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A bard would bring your group to new levels of combat excellence. Good hope and inspire courage will add +2 each to hit and damage. Adding a bard was the most powerful thing my group ever did.

You were gonna use favored class bonuses (boni?) for skills? That seems like a bad idea with a d6 hit die.

OK. I'm pretty sure my DM would be cool with a non-deity devoted cleric, so I could probably skip Separatist. That said, we have a group of 2 melees (dwarf Fighter [axe/shield], aasimar Paladin [usually 2-handing]), 2 archers (halfling Bard, half-elf Ranger) and I'll be coming back in with my Sorcerer (Buffing>Debuffing>Control>Blasting, in that order).
What are people's opinions on a good second domain to benefit this party? I'm pretty sure most things would be reasonable for a Cleric of Arcane Magic, alignments excluded, because neutral.

My only qualm with Theologian is that I don't think the Magic domain is that good. I'm mostly taking it for the power from the Arcane subdomain. The spells aren't great, IMO, so getting to prepare them in non-domain slots is a bit of a loss. The way I'm looking at it, I might as well get a second domain out of the whole thing.

Nice find!
Unfortunately, I wouldn't want Scalykind without Dragon subdomain. I'm not trying to have a cohort with an animal companion. Also, our campaign is set in Varisia (RotRL) and it would be rather odd to find a worshipper of Nalinivati just hanging around.

I think Nethys particularly fits with the RP aspects of my Sorcerer, who has shifted from NG to True Neutral. That being said, I'm open to other ideas as well, the only caveat being that the cohort must not be of evil alignment (Paladin in the party, and I want positive channeling).

Hey y'all,

I'm coming in to a campaign to replace the group's previous spellcasters. I'm replacing an Oracle, who had a Wizard cohort. I'm coming in with a Sorcerer (Bronze Draconic) and a Cleric cohort. That should keep the Arcane/Divine balance of our group mostly intact.

The cleric is going to be responsible for support, healing, and assorted divine capabilities, while staying largely removed from combat. My sorcerer is Neutral, so I'm really liking the idea of a Cleric of Nethys, with Magic (Arcane) as one of his two domains. I don't care too much for the other domains available to Nethys (Rune, Knowledge, Protection, Destruction). This has made me look toward Separatist. The Cleric will be 11th level, meaning he will have access to the 8th level domain powers of whatever second domain is chosen.

I've ruled out some of the more popular, power domains (Travel, Trickery, Animal, Nobility, Charm) as I felt they wouldn't make sense for Nethys. This has left me largely looking at a few:


Scalykind (Dragon)
Air (fits Draconic type)
Healing (never not useful)
Liberation (possibly Freedom subdomain)
Luck (possibly Fate subdomain)

Anyone have any suggestions, domains I missed, experience playing a similar build?

Are you using your favored class bonus to get additional spell known? Because it doesn't seem that way. That will definitely allow you to pick up missing pieces. Also, definitely grab Intensify Spell somewhere around 7 or 9, to extend Burning Hands value.

For Stone Giants, I prefer a level of Barbarian over giving them the Advanced Template. It's a lower AC, although it does grant medium armor proficiency, which should counteract that. If you give them Toughness for their feat, they will be up by about 80 HP over a standard Stone Giant.

You'll never go faster than 600 mph. You travel 1 mile per round, regardless of the check result. That's 10 miles per minute, which is 600 mph.

This thread has really started floundering. The whole thing has gone to the dogs.

I would drop the strength a bit, just to get a 12 CHA, you could probably even afford to drop some of that CON. I also wouldn't bother with Spell Resistance. You're going to find that +2 to most saves will be better than that low SR.

STR 14 (5)
DEX 10 (0)
CON 13+2 (3)
INT 0 (0)
WIS 14+2 (5)
CHA 15-2 (7)

Level Up increases would go to CHA and then CON, and then WIS after that, in order to cast spells of an appropriate level.

I won't critique other aspects of this build, but you should use shuriken instead of javelins, since you can flurry with them. You avoid needing Quick Draw, and you get more attacks, at a higher bonus.

One of every spell for removing a prismatic wall.
Gust of wind
Magic missile
Cone of cold

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We had a fun dose of irony in the first book:

Upon learning that Nualia was consorting with Lamashtu, our paladin bit the bullet and learned Abyssal. When we found Nualia in Thistletop, the paladin demanded, in Abyssal, that she surrender. She just looked at him weird and swung at him, b/c she doesn't even know Abyssal as a Cleric of a demon lord.

Pretty much what it says. I thought I recalled seeing a monster that cast as an Inquisitor. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding anything.

Anyone know what I'm thinking of? I'm pretty sure it came out of one of the standard bestiaries.

Buri wrote:
Dwarven superstitious barbarians, everyone.

Please tell me this is a Warhammer Dwarf Slayer reference!

Chris O'Reilly wrote:
nosig wrote:
Ashe wrote:
Everything seems fine except your BAB. It is only a +4 everything else seems fine. Good luck with it.
Ouch! missed that. +3 from Rogue and +1 from Fighter! thanks!
That changes your deadly aim to -1/+2 too

That leaves Deadly Aim right where it was at -2/+4

I would recommend asking this in the Rise of the Runelords Forum. It's further down the main page, under Adventure Paths. I flagged this post, to see if a mod can move it for you.

That being said, not to be too spoilery, but most enemies are evil, so Paladins are always a solid pick. Rangers can be good with the appropriate favored enemies. Ask you DM for suggestions about which types to choose. Also, read over the Player Guide. Having healing available will probably be useful. So a Cleric or Oracle becomes pretty handy. There are a good quantity of knowledge checks, with particular emphasis on History, Arcana, and Local. A Wizard or Bard makes a really nice arcane choice. This is a fairly Bard-friendly campaign, as there are some NPCs who could make for fun interaction for a Bard.

I've been messing around with the Spellbinder archetype lately, and I'm kind of enjoying it. I decided to work up a spell guide for the class. I'm gonna keep working on it, but for now I've got 1st-3rd level from the CRB all rated for their viability as Spellbonds.

Feel free to give any input or advice on the boards or as a comment on the document.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TFNtAr5OK7fZG7U1FPhhgkw3DSCjlFPuN9QmOeD RF1E/edit?usp=sharing

In this particular case, I'd think of a penalty as merely being a negative bonus to the ability score. Therefore, if it became permanent, your dex score would be permanently adjusted down by two points, potentially losing access to ranged feats, TWF feats, and potentially, Dodge.

