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Mountain Stance reduces all your speeds by 5 feet.

They probably do, considering that the other unarmored item bonuses to AC (Explorer's Clothing and Mage Armor) also have a max Dex of +5.

All the cantrips are listed as being "Cantrip 1", so their base spell level is 1. They don't get any extra damage above their base until your character hits level 3, at which point they're automatically heightened to 2nd-level.

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Grim Ranger wrote:
Ward Davis wrote:
azjauthor wrote:
It seems like, if you have Crafting trained, spending that Downtime on crafting would be a much better use of time. If you spend 8 days, an Earn Income success at Level 1 is only 0.4 gp. Spending it on crafting saves you 0.8 gp if you do it all in a single 8-day block (and more if you devote more downtime). Much better than SFS, where crafting with Downtime provides little benefit, and certainly no cost benefit.
Remember that crafting your own equipment has a 4 day cold start. (Pg 244).
I was under the impression that after those 4 days you will have crafted the item at half the cost, and every day after that would reduce the cost by some amount (I don't have the CRB with me now to quote specifics, unfortunately). So in an 8 day period, you can craft 2 items at half price. Is this not correct?

Incorrect. If you only spend 4 days crafting an item, you have to pay full price at the end of those 4 days. It's only if you spend more time crafting after the initial 4 days that you start to get a discount.


You must spend 4 days at work, at which point you attempt a Crafting check. The GM determines the DC to Craft the item based on its level, rarity, and other circumstances.

If your attempt to create the item is successful, you expend the raw materials you supplied. You can pay the remaining portion of the item’s Price in materials to complete the item immediately, or you can spend additional downtime days working on it. For each additional day you spend, reduce the value of the materials you need to expend to complete the item.

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The existence of one method of increasing proficiency doesn't invalidate other methods of increasing proficiency; a rogue with Goblin Weapon Familiarity becomes an Expert with a Dogslicer when he gains Weapon Tricks at level 5, and a Master when he gains Master Tricks at level 13. Goblin Weapon Expertise is useful for characters that don't automatically gain Expert proficiency with all simple weapons, which at this point is just the Wizard and the Cleric.

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Spells increase the MAP if they have the Attack trait. Shocking Grasp has the Attack trait so it would increase the MAP, but Fireball does not, so it doesn't increase the MAP.

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Don't forget that potions aren't alchemical items, so if they're carrying a potion instead of an elixir, Alchemical Savant is a waste of an action.

Holy etc. weapons in PF1 only worked on enemies of the appropriate alignment.

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Getting bigger doesn't increase the size of your damage dice.

dharkus wrote:
The Gleeful Grognard wrote:
Monsters use MAP same as players.
if that's the case, why would you ever use the other attacks for the vrock example above, 1 att has higher dmg than the others, and one even is less accurate! Talon would only be used for the AoO, and maybe the claw as it's agile and beak isn't? so you've gotta make choice between +21, +16, +11 3d8 or +21,+17,+13 3d6

You can also do beak claw claw for +21 3d8, +17 3d6, +13 3d6

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The first one.


When you use dispel magic in a higher-level spell slot (either by preparing it as a prepared caster, knowing it at a higher level as a spontaneous caster, or having it as a signature spell as a spontaneous caster), it lets you counteract higher level spells.

Here's a post from Mark Seifter confirming that you don't add your ability modifier when using Assurance.

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Pretty sure "cantrips" is referring to the bombs from Perpetual Infusions, which do take two actions to use (one to create with Quick Alchemy, one to throw)

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Mighty Rage is a free action, so it essentially lets you use one of your class feats which require you to be raging as part of starting your rage.

For example, take a giant instinct barbarian with the Giant's Stature. Normally, you would have to take an action to start raging, then an action to use Giant's Stature and grow large, which only leaves you one action to do anything with on your first turn. With Mighty Rage, you use Rage and Giant's Stature as a single action, starting your rage and growing big, while still having two actions to do something like Sudden Charge.

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They do not get the feat for two reasons.
1) Dwarven Weapon Proficiency only makes martial dwarf weapons simple for the purposes of determining proficiency.
2) Warhammers are not dwarf weapons, so Dwarven Weapon Proficiency does not make them simple weapons. A dwarf weapon is a weapon with the Dwarf trait, which at this point are only of the clan dagger and dwarven war axe.

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Alchemists use Int for class DCs, number of infused reagents (class level + Int mod), and the effects of a few class feats. Alchemists can't go 18 Dex because you can only get a starting 18 in your class's key ability, which is Intelligence for alchemists.

There's only 75 ways for humans to arrange their ancestry boosts.

