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Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that either caster class can dip 1 level in the other class and gain access to all Spell Gems in the game, with no loss in caster level.

Do I have this right?

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In caster level no, but you'd lose progression towards your 6th level spells by 1 (which granted may not be an issue).

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Also, check out spell chips. For a slight premium, non-casters can plug a spell chip into a computer and trigger when desired. Computers have an indeterminate number of slots for spell chips.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, Peter, but:

Starfinder Core Rulebook pg 215-216 wrote:

It is possible to create spell gems (see page 224) in the form of chips that can be slotted into a computer system. A user capable of utilizing an equivalent spell gem with access to the computer in which such spell chips are installed can cast the related spells whenever controlling the computer and gains a +2 circumstance bonus to any skill check involving these spells.

Spell chips cost 110% of a spell gem (page 224) with the same spells. When a spell is expended from a spell chip, the chip itself is not destroyed, and the spells can be reloaded into the spell chip for 90% of the normal price of a new spell chip.

Unless your GM rules that Connection Inkling and/or Technomantic Dabbler lets you use Spell Gems, only casters can use Spell Chips, as well. It bummed me out when I learned about it, too. (I wanted to load a Mechanic's Expert Rig up with Spell Chips)

The unexpected benefit to chips comes from the second line. 90% of 110% of the cost of a Spell Gem is 99% the cost of a Spell Gem. In the long run, it would be cheaper buy a spell chip and reload it eleven times than to buy a dozen spell gems.

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Bummer. Another quirk is that you can remotely access computers, can you remotely activate spell chips? Looks like life would have been simpler with no spell chips.

Ditto for Fusion transfers (rules better without them). Buy a level 1 Fusion for 120cr, transfer to a level 6 item for 520cr and save 400cr over just buying a level 6 Fusion.

Fusion seals are ok though.

Transferred weapon fusions seem ok because you'll end up transferring several times over a career. Your total cost will likely exceed the individual cost of your highest level fusion after two or three upgrades and transfers.

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