An Oread Empyreal Sorcerer might be fun. Take spells with gem materials, etc.

Also, this spell:

Since Improved Precise Shot is so far off, consider seeing if you can purchase a few Seeking arrows. They should only cost 160gp per arrow, and can be used when you really need to score hits against covered/concealed foes. Pair that with the (utterly essential) Efficient Quiver and some select bane arrows, if they are available.

Could you just age down the Blue Dragon?

Name of PC: Volrath
Race/Class/Level: Half-Orc, Oracle (Metal) 9, Paladin 2
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants (Stones Over Sandpoint)
Catalyst: A Vengeful Druid

Late during the stone giants' raid on Sandpoint, Gogmurt showed up in town near the glassworks. The PCs made their way over from the various locations where they had been split up (The ranger was still up by Tanner's Bridge, flying with Celestial Armor. The Bard, Fighter and Paladin came from the garrison, where they had just dispatched Longtooth. Volrath came in running via Air Walk.). As he was 25 feet above street level, he was charged by Gogmurt's Roc, Sharpbeak. The bite did 37 damage . That's when Gogmurt appeared on the street and transformed into a Dire Tiger. The dwarf fighter moved to engage him while the paladins air-walked against the Roc. When Gogmurt's turn came up, he Pounce/Airwalked onto Volrath. 4/5 hits with 7d6 each, and our intrepid Paladin was dead.

I like to think of INT as matching up with IQ tests. It's not the best way, but it works. IQ tests are based around a normal distribution with an average score of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. I would say that an INT of 14 is similar to a 130 IQ, which is smarter than roughly 97.5% of the population. This means that 16 and above intelligence implies genius level IQ, which seems reasonable.

In current rules, there are not, though a rager using a +4 Furious weapon would actually have +6. Ask your DM if he will allow higher level crafters to make +6 weapons, but make sure they are not easily available.

Probably don't recommend that a brand new player create a Bard Archaeologist/ Zen Archer Monk.

The best character types for beginners are fighters, rangers (starting from 1, they eventually gain spells), wizards, and maybe vanilla monks.

Definitely don't get caught up in archetypes and other things. Try to just use the Core Rulebook for starters.

Actual enhancement bonus. That's the only thing that applies when determining DR bypassing. A +1 Keen, Flaming Burst sword does not bypass DR/silver

I get your argument. This is one of those low CR creatures that can become a big issue in greater numbers. That's true of more than a few enemies.

Ghouls (or Ghasts) can be a nightmare in greater quantities, as a couple bad saves can leave a whole party paralyzed.

Shadows can slaughter very high level parties en masse.

It comes down to a DM's discretion as to whether or not to include high amounts of these sorts of monsters.

To gain access to alternate heritages for Aasimar in Hero Lab, you need to purchase the companion pack that includes "Blood of Angels". This gives you the aasimar alternates.

The schools/sins correlations are a canonical Paizo development dating back to the first stand-alone adventure path, Rise of the Runelords. No spoilers, but the idea of each sin matching each school comes from the ancient Thassalonian Empire. They didn't consider Divination to be a distinct school, which is why you don't see it listed.

Greed is about wanting more, therefore transmuting yourself in order to have it. Pride is about wanting people to believe you are better than them, ergo illusion.

You should consider the liches to be Thassalonian Specialists, if they are wizards. A Thassalonian Specialists gets 2 arcane school slots per level, which must be used on the same spell. As a downside, they cannot ever prepare spells from specific opposition schools. These spells are treated as not even being on their list.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/wizard/arcane-schools/paizo--- arcane-schools/classic-arcane-schools/thassilonian-specialist

Furious focus only works when two handing a weapon, so that first swing is gonna be a fair bit lower. DC 30 or less isn't all that bad on his abilities, since a Great Wyrm Red Dragon has a DC 33 Breath Weapon. I think the save DCs should be Con-based, though that might make them completely terrifying. Either way, 17th level PCs should have a minimum of +11 to their bad saves (+5 class, +5 Cloak, +1 Luckstone), ability scores and other buffs not considered.

The potions are available to give him some increased AC in order to provide a reasonable challenge. That said, replacing the good hope (which doesn't add to AC) with heroism would change very little, and dropping the Shield of Faith to +3 would be more reasonable.
He has appropriate time to buff, the reasons don't matter. He is aiding in an attack on the town the PCs are defending. They expect an attack from outside the walls, however, he will be arriving elsewhere through burrowing.
As a heroic level 12 NPC, he should have 21K of gear. He actually has 18K, since the amulet is only 4K, not 16K.
Part of the reasoning behind raising the Roc's Int is to allow it to receive more complex commands.

That being said, should I switch Fast Stealth for Finesse Rogue, and use the leopard for wild shape, since that has pounce, while merely being a medium creature?

Thanks for the input.

So this guy was in our campaign earlier as a Druid 4/ Rogue 1. He escaped the PCs and is now returning. His main tactic is to flank with his AC in order to get as many sneak attacks as possible. At this point I'm thinking he will favor Dire Tiger form. I'll be happy to hear any input. His base stats at level 5 were 8, 16, 14, 8, 16, 11. So unfortunately, he can't get a very high strength value, and I'm stuck with Brew Potion, Combat Casting, and Dodge. He has a lot of temporary buffs active, because he will be preparing for his fight with the PCs.


