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Character Operations Manual has an alternate class feature that lets you fake having more magic hacks at some cost. Hack Capacitor acts a little like the Adaptive Fighting feat but for magic hacks, and you have to give up the cache capacitor and resolve attunement class features to take it.

A Skittermander with the Add Leverage feat can wield a combat knife with six hands and knock opponents back 30' with a successful bull rush.

Darkvision is one of the easier traits to replace with equipment so it's not a big deal to lose it. I would note as a caution regarding Infosphere Integration that it doesn't grant any skill ranks and that Skill Focus doesn't scale with level. You get the most out of it if you take lots of random cross-class skill ranks and even with it you'll struggle with higher level skill rolls.

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I don't have a definite answer to question 1 but I think as a reaction to getting dropped prone would at least be reasonable.
Taking a swift action means you can't use a full action on the same turn. I believe the main benefit of this is being able to stand up and full attack.

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I'm still in progress on a detailed read through. I haven't gotten to the actual section yet but I did get the ones buried in the race options.
Ambusher: Terrible. Not strictly useless but it's too closely tied to sniping with sniper weapons and can't overcome the inherent weakness of trying to fight that way.
Fourfold tactician: More a grab bag of things you can do with four arms than a coherent fighting style but the benefits are ok.
Battlemaster: It was probably written under the assumption that the user would be wielding a Doshko so they'd have that move action available due to not using full attacks. However you're not getting much for it.
Squad Soldier: Very nice team-based melee tank. Combines well with the Ysoki alternate racial trait Swarmer if you were so inclined - that way you can use the feature that boosts flanking and the feature that aids adjacent allies at the same time. Shame they hid it under Half Elf racial options where nobody is going to read it.

Mystic connection, Crusader: An attempt at representing a Paladin. I'm no expert at the Mystic class but it looks pretty weak. You're granting a bonus to recovering from disease when other connections are raising the dead, calling meteor showers, and teleporting between planets and you've had access to Remove Affliction for some time.

Matt2VK wrote:

Vanguard Aspect Insight (Ex) Improved Combat Maneuver pages 53 -55

Vanguards as they level up can pick up two different Aspects. Each Aspect can give a Improved Combat Maneuver. What happens if they grant the same Combat Maneuver?

As is, both Boundary & Cascade Aspects give Improved Combat Maneuver: Sunder.

Expecting future Vanguard material to have new Aspects so some type of answer is needed.

My copy of the book says "If you already have the bonus feat granted by the aspect insight, you can instead select any other feat for which you meet the prerequisite." Page 53, Second Aspect Insight. My reading is that if you already have the feat from any source, including but not limited to your first aspect insight, you just pick a different feat.

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That's not a Kasatha, that's Two Ysoki Under A Coat! You need two melee PCs, at least one of whom must be a Ysoki with the Swarmer alternate race feature and at least one of whom must have the Scurry feat. They can occupy the same space and count as flanking anyone who enters their threatened area. Still works if one of the characters is a Ysoki with both of the listed requirements and the other character is any other melee character.
You don't actually need the Scurry feat since it isn't necessary to occupy the same space to use Swarmer, it's just more fun that way.

You can combine the Scurry feat with the level 6 feature of the Street Rat theme to squeeze through spaces one eighth the size of your normal space (7.5 inches?) without the usual penalties for squeezing, but when is that going to come up.

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Aid Another appears in the skills section. As a special application of skills it is covered by "Use A Skill" as one of the Other Actions.

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Right. I see. If you find a fusion as loot, can you whack that on a weapon for free using 10 minutes and an arcana skill or does that still use a cost?

If you find an unused fusion you can have a character trained in engineering or mysticism affix it to an eligible weapon for the cost given in the table. There's no cost savings compared to making the fusion yourself but it does mean you don't have to have as many ranks in mysticism as the fusion's level like you would if you were making it yourself. Given how equipment levels work in Starfinder I wouldn't expect that to be much help.

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A drone could grapple using a weapon with the grapple property. Those don't require a free hand. Otherwise I'd expect them to be terrible at it.

