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Crimson Jester wrote:
He went home and ...poof, freedom makes him disappear.

Kruelly? Dude...you misspelled, PUFF...

Callous Jack wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
I'm pretty frugal. It's why I can't afford to ** spoiler omitted **
I thought you just smoked those plants you grow in your basement...


You're exhaling too soon?

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Callous Jack wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:

5. Rev Rosey has a WEED problem.
Are you harassing another poster?

Hey, share or get harassed is the law of the Fawtlungle.


Erik Mona wrote:
Mouthy Upstart wrote:

I heard that Erik Mona doesn't do much at the office anymore other than stroll around, look over people's shoulders while smoking large cigars, and occasionally snapping his suspenders with his burger-greasy fingers.

Those aren't cigars.

Well, not technically.


Groovy, baby...

Celestial Healer wrote:
Doesn't Leafy have an alias that should be celebrating today?


Dooode...I heard you sayin' that reefers can't rely on bread. It's so true.


Duuuuuuuuuuude...I heard this was a great thread to score some pot.

Ah, man! Candy too! Awesome...I SO have the munchies.

Towlie wrote:
So no one wants to get high?

WHOA...hell yeah, textile Bro!

Power Word Unzip wrote:

FWIW, I voted for greater GM control, but that's me.

I don't wanna jump on the edition-change bandwagon just yet. But is Mearls perhaps putting out feelers for player input as a prelude to a rules supplement of some sort that could impact how 4E is played, and perhaps open up some new options while addressing common gripes about its departure from the game's roots?

EDIT: And if there isn't an edition change, or alteration to the design philosophy, or reimagining of the rules, then why even ask this question? Tinfoil hat brain says this is step 1 of some elaborate mathematical proof to demonstrate that 4E is just fine as it is, like a carefully worded political poll... but that could be the crazy talking.

This keeps getting weirder.

We-he-hell!!! A new smokin' buddy! Ooo, looks like you got a head start! ;-)

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Cool...gotta root for my main lizard Godzilla, don't ya know.

Evil Wyvern wrote:
*Squeeeeeeeak!* Eats the head of Confused Paladin and points eagerly at Puff's doobie with a bloody talon. *Squeeaak?"

Whoa, man! Look at how big your talos are!

::Passes doobie::

If only these paladins got what kind of vegetation we were into, dude!

Tea? That's not the kind of leaves we dragons prefer, man.


Evil Wyvern wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:


Whoa...dude, you remind me of a very young Ollie the Dragon.

I hope it's one of those things you can either smoke or make a rope!

Drag the magic puffin wrote:
Puff the Magic Dragon wrote:
Toddzilla wrote:
Woodraven wrote:
Friday check in everyone
Fawtlyzilla standing by.
DUDE! We gotta party sometime.
And we also must party

You must mean AGAIN or NOW, man. To both of which I say: DUDE!

Toddzilla wrote:
Woodraven wrote:
Friday check in everyone
Fawtlyzilla standing by.

DUDE! We gotta party sometime.

Solnes wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
Solnes wrote:
Poor Dragon. I'd make ya a sandwich!
Are you sure? Moorluck might just get a tad bit upset. ~grins~
8O! Dirty dragon! No sammich for you! I was trying to be sweet! Not naughty! Eat your pot pie! :P

I knew Dirty Dragon, and Sharoth is no Dirty Dragon.

::Licks puppet::

Mr.Fishy wrote:
Puff better have some chips.

Of course! I have chips and vinegar. Because nothing else goes so well with... FISH. ::smack, smack::

I've found a new home!

::INHALES DEEPLY and holds::

The Caterpillar wrote:
Duuuuuuuude, that bug in a hat is talking.


Dirty Dragon owes me, man...

I hung out with that kid Pete for a while. Turned out the little prick was stealing my stuff. There'll never be another Johnny Paper, man. <Sigh>

Alice wrote:

Why, you're right, of course! I was chasing the white rabbit! Has anyone seen him?

It's so hard to keep my head clear in this place with the clouds of funny smoke. *waves a hand in front of her face and coughs*

What the hell, Mariju? What the hell is that caterpillar doing here? Not cool, man, not cool.

Ah, young lady... why ever would you want a clear head?

Marijuakurion {4:20} wrote:
I just need like a centipede to ride in on. And lots of chibas to go with my hashish. I'm going to be giving a lecture on the irrelativity of ethics in an immoral society. It's going to be harsh, man. Then after words we'll break for dissert-ation. Dessert-tastin'. Getit? Hoo-Hah!

You should ride a hemp dragon!

Hey, where'd the doobies go? I heard there was pot in this thread.

The Jade wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
I think I've seen you around before, which would mean you aren't really new, just not a heavy poster. Am I right?
I once had a Rush poster that was so big you could actually feel the weight. Now that was a heavy poster.

And that was one heavy post, bro...

What about little Jackie Paper?

Please do!

Edit: Sickened by ghost post.

Did someone say shrooms?


Kruelaid wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Good night, all.
Something about your avatar makes me want to smoke you. Peace.

Me too!

Did you say someone scored some leaf!? Oh, goodie!

Hey man...I heard you guys were looking for me...far out.

Solnes wrote:

Ahhhh...MY HERO!


*Kee-yuk!* Groovy, baby!

Later, funky silver brother!

[Raises fist skyward.]

I gotta call from the Secretary of Nature saying there was a smokin' good time to be had in this thread. Anybody know...[sees bomb at Solnes' feet] Ah! A doobie! [Picks it up and swallows it. A massive irruption is heard, as the dragon momentarily swells up to incredibly fat proportions, and then deflates as he exhales an enormous quantity of smoke.]
Groovy, man.

squeezes in-between the Bard and Urizen with a giant tub of soda

I got three crazy straws!

Watch it there, pal.


Puff post

OH yoo hoo!


Blows giant smoke rings at the porch from across the field.

Thread Zombie wrote:
*eats dragon brains*

*giggles at starving zombie*

Oh look, smoke is coming out of lots of new little holes!


*puffs, giggles, snorts*

Wrong thread, man. I got a whole field of weed behind the Untitled place. Primo, man!


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