Gogmurt CR 11
XP 12800
Male Goblin Druid 9/Rogue 3
NE Small humanoid (goblinoid)
Init +5; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +7
AC 31, touch 21, flat-footed 25 (+4 armor, +2 shield, +5 Dex, +1 size, +4 natural, +4 deflection, +1 dodge)
hp 102 (12d8+45)
Fort +14, Ref +15 (+1 bonus vs. traps), Will +16; +4 vs. spell-like and supernatural abilities of Fey and against effects that target plants
Defensive Abilities evasion, trap sense; Immune poison
Speed 40 ft.
Melee heavy shield bash +8/+3 (1d3+3) and
masterwork cold iron dagger +13/+8 (1d3+3/19-20)
Special Attacks sneak attack +2d6
Druid Spells Prepared (CL 9th; concentration +14):
5th (2/day)—animal growth (DC 20), cure critical wounds
4th (3/day)—air walk, strong jaw (x2) (DC 19)
3rd (4/day)—greater magic fang (x4)
2nd (5/day)—bull's strength (x2), barkskin (x2), cat's grace
1st (6/day)—liberating command, touch of the sea (DC 16), longstrider (x2), produce flame, strong wings
0 (at will)—purify food and drink (DC 15), detect magic, read magic, spark (DC 15)
Str 12, Dex 20, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 20, Cha 11
Base Atk +8; CMB +10; CMD 28
Feats Brew Potion, Combat Casting, Dodge, Natural Spell, Quick Wild Shape, Shaping Focus
Skills Acrobatics +6 (+10 jump), Appraise +1, Bluff +2, Climb +6, Diplomacy +2, Disguise +2, Escape Artist +6, Fly +13, Handle Animal +10, Heal +7, Intimidate +2, Knowledge (geography) +9, Knowledge (local) +9, Knowledge (nature) +16, Linguistics +6, Perception +7 (+8 to locate traps), Ride +14, Sense Motive +7, Stealth +29, Survival +16, Swim +6; Racial Modifiers +4 Ride, +4 Stealth
Languages Common, Druidic, Giant, Goblin
SQ nature bond abilities (animal companion, roc), resist nature's lure, rogue talents (fast stealth), spontaneous casting, trackless step, trapfinding +1, wild empathy, wild shape, wild shape (animal), wild shape (elemental), wild shape (plant), woodland stride
Combat Gear Potion of cat's grace, Potion of good hope, Potion of mage armor, Potion of Shield of Faith (CL 12); Other Gear Leaf armor, Masterwork Heavy wooden shield, Blowgun darts (5), Masterwork Cold Iron Dagger, Belt of mighty constitution +2, Cloak of resistance +2, Flaming Amulet of mighty fists, Headband of inspired wisdom +2, Spell component pouch
Blowgun darts - 0/5
Masterwork Cold Iron Dagger - 0/1
Potion of cat's grace - 0/1
Potion of good hope - 0/1
Potion of mage armor - 0/1
Potion of Shield of Faith (CL 12) - 0/1
Wild Shape (5/day) (Su) - 0/5
Special Abilities
Animal Companion Link (Ex) You have a link with your Animal Companion.
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks to cast while on the defensive.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Evasion (Ex) If you succeed at a Reflex save for half damage, you take none instead.
Fast Stealth (Ex) You may move at full speed while using the Stealth skill without penalty.
Immunity to Poison You are immune to poison.
Natural Spell You can cast spells while in Wild Shape.
Potion of Shield of Faith (CL 12) Add this item to create a potion of a chosen spell.
Quick Wild Shape Wild shape quickly into a less powerful form
Resist Nature's Lure (Ex) +4 save vs. effects from Fey and effects using plants.
Share Spells with Companion (Ex) Can cast spells with a target of "you" on animal companion, as touch spells.
Sneak Attack +2d6 +2d6 damage if you flank your target or your target is flat-footed.
Spontaneous Casting The Druid can convert stored spells into Summon Nature's Ally spells.
Trackless Step (Ex) You do not leave a trail as you move through natural surroundings.
Trap Sense +1 (Ex) +1 bonus on reflex saves and AC against traps.
Trapfinding +1 Gain a bonus to find or disable traps, including magical ones.
Wild Empathy +9 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.
Wild Shape (5/day) (Su) Shapeshift into a different creature one or more times per day.
Wild Shape (Beast Shape III: Diminutive - Huge animal) You may use your Wild Shape ability to become an animal.
Wild Shape (Elemental Body IV: Small - Huge elemental) You may use your Wild Shape ability to become an elemental.
Wild Shape (Plant Shape III: Small - Huge plant creature) You may use your Wild Shape ability to become a plant creature.
Woodland Stride (Ex) Move through undergrowth at normal speed.


Animal Companion
Male Roc
N Huge animal
Init +6; Senses low-light vision; Perception +1
AC 34, touch 14, flat-footed 28 (+6 Dex, -2 size, +20 natural)
hp 76 (+40)
Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +3 (+4 morale bonus vs. Enchantment spells and effects)
Defensive Abilities evasion
Speed 30 ft., fly 80 ft. (average)
Melee bite +18 (6d6+13) and
2 talons +17 (3d6+13 plus grab)
Space 15 ft.; Reach 15 ft.
Str 35, Dex 22, Con 18, Int 3, Wis 13, Cha 11
Base Atk +6; CMB +20 (+24 grapple); CMD 36
Feats Improved Natural Attack (bite), Multiattack, Power Attack, Toughness, Weapon Focus (bite)
Skills Fly +13, Stealth -2
SQ devotion, multiattack / extra attack
Special Abilities
Devotion +4 (Ex) +4 Morale bonus on Will Saves vs. Enchantments.
Evasion (Ex) No damage on successful reflex save.
Flight (80 feet, Average) You can fly!
Grab: Talon (Huge) (Ex) You can start a grapple as a free action if you hit with the designated weapon.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Multiattack / Extra Attack Multiattack or second attack with primary weapon at a -5 penalty.
Power Attack -2/+4 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.

Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at http://www.wolflair.com
Pathfinder® and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC®, and are used under license.

I'm getting ready to run the Battle of Sandpoint next week, and wanted suggestions on how to increase the difficulty. I have a few plans that I've come up with. I want to know what I should and shouldn't use. Keep in mind that my players will be level 11 thanks to some extra sidequesting, etc, that I brought into the game earlier.

The stone giants attacking the northern gate will remain vanilla, since they don't really do much at all.

I intend to give the advanced template to all the Dire Bears at the bridge, and their handlers will be Fighter 1s, with Longspears.

Longtooth will know Shield in place of Ray of Enfeeblement, offering him a more impressive 33 AC.

I want to give Teraktinus a 3rd level of Ranger or a level of Fighter, not sure which. His two bodyguards will most likely remain vanilla stone giants.

The other 2 groups of giants will each have a barbarian 1 as a leader, replacing one of the vanilla stone giants.

Meanwhile, I plan to have a stone giant bard (drummer) and archer waiting on the eastern bank of the river between the two bridges. The bard will supply Inspire Courage to the whole raiding party, while the Archer will harry the town's defenders with volleys from his longbow with the distance enchantment (range increment of 220 ft.). This coupled with Far Shot should allow him to attack from a safe-ish distance.

