Seattle PFS next week?

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I'm headed to Lake Samammish next week for the AVP pro beach volleyball, but my evenings are free. Are there any PFS sessions Wednesday through Sunday evenings in the Seattle area? The online PFS find-a-game thing seems to be out of order.

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Check out this site and you should be able to find a game schedule for Western Washington.

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yeah, that thing is wonky. Which is why no one uses it, which makes it wonkier, which makes no one use it..

PFS map for the traveling vagabond

Seatle has their own little map system which i need to make a mental note to copy now...

upcomming events seems to be their game calander.

oh wait here it is


Let's see ... checks nwpfs website Card Kingdom in the Ballard area does Wednesday evening, The Dreaming in the University District does Friday evening, Gameporium in West Seattle does Saturday evening, Uncles Games in Redmond does Sunday a bit after noon, Mox Boardinghouse in Bellevue does Monday evening ... there's PFS all over the place :)

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Thanks all, that'll do it.

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