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dayjob: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (1) + 16 = 17

{dice=test] 1d20 [/dice]

\test: 1d20 ⇒ 2

"boon: 1d20 ⇒ 10"

Intro for Mickey, the Unnatural Ratfolk Alchemist/4.

Mickey has been playing with chemicals since he was a pup which has led to an unusual body odor, causing animals to default to one step further away from friendly. In turn, numerous unfortunate incidents led Mickey to be specially wary of animals.

As with many alchemists, Mickey very much enjoys blowing things up and benefits from no penalty to hit targets involved in melee. Thanks to his Grenadier archetype when he does hit his target he can control the splash and spare his friends. If he misses the target, everyone DUCK and COVER!

Mickey has both Darkvision 60' and low-light vision. It's complicated.

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Seems to work. Bunch of crazy, thin blue/red lines appear when dragging tokens. Are those lines supposed to mean something? Any way to make map full screen and still be able to drag tokens?

During play, is our interaction voice, text or a mix of both?

Checking in.

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Tank cleric works great for me.
I tend to single or double move in and raise shield on the first turn, but then usually people aren't hurt on the first turn. After that I welcome being attacked to divert damage from melee guys (works better than Shield Other), besides with shield raised my AC is better than most of the melee guys. Shield Block gives me significant damage reduction. I'm right there for Battle Medicine, potions and 2-action Heals (never a 3-action heal unless fighting undead or multiple unconscious allies). Flank buddy for the rogue, and if I have a free action I might make a feeble attack for the fun of it. Free action "Is that all you got? Hit me bro!"
Generally a fun cleric to play. Easy to throw in a buff spell now and then.

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Does the Arbiter Electrical Burst need a radius? I'd assume 5' because it's CR 1, but using it does disable the Arbiter.

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Sorry, don't want a session straddling morning and afternoon.

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Which Runequest rules are we supposed to be using? Is there a free getting started or should I be hunting someone local who can loan me a book? I'm guessing we're not using my 40 year old rulebook.

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Doesn't currently seem to be a lottery event. Probably should be.

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Also surprisingly easy to Acrobatics(Tumble Through) to get flanking, relieve congestion or just prevent foes from running off.

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Looks like Athletics(Trip) is the hidden superpower for Fighters. In Pathfinder you need a whole string of feats to be a trip master, in Playtest any first level character can jump right in.

High strength and trained/expert in Athletics versus targets with weak reflex saves. High chance of success. Second action an attack against the prone foe at full attack bonus (-5 second attack, +4 prone, +1 agile). Third action another attack against the prone foe at full attack minus five. THEN all your friends get to beat on the prone foe. FINALLY all the fighters get a free swing at +2 when the foe stands up.

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Consider proficiency in Sniper weapons instead of Longarms since you're probably not going to be making Full Attacks anyway. Plus the cool factor when the Big Bad decides to run away and you reload, drop prone, brace, aim, slow your heart rate, exhale, and put a bullet in his head at 250'.

Reloading might be an issue with first level sniper rifles. But if you're dealing out Clever Feints, Inspiring Boosts and/or Hurry improvisations with your standard actions you may only get one or two shots in a combat. And a d10 damage makes the most of your hits when you do shoot.

Good guide and good discussion.

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baggageboy wrote:
Peter Halvorson said wrote:
Technomantic Dabbler for access to Spell Gems.
I know whether or not you can do this and to what degree has been debated. Do you have a source saying this is legal? I'm so hopeful that you do. :D

CRB p224 "Only spellcasters are capable of using spell gems—if you aren’t a spellcaster, you’re unable to make use of the knowledge that the gem unlocks. You don’t need to know the spell within a spell gem to use it, but the spell must be on your class’s spell list".

Technomantic Dabbler lets you cast spells. You select spells from the Technomancer spell list. And you have a caster level equal to your level.

