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I was venting... I have played so many other games that were laid out pretty much Step 1 to Step X and when you followed that you were ready to game. With this book (PDF) you don't get all the steps, the steps are not clearly explained, and as soon as you have a question you get lost in page references or there no mention in the Index.

Maybe if I didn't have the baggage of numerous D&D versions, Pathfinder, and Starfinder before this things would be clearer. That I wouldn't be questioning things like are present in older editions but not here.

Anyway, I am still pressing on and most things I like or at least they sound cool and there are a few things I don't like, but that will wait until I get some playing done.

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I have spent a day with the PDF reading the 'rules' and coming up with a ton of questions and finding very little in the ways of easy and clear answers. At first I thought it because I am reading a PDF on my tablet because I am one of those who pre-ordered the book from Paizo (no delivery yet). So today I went out to my FLGS and bought the softcover version of the rules, because I really want to get into this game this weekend. Spent the last few hour reading the book trying to figure out what should be some basic answers and I am just frustrated with this book.

So in no particular order, here are some questions I was trying to resolve (Oh and I am not really seeking answers just highlighting that it has been gruelling trying to find anything to answer these):

What is with the uncommon weapon tables? What does uncommon martial weapons mean in the game? Final found the glossary listing of 'Uncommon'. Then was wondering why was this included anyway.

Looking at feats and spells, I noticed that some of them their 'Level' is shaded differently, what does the mean? Again, you need to look at 'Uncommon', which by the way is crazy because it an effect on Level and the listing of Level does not mention this.

Selecting skills, how do you do that? Can you select any skill? Wish I could find something that would say that is the case of course there is nothing that say you cannot either.

Feats that tell you to select another feat, really?

Multi-classing, the Basic feats say a level 1 or 2 of that class' feats. Where are the level 2 feats? I see Level 1 and I see Level 4.

Whats is the point of increasing a skill beyond 'Trained'? Does it provide a better bonus? Under character creation section it provides the full labels and then sends you off to the skills section for explanation only there isn't any. I get that it allows you to craft an item of that quality level but there seems too few skills that actual benefit from this skill increase.

Anyway, I just wanted to let Paizo know that as some one who has read way too many rule books over the decades, beginning with the Red Basic Box in the early 80's, that they really need to take a second look, and then a third look, and probably a fourth look at how the rules are presented, because this just left me hunting for answers that were not easily found and just raising the frustration level higher and higher. I want to play this game, not give up from frustration!


I just got my latest shipment and my copy of Ruins of Azlant: City in the Deep's cover is not completely glued. The binding seems fine on the front but on the back it doesn't look to have any glue at all. It does not look like it was damaged in shipment just a glue issue when the cover was attached.

Is this just me or do others have a similar issue?

For Canadians getting hit with duty, Contact your MP and complain! That $20 exemption is the lowest of all the G20 nations and hasn't changed since the 90's. For comparison the reverse, an American buying from Canada, they have a $800 exemption at the border.

Now if the new NAFTA negotiation get passed there is a US requirement that our exemption would be increased and I believe they amount requested is $600.

Who knows what is going to happen to duties if NAFTA ends.

If we have Starfinder AP #1 back-ordered would it show up in this list? Was really hoping to see it in the November releases.

Sara Marie wrote:
Note: As the physical number of copies of AP #1 have dwindled in the warehouse and we take stock of our warehouse after Gen Con and August shipping, we've been able to uncover enough copies to cover folks who have subscribed to the Starfinder Adventure and requested backordered copies of AP#1.

I emailed last Tuesday (I think) about wanting to start my subscription with issue 1 so please, let this happen. Thanks.

Looking for the same, but only found your post. I ran a few low level Pathfinder adventures with 5e and that required very little conversion. So far these have all been 1st to 3rd level adventures where the two rules sets are fairly compatible.

Not sure how easy it will be to convert for higher levels. Really Wish these fabled conversion rules from WotC will make an appearance soon.

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so what, if any, impact does this have with subscribers?

I got that, and the Order details is fixed but I noticed that the payment section still has the old in error amount.

Order Total $54.93

Thu, Jan 8, 2015 $63.00 Payment authorization
Expires Thursday

Got my corrected invoice only thing a little amiss I noticed is that the Payment section of the email still says the incorrect price (but the Order Section is now correct).

