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Okay need some advice on Kendra and connecting her to the vampires in ashes of dawn.
Making Kendra a lvl 2 lore oracle with the wasting away (to give the pcs a reason to be helpful towards her). Making AA a long time rival/friend of the professor and having him convince her to move to the town in book 5. thanks to the board for these ideas.

Now the thing is I want the eye organization to be after her or a reason for her not to want to be part of it. On top of that, I'm trying to figure out how she is connected to the vampires as well due to motivations of certain npcs of that book.

Any suggestions to help me brain storm? Also with the idea of this being a "horror" campaign. Thanks in advance.

Okay, well ive decided to change Kendra from an oracle to an undead bloodline sorcerer. Younger while traveling with her father, she had peeked into a dusty tome at a archeological site her, her father, and the people of the eye they meet in chapter 2. Runes activated and awakened the undead bloodline in her (making her, instead of the vampire) something important. Her father left the eye (or not really quit, just never went back) to take her away from being studied and maybe done away with if it had even the slightest chance of doing something important. So out of respect of equals have the eye stayed it's hand from engaging with Kendra. So since he never left them, he wanted to give back what was theirs, basically as a member he wanted to make sure all his affairs was in order so that he didn't hamper the Eye at all with his passing.
So to tie in with the vampires, the WW have kept Kendra safe and in the dark, life is usual ATM until they need her and she's being kept under tight watch. The vampires have caught wind of an important item the WW has being kept in THEIR city, so they have naturally went and forced their way in and captured said item. Now the WW is waging an invisible and silent war against the vamps to retrieve said item (so I can do the enemy of my enemy approach or still easily be able to do the "they vamps so kill them all and WW" approach as well).

Now I have decided further forshadow and get the group more closely invested, I e decided to make the ward and his wife a mighty fighter and a powerful sorcerer. The story remains the same but when the place catches on fire, the wife is hestarical over her husband down below that she's not fully comprehending what's going on and is screaming to let her out so she can save her husband. She sees a guard and its Gibs (u know I'm sorry, been drinking but I think I got this idea from the board and I'm pretty sure I did, so thank you for whoever posted it) and he's running to open the door. The ceiling falls and is burning and she sees Gibs trying to grab the pieces of wood on fire to get to her and the fire gets to high to fast. She's screaming to save her bc she must go to him and save him even though she's a lost cause and very evident that Gibs would have lost his life and still not been able to save her. Play it up that Gibs is very shaken and angry at his inability to save her and thus he's the angry violent lush he is now.

Now some advice. What spell would work as to let the party experience her memories? What bloodline would set her up with? I'm wanting to have her have the relax themselves (basically to be willing and have them forgo their saves) and cast her spell and have the party experience the memories from her point of view.

Okay, so this is basically me putting my notes out for anyone who's trying to GM/DM this game. Seeing how I've gotten soooooo many ideas and advice from this board, this is me putting my notes out for anyone who wants to use or see and whatever.
Also mainly as a place for me to keep ideas organized or something.

Also some small tweeks.
The slamming door haunt, I'm thinking of having it go off as all the doors slam loudly and hard and the charecters feel the room shake from the impact a lil bit. Then the doors and walls will show a massive fire and many bodies burning beyond repair classing and frantically try to push themselves out to escape the fire. Basically the doors and walls will ripple and contort to show this scene, an image. Then have the balcony floor fall on them from above. Basically a haunt/trap in one.
The sheriff is going to have the journal (an idea from the boards as well, thank you for whoever posted it) and have the players try to earn it from him. The sheriff found it on his body and has been silently investigating (he's smart enough to know dealing and rooting out cultists is very difficult and dangerous to do) the professors death. Even though the sheriff begrudgenly accepted the professor as a great man, he also knew the professor would get hands on and directly a part In his work. Now while he respects the professor, he does not respect the type of people the professor would accompany. So players work towards gaining trust and force the players from even running straight into the prison.

Also thinking about with the major players at the end of the HoH book, since they technically are haunts, when describing how they come out, I'm thinking of describing the area around them changing and forming into the "nightmare version" from silent hill. Maybe that will kinda enforce that they aren't just the beings that they spawn as, but as actual haunts that have corrupted and enfestered. Maybe even play the music from silent hill 1 as well, but sounds a bit video gamerish to me lol.

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