The last idea I had was for an old friend to arrive in Sandpoint. My PCs captured Gogmurt (and killed Tangletooth) outside of Thistletop and then lost him when he wild shaped out of his bindings. I am considering having him return, working with the giants. He would burrow into the glassworks and start trouble on the other side of town, partway into the raid. I have him statted up as a Druid 9/ Rogue 3 with a Roc companion. Plotwise, he met up with Teraktinus in the mountains northeast of Sandpoint (where he acquired his new animal) and agreed to aid him in attacking Sandpoint. He has a particular vendetta for the "longshanks" that killed his beloved pet and then committed wholesale slaughter of his tribe. He will not leave town, regardless of the morale of the giant invaders.

What do y'all think? How did this encounter go for your game? Are there any things I should change/ leave out?


Deadly Aim requires Dex 13, no Str requirement. Str is still good on an archer, and 14 is a good place to be.

As a PC race, the Kasatha should have a level adjustment. It's considered a CR+2 race for NPC purposes. 4 arms and large is something I probably wouldn't let my players use.

The PCs had a controller/debuffer sorcerer for a while (my character), but we switched up DMs and so the party is currently quite martial. The Oracle is 2 levels behind on full casting, but ultimately has stellar saves, and some more useful martial capability thanks to his paladin dip.

I thought Magical Lineage and Wayang Spellhunter didn't stack.

The enemies getting prebuffing will be offset by the fact that the party will probably have some buffs up, since I will have the vampire's wolves harry them shortly before the assault. (Possibly with an additional dire wolf or two.)

I'm not looking for a TPK, just something that gets them out of the mindset that they can take on anything. I think ideally, a kill or two would probably illustrate that point.

RotRL spoiler:


These guys dropped in on top of a fortress full of ogres, and cleared the top floor, which had multiple bosses, in one single combat, comprising all of the rooms.

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

1) Your PCs are levels 10/10/10/10 and a level 8 cohort. The NPC party is 9/9/9/8. Unless you carefully optimize the enemy party, or give them some advantage of terrain, I suspect your PCs will rip through them pretty readily.

2) Here's a general observation: in combat, GMs have the strategic edge, but PCs have the tactical edge. What does that mean? Well, you can set up the combat -- the enemies, the terrain. But once it actually starts, it's your single brain against four of theirs, and they'll almost always come up with unexpected tactics and surprises for you.

Doug M.

I realize that the PCs are a higher level, that's part of the reason for spending a good portion of the evil party's wealth on temporary buffs. Most of our PCs are operating with a buffed +24 to hit on first attacks. With buffs, most of the evil party has ACs in the low/mid 30s. The ranger and monk can shrug off a ranged attack each round, and the monk also has crane wing. The Vampire Antipaladin can reach AC 40 against his smite targets, and he'll be large, swinging a nodachi for 2d8+31 vs smite targets.

The Ranger and Antipaladin have over 110 Hp each, while the Martial Artist only has 90, but is capable of blocking attacks every round. Do these guys sound capable of hanging with PCs that are a level higher, or should I add a level to each of them?


Evoker CR 8
XP 4800
Female Halfling Sorcerer (Crossblooded, Wildblooded) 1/Wizard 8
CE Tiny Humanoid (halfling)
Init +5; Senses Perception +15
Aura elemental manipulation (8 rounds/day)
AC 34, touch 22, flat-footed 28 (+4 armor, +4 shield, +5 Dex, +2 size, +4 natural, +4 deflection, +1 dodge)
hp 78 (9d6+44)
Fort +6, Ref +8 (+1 bonus vs. trample attacks), Will +7; +2 vs. fear
Defensive Abilities underfoot; Resist underfoot
Speed 60 ft., flight (90 feet, good)
Space 2.5 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks elemental ray (4/day)
Sorcerer (Crossblooded, Wildblooded) Spells Known (CL 1):
1 (4/day) Shield
0 (at will) Mage Hand, Dancing Lights, Read Magic
Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 8):
4 (3/day) Scrying (DC 19), Vampiric Touch, Reach, Ball Lightning (DC 21), Age Resistance, Lesser
3 (4/day) Haste, Fireball (DC 20), Fireball (DC 20), Lightning Bolt (DC 20), Fly
2 (4/day) Darkvision, False Life, Scorching Ray, Mirror Image, Shocking Grasp, Reach
1 (6/day) Vanish, Magic Missile, Magic Missile (x2), Reduce Person (DC 16), Mage Armor
0 (at will) Detect Magic, Prestidigitation (DC 15), Ghost Sound (DC 15), Ray of Frost
Str 4, Dex 21, Con 18, Int 20, Wis 13, Cha 13
Base Atk +4; CMB +8; CMD 19
Feats Combat Casting, Craft Wondrous Item, Eschew Materials, Greater Spell Focus (Evocation), Reach Spell, Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Evocation), Spell Specialization (Fireball)
Skills Acrobatics +5 (+17 jump), Fly +22, Knowledge (arcana) +17, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +9, Knowledge (engineering) +9, Knowledge (geography) +9, Knowledge (history) +17, Knowledge (local) +9, Knowledge (nature) +9, Knowledge (nobility) +9, Knowledge (planes) +17, Knowledge (religion) +9, Linguistics +13, Perception +15, Spellcraft +17, Stealth +13; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception
Languages Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Infernal, Sylvan, Thassilonian
SQ arcane bonds (object [amulet] [1/day]), fearless, intense spells +4, mutated bloodlines (draconic [blue dragon [electricity]], primal [air]), opposition schools (abjuration, conjuration), specialized schools (admixture), versatile evocation (8/day)
Combat Gear Potion of barkskin +4, Potion of bear's endurance, Potion of cat's grace, Potion of shield of faith +4, Scroll of Resist Energy, Communal (CL 7), Toppling metamagic rod (lesser) (3/day); Other Gear Amulet, Headband of vast intelligence +2 (Perception), Silver Mirror (Focus for Scrying), 1000 GP of Valuables
Arcane Bond (Amulet) (1/day) (Sp) - 0/1
Elemental Manipulation (8 rounds/day) (Su) - 0/8
Elemental Ray (4/day) (Sp) - 0/4
Potion of barkskin +4 - 0/1
Potion of bear's endurance - 0/1
Potion of cat's grace - 0/1
Potion of shield of faith +4 - 0/1
Toppling metamagic rod (lesser) (3/day) - 0/3
Versatile Evocation (8/day) (Su) - 0/8
Special Abilities
Abjuration You must spend 2 slots to cast spells from the Abjuration school.
Admixture Associated School: Evocation
Arcane Bond (Amulet) (1/day) (Sp) Use object to cast any spell in your spellbook 1/day. Without it, Concentration required to cast spells (DC20 + spell level).
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks to cast while on the defensive.
Conjuration You must spend 2 slots to cast spells from the Conjuration school.
Elemental Manipulation (8 rounds/day) (Su) 30' Aura changes a chosen energy type into another chosen energy type.
Elemental Ray (4/day) (Sp) Ranged touch attack deals 1d6 Electricity damage
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Fearless +2 racial bonus vs Fear saves.
Flight (90 feet, Good) You can fly!
Greater Spell Focus (Evocation) +1 to the Save DC of spells from one school.
Intense Spells +4 (Su) Evocation spells deal listed extra damage.
Primal (Air) +1 damage per die for [Electricity] spells.
Reach Spell You can cast a spell with a range of touch, close, or medium as one range category higher.
Scroll of Resist Energy, Communal (CL 7) Add this item to create a scroll with spells on it.
Spell Focus (Evocation) Spells from one school of magic have +1 to their save DC.
Spell Specialization (Fireball) Pick one spell and cast it as if you were higher level
Toppling metamagic rod (lesser) (3/day) The wielder can cast up to three spells with the force descriptor per day that are affected as though the spells were augmented with the Toppling Spell feat.

