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An archer cleric would fit quite well, as Erastil features strongly in Kingmaker. With a 25pt-buy you can afford a 17 for Dex and a 15 for Wisdom, as well as a 14 Strength, for a composite longbow.
Erastil has quite good domains, exspecially subdomains i think, on which others can advise you better. Go with the usual archer feats and divine favor as spell.

Arjack wrote:
Now, how to max out a master summoner? :D

Not an expert on summoners, but a good choice, since the summoner works on Charisma. As for feats: Spell focus: conjuration and Augment summoning and your good to go, i´d say.

Have fun, Kingmaker is a BLAST!!!

Arjack wrote:

Right now, I'm thinking that I will take an elven wizard and focus on conjuration (and get Augment Summoning asap). I'll grab a longbow for backup, and focus on a couple of skills.

Is it feasible to pick up stealth, perception, and survival on a mage?

No. Stealth you can pick up via one of my favourite traits: highlander, which doesn´t really fit with an elven wizard. If you want more arcane casting than the bard has, take a sorcerer. You wrote you need diplomatic skills, especially an elven wizard will not provide that.

Ranger for wilderness, maybe a druid.

thejeff wrote:
And I expect if the records don't show a break,

Any kind of force worth mentioning will show up on a MRI scan for quite some time. Since Martin didn´t have a gun, nor a knife, won´t Zimmermann go to jail , if the autopsy doesn´t find at least bruised knuckles on Martin?

Also an important question is, where your campaign is going? It looks like your group doesn´t have someone for wilderness and tracking. Fav. enemy, a combat-style feat and fav. terrain are great. How is your group set up for ranged combat ?

The scarred rager gets scarification at 3rd level, more barb-levels you can´t really afford, maybe 5 levels, because the skald gets incite rage at 6th. Then cavalier for 7 levels at least to get the large animal companion. Extra rage and extra rage power on the way.

Just because it wasn´t metioned yet: what about oracle and later rage prophet ? Would fit exspecially with moment of clarity.

Problem i discovered: disruptive needs the enemy to be threatened with an AoO, so would this only work with a melee weapon?

We offered 5 acres for starting farmers and settlers, with the option to buy more later. Veterans of our armed forces got better conditions. Our GM gave us spokesmen for farmers and woodcutters, to talk to and sit in the council.
Lately we made the hexes of the fey ( Perlivash and Tiressas, at least) into royal reserves, but we also have a druid who´s big on re-foresting.
We also have begun to organize a system of local baillifs or reeves, as the kingdom got too large, basically extra wardens of the north (formerly Oleg´s outpost - Kesten), south ( Staglords Bastion + Kamelands - Aki), east (Varnhold - knighted veteran), west ( Tatzlford + forest, Elf Keep - retired char). They will propably eventually become barons, counts or Margraves.

Kyoni wrote:

What feats would you all suggest if I were going full Inqui?

Quickly browsing through the huge list of feats, only arcane vendetta and branded for retribution jumped at me. They add only damage, but the inquisitor disruptive stacks. Disruptive spell ?

Actually i just added ranged feats, point blank, precise shot, deadly aim and quick draw for switch-hitting. Itching to get my hands on a heavy repeating crossbow.;)

Kyoni wrote:

... why is disrupting and dispelling and tactics to disable such a bad idea?

It's almost like the discussion about the use of a character that is good with healing.

Hrmm..., i didn´t say that and i said " please" ?

Admitedly, i don´t really understand what your trying to do with the bard-side so urgently. I just checked the inquisitor spellbreaker-archetype, slapped the spellkiller- inquisition in on hero-lab and my jaw dropped. Not that i´m really into it yet, but it seemed viable, for what you want.
PS: Will propably play it, next chance i get.;)
PPS: Ah, now i see, bonus feats as non-fighter.

Some comments:
Tolkien: Come on, guys, put it into perspective. He wrote this in the stone-age of fantasy and he´s a linguist. I read it 5+ times, but i started skipping the hobbits after the second time, i have to admit.