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Was just going to come in here and say "Hey, where is my Pathfinder Advantage discount" but thankfully I took the time to read the tread and noted the issue has already been spotted. Of course then why did I take the time to write this... bored at work is the answer I am go to go with.

Thanks, got the email and double check my subscription page everything looks good.


Normally would do this in an email but not sure if you've gotten through that backlog yet and I sort of got caught off a bit with October subscription happen so soon.

I would like to end my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscription (just that one leave the rest).



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my order spawned (well I got the email) Order 3144915 is that shipping cost correct? seem mighty high to me ($42.32). I thought the Pathfinder Online stuff wasn't going to be factored into the shipping costs.

Re-reading the rules for Chases and I see the +2 and I suppose that the best option available it just it seems to me that this is an ability tailor made for a chase and +2 seems low to me.

Thanks for the responses.

Yes I agree it doesn't negate the whole chase, but if a specific segment allows for an acrobatics check (to avoid difficult terrain) then why wouldn't Agile Feet work in this case?

This situation has happened a couple times with different GMs. When involved in a chase the Chase segment asks for an Acrobatics check and I ask to use Agile Feet (from the Travel Domain) to automatically succeed and I have always been told that it is not allowed.

Each time I keep thinking this is a chase and Agile Feet seems, to me, to be the perfect ability to have in a chase. What is it about the Chase mechanic that makes the use of Agile Feet not possible?

ah but the damage is non-lethal.

Nothing in the description of the sleep arrow says it is silent, actually several words to me indicate that it is not. So I would give all the sleeping PCs a Perception DC 20 (base 10 + 10 for being asleep) to notice the initial attack. Now if the PC struck with the arrow fails his or her save then that pretty much the end of it until the intruder gets within the camp and then it will be the intruders stealth +10 (for the group being asleep) vs their perception (keep distances in mind as this also effects the DC). Now if the PC makes his save I am sure at that point he will raise the alarm and likely the rest will wake up.

Well I retired this morning and the add to pending order was an option now, but if you would double check that would be great, thank-you.

So I apparently I just cannot understand how this works to add something from my sidecart to my monthly shipment.

I get an email and it says:

email wrote:
If you would like to add additional items to this order, go through the usual checkout process, and choose the option to ship the new items with the pending order # 2912019. If you don't see this option, your subscription order is past the point where we are able to add items to it...

Now I have tried this on two occasions right after I received the email and I have never seen that "ship the new items with the pending order #". So what am I missing here?

Any luck finding players or a GM?

I don't know what it is about the area west of Toronto but I rarely see posts for this area. That said Milton does have a once monthly PFS and I heard some rumours that Fortress Comics in Milton might try and run some PFS if there's interest.

As for me, I am a mid-forty gamer who has long been away from a regular game with a desire to get one going again. I would like to play but I can also GM. So if there is still some interest post and lets see if something can become of this.

- James

Also the Crypt of the Ever Flame can be used with two other adventures to form an even longer adventure. Mask of the Living God and the City of the Golden Death are the two sequels.

so you just select the radio button and that's it, no "Okay" or "Save" button to click?

When I read the OP issue the resolution I thought of was the party needs a guide someone from where ever they are going and that could be used as a means to explain a character from a northern culture in the south lands.

very cool, thanks for the update.

I had not thought of doing things this way, rather nice. Could you also work in a defects with negative augmentation points?

unexpected...but mightily intrigued. I didn't pre-order but wanted too and then the project went bust and I was glad I hadn't, but I am very interested in a Kickstarter.

Pg. 59 Possessed Oracle first Mystery Spell is ventriloquism (1st) should that be (2nd) not (1st)?

That what I figured but for some reason the email for those rewards (sent in October) had the same Paizo Order # as my November subscription shipment. So I was a little confused.

I was reviewing my emails and order history and things seem a bit confused. Has any of the Kickstarter rewards shipped yet (aside from access to the Thornkeep PDF)?

Free RPG Day Adventures

Free PFS material includes adventures and those resources for GMs

Well I don't think you are going to have any difficult with the fun, your post made me laugh.

Crypt of the Everflame is a good place to start, but in case you haven't found this just yet Paizo does have some free offerings that you might want to have a look at. For the last several years they have produced a free adventure for Free RPG Day that you can download. Also this year (or was it last year) they added some introductory adventures (again free) to the Pathfinder Society you can get those to check them out. Also just a couple of days ago there was a Blog (Check out Pazio Blog) about GMing 101 and teaching Kids to play two excellent and free PDFs very much worth checking out.