There's 15 options for arranging two boosts

+Str +Dex
+Str +Con
+Str +Int
+Str +Wis
+Str +Cha
+Dex +Con
+Dex +Int
+Dex +Wis
+Dex +Cha
+Con +Int
+Con +Wis
+Con +Cha
+Int +Wis
+Int +Cha
+Wis +Cha

and there's 20 options for arranging three boosts, each of which has three options for arranging two flaws

+Str +Dex +Con
+Str +Dex +Int
+Str +Dex +Wis
+Str +Dex +Cha
+Str +Con +Int
+Str +Con +Wis
+Str +Con +Cha
+Str +Int +Wis
+Str +Int +Cha
+Str +Wis +Cha
+Dex +Con +Int
+Dex +Con +Wis
+Dex +Con +Cha
+Dex +Int +Wis
+Dex +Int +Cha
+Dex +Wis +Cha
+Con +Int +Wis
+Con +Int +Cha
+Con +Wis +Cha
+Int +Wis +Cha

Are there any higher-level alchemical items? In the playtest, there were absolutely no new items other than poisons from level 4 to 19 (and the level 20 philosopher's stone and elixir of rejuvenation needed a feat to get them), and everything above level 10 were poisons, bombs, mutagens, poisons or elixirs of life.

Thank god someone else posted this, I was going to but I had the problem that trying to go to Website Feedback kicks me to the front page.

Just checked the playtest, and bombs are considered martial thrown weapons.

Specifically, an attack action is using a standard action to make an attack (see this FAQ about Vital Strike)


Cevah wrote:

Lower level spells have lower caps.

Higher level spells have higher caps.
From +5, +10, +15, to +20 or more.


Dispel Magic, Remove Disease, and Remove Curse are all similar spells that are lower level than Break Enchantment, but don't have a level cap.

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Alright, just for the sake of having the numbers out there somewhere instead of rattling around in my head, I'm going to compare how the bomber's perpetual infusion bombs compare to cantrips.

Levels 1-6: Casters have cantrips. They do 1 die of damage, adding their casting modifier once they hit level 5. Bombers have nothing. Not a strong start for bombers.

Level 7-8: Bombers finally have at-will bombs. They're minor bombs, so they do 1 die of damage (and maybe +splash damage? I'm going to be nice with them and assume that the target of a bomb takes splash damage on a hit), versus the 1 die + casting modifier that cantrips do, so same amount of damage. And at this level, alchemists have expert proficiency with their bombs, versus the merely trained proficiency casters have, so they're more accurate! A win for bombers!

Level 9-10: Bombers haven't gained anything. Casters, however, gain a die of damage with their cantrips and can now pick up a lesser spell duelist's wand and gain a +1 item bonus to their attack rolls with them. Now cantrips are just as accurate as bombs and outdamaging them.

Level 11: Bombers can now throw lesser bombs at-will, dealing 2 dice + Int damage, putting them on par with cantrips again.

Level 12: Casters become experts with their spells, now giving them the edge in accuracy over the bomber.

Level 13-14: Bombers gain a proficiency boost with their bombs, now putting them at master. However, casters can now grab a standard spell duelist's wand, meaning cantrips are still more accurate than bombs. In addition, bombs get a damage bump at level 13, putting them ahead of bombs at 3 dice + casting modifier damage.

Level 15: Bombers can now throw moderate bombs at-will, dealing 3 dice + Int damage, putting the damage on par with cantrips, but still less accurate.

Level 16: Casters gain another bump in their casting proficiency, making them even more accurate than bombers.

Level 17-18: Bombers can now grab a pair of alchemist goggles, giving them a +2 item bonus to attacks made with their bombs, finally catching up to the caster's cantrips in accuracy. Except not, because casters can now grab a greater spell duelist's wand, making them again more accurate than bombers. In addition, their cantrips go up to 4 dice + casting modifier damage, again pulling ahead of bombs in damage.

Level 19-20: Casters gain legendary proficiency in spellcasting, pulling ahead in accuracy even more.

During the course of level 20: Casters can grab a supreme spell duelist's wand, cementing them at 3 points more accurate than the bomber.

Bomber: +29 to hit (22 proficiency + 5 dex + 2 item), 3dX+7 damage
Caster: +32 to hit (23 proficiency + 5 dex + 4 item), 4dX+7 damage

Now for some final thoughts

  • On the one hand, this is discounting the secondary effects of the cantrips. Unlike damaging cantrips, which generally require a critical hit for their non-damaging effects, bombs have secondary effects which occur on a hit, giving them some utility that cantrips lack. This probably makes the bomb rankings look something like Bottled Lightning > Liquid Ice > Acid Flask > Alchemist's Fire > Thunderstone
  • On the other hand, everything above assumes that the bomber took the Calculated Splash feat AND that splash damage works how it does in the Resonance Playtest. This would make your free bombs garbage for dealing damage, probably putting the Thunderstone above Alchemist's Fire in my rankings assuming you had Powerful Alchemy.
  • Dex mutagenists under the effects of a Quicksilver Mutagen are more accurate than bombers (+30 to hit = 20 proficiency + 5 dex + 5 item), but still less accurate than casters.
  • Things would probably work out very differently if Double Brew and Alchemical Alacrity let you make multiple free bombs with a single action.