Metamagic rods hold the essence of a metamagic feat, allowing the user to apply metamagic effects to spells (but not spell like abilities) as they are cast. This does not change the spell slot of the altered spell. All the rods described here are use-activated (but casting spells in a threatened area still draws an attack of opportunity). A caster may only use one metamagic rod on any given spell, but it is permissible to combine a rod with metamagic feats possessed by the rod's wielder. In this case, only the feats possessed by the wielder adjust the spell slot of the spell being cast.

Possession of a metamagic rod does not confer the associated feat on the owner, only the ability to use the given feat a specified number of times per day. A sorcerer still must take a full-round action when using a metamagic rod, just as if using a metamagic feat he possesses (except for quicken metamagic rods, which can be used as a swift action).

Lesser and Greater Metamagic Rods: Normal metamagic rods can be used with spells of 6th level or lower. Lesser rods can be used with spells of 3rd level or lower, while greater rods can be used with spells of 9th level or lower.

Requirements Craft Rod, Toppling Spell; Cost 1,500 gp
Underfoot +1 AC vs. larger opponents and +1 save vs. trample
Versatile Evocation (8/day) (Su) Change the damage type and descriptor of a spell from acid, electricity, fire, or water to any other of those types.


Martial Artist CR 8
XP 4800
Male Dwarf Monk (Martial Artist) 9
NE Medium Humanoid (dwarf)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +15
AC 32, touch 24, flat-footed 27 (+4 armor, +2 Dex, +4 natural, +4 deflection, +3 dodge)
hp 89 (9d8+45)
Fort +11, Ref +10, Will +10; +2 vs. poison, spells, and spell-like abilities
Defensive Abilities defensive training, evasion, improved evasion; Immune fatigue
Speed 50 ft.
Melee Unarmed strike +14/+14/+9 (1d10+7+2d6 vs. Human/x2)
Special Attacks ancient enmity, flurry of blows +7/+7/+2/+2
Str 20, Dex 14, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 6
Base Atk +6; CMB +15 (+17 Tripping); CMD 35 (35 vs. Bull Rush, 37 vs. Trip)
Feats Crane Style, Crane Wing, Deflect Arrows (1/round), Dodge, Greater Weapon Focus (Unarmed strike), Improved Trip, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist (9/day) (DC 18), Weapon Focus (Unarmed strike), Weapon Specialization (Unarmed strike)
Skills Acrobatics +19 (+27 jump, +28 to jump), Climb +9, Knowledge (history) +7 (+9 on checks that pertain to dwarves or their enemies), Knowledge (religion) +4, Linguistics +2, Perception +15 (+17 to notice unusual stonework, such as traps and hidden doors in stone walls or floors), Sense Motive +15, Swim +9; Racial Modifiers lorekeeper
Languages Common, Dwarven, Giant, Thassilonian
SQ ac bonus +5, bane (human), exploit weakness +12, fast movement (+30'), hardy, high jump, maneuver training, pain points, physical resistance 1, slow and steady, stability, stonecunning +2, stunning fist (stun, fatigue, sicken), unarmed strike (1d10)
Combat Gear Potion of barkskin +4, Potion of bear's endurance, Potion of bull's strength, Potion of cure serious wounds, Potion of mage armor, Potion of shield of faith +4; Other Gear Bane (Human) Amulet of mighty fists, Boots of elvenkind, Cloak of resistance +1, You have no money!
Deflect Arrows (1/round) - 0/1
Potion of barkskin +4 - 1/1
Potion of bear's endurance - 1/1
Potion of bull's strength - 1/1
Potion of cure serious wounds - 0/1
Potion of mage armor - 1/1
Potion of shield of faith +4 - 1/1
Stunning Fist (9/day) (DC 18) - 0/9
Special Abilities
AC Bonus +5 The Monk adds his Wisdom bonus to AC and CMD, more at higher levels.
Ancient Enmity +1 Gain a racial bonus to attacks vs Elves.
Bane (Human) +2 & +2d6 damage vs chosen type
Crane Style Penalty when fighting defensively reduced to -2 and dodge bonus increases by 1.
Crane Wing May deflect one attack per round while fighting defensively or using total defense
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Defensive Training +4 Gain a dodge bonus to AC vs monsters of the Giant subtype.
Deflect Arrows (1/round) While have an empty hand, negate one ranged weapon hit you are aware of (unless from a massive weapon).
Evasion (Ex) If you succeed at a Reflex save for half damage, you take none instead.
Exploit Weakness +12 (Ex) At 4th level, as a swift action, a martial artist can observe a creature or object to find its weak point by making a Wisdom check and adding his monk level against a DC of 10 + the object's hardness or the target's CR. If the check succeeds, the mar
Fast Movement (+30') The Monk adds 10 or more feet to his base speed.
Flurry of Blows +7/+7/+2/+2 (Ex) Make Flurry of Blows attack as a full rd action.
Hardy +2 Gain a racial bonus to saves vs Poison, Spells and Spell-Like effects.
High Jump (+9/+29 with Ki point) (Ex) +9 to Acrobatics checks made to jump.
Immunity to Fatigue You are immune to the fatigued condition.
Improved Evasion (Ex) If you succeed at a Reflex save for half damage, you take none instead. If you fail you take half damage.
Improved Trip You don't provoke attacks of opportunity when tripping.
Improved Unarmed Strike Unarmed strikes don't cause attacks of opportunity, and can be lethal.
Lorekeeper +2 for Knowledge (History) checks relating to dwarves and their enemies. These checks can be made untrained.
Maneuver Training (Ex) CMB = other BABs + Monk level
Pain Points (Ex) At 3rd level, a martial artist's advanced knowledge of humanoid anatomy grants a +1 bonus on critical hit confirmation rolls and increases the DC of his stunning fist and quivering palm by 1. This ability replaces still mind.
Physical Resistance 1 (Ex) At 7th level, if a martial artist suffers any effect that causes ability damage, ability drain, or temporary ability score penalties, the effect is reduced by 1 point. This reduction increases by 1 for every three levels beyond 7th (to a maximum redu
Slow and Steady Your base speed is never modified by encumbrance.
Stability +4 Gain bonus to CMD vs bull rush/trip while standing on ground.
Stonecunning +2 +2 bonus to Perception vs unusual stonework. Free check within 10 feet.
Stunning Fist (9/day) (DC 18) You can stun an opponent with an unarmed attack.
Stunning Fist (Stun, Fatigue, Sicken) (Ex) At 1st level, the monk gains Stunning Fist as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. At 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the monk gains the ability to apply a new condition to the target of his Stunning Fist. This conditio
Unarmed Strike (1d10) The Monk does lethal damage with his unarmed strikes.