Jordan: Plump. Not only one of his favourite adjectives...
Also lots of skipping the second time around, i made it through repeatedly, but it drags, man does it drag...
Anderson changed that a lot btw.

Erikson: Appalling. Not only one of his favourite adjectives...
Some cool characters ( or rather sketches, cool names), but for the rest i wholeheartedly agree with the posters above.

Kyoni wrote:
...need more caster level boosting...

Then why don´t you give it a try and drop the bard...please ?

I´m also a big fan of multiclassing, but Pathfinder really doesn´t support or reward this. You´ll get to the higher level spells quicker with only one class, among other things.
Recently i played the inquisitor of a friend, so i´m somewhat familiar and would recommend weapon of awe, flames of the faithful and keen.
Searing light is also great, exspecially with a rod to maximize the levels.
BTW if it had to be multiclass, i´d consider half-elf and ranger-levels.
Fav. enemy human or ranger-focus, a combat-style for switch-hitting ?
And a heavy repeating crossbow.

Spontaneously i would try to mesh a sonic blast with some kind of divine/banishment spell.

You could start of with an aristocrat for the flavour and then go fighter or rogue. A cavalier might also fit, possibly without other levels. High dexterity for shooting, weapon finesse for an Aldori dueling sword or a rapier.

ashley rex wrote:


Are you looking for advice for this built ?

Just in case:
Trait: river-rat ! +1 damage with daggers
Are you aware that you´ll have a minus to hit at 1st level when using TWF?
Take weapon finesse from the start.

I thought they left them " for the gods" or rather for their thralls to pick up should the children survive the night out in the hills, as not to loose the workforce. They also had a semi- polyandry, where not only widows were " taken care " of, but women could choose another man who came home with more honor or loot. IIRC spartian women DID have quite a bit more standing than those of the more patriachial athens, which made them all the more suspect.
But generally, the whole spartian society of that particular time was geared to producing the finest foot-soldiers possible. By all accounts they were succeeding pretty well.
The athens were more strategically/politically inclined an were way more successfull in the long run.

It´s a rogue talent, coax information, that does that.

For a hoplite the phalanx-soldier is perfect, one of the best archetypes IMHO, though the Shaft and Shield feat makes it somewhat obsolete. My first thought is that your group may lack ranged capability, as well as wilderness skills. Consider ranger, throwing spears or amentums.
Anyways, with two charismatic fighter/leader characters you want to do a third ?

PS: Your having a Pally, an official bastard and an elf in one group ? ;P

Recently i have been building low level agents and troops for our Kingmaker Campaign.

Team Gralton:
Point: Ranger Guide 4/ Rogue 1 (Smuggler)
Fav. terrain: urban
C. style: W&S: Shield Slam
Shield Focus, power attack, opening volley

Scout: Urban Ranger 3/ Rogue 1 Burglar/Roofrunner
Fav. enemy human ( also for bluff/sense motive
Fav. community: Gralton
Combat Style Crossbow: Precise Shot
Deadly Aim, opening volley, dodge
L. Crossbow, Chakram, Sap

Mistress: Rogue 2/ Cleric 2 ( Calistria)
Weapon Finesse, TWF
Whip, handcrossbow

Still working on them.

Your eidolon will prove itself usefull enough i´m sure and if this " boat-thing" lasts, you might be able to scounge up some kind of air/propulsion-capable spell and be everybodies hero.

rpgsavant wrote:

Bosun - Oversee the onboarding and offboarding of cargo (Not the same as Quartermaster, but sometimes is)

I think bosun is another word for boatswain, the highest-ranking sailor and overseer of those.

Cook, is the first thing that comes to mind, Sailmaker wasn´t mentioned yet.
What class are you playing ?
A bit more information on the campaign and group might be helpfull.

For starters and tanking i recommend using a spiked shield to boost your AC. For TWF while raging use a hand- or throwing-axe, at least until you get this over-sized feat. Considering your high Dex, i´d also try to throw something before closing into melee. For later there´s a feat two weapon defense, which gives a +1 bonus to AC.
Generally though i also suggest doing two levels of ranger to get TWF via combat-style with a Dex of 14, or even just two levels of barbarian and then extra rage/rage-power.