To me, that's good enough. The spell gem bit doesn't say anything about restricting to specific classes. It just ties it to being a spellcaster, which I take to mean someone who can cast a spell. Some themes also grant the ability to cast a spell at higher levels.

The one gotcha is the reference to "your class's spell list". But since the feat gives you access to the Technomancer's spell list I'd say good enough. It's not like saving some money on first level spell gems is super powerful, just makes the feat a little more worth it.

Requirements for using Spell Chips are the same as Spell Gems, plus access to the computer (CRB p216).

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Mechanic using his drone for cover. If it gets blown up, who cares? Just rebuild it.
Better than before. Stronger, faster, ..., the six million credit drone! Actually, doesn't even cost you a penny.

More popular than using your fellow party members for cover.

Add in Overcharge for the Mechanic's attacks and the drone's attacks. Fellow party members might like getting in on that action. Maybe even throw in a Barricade providing cover for the drone/party member.

Then the ever popular move into position, drop prone behind partial cover and start an exchange of ranged fire with someone standing in the open.

Or just enjoy the Ghost Operative's +4 to Stealth for Trick Attacks while it lasts.

Selective use of cheap smoke grenades to block laser fire or line of sight (divide and conquer) or play peek-a-boo melee in the smoke with Blind-Fight giving you an edge. Or just use a Targeting Computer armor upgrade to be one with the smoke.

Keep a backup area of effect weapon for those times you run across a cluster of foes just begging to be carpet bombed. Or Dragon Gland.

Strength fighters with a pair of Returning Starknives. Strength to hit and damage. Assuming you start with one in each hand, I don't think you need Quick Draw to Full Attack. Can still move and throw if you want, just don't try throw and move. Also counts as magic for incorporeal creatures and the like.

Technomantic Dabbler for access to Spell Gems. Or use a spell fusion.

Prosthetic limb in case someone chops off your arm mid-session. Don't want to be stuck unable to use your two-handed weapons. Some quick field surgery and you're good to go.

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Minor tweak: have the melee tank use a reach weapon. Threaten more foes, easier to stay out of the line of fire, maybe gain periodic attacks of opportunity as foes try to get closer or run away.

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Back to jump jets, I feel that 1000cr for something that lets you fly 30' instead of your usual move action is a fair deal, even if 30' is slower than your usual movement rate. Zoom over crevices, difficult terrain or walls. Drop in behind enemy front lines. Avoid the bother of climbing 20' up or down from a balcony. All handy stuff for what quickly becomes a modest cost.

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Shwar, super sheet sounds good. Figured out the movement bits earlier this afternoon while building a soldier wearing heavy armor. Ditto for the skill penalty (put in a negative at first, like the speed, but it wants a positive).

I guess there is a point to tracking both basic score and upgrades. The every 5 level increases need to know the base score (16 and under, or 17 and over). And to make sure you don't have two mark I upgrades. But the two have to be combined and the combined result fed into the skills, initiative, armor class and attack bonuses.

I started using the spell fields as auxiliary equipment slots for armor upgrades, weapon fusions, expendable items, etc.

Haven't actually printed one yet, been playing pregens. Maybe the bulk and tech fields are fine in printouts.

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Shwar wrote:

Quick mockup here.

The weapons are tricky, as they demand lots of space.

Thanks Shwar. I ended up making one without graphics, yours is prettier.

As long as you're reading this, loved your character sheet. Used a recent version. Found the speed field at the head of page 1 was a little scrambled (locked in 30 FT and then a duplicate field you can fill in to the right. Not sure how the "Upgraded Score" and "Upgraded Modifier" are supposed to work. Skills per level needs to handle double digits, doesn't take much for an Operative to get up to 11 ranks per level (Intelligence 12 will do it). If it were up to me, spells would be on a page 3 (which I wouldn't print), since most characters aren't casters. That gives you more room for abilities, feats and equipment. Oh yeah, and the Equipment list Level and Bulk fields seem a bit misaligned on Acrobat Reader on a MacBook (numbers a bit too high and the top is cut off, possibly just a screen problem since I haven't printed yet).