Ranger CR 8
XP 4800
Female Hobgoblin Horizon Walker 3/Ranger (Skirmisher) 6
NE Medium Humanoid (goblinoid)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +13
AC 33, touch 18, flat-footed 29 (+7 armor, +4 shield, +3 Dex, +4 natural, +4 deflection, +1 dodge)
hp 114 (9d10+60)
Fort +12 (+4 vs. hot or cold environments and to resist damage from suffocation), Ref +10, Will +4
Speed 70 ft.
Melee Light Shield Bash +17/+17/+12 (1d3+7/x2) and
+1 Scimitar +16/+16/+11 (1d6+6/18-20/x2)
Ranged Masterwork Composite longbow (Str +3) +14/+14/+9 (1d8+3/x3)
Special Attacks favored enemies (dwarves +4, humans +2)
Str 20, Dex 16, Con 20, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
Base Atk +9; CMB +15; CMD 32
Feats Endurance, Improved Shield Bash, Missile Shield (1/round), Power Attack -3/+6, Shield Focus, Shield Master, Toughness, Two-weapon Fighting
Skills Acrobatics -1 (+15 jump), Bluff -1 (+3 vs. dwarves, +1 vs. humans, +3 vs. plains natives), Climb +8, Escape Artist -1, Fly -1, Handle Animal +3, Heal +5, Knowledge (geography) +12 (+16 vs. dwarves, +14 vs. humans, +14 while in forest terrain, +14 while in mountainous terrain, +16 while in plains terrain, +16 vs. plains natives), Knowledge (nature) +12 (+16 vs. dwarves, +14 vs. humans, +16 vs. plains natives), Linguistics +5, Perception +13 (+17 vs. dwarves, +15 vs. humans, +15 while in forest terrain, +15 while in mountainous terrain, +17 while in plains terrain, +17 vs. plains natives), Ride +5, Sense Motive +1 (+5 vs. dwarves, +3 vs. humans, +5 vs. plains natives), Stealth +15 (+17 while in forest terrain, +17 while in mountainous terrain, +19 while in plains terrain), Survival +13 (+17 vs. dwarves, +15 vs. humans, +15 while in forest terrain, +15 while in mountainous terrain, +17 while in plains terrain, +17 vs. plains natives, +16 to track), Swim +5 (+9 to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion); Racial Modifiers +4 Stealth
Languages Common, Dwarven, Goblin, Thassilonian
SQ combat styles (weapon and shield), favored terrains (forest +2, mountainous +2, plains +4), hunter's bonds (companions), hunter's tricks (4/day), hunter's tricks (surprise shift), terrain dominances (plains +4), terrain masteries (plains), track, wild empathy
Combat Gear Potion of barkskin +4, Potion of bear's endurance, Potion of bull's strength, Potion of shield of faith +4; Other Gear +1 Agile breastplate, +2 Light steel quickdraw shield, +1 Bane (Dwarf) Arrows (50), +1 Scimitar, Masterwork Composite longbow (Str +3), You have no money!
+1 Bane (Dwarf) Arrows - 48/50
Hunter's Tricks (4/day) (Ex) - 0/4
Missile Shield (1/round) - 0/1
Potion of barkskin +4 - 1/1
Potion of bear's endurance - 1/1
Potion of bull's strength - 1/1
Potion of shield of faith +4 - 1/1
Special Abilities
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Endurance +4 to a variety of fort saves, skill and ability checks. Sleep in L/M armor with no fatigue.
Favored Enemy (Dwarves +4) (Ex) +4 to rolls vs Favored Enemy (Dwarves).
Favored Enemy (Humans +2) (Ex) +2 to rolls vs Favored Enemy (Humans).
Favored Terrain (Forest +2) (Ex) +2 to rolls vs Favored Terrain (Forest).
Favored Terrain (Mountain +2) (Ex) +2 to rolls vs Favored Terrain (Mountain).
Favored Terrain (Plains +4) (Ex) +4 to rolls vs Favored Terrain (Plains).
Hunter's Trick (Surprise Shift) (Ex) The ranger can move 5 feet as a swift action. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity and does not count as a 5-foot step.
Hunter's Tricks (4/day) (Ex) Various tricks.
Hunting Companions (1 rounds) (Ex) Grant half favored enemy bonus to allies in 30' as move action.
Improved Shield Bash You still get your shield bonus while using Shield Bash.
Missile Shield (1/round) 1/round, when hit by a ranged weapon, take no damage.
Power Attack -3/+6 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Shield Focus +1 Shield AC
Shield Master No off-hand penalties for shield bashes, add a shield's enhancement bonus to attack rolls.
Terrain Dominance (Plains +4) Use fav. terrain as enemy bonus vs. terrain natives.
Terrain Mastery (Plains) (1 rds) Grant allies bonus in terrain.
Track +3 Add the listed bonus to survival checks made to track.
Wild Empathy +5 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.