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Is there any way for non-mutagenist alchemists to get access to mutagens? Because if not, it seems bombers have completely lost access to item bonuses for their bombs.

Also, do Perpetual Infusions/Potency/Perfection work with Double Brew/Alchemical Alacrity? Because if not, it looks to me that the Perpetual bombs are still weaker than caster's cantrips.

Stephen Ross wrote:

4) provisory no. Clerics pray for spells and I believe the gods only grant CORE spells and no workaround has been defined for divine casters. Page of Spell Knowledge is non-CORE. When you play CORE you understand that it is about limiting options and choices for a simpler game.

IF a wizard could learn it from a scroll bought from an NPC then there would be no need for the "find it in an adventure" criteria. Besides, learning (CORE spells) from a wizard with access for only half the scribe cost IS Core, no need to use scrolls. see CRB pg 219, 2nd column, 3rd paragraph.

CRB wrote:
In most cases, wizards charge a fee for the privilege of

The blog post that Paul links says that in Core, non-Wizard casters can add spells to their class spell list with scrolls.

Other PCs able to cast spells—spontaneously or from a divine spell list that does not depend on a spellbook—can learn spells they find in scroll form so long as they buy the scroll and expend it to add the spell to her list of legal spells; spontaneous spellcasters must still expend known spell slots in order to learn the spell. These PCs cannot learn non-Core spells from spellbooks.

In Pathfinder Society, bringing a Player Character Folio or certain Pathfinder branded shirts give you a free reroll once per session.

To the OP, you would probably be better off asking this in the PFS Playtest forum.

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Some weapons that explode or cause critical hit effects (see page 182) allow the target to attempt a saving throw. The DC of such a saving throw is typically equal to 10 + half the weapon’s item level + one of your ability modifiers. Unless stated otherwise, the ability modifier corresponds to the ability score you’d normally use to make an attack with that weapon (Dexterity for a ranged or thrown weapon, and Strength for a melee weapon). Any penalty you would normally take to your weapon attack roll also applies to this DC, including penalties from the weapon’s range increment.

On page 181. So yes, the penalty to attack rolls applies to the save DC of all explode weapons.

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Dekalinder wrote:
AndIMustMask wrote:
cant a few of them also target TAC? which'd be a pretty solid accuracy boost by itself
TAC is not what it used to be. Most of the times it's only 1-2 points lower than full AC, and you can't get any item enhancement to hit with spells. After a few magic items, spell are actually worse at hitting than shortswords.

Spell Duelist's Wand/Gloves give you an item bonus to ranged/melee attacks with spells.

Gazragar wrote:
Edit 2: Found the Class DC on page 43 is locked to your Key Ability, so presumably it matches your INT score alone - I'm guessing we're supposed to get magical items to push our INTs above 20 in that case, then?

Class DC is 10 + level + key ability mod.

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All Lore skills are signature skills for everyone.

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pauljathome wrote:
Kirtri wrote:

This is a shot in the dark since I haven't read the adventure at all, but tasks at least in the previews were gated not just with a DC but a proficiency, so certain tasks you just are unable to accomplish unless you are Experienced, Master, or Legendary.

For example, disarming magic traps, or (successfully) negotiating with a dragon. Though part of that might have been my own reading between the lines.

I've found nothing to indicate that is actually in the rules. Obviously I could well be missing something but I didn't even see a suggestion to GMs to do that, let alone an actual rule.

One of the reasons that I mostly ignored the previews is that I'm far more interested in what the rules actually say than what the developers think they say :-) :-)

Traps which require a certain proficiency to disable are a thing (see the examples on page 343; "disabling" a hidden pit trap doesn't have a proficiency prerequisite, while disabling a spear launcher requires you to be Trained, and disabling a poisoned dart gallery requires Expert proficiency), and page 336 does have a section discussing proficiency-gated tasks.

There's a cost for getting a new familiar, so maybe that's where you got it from.

Based on what you and whew posted, I calculated the following for each pregen

Envoy - 1040 credits
Mechanic - 1001 credits
Mystic - 1060 credits
Operative - 1019 credits
Solarian - 1000 credits
Soldier - 1011 credits
Technomancer - 902 credits

Page 190

Batteries charge powered weapons, but they can also be used to power an array of items, including powered armor and technological items.