All of that is little stuff though, hasn't stopped me from using the sheets.

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Nope, just multiple options with different strengths and limitations.

Only one foe to worry about? Uncanny Mobility works great. Move in for a melee Trick Attack or move out for a ranged Trick Attack without provoking your target. Multiple foes? Improved Uncanny Mobility is your baby (but costs a second Exploit and is 10th level).

Want to move past multiple foes? Let them swing! Mobility boosts your AC vs movement AoO. Burning out their Reactions often helps the rest of the party. Or have Mobility just in case your Tumble fails while moving in or out.

Want to just stand and shoot? Slippery Shooter boosts your AC vs ranged attack triggered AoO. Hope they don't hit, but maybe burning out Reactions is good too. Supports Trick Attacks or Full Attacks (sometimes Full Attacks are better than a single Trick Attack).

Move and shoot? Mobility and Shot on the Run, Tumble away, shoot, and continuing to total cover; or pop out of total cover, shoot and duck back into cover.

Move and melee? Mobility and Spring Attack, move in without provoking (one foe), melee, then move out without provoking to deny the enemy a melee Full Attack. Maybe you're even fast enough to move out of range. Also great to get at reach opponents.

Like using Small Arms for your Trick Attack? Uncanny Shooter lets you shoot Small Arms without provoking even if you're surrounded by a horde of Space Goblins. Probably better for Operatives than Slippery Shooter and available at 6th level. Supports Trick Attacks or Full Attacks.

Haven't yet figured out if there is an obvious best choice. I'm leaning toward Mobility (plus excellent Acrobatics) as an early feat and Uncanny Shooter at sixth level.

Kind of depends on what tactics you want to use. But you'll probably adopt one or two Feats or Exploits and then adapt to them.

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Unfortunately, that's a lot of extrapolating from what is written to what you think makes sense. I'm not saying it doesn't make sense, just that the rules don't explicitly support that view.

Pathfinder says a single move action only provokes a foe once, no matter how many threatened squares you move through. Beat them once on a Tumble and you're good (one Tumble per foe if you pass by multiple foes). All very explicit. None of which is in the Starfinder rules.

In Pathfinder it's relatively easy for a high Acrobatics character to zip around behind a foe for tactical advantage. In Starfinder it might be a LOT tougher.

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Sorry for derailing your question. Though there is mention somewhere that personal comm units can be used to play games, or as a flashlight.

Seriously, scenarios can be written to require computer hacking, or to have NPCs trying to hack your computer. Buying a more expensive computer makes your computer more secure versus the enemy's Computers skills (and vice versa).

You can control non-Mechanic drones, defensive systems, perimeter security. Store the data that everyone is trying to steal, or steal back after you've stolen it. Electrocute hackers.

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Bummer. Another quirk is that you can remotely access computers, can you remotely activate spell chips? Looks like life would have been simpler with no spell chips.

Ditto for Fusion transfers (rules better without them). Buy a level 1 Fusion for 120cr, transfer to a level 6 item for 520cr and save 400cr over just buying a level 6 Fusion.

Fusion seals are ok though.

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Excellent work. Anyone want to make a 4-up starship sheet for GMs?

Just enough info on each ship for the GM to operate the ship (speed, maneuverability, crew skills and attack rolls, weapons (with damage AND range!), etc) and track damage (shields, hull, criticals, etc). Our local GMs would probably just print a blank form, slip it into a clear paper holder, then use dry erase markers. Cut some fluff and each ship ought to fit into a quarter page.

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Play minesweeper or tetris.

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gigyas6 wrote:
DC scales 12(1), 14(2), 16(3), 18(4), 20(5), 22(6), 24(7), 26(8), 28(9), 30(10), and so on and so forth.

I see the DCs increasing, but don't see a problem. I thought DCs were rather easy and hope they get tougher.