Vamp CR 9
XP 6400
Female Human Vampire (Azlanti) Antipaladin 8
CE Large Undead (augmented humanoid, human)
Init +9; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +18
AC 40, touch 23, flat-footed 33 (+7 armor, +5 Dex, -1 size, +10 natural, +7 deflection, +2 dodge)
hp 120 (8d10+72); fast healing 5
Fort +20, Ref +17, Will +13; +4 bonus vs. channeled energy
Defensive Abilities channel resistance +4; DR 10/magic, 10/silver; Immune disease, undead traits; Resist cold 10, electricity 10
Weakness vampire weaknesses
Speed 60 ft.
Melee +1 Cold Iron Nodachi +23/+23/+18 (2d8+31/18-20/x2) and
Slam (Vampire) +16 (1d8+15/x2)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Special Attacks antipaladin channel negative energy 4d6 (5/day) (d, blood drain, children of the night (1/day), create spawn, dominate (dc 21), energy drain (2 levels) (dc 21), smite good (3/day)
Spell-Like Abilities
At will—Detect Good (At will)
Antipaladin Spells Prepared (CL 5):
2 (3/day) Desecrate, Undetectable Alignment (DC 19)
1 (3/day) Murderous Command (DC 18), Bane (DC 18), Command (DC 18)
Str 28, Dex 20, Con —, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 24
Base Atk +8; CMB +16 (+20 Overrunning); CMD 42 (44 vs. Overrun)
Feats Alertness, Charge Through, Combat Reflexes (6 AoO/round), Dodge, Greater Overrun, Improved Initiative, Improved Overrun, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack -3/+6, Toughness, Weapon Focus (Nodachi)
Skills Acrobatics +4 (+16 jump), Bluff +26, Climb +8, Escape Artist +4, Fly +2, Knowledge (history) +3, Knowledge (nobility) +3, Knowledge (planes) +3, Knowledge (religion) +6, Linguistics +6, Perception +18, Ride +4, Sense Motive +21, Stealth +19, Swim +8; Racial Modifiers +8 Bluff, +8 Perception, +8 Sense Motive, +8 Stealth
Languages Abyssal, Azlanti, Common, Giant, Goblin, Infernal, Thassilonian, Varisian
SQ aura of cowardice, aura of despair, aura of evil, change shape (dire bat or wolf, beast shape ii), channel negative energy, cruelties (shaken [dc 21], staggered [dc 21]), fiendish boons (weapon [1/day]), gaseous form (at will), shadowless, spider climb, touch of corruption (4d6) (11/day), unholy resilience
Combat Gear Potion of barkskin +4, Potion of cat's grace, Potion of enlarge person, Scroll of Bull's Strength, Scroll of Eagle's Splendor; Other Gear +1 Mithral Breastplate, +1 Cold Iron Nodachi, You have no money!
Special Abilities
Antipaladin Channel Negative Energy 4d6 (5/day) (DC 21) (Su) Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.
Aura of Cowardice (Su) Enemies within 10 ft. are not Immune to fear and take -4 to saves vs. fear effects.
Aura of Despair (Su) Enemies within 10' take a -2 penalty on all saving throws.
Aura of Evil (Ex) The antipaladin has an Aura of Evil with power equal to her class level.
Blood Drain (Ex) Suck blood for 1d4 CON dam when pin foe and gain 5 Hp.
Change Shape (dire bat or wolf, beast shape II) (Su) You can change your form.
Channel Negative Energy (Su) You can channel negative energy to heal the undead and injure the living.
Channel Resistance +4 +4 bonus to save vs. Channel Energy.
Charge Through You can make a free overrun as part of a charge.
Children of the Night (1/day) (Su) Call forth rats, bats or wolves as a standard action.
Combat Reflexes (6 AoO/round) Can make extra attacks of opportunity/rd, and even when flat-footed.
Create Spawn (Ex) Opponents killed by Energy Drain rise 1d4 days after burial.
Cruelty (Shaken) (8 rds) (DC 21) (Su) When you use your Touch of Corruption ability, you may also make your target shaken for 1r/Antipaladin level

You may only apply a single Cruelty ability to each use of Touch of Corruption, chosen when used.
Cruelty (Staggered) (4 rds) (DC 21) (Su) When you use your touch of corruption ability, you may also make your target staggered for 1 rd per 2 Antipaladin levels

You may only apply a single Cruelty ability to each use of touch of corruption, chosen when used.
Damage Reduction (10/magic) You have Damage Reduction against all except Magic attacks.
Damage Reduction (10/silver) You have Damage Reduction against all except Silver attacks.
Damage Resistance, Cold (10) You have the specified Damage Resistance against Cold attacks.
Damage Resistance, Electricity (10) You have the specified Damage Resistance against Electricity attacks.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Detect Good (At will) (Sp) You can use Detect Good at will (as the spell).
Dominate (DC 21) (Su) As a standard action, can use dominate person on foe in 30 ft.
Energy Drain (2 levels) (DC 21) (Ex) Foes hit by the listed attack take neg levels, gain 5 temp hp for each drained.
Fast Healing 5 (Ex) You heal damage every round if you have > 1 Hp.
Fiendish Boon (Weapon +2) (8 minutes) (1/day) (Sp) You can enhance your weapon for 1 minute per level one or more times per day.
Gaseous Form (At will) (Su) Can assume gaseous form, except with 20 ft speed and perfect maneuverability.
Greater Overrun Foes you overrun provoke AoO if they are knocked prone.
Immunity to Disease You are immune to diseases.
Improved Overrun You don't provoke attacks of opportunity when overrunning, and foe can't choose to avoid you.
Power Attack -3/+6 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Scroll of Bull's Strength Add this item to create a scroll with spells on it.
Scroll of Eagle's Splendor Add this item to create a scroll with spells on it.
Shadowless (Ex) A vampire casts no shadows and shows no reflection in a mirror.
Smite Good (3/day) (Su) +7 to hit, +8 to damage, +7 deflection bonus to AC when used.
Spider Climb (Ex) A vampire can climb sheer surfaces as though under the effects of a spider climb spell.
Touch of Corruption (4d6) (11/day) (Su) You can inflict 4d6 damage, 11/day
Undead Traits Undead are immune to death effects, disease, mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, phantasms, and patterns), paralysis, poison, sleep, stun, and any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects
Unholy Resilience (Su) You gain your Charisma Bonus as a bonus to all saving throws.
Vampire Weaknesses (Ex) Certain items or actions can ward off a vampire, while others destroy it.

