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Not even sure what would get erratad, while a few things arent completely clear, Im pretty sure everything in HoG is functional.

Never getting form of the dragon 3 is rough tbh.

Do they have an option of exotic or alien dragon form?

Exotic seems like it would fit their flavor much more, since the primal are more nature tied.

Phoebee wrote:

Green Faith marshal Inquisitor

Horticulturist Alchemist
Herb witch Witch
Wild caller Summoner

While I'm willing to believe maybe something got cut and forgot to be cut from the description, you just named 4 archetypes that already exist, which are rarely, if ever, reprinted in books at all? Why did you do that?

Would you change your mind if I told you that made me sad? No? Well I tried.

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Anyone else hoping for Cha based shifters with those fey and dragon archetypes?

`` Animal companions with an Intelligence score of
1 or 2 can take this feat.``

I wonder if this is supposed to bypass the charisma minimum cuz...13 cha aint terribly common for them, lol.

So the fighter doesn't keep armor training, does it alter weapon training? I'm guessing it does.

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zer0darkfire wrote:

Nothing in it lets you jump higher technically, but it does let you add your wisdom modifier to acrobatics, so that should be a small increase in height.

There's a conduit feat that fixes that. Throwing janni rush on this would be fun, 1 of MoMS then into shifter that specializes with gore might be ideal

Hmm, would it perhaps apply to things like rapidshot? or wildrager's wild fighting?

Oh that's wonderful. It really enables the aerial assaulter fighter and perhaps death from above, depending on the wording.

Can anyone give a tl;dr on what dragonfly style does?

There are also monster feats like Snatch and drop, which explicitly
"Grab them, fly up, drop them."

IMO, if they wanted it to work, they would have just not said it was as per enlarge person, or said it wasn't a polymorph effect.

It is not supposed to be able to change shape. That is purposeful.

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I do wonder if the planar rifter is supposed to get rid of guntraining altogether? I know its elemental/aligned damage, but 1d6(and two dead levels for guntraining 2 and 4) in trade for a raw Mod is a rough trade, especially since you basically won't ever benefit from planar resistance and planar strike at the same time.

Well, couldnt humans and pass for humans planar races get it, through planar heritage?

PDF prophet...Man that's genius.

Can't wait for the 29th, I'm very curious about the gnome based options, especially what seems to be a spiritualist archetype or perhaps even a phantom archetype

I've never played a gunslinger but this sounds fun. Also, filling out the fcb's for the native outsider's would be great.

New monk Archetype also gives monk shifter claws.

Weren't Vine Leshies specifically made PC's because theyre described as not being meant to just be servents, like the others are?

Share Spells can be replaced with Light Armor proficiency(which I dont think a saurian champion would be making too much use of anyways, being practically a dinosaur barbarian thats good at riding things.)

Ranger's drake companion(at level 6-7) and shaman's is usable, since they can hack reality with SkySwim. Even that's pretty late though.

They're bad. There needs to be a drake power feat and probably the option to forgo size increases for stat increase or a drake power.