I say no on this. Drone weapon arms are fixed mounts that take an hour to change out. Putting a battleglove on the weapon mount gives you a boxing glove on a stick, not a fully functional articulated hand. Manipulator arms are a separate mod.

Character creation (and advancement) and actions are really important things to understand and differ significantly between Starfinder and D&D 5e. You'll have a lot of trouble playing if you don't know how to create a character or use actions. After that it's details. It's worth going over how attacks of opportunity work since it's much easier to provoke in Starfinder than in D&D 5e. Like in 5e managing threatened squares can be a major part of a martial character's job.

When I switched my game from 5e to Starfinder I included these tutorial videos from the Basics4Gamers channel in the reorientation packet:

Actions work differently in Starfinder than in 5e. Make sure to read pages 244-249. This video covers essentially the same information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7VapCH2-z0

It is much easier to provoke opportunity attacks in Starfinder. See page 248-249 for details. This video is also helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-mvDv0Rrik

In Starfinder’s high tech setting most intelligent enemies have ranged weapons and accordingly cover is of greater importance in this game. See page 253-254 for details. Ignore the diagram at the bottom of page 253. It conflicts with the rules text. You might also wish to view this video, which describes clearly how it all works with good examples. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlCzJGDvkT0

Make sure the players know the objective is to win the race. It's fairly common to get the mistaken impression you only have to beat Ratrod. Related, one of my players got super fixated on sabotaging Ratrod's racer even after I told him how hard it would be to gain access without any of the pit crew catching him and he'd get tossed out of the competition if he got caught even once. He got caught so I had him maintain the distance tracker during the race. Basically I had note cards with the names of all the racers and little miniature ships on them and had him add up and record the distance each had travelled each round, repositioning the cards as necessary to keep them in order by placement. I intended to have a scaled down strip map of the track with distance markers to advance the racers along but I didn't get around to it.

The NPC racer with the supercharged engine blew up right out the gate. For PCs, I'm pretty sure using the supercharger right away is the worst possible strategy. Blowing up early virtually guarantees a loss while activating it later will reduce the amount of distance you might have to cover at half speed. NPC racers also tend to target the front runner so the lead you gambled for will erode even if you don't blow up. The most important thing is to consistently pass your piloting checks while having a decent base speed.

You can slightly increase the number of people rolling dice during the race by letting a copilot use Aid Another on the piloting checks.

"Most of the recharging stations that replenish devices, such as batteries and power cells (see page 234), also recharge armor’s environmental protections, and using them to recharge suits is typically free of price." page 198. Solar sheeting's description doesn't call it out as an exception.

Characters who wear heavy armor could reasonably buy a flight suit at some point so they're more comfortable day to day on the ship rather than wear their cumbersome heavy armor all the time. The point of the stationwear line of armors is that people wear them pretty much all the time.

I got a bit of sticker shock from how much grenades cost and I've seen someone else mention it too. Prices tend to line up so that the cost of a handful of grenades will buy a weapon of the same tier, and that would tend to discourage people from buying them. Is that an actual problem, and if so what cost would make people use them more?

My thought on how to do more realistic shotguns was to borrow the bit about ignoring concealment from the existing blast rules while otherwise rolling attacks against single targets the same way you do with rifles, then balance that advantage by giving a poor range increment and perhaps slightly lower damage than rifles of the same level. I'd consider going into special rules to represent terminal ballistics of shotgun pellets versus bullets to be excessive complexity.

breithauptclan wrote:
1) The rules for levelling up say that if you increase your intelligence score and get additional skill points per level, you apply the increase retroactively.

I remembered it working this way in Pathfinder but I wasn't able to find the corresponding rule in Starfinder at first. Thanks for pointing this out, I looked harder and found it on page 26, second paragraph of "Step 1"

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It's basically a blue star plasma cannon, surely? It has the Explosion and Unwieldy properties and takes the same sort of battery as any high-tier energy weapon with usage so high it only gets ten shots. Single-target damage isn't as high as you might want but then no area effect energy weapon has any business beating a level-equivalent reaction cannon in that regard.