One skill rank per level takes care of half the increase. Ability boosts every 5th level. Mark 1, 2 and 3 ability augmentation by 9th level. Computer improvements in the ship every third level. Items and boons. Class features improving skills. Feats.

Don't see the problem. Same for many of the skill checks built into the game. A Ghost Operative can take 10 on Trick Attacks from seventh level on.

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Also, check out spell chips. For a slight premium, non-casters can plug a spell chip into a computer and trigger when desired. Computers have an indeterminate number of slots for spell chips.

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Potions are limited to zero through third level spells which target the imbiber, excluding personal spells. I think Oil of Magic Weapon is legal, rub it on a weapon. Oil of Create Pit might be legal, it's stretching. Some people get an oil of Cure Light Wound just because it's faster to apply to an ally than a potion.

Alchemical Allocation works on elixirs too. Which does seem weird.

I assume anything with a name along the line of "Elixir of Hiding" is an elixir. Some of those get pretty expensive and powerful.

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And don't forget Mnemonic Vestments, not just for Sorcerers. Use a spell slot to power a scroll, lots of versatility for seldom used spells.

Vestments cost 5000gp, but you save 150gp for each second level spell, 375gp for a third, 700gp for a fourth.

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Just built a third Hunter, first two in a short lived campaign and third intended for PFS. Somehow I had missed Shield Companion, that is an interesting one (especially for ranged Hunters, put those hit points to work!).

Hunters have limited spells known. They have to include ones you use all the time, plus maybe a few emergency spells where a potion, scroll or wand won't do.

At first level, my melee Hunter is planning: Summon Nature's Ally (free), Lead Blades, Glide, Endure Elements, Resist Energy, Liberating Command and Longstrider. Glide to tactical use and for turning a sudden death plunge into a safe landing (maybe subject to GM cooperation blurring the line on immediate actions). Endure Elements just to avoid burning through wands on long treks through hot or cold climates (a favorite of PFS). Resist Energy is awesome. Liberating Command might free a caster and save your butt. At higher levels, Longstrider becomes an all day speed boost (wand at low levels, once wand burns out switch to spell).

At second level: Summon Nature's Ally (free), +4 stat, Barkskin, Lockjaw, Shield Companion. Lockjaw is good for shutting down an enemy caster with a companion that doesn't yet have Grab, trade away at level 8.

Wands for frequently used spells which don't benefit much from increasing caster levels or just to cover low levels: Cure Light Wounds, Longstrider, Gravity Bow, Shillelagh, Heightened Awareness, Magic Fang, Lead Blades.

Scrolls for infrequently used spells: Ant Haul, Monkey Fish, Touch of the Sea (and potion in a sponge), lesser restoration, Communal Delay Poison, Mass Featherstep, Communal Resist Energy, Blessings of the Mole.

Now that I think of it, Glide is probably dropping to a scroll. Hard to justify casting a spell while falling unless it's a LONG fall (>150'). Maybe need a snapleaf or rely on a wizard with Featherfall.

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Thanks all, that'll do it.

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I'm headed to Lake Samammish next week for the AVP pro beach volleyball, but my evenings are free. Are there any PFS sessions Wednesday through Sunday evenings in the Seattle area? The online PFS find-a-game thing seems to be out of order.

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I noticed that there were spells and class abilities to cure hit point damage as a standard action and was told if they say hit points they mean hit points (not stamina). Didn't see anything for quickly curing stamina damage, just the 10 minute resolve use.

Are there quick ways of curing stamina? If not, a quick series of encounters can leave you operating without the stamina buffer, which puts you a lot closer to dead dead. I found myself waiting for more hit point damage after running through all of my stamina so that I wouldn't be wasting a spell.

By the way, no negative Constitution buffer before dead-dead, just a few negative hit points.

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I think we can manage with Cure Light Wounds wands. And if it's an early TPK, we get a private chat with Erik for the remainder. Not so bad.