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Side Question: Does a Human-Bane weapon affect half-elves and half-orcs?

I'm currently DMing a Rise of the Runelords campaign and so far my party has had a pretty easy time tearing through most combats. We are almost done the third book at this point. I'm planning to ambush the party with an evil party while they travel before the fourth book.

I was curious if any DMs had much experience with throwing a rival party against your PCs. I also will gladly take opinions about how to combat them.

The PCs:


Half-elf Ranger 9/ Rogue 1: Mobile weapons platform. Favored enemies are giants and undead.
Half-Orc Oracle (Metal) 8/ Paladin 2: Throws around big hits with an Earth Breaker and Power Attack. Tends to like to buff before fights. Pretty mobile for a heavy armored character (40 ft.).
Dwarf Fighter 10: Axe and Board. Working his way toward TWF monstrousness. Very high AC (34+).
Aasimar Paladin 10: Has been using a falchion or greatsword for huge hits, but may start using sword and board. Has several Smites per day.
Aasimar Bard 8: Orc's cohort. Has both Good Hope and Haste, along with Inspire Courage +3. Turns the party into complete meat grinders with great action economy.

My current planned evil party: (I'm planning on running them at a level below the PCs)


Halfling Sorcerer 1/ Admixture Evoker 8: Has crossblooded dip for maximal electric damage. Also has 3 Magic Missiles prepared with a Lesser Toppling Rod. Has used up half of her 4th level spells on Scrying and Lesser Age Resistance.
Dwarf Martial Artist 9: Fast, Improved Trip. Currently using a Human-Bane AoMF. I'm considering changing that, since it will affect the Oracle, Ranger, and Paladin (Scion of Humanity) by my understanding. He also has Deflect Arrows and Crane Wing, which should allow him to shrug off the hardest hits each round (Furious focused Power Attacks, and Manyshots).
Hobgoblin Skirmisher 6/ Horizon Walker 3: Sword and board style, 40 ft. move speed (Plains terrain dominance/mastery). Favored enemy dwarves +4, humans +2. Has the skirmisher trick Surprise Shift. Has Missile Shield, which basically amounts to Deflect Arrows.
Human Vampire Antipaladin 8: Has three Smite Goods to use, most likely against the two paladins and the ranger, as they can get past his DR. Has the Fiendish Boon with his weapon (a +1 Nodachi, that he can make Keen or Unholy). He also has Charge Through and Greater Overrun, his preferred tactic being to charge past the frontline and engage the next target/flank the frontliners.

I think this party is pretty strong against my PCs. I have a few concerns about giving the PCs a pile of gear (since each evil character has 10.5K in wealth). To handle that, and to increase the challenge, I have given the evil party a lot of scrolls/potions that they will use to prebuff. These potions include relevant stat-boosters (bull's strength, etc), barkskins (+4), and shields of faith (also +4). Since they are scrying the PCs, they should be able to give themselves time for these prebuffs.

I'm not sure if these buffs are inappropriate or not. Given the fact that my PCs hit buffed numbers around +20 or greater to hit, I'm inclined to make the evil party a bit more durable.

I know this is a lot of things to discuss, but feel free to critique or offer suggestions for any of it, especially if you've ever done stuff like this against your own PCs.


I would think that an extra 2 dex, and advanced firearm availability could get messy quick. That's 4 advanced pistols with a racial bonus to dex, as soon as the character can afford all those guns, it's a monster, esp. with deadly aim or similar abilities.

I would add a few things to tangent's list

1: Grease, Enlarge Person

2: Glitterdust, Invisibility (great duration for scouting, Vanish is better in combat)

3: Haste (if you have 2+ weapon characters in your party, it outclasses all blasts), Slow, Stinking Cloud

4: Enervation, Confusion, Dim. Door

Don't forget that as a pit fiend, he has access to the Wish spell once per year. He could remove all his negative levels or any number of other things.

Consider the Rakshara bloodline from sorcerer. Also remember eldritch heritage, which should be quite accessible if you're rolling up a social character with decent CHA.

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Warmongerer wrote:

Remember that when converting gp to pp that platinum actually weighs less than gold. By that I mean 5000 gp in platinum weighs even less than one tenth of 5000 gp in gold. You can also have an equal value of silver and it would only weigh 5 not 10 times as much ( because silver is about half the mass of gold per mole). And an equal value in copper coins would only weigh 25 not 100 times as much because copper is about a quarter the mass of gold per mole.

*there is probably not that big of a difference in platinum to gold for most cases. There is only about a one gram difference per mole between the them.

** that one three oz gold coin would weigh approximately 9.5 g which would be about .05 moles of gold.

*** the above assume equal moles of the various metals in each respective coin

5000gp in platinum weighs 1/10th as much as 5000gp in gold, because platinum is valued at 500gp/lb. Moles don't factor here. You dont exchange 10 moles of gold for 1 mole of platinum.

Depending upon your entry level, 2 ranks of Paladin makes a Metal/Battle Oracle an extremely powerful character. If you want that route, you may want to make wisdom your low stat, just so you can have a few skill points.

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Currently, Nualia is a Fighter 2/Cleric 4. I'm thinking she might be nicely redone as an Inquisitor (Preacher) 6 with the Anger Inquisition. It drops her base attack bonus by 1, but adds some pretty cool things, while still leaving 2nd level spells as an option.

This will be for my friend's game, which may have 5 or 6 players, almost definitely 3rd level when they fight her.

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc.?

Polymorphing Sage/Orc crossblooded Sorcerer. Hit things hard with natural weapons.

Two faceless stalkers on top of the tower would definitely add to the challenge of Rogue-Xanesha. Remember that they have reach, and everyone of those foes has sneak attacks. Given enough prep time, she might have cast invisibility on them too.

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