Suggestions for creating a one shotter


Okay, throwing together a one shotter since full group won't be able to get together today.
I'm basically having them play out the short story Jerusalem Lot. So if u haven't read this very old short story and don't wanna be spoiled, read no further. Not my fault lol. Gonna have 3 lvl 3 character and one of them (unless they all related) has inherited a mansion in Ustaluv near a small town of Preachers Corner.
I have the mansion drawn up with all the secret rooms taken care of. I need advice in how much and what kind of loot should be found in the mansion. I'm usually horrible at distributing loot.
Also I'm using 2 creatures in the walls and gonna use maybe a haunt or 2,any suggestions? I was thinking of making them vampire spawn (minus energy drain) or ghouls.

Whatever I use for in the house, I was gonna use them for the abandoned town church scene. I have created a dhampir elder mythos cult cleric as the bbeg. I was thinking of using something for a fear effect every 1d4 rounds for the worm. Also dunno if I will have them fight it, was thinking more of using it as a end game "peek a boo" moment at the end. I let the dice roll as they roll, but I'm not sure what to do about that. If it's something they fight, I want it beatable. If it's just a "get the **** outta there and don't look back and run mutha***" I'm wondering what to use?

I appreciate the advice in advance for GMing this.

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There is a random dungeon generator if you want ideas.

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