Tech items use the same batteries as weapons.

It's on page 218

Starfinder Core Rulebook wrote:
Items with a specified usage use a battery that comes fully charged when purchased. Such batteries can be recharged as normal using generators or recharging stations (see Professional Services on page 234), or they can be replaced (see Table 7-9: Ammunition for battery prices).

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Already answered in the FAQ

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Yakman wrote:
Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
so... why go through the problem of writing out that it has hit points?

So that extra damage can cause it to collapse faster.

Don't forget that at level 6, your custom rig gains the features of a computer with a tier equal to half your mechanic level, as well as a free module which can be Artificial Personality. So if you're okay with waiting a few levels, you'll get all of that except the datajack for free.

Chia Red wrote:

I also have some questions about Promethean's Homunculus companion.

According to this newest FAQ, it is included in animal (plant or vermin) companion and it can't use or even wear most magic equipment.

According to the FAQ, the Promethean Alchemist's homunculus companion falls under Biped [hands], not Plant/Verminous. Additionally, unlike animal/plant/vermin companions, they can activate magic items, which may well include wands.

claudekennilol wrote:
Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:

How do alchemists and investigators craft in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild?”

Alchemists and investigators may use Craft (alchemy) to craft items that they gain access to on Chronicle sheets as long as the Chronicle sheet does not limit to the number of times they may purchase those items.
I'm confused, can they no longer craft things that they could previously cast? Or is this just saying "if a chronicle sheet has something that is not always available for purchase, then you may now craft this item"?

That's an update added to the end of the existing FAQ. Read the full thing here.

Murdock Mudeater wrote:

Yes, Replacement item needs to be magical. This is fully covered in the Arcane Bond rules in the CRB.

Nowhere does it say that the replacement must be a magic item.

Inner Sea Races has an alternate racial trait for humans, Military Tradition, that trades their bonus feat for proficiency in up to two culturally-appropriate martial or exotic weapons.

andreww wrote:
Onikokoro Vallaway wrote:

This ring fixes that so we need a update soon I also want a list of which familiars can wield weapons.

If you don't have hands to carry a wand how do you expect to wear a ring?

You could invest in a hand of glory but that is another 8k and I doubt a flying eyeball has a neck slot.

I'm pretty sure Onikokoro was talking about getting a ring for the Xiao (winged monkey)

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

Is there a distinction in workload between Venture Agent, Venture Lieutenant, and Venture Captain?

*NOT* volunteering (I've had a similar position in a different campaign, and I cannot devote the time or attention to such a role in PFS, sadly) for them in good conscience.

Yes, there is

supervillan wrote:
Gummy Bear wrote:

I apologize for the brief derail, but I didn't feel like my question deserved its own thread. If it spirals out of control, I will make a new thread for it.

Castilliano wrote:

Re: Combat Reflexes

-Ready action to 5' step forward and attack when polearm user approaches.

Quick question: Does the polearm user get an attack or would this negate the intended attack completely?

I find this a very clever and potent tactic!

It doesn't work. You can ready a standard action, but what is attempted here is a free plus a standard in one. No dice. And if it did work, it would render all polearms obsolete: everyone facing a polearm readies to step in and strike, and when they do so the polearm user is no longer at a distance they can attack from.

You actually can, but with a caveat

You can take a 5-foot step as part of your readied action, but only if you don't otherwise move any distance during the round.

wellsmv wrote:
all it takes is a ninja finding 1 poisons creature in quest.. and then you have the whole party with poison coated weapons..

It still takes time and money to craft poison, and there probably won't be time to craft during a scenario. Plus they'd still be restricted to crafting the poisons allowed by Additional Resources, I see nothing that would suggest otherwise.


and there are a few creatures with some pretty nasty poisons.

are we only going to let them craft certain posions-the ones on the list ?

Like I said above, no one suggested allowing ninjas the ability to craft any poison they'd like; they'd only be allowed to make poisons listed as legal in Additional Resources, just like alchemists, investigators, poisoner rogues, etc.

is it fair that they get them cheaper than others?

I'd say it's more than fair. Poisons aren't exactly the most useful thing, and a fair number of common enemies (undead, elementals in season 8) are completely immune to them. And unlike alchemists/investigators, there's no archetypes they can take to trade it away, so they're stuck with it.

Its much simpler to have any class ( or archetype) that has " poison use" can buy the poison- from the list

It may be simpler, but the fact of the matter is that other classes that gain Poison Use can craft poisons, and I see no reason to exclude the Ninja.

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