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New video!

Fun premise!

Anyone want to share their stories?

This can be done on the video itself, or here in the thread!

I'll go first!

So! Funny "crossover" (-ish)/self-referential story time!

Most of our crossovers are more accurately termed "references" - things that are homages to something else rather than actually being that something else - or else are actual references to our own previously-established continuity.

Two examples of the first (homages to our games):
- Generic/unPublished-World (albeit an FR-published module): I was playing a dwarven crafter wizard who specialized in inexpensive (and cursed) items and rapid crafting. In any event, he and his "sisters" (two drow; all three were adopted and raised by dwarves) were slowly drawn into the events of a local town where a mysterious warrior woman used advanced detective work, research, and knowledge skills to investigate and solve various crimes. She wore black armor, hood, and mask, had a black flowing cloak, and a myriad of pockets for all sorts of specialized items... yes, we, too, had batman (well, batwoman, sans explicit bat imagery) in our game!

- Pathfinder (Carrion Crown): An arrogant genius by the name of Assant (a respected frienemy of a good friend) was a noted exceptionally bored genius of dubious moral character who's incredible intelligence and extreme abilities often left him exceptionally bored. Over time getting to know him, it was revealed that he was a noted violinist, occasionally indulged in opiates to overcome his frequent bouts of depression, and often researched a huge and eclectic variety of topics in order to better assist his various schemes and endeavors, and frequently "blotted out" information he thought was no longer useful to "make room" in his "head book" for new and more important information. We were really into a certain BBC series at the time, so the connection wasn't hard to make... (

One example of the second (self-referential):
- Forgotten Realms (home brew game): We once played a crossover game in which a PC character (a young female avatar of Pelor named "Basha", called his "daughter" - she'd arrived by way of Vecna's machinations, which, itself, is another long story) ended up severed from her "father" (Pelor) deity of Turmish (a country in FR), and became strongly associated with the sun deity Lathander (who, in-published-canon, was eventually revealed as a version of the sun god Amaunator). In any event, we eventually played a different game, in which the characters came from areas near and around Turmish and other places somewhat nearby. After looking at the host of deity options, reading the descriptions, and listening to the lore, two characters eventually (for various reasons) chose to worship a local Sunset-themed goddess, Basha. It was some time into the game, before I had a bit of an in-character aside about Basha and things related to her, but the two players who'd chosen her look at each other in a minor bit of confusion, and one asks, "Wait, I've forgotten - was she published that way?" ... to which I could only reply, "Well, I don't know - weren't you the one that played her?" Everyone was floored when they suddenly remembered that she'd been a PC.

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We had some interesting self referential humor in one game I ran. The most of the players were playing the children of their characters from a previous campaign and at one point during a major festival they ended cosplaying as their old characters.

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My group ran through Legacy of Fire, and later on when we played Mummy's Mask, we used a general campaign year timeskip and made the new party as children of the previous.

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Recent crossover: in a Starfinder game, we had a character who was a famous pop singer. Her upbeat, positive-self image, pro-freedom and -individualism message makes her popular among Shirren (who treat her as a kind of hard rock star), half-elves, and lashunta. Her name is Estrella. A Solarian focused on being her bodyguard with a mysterious past named Seren. Also others, but we'll go with that for now. In the course of their adventures, they come across a weird "upside-down" (relative to its own gravity) pyramid. Inside, the rules are strange and weird things happen, including gaining a special power from each floor's guardian defeated. For reasons too complicated to get into now, in a successful duel with a Valkyrie, the Valkyrie died and Seren became the Valkyrie. Shortly thereafter, they found a room filled with very weird information, that could show seemingly real illusions, if you could read the words and said them aloud in their language while touching the engraved script. In an effort to know herself (among other things) the newly-minted Valkyrie, Seren, touched the word for "father" and asked. A robed and bearded man with two Ravens, some wolves, a weird horse, an eyepatch, and a staff/spear, and who was missing a hand shows up...
Seren has regretted this ever since as, now that he has an "excuse" to "manifest an avatar " here, said character, "Wodani," has delighted in being a 'Q'-like character and (lovingly) irritating the daylights out of his 'daughter'...

New game, and self-reference time!: a bunch of characters were chatting about their favorite music. One mentions how much they love Estrella, another (Estrella's player) mentions, "Yeah, she's okay. But you know who's really good..." XD

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