thye are knee deep in a dungeon. She says the character can be killed off or captured or whatever I want to do with it. The husband eventually wants to be a frenzy barbarian, so I was thinking of someway to capture the fighter while they are knee deep in the dungeon. Basically use her as a cookie trail incase they get off track and then right before the barbarian is high enough lvl to become frenzy, have her murdered right before his eyes in a very very messed up situation. basically tying ingame how the barbarian became frenzy, trail them along, etc etc.

now what I need advice on is HOW to capture the fighter knee deep in a dungeon. Was thinking about using magic or at least a creature who can teleport. reason is why I need either those 2 ways is because A. it fits the scenario where they are at with ALOT of haunts and caster users, and B. I see them either running off away from their present scenario OR catching u with the kidnapper and thus ending the chance of being captured.

So what spells or creatures have the ability to basically teleport and grab someone and teleport back carrying a npc/creature that is unwilling, and how u would do it? the caster who I will have scrying on them is lvl 8.

okay I got 2 questions.
1st one is, a magic weapon can have up to 10 enhancement bonus apply, but cannot go over +5 damage enhancement meaning u cant do a +6. I got that. What I'm wondering is, is the it split in what u can use? Like 5 points are only for damage/hit increases and the other 5 for special abilities or as long as u have +1 enhancement u can throw as many abilities as u want as long as u don't go over the limit of 10?

2nd question is about a line in the core book pg468 where it states "A single weapon cannot have a modified bonus (enhancement bonus plus special abilities bonus equivalents, including from character abilities and spells) higher than +10. what I'm wondering about is the "plus special abilities bonus equivalents, including character abilities and spells" part. like lets say a pally had a +5 vorpal blade, would their weapon be considered holy seeing how that's a +2 right there enhancement over the +10? granted that's an example, but what I'm wondering is what counts as special abilities and what kind of spells?

As a dm, when and where is it a good place and time to use death spells against my players? There are quite a few monsters and class types that have death spells and abilities and im wondering when its okay to use said instant death, no coming back abilities?
Doing a campaign right now and my group is split on the use of them. One side believes that those abilities that can ne used against them should be swept under the rug and one side is all for it for the sake of tension and playing smart. Ive decided to use said abilities because well basically the ones that are against it have specced themselves in a way to basically plow thru most things without breaking a sweat. And thats fine, but I believe if the players have access to basically instant death abilities then so should the enemy as well.
BUT at the same time, I wanna be cautious and basically make it nown when something or someone has the ability and give them warning ingame without breaking immersion so that players can get a grasp that somethings nasty is coming up and give them a chance to avoid if they pay attention or think.
That way the players who dont wanna get instant death have a way to avoid said scenario without having to rely on a die roll and such and the players who do want the tension and excitment can see that some really nasty stuff is about to happen and get the rush that they no death is near.
In no way do I want to actually nowingly target someone ( I always have a die roll for who it targets) and I dont want to give instant deaths without warning either.

So anyone have any advice to using deatb spells against ur players?

Okay, running carrion crown and on the first book. Im studying the other books and I have noticed their are some creatures who use death spells and some have instant death effects (skin stealer for example). When is it okay to use said things against ur party? I no in the 3 rd book, theres a certain some who has an aoe death spell.
Mmm they have them in their arsenal, but when is it a good time to use said effects and spells?

Okay, I no when using a 2handed weapon when u roll for dmg, u had ur str mod and a half. But when u are rolling to hit, is it reg str mod or str mod and a half? If it is, where does it state it at because I can only find where u use str and a half for dmg, nothing but reg str mod on hit. I ask BC this came up during my campaign and I wanted to make sure. Thx for the info

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