CRB wrote:
Dexterity score of 0 is incapable of moving and is effectively immobile (but not unconscious)

DM Flykiller wrote:
I think the Hollow's Last Hope...

This is a very good first adventure (I've ran it several times), the designer included extra notes on how to handle some of the situations that pop up, which I think is great. The only drawback is it is a 3.5 OGL adventure and not Pathfinder but the differences are very trivial.

Elamdri wrote:
I like Crypt of the Everflame. That was my first module.

That was going to be my advise too. There is also a flip-mat (it's an order one might be hard to track down) of the dungeon to make mapping a none issue for your first adventure.

It is also Part I of a trilogy with Masks of the Living God (Part II) and City of Golden Death (Part III).

Goblin Squad Member

Just wondering?

EDIT :) So does this icon only show up on Pathfinder Online boards?

Okay now my tag is there???

Okay I went to Goblinworks and read the details there, but what happen to my name tag it is now blank?


Got my email for the PDFs and when I go to my download page I see links for the two items but then there is a note saying "but are not currently available for download". Any prediction when I will be able to download these items? Will you send out another email to remind us?


You are looking for consistent group membership throughout all session then and not just a bunch of random people playing a session each then. I can think of a few people that would like to give this a try with me but getting them together would be tough.

earlier editions (1st and 2nd) glowing weapons were more common and the non-glowing kind were less common. In MERP (Iron Crown) they liked to link the glow with detection spells, the dagger glows blue if a goblinoid is within 60' sort of thing.

Xexyz wrote:
I've read the entry and clicked on the link with the graphic on Kickstarter and just want to be sure: If I pledge $100 am I getting miniatures or just the opportunity to buy minis at a later date?

The videos do a good job of explaining the process make sure you watch them.

The basics is if you pledge $100 you can select the Vampire Level Reward, if you want that and some of the addition options then you will need to calculate you pledge based on the Vampire Level + the dollar amount for the option you want. At the end of the Kickstart Reaper with survey you for what you want to spend your money on.

Took the weekend, wrestled with the decision and I pledged. No idea where my pledge will end up but hopefully below $400... but it looks like that will be hard to keep my pledge that low!

I am forcing myself to take the weekend to think on this, but man do I want to get on this. I haven't painted miniatures in 20 years and back then it was GW. I wasn't very good at it, but now with all the videos on YouTube I think if I take up painting again my efforts will be a lot better than before. At least now I can see what is washing, wet blending and such actually mean. The height of my previous miniature paint exploits got as far as bad priming, too thick paint and some mediocre dry brushing.

It is a lot of money, I'll need brushes, paints, pretty much everything and all those options it hard not to consider throwing $300 or more at this Kickstarter just to get in on all the fantastic offerings.

What have been other people experiences returning to painting? As a teenager I was impatient and did not have a lot of learning resources. Compare that to now as an adult with hopefully more patients and with web loads of resources to help you out?

Paizo don't do this:

WotC Email wrote:
"We realize that because all data generated in the tool is in a proprietary format usable only by the Virtual Table, it is not possible to export your campaigns for use in another tool. You can, however, take screenshots of any notes, maps or adventures that you would like to hang on to or use in your home games."

You spend time inputting all your notes and you cannot even take them with you when they pull the plug. [sarcasm] I just love how anything you ever do on their site and with any of their products is theirs not yours. [/sarcasm]

Has a list of all monster and quantity
To answer your question, three orc pawns included

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When I game (as a player) I use either a laptop or my tablet and if a DM said NO! I would be a little put off by that. If the DM is a Little Dictator chances are his game is not going to be all fun either, so cut and run.

That said I do not play WOW, surf unrelated sites, or play inappropriate music when gaming--I am there to game not to be an ass.

No worries and thanks.


Perhaps I am only thinking about this because I work with computers, but if a spellcaster were to use an infected scroll to learn the spell contained on the scroll, does the Vanishing infection enter the caster's spell in their spellbook. So that any time they prepare that spell they risk contracting the Vanishing?

Is this too punitive? Should I just have them save with the use of the scroll and that is it or is the whole spell tainted and using it to learn from just transfers the Vanishing to the user's spell in their spellbook?

I am looking for thoughts from others who handled this in their campaigns.


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