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Leaning towards a Hunter or Swashbuckler at the moment, have both more or less ready to go. Also enjoy Investigators, but don't want to step on the Rogue's toes.

Any of the above are happy to be a flank buddy.

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I'm in. Was thinking of bringing a few options, but maybe can sort out a cohesive party here.

Is there an equipment budget?

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A streaming D&D session a year or two ago used a jumbo Jenga set and just tied the players removing blocks to the progress of the characters in the game. Just a different sort of fun, hopefully memorable. I think the same DM also reduced battling a Gorgon to a blindfolded player trying to smash open a piñata, or maybe it was pin the tail on the Gorgon?

Break out a Tenzi rules deck and play a couple quick rounds of Tenzi to abstract progress through an encounter. You've already got the d6s.

Break out a metal puzzle and a timer, then have the thief remove the ring to unlock or door or disarm a trap. Puzzles made or shaped metal, wood, string, etc. The rest of the party is free to heckle and shout advice.

One of the Frog Gods books has wild ideas (actually most of them do). There was a set of rules for a cross country horse race with various tests and choices on which you can gain or lose ground. They had other contests too.

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Amazon color tablets are around the $50 level. I believe the Amazon epaper devices still struggle with PDFs. Low price because of all the tie ins to other Amazon products.

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Large sized oak club (penalties for oversized weapon), then cast Shillelagh on it to push to 3d6; then drink an Enlarge Person Potion to push to 4d6. Not bad for a free weapon plus 2 first level spells.

Impact and Lead Blades could substitute for Shillelagh (I don't think they stack). Not entirely sure if Vital Strike doubles the number of d6s. Is a weapon that strikes as if a Gargantuan club subject to doubling? I plan to find out with a Hunter.

Actually polymorphing into a Huge or Gargantuan being is another option which raises the bar.

Plan B: rogue, non-lethal bludgeoning sneak attack plus sap feats. Add 2d6+2 damage every other level (if you can arrange for flat-footed opponents).

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Mounted Hunter works for me. Animal companions are tough mounts. The Hunter and Companion share a generous number of teamwork feats.

Teamwork feat generally require you to be close to each other or working the same enemy, mounted isn't required for that but certainly works (can't get closer than mounted). When mounted, the Animal Companion gets a LOT of protection from the Mounted Combat feat allowing ride checks to negate hits. Hunter gains the greater speed of the mount. Outflank pretty much forced on you, add Pack Flanking and the Hunter and Companion are always +4 to hit when both threatening a target (which they will always be unless the Hunter dismounts and wanders off).

Maybe not the best class for mounted combat but has some unique advantages. Doesn't require a heavy investment into mounted combat feats, One to three go a long way.

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Commenting on my own post.

Been browsing FAQs. Mount charging means rider is charging too, both get +2 to hit and -2 AC. Charging does conflict with Vital Strike, so the rider won't be bumping damage on a lance charge. Still wondering if the pair could continue the line of a charge and rider attacks a second foe.

And if the previous is a yes, then I assume a rider with Mounted Skirmisher could full attack the second foe. Mounted Skirmisher does limit the length of the charge, presumably to leave time for the full attack at the end.

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How about a Hunter with the Ride-by Attack feat riding a tiger companion (because who wouldn't ride a tiger). Rider and mount charge, tiger destroys the foe with a full attack courtesy of Pounce, rider and mount continue on courtesy of the Ride-by Attack feat and end up next to another foe. Can the rider then single attack the second foe, using Vital Strike if he has it?

And if the rider had the Mounted Skirmisher feat as well, he could do a full attack on the second foe as long as the total movement didn't run past the mount's basic movement rate?

The rules tend to not be that specific, with good reason. You're expected to be able to combine various pieces. Common sense says that all sounds good, but common sense doesn't always apply to RPGs.

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I'm one of the few, the brave, the Codex hunters.

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I'll be there.

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Put me down for W Ragario?

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Is this the thread for selecting characters?