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Yeah, but Kirk got command of a starship after being busted from the admiralty!

I'm surprised at the number of posters who object to characters that buck the system and get the job done on the back of personal heroics. That is out of place in a police procedural or military drama, but action/adventure is a different critter. You aren't surprised that James Kirk or Dirty Harry go outside the playbook yet only get a slap on the wrist when the dust finally settles--they are rewarded for getting results (in a way that thrills the audience for this genre of story telling).

If the reading is a slog at times, I suggest committing to one or two chapters a day.

And while they have plenty of beauty, many Psalms are best read in the context of David's life when he wrote them, and in light of what they say about Jesus in the future...

This new info on Skye must have her haters going crazy...

I honestly don't see how the premise can be sustained for a long-form TV series...

MMCJawa wrote:

So any speculation on who/what the Clairovoyant is? Since he/she/it is the big bad, I have to imagine that the persona is an established character from Marvel lore.

Personally wondering if it might be Ultron or related to Ultron...

Since this is S.H.I.E.L.D. I would hazard a guess at Mentallo...

Hama wrote:

Yeah, was a good episode, but still no damn answers.

So what did they do? Keep Coulson's brain alive until they could resuscitate his body?

Unlikely--otherwise why would they have to mask Coulson's memory of pain?

Yes--I think the bigger question will be "why did Fury go to such trouble to keep Coulson with us?"

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Why can't an American admiral have an Irish accent?

The "Lensman" books would make great movies--the Foundation novels not so much...

To me, she has become and will remain "Warbird".

Watch Helfer in her new show next Tuesday and then we'll get a fresh look at her acting chops...

Emily Blunt

I'd go with Tricia Helfer--looks, height, attitude!

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I believe there is room for both mechanics to exist, side by side.

But if the feat/skill/ability bonus is culturally derived, then being adopted makes no difference--why wouldn't an elf raised by dwarves have some culturally "dwarven" characteristics?

I think we should see more of the notion that each culture (whether it be human, dwarf, elf, whatever) has some unique feat/skill/ability bonus.

I'm thinking an aberration, mid or lower level, that tries to pass itself off as a PC core race using disguise and subtle mental persuasion (save to sense 'something ain't right'). It can change shape enough to go from tall and slender to short and rotund; this ability allows a sneak attack of unusual reach (from stretching unexpectedly). If pressed it can attempt a mental stun, but this is only truly effective if used with surprise, and can only stun one intelligent enemy for a brief period of time. Uses common weapons, although if pressed could try a grapple & smother attack.

Apparently this movie is tanking badly--the studio is already discussing write off...

I'm not surprised that the BBC is leery of spinoff shows; neither of Russell's are with us still...

It hasn't been legally released in the States yet

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Personally, I felt that Tennant's farewell was a bit overdone (a touch maudlin and indulgent).

My first episode of Doctor Who was Genesis of the Daleks on PBS; yet as time went by and I got to see a broader swath of the show, Jon Pertwee and his UNIT team became my favorite era of the show--and that holds true even now.

If characters that specialize in fighting are dull, then why did the majority of Mass Effect players (according to Bioware research) choose Soldier over classes like Engineer, Biotic or Sentinel?

Check out the book "Ant-Man: Season One" for an updated look at this classic character.

The Doctor's regeneration shouldn't be overshadowed by introducing a new monster race...

DeathQuaker wrote:

Again, you're dead on, thejeff. You too, Set. Wonder Woman is a truly strong person, which includes having strength of depth of emotion and kindness, not just some pathetic, repressed, soulless robot.

Warmth is not weakness. Conveying emotion does not mean you are a "drama queen." Kindness is not antithetical to what a warrior should be capable of. And few real "warriors" (soldiers, law enforcers) I've ever known were cocky or cold. That in itself is an overdone archetype perpetuated by Hollywood.


Star Trek on NBC too...

wicked cool wrote:
Hey quick question for XBOx users. So i've created 4 characters under 1 xbox profile. I want my friends to play (at my house) as these 4 characters. How do i do this.