Animals. Seriously, the only times our groups Paladin got mauled was by animals, or plants. No reason why the evil guys shouldn´t have big guard-beasties or their towers surrounded by deadly plants.

Include a goblin-dog kennel and a couple of bugbears, to spice the soup. Dire-rats in the pit-traps, bat-swarms, chased out by the smoke and Fire !

Lowlight vision would be usefull, as would be sneaky, but the human bonus feat is just to good, you can start out with the most important archery feats. Also i have to say a birdman doesn´t really fit underground, IMO. You might consider half-elf, if you want to take more than one level rogue.
Ányways, i´d recommend adding the guide archetype, so you can share your terrain bonus with your party, exspecially stealth-wise. The Rangers Focus is also good, unless the campaign is pretty specific against one race. No animal companion, though, a badger or wolverine with rage, scent and low-lightvision would be helpfull, too. Take also into account the make-up of your party.
The Stats i would do more like this:
str 14
dex 15+2human +1 4th Lvl
con 14
int 10
wis 13 +1 8th Lvl - for earlier second level spell
cha 10

Furthermore i suggest getting a buckler and a one-handed back-up weapon, plus something for throwing, as underground tends to restrict two-handed weapon use, as well as longbows, i have to say.
Ask your DM for advice.

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cranewings wrote:

A few days later, in character, he tried to use his healing powers on an npc and found them absent.

Quite embarrassing. Pretty embarrassing, actually. Hilarious. Exspecially given his reaction.

No, not primarily i think, its just that you can afford it with a 25-point buy to have the option to go into melee. A longbow doesn´t really fit with a dwarf IMO, but the problem is rather that the point of the longbow is that you can full-attack with it. As Inquisitor you get your second attack pretty late and can take rapid shot at 3rd levl the earliest and precise shot is propably more important. So, if you have the money, get a heavy repeating crossbow. Point blank at first level, precise shot at third, at fifth maybe deadly aim or far shot.
If your not set on the dorn-duergar, i suggest just a morningstar as back-up melee weapon.

Apart from that, i seriosly doubt you GM will just give you a Hippogriff companion, no matter what. If you talk to him, maybe he´ll be able/wanting to weave something along this line into his campaign, but the Sable Company is pretty regional specific and absolute elite.

Yeah, seeing that problem too. GM´s call. Otherwise its martial proficiency feat, which sucks with a dwarf getting only one feat, but it can be done. Quickdraw at third, or darting viper. Vital strike for heavy rep. crossbow and dorn-duergar both.
Edit: Can´t take Darting Viper before 5th, cause you need BAB+4 to qualify.

The Dorn-Duergar is tricky and will cost you a feat, because while dwarfs get it as martial weapon, you don´t get martial weapons with the inquisitor, unless you can convince your DM to make it favourite weapon of a secondary dwarven god. I think there´s a pretty conservative son of Torag.
Anyway, i second Weables advise for ranged support, exspecially since the Inquisitor can use repeating crossbows!!! A heavy one would make a nice addition to your party. With a 25-point buy you can easily afford Dex 16, something like:

STR 15 +1 at 4th
DEX 16
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 16

Outflank is nice, but i´d recommend precise strike. As for feats, if this switch-hitting built interests you, get quickdraw and you´re good to go.

Personally i can only recommend the " Kingmaker " adventure path. Great campaign, starts in a small setting, sandbox-style with several quests to pursue. Maybe the exploring and kingdom-building aspect could be exspecially attractive to new gamers, as the more exspirienced tend to dislike it.

The whip is finessable and has reach. But you´d propably also need agile manoevers to use trip/disarm reasonably effective.

Mercurial wrote:

2) With the Oath of Vengeance archetype, those two extra Lay on Hands can become 1 Smite Evil or 1 Powerful Justice making it a very versatile feat to take, especially when taken so early on.


I seriously doubt that you´ll really need extra lay on hands, let alone two, so i suggest getting cleave. For later, with scimitar or falchion as weapons, maybe look into the critical lines.