The problem is that all characters under one profile share the same wealth and stash.

Notable exception: Peter Davison

Odd, isn't it, that in this climate Reader's Digest is virtually defunct... (irony at its sharpest)

And you wonder why newspapers are dying and bloggers are the new preferred source for nuggets of news/opinion...

If that happened, then the female character voice HAS to be Linda Hamilton...

I'll be curious to see how this gets analyzed, after release, vis-a-vis Pacific Rim...

Not that I'm complaining--far from it!--but I'm somewhat amazed there's no "it's going to be awful" prophecies of doom being bandied out yet...

And if you make the movie largely about the monster, that subtext gets stepped on...

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Perhaps well-adjusted kids from happy families don't gravitate towards the entertainment medium in the same numbers as those who are tortured or have parental issues ;)

Sebastrd wrote:
All the bad-mouthing of DA2 that goes on here makes me really want to play it. I just could never get into DA:O. I did finish it once, and I enjoyed some of the characters; but I didn't enjoy the gameplay or character advancement very much, and the constant and blatant LotR ripoffs didn't help matters.

The strength of this game is role playing, to be sure.

Your opinion--but not mine.

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Disney animation + holiday and you didn't expect a musical?

As originally designed (1940s), Diana was both feminine and athletic--Gina appears too much of a body builder to me.

If you read Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spidey'e 1st appearance), Peter did turn obnoxious after getting his powers, until Uncle Ben died.

To Werthead's opening paragraph:

I too was a bit puzzled in how the New Caprica storyline was intended to reflect in Iraq; but I wonder if it was deliberately left vague so we could relate to the issues from more than one angle? (as an aside, I thought that Enterprises' third season response to 9/11 was much more heavy handed).

I do think the 'Final Five' thing, while interesting, came off as a way to make use of the fact that we had not seen five Cylon chassis. Still, it truly finished the last lap of blurring what is human/what is Cylon/who is the enemy. A very interesting move for this series, as I'm sure the reason Cylons were robots in the first BSG was so our heroes could shoot them w/o moral questions being raised, as would be the case if the enemy were a standard alien race.

DeathQuaker wrote:

Yeah, not keen on Eliza Dushku either.

I actually liked Adrienne Palicki, it's just the actual pilot was terrible.

I've never been able to locate this terrible pilot on the web--anyone know where to get a look?

Tequila Sunrise wrote:
I think the quality dipped somewhere in the middle, with those episodes about domestic stuff like labor strikes, but I loved when the show got all mystical near the end. Which, as an atheist, might be ironic of me, but whatever!

Interesting--I briefly dropped the show at that very episode--only went back and got caught up when the pace quickened towards the end.

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Honestly, the original BSG is still my favorite of the two as well, cheese and all. Guess I like my SF *not* so grim and gritty--

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Y'know, I never got why people dumped on the last couple of seasons so hard. Yes, the mystical was given greater emphasis, but the Human Condition (TM) is filled with religion/spiritualism/mystical elements. "There are more things, Horatio..." and all that. The original BSG embraced this aspect of humanity, turning the show from space opera towards the myth suggested by its opening credits. To see the reinvisioned show do the same seems fitting to me. Perhaps it would have annoyed some viewers less if that aspect was more prevalent right from the get-go; I think some people felt like "you got space opera in my SF military show".

And as for the ending, I don't see why a 'Luddite' conclusion is so unimaginable, considering that the show was at least in part a cautionary tale about advancing technology. 'Going native' is something many buccaneers have done to avoid detection and capture, for example. Perhaps some fan outrage at the 'Luddite" ending reflects more on *our* addiction/love affair vis-a-vis technology, i.e. we can't imagine any circumstance where it would be discarded/rejected?

Skinny does not automatically mean weak...

Lots of characters worked in The Avengers, as I recall...

I like the idea--we can get a tease/taste of WW, then she can be fleshed out in her own feature later

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