The only other thing i can think of is my new favourite feat flagbearer, with requires Cha 15 and gives morale bonus, but also a hand, unless you allow him to use a polearm as flagpost.
And the feat dreadfull carnage.

HawaiianWarrior wrote:

But since I've come this far, I might as well post my whole character. I welcome comments and suggestions.


Thats really nice, just a bit suicidal. Leather Armor? CHA 14 ? You´re Grace Jones, or what?;) And if your a skirmisher you don´t need WIS 13 either. The darkwood buckler unfortunately is actually a light shield, so when your using the spear, your AC should be even more crappy. I´d recommend a trident and/or a reach weapon for more damage, as you have furious focus. And a masterwork chainshirt or hide shirt. Flank with the druid, after throwing the net, you should be fine.

Gworeth wrote:
You could use an enlarge person potion and then be able to use the large bow (and add gravity bow on top of that).

Unfortunately the PRD says :

Any enlarged item that leaves an enlarged creature's possession (including a projectile or thrown weapon) instantly returns to its normal size. This means that thrown and projectile weapons deal their normal damage.
But it works with large weapons, lead blades and gravity bow.

Everybody plays to have fun, man. Chill out, relax, lay back, it´s just a game.
That being said : I understand your frustration.
I don´t see where he gets a spell failure from, given that he´s a divine caster and i don´t understand how he gets a better weapon, given the tight weapon restictions of the druid, maybe ask him nicely ?
Generally, i´d talk openly to the GM, that your feeling overshadowed by the other player´s character. If he´s doing the " wading into melee"-part, maybe you should adjust your tactics accordingly. Question is if you´d have to adjust your feats to do that.

Yes, thats the beauty of the combat-styles.
I hope;)

Somewhat short, but in PF you can adjust to almost anything IMO. You have 2 light- melee skillmonkeys, which is a bit much and one or two support casters. If you are left with only one caster, of four characters, thats not too bad. The Samurai front/center, ninja and monk take the flanks, alchemist stays behind.
Considering the eastern tilt of your party, i´d recommend a Whitehaired witch, but then again, without the bard, you might end up on the squishy-heavy side.

The only rage power i found to be working with intimidate is intimidating glare, with doesn´t strike me as terribly good, but take a look, if the built ends up without dazzling display.
Considering his low Con and whats being said in the forum, i´d recommend guarded life, maybe renewed vigor too.

So the bard had to spent his spells healing and is now maybe dropping out ? Either way it looks like you colud need a divine caster, possibly melee-capable or a witch, with or without healing hex.
Leaves druid, cleric, oracle or inquisitor ?

Edit: on the other hand, what Oterisk said : heal bots aren´t really necessary, if you watch your tactics and get a wand.

Mr Erth wrote:

One of my players (who isn't incredible strong rules-wise and so needs I don't think 17 strength is bad and the charisma is nice for intimidating, but I'm worried he's gonna be in constant risk of dying with so low dex and con. So here's where you guys come in.

Intimidating is nice and well, but 17 seems exessive. I´d strongly recommend putting the 17 on Con or Dex. Otherwise you´d need Weapon focus/ Dazzling Display or something to really use Cha, or he should consider going Oracle - Rage Prophet, to make use of the Charisma.

Otherwise Power Attack, Furious Focus and Cleave are a classical feat progression for a barbarian.

He can remain in this form for a number of rounds equal to his Ranger level + his Wisdom modifier.

Gosh, i thought it were 10 min/level, like the Infiltrator ability, this is really somewhat thin. Still liking the flavour.

But it entitles one to a fur full-suit including skull - helm !:P
As for the Shapeshifter, i´m always annoyed that my favoured terrain might be unused over long stretches of a campaign ( when i think of it), shapeshift to ursine always works, pretty long too, compared to bulls strength.
Might be biased though, i´m actually playing an Infiltrator.;)

the_Elf wrote:

OK my next question, is what can I do make the dagger a viable weapon as a cleric?

Trait: River Rat, for +1 to damage and weapon focus.

Seriously, get a morningstar or a mace.

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