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I know there is some wrap up after one of these. But I just got called away to work will be gone for a week plus don't delay on my part. When I get back I will check in if it's to late for my stuff no worries. Sorry about this but I have no control over when s&!$ catches fire

Ok I see it wrapped up. Thanks for running things and as this was my first time at pbp and first pathfinder hope I did alright

Sorry everyone I was travelling and couldn't get on. Hope I did not delay things much

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

Not noticing anything of interest Ruegann moves into the next room

I'm back

I have to do a work thing Thursday and won't be able to post.
Feel free to have Ruegann do what ever is needed

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I have always liked the original description for HP advancement. It showed the players exp for taking damage. Learning to turn or flinch at the right time so the stab only grazed or atleast missed vitals. Plus learning to push through minor wounds that would debilitate someone who has never been hit before. And I don't remember where but in many systems I have found caveats to the rules that state just because the dice show you can fall 2000 feet and survive some times common sense needs to prevail

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I had a group fall into the same thing where they did not even know each others names. So during a session when one member was going to arrive late I had them searching a town for Thomas BrightBlood who of course was not found until the missing party member arrived as it was his character and noone knew his name

I see it was already mentioned but if Shadowrun was close to what you wanted but more human based and easier to learn I highly recommend the Cyberpunk system. There "Friday Night Fire Fight" Rule system is easy to adapt to any changes you could want

Ruegann rushes the one to the left throwing a flurry of kicks at it's chest

Attack: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6Damage: 1d6 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8
Attack2: 1d20 + 3 - 1 ⇒ (9) + 3 - 1 = 11Damage: 1d6 + 3 - 1 ⇒ (1) + 3 - 1 = 3

This may not help with your choices but remember that being Lawful does not mean that you need to respect or believe in all lawful authority. Just that you will adhere to the Lawful authority you recognize these would be the laws and the authorities that are recognized by your order as you are a Paladin this is what allows them to be used as soldiers for the cause

Not really on topic but I find it humorous that over time and various rpg formats "Neutral" has been watered down and is now stated by many to be an easy alignment. When originally it was the hardest as playing a true neutral is striking a balance between all forces and is almost in human.

As to this thread I see the actions as definitely Lawful as to whether they are good or Evil is hard to say with out more detail I personally see her as Good. A dedication to protect both her immediate community and the Nation at large

Thanks for all the information in here and for those who responded to my post it is appreciated. I am now glad I have not yet taken part in the game at the local store as I obviously need to do some more research to be prepared

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As a long time rpg player who is new to PFS I appreciate this list but have to admit to not being entirely sold on it yet.
Time may prove me wrong but it seems to me that if every player builds to be able to fight melee and ranged, Carries their own heals and builds to fight swarms. That this is defeating the whole party aspect and watering down classes.
I am new here and may be proven horribly wrong on this and am just overly influenced by past gaming in other systems but every player being able to do everything seems anti team to me

Her true goal of wanting to protect all persons in the area not just her village would place in the good or neutral area.
Her strict adherence to a set code is definitely Lawful'
As a side note could make an interesting twist on a Ranger with favored enemy Nobility

Just tell your GM you are digging a refuse pit. Then don't fill it in when you are done...cleanliness is next to godliness after all

I have always found it perfectly reasonable for the pc's to use knowledge gained from previous encounters with no need to roll. As long as they actually know the info without pulling out a reference guide. The difficult part is ensuring that they are only using knowledge that their character has gained and not knowledge the player has gained

Cavalier could be a good fit aswell

67) Because bar fights are really boring when you are there alone.

Looks like 1 to 4 potions depending on cost

Brew potion feat wrote:
Brewing a potion takes 2 hours if its base price is 250 gp or less, otherwise brewing a potion takes 1 day for each 1,000 gp in its base price

I took the wording to mean the rope itself can't be hidden. That does not mean you cannont hide the area through line of sight. Use the rope behind a wall or tree or heavy fog bank etc. You cannot see the rope but the rope has not been hidden

In the past I have alway's dealt with this through "House rules". In which the player had to give a logical explanation as to how and where the gear was carried. And usually found that players would lead towards a realistic role play and prune their own carry list down as long as they had to be able to give the how on a semi regular basis

First. Good for you some of my most memorable play was this sort of Homebrew.

Second. Build slowly. No reason to have the far side of the continent mapped if your players are not going to get there this session.

Third. As to the amount of NPC's have your main ones ready. I have always found that I could get away with a cheat sheet for the rest. Name and a few notes that can be expanded later if needed.

Fourth. As for the encounters remember the versatility of facing humanoids they can be geared to any level.
If you want to have them facing something tougher then you think they can handle - they are in their home town so help from NPC's can level out the encounter.

Fifth. Remember that players will surprise you so be prepared to take your world in directions you may not have anticapated

And have fun

I think the last line may be the important one here or otherwise completely at an opponent's mercy
Held and Bound in place by a large constrictor sounds reasonable

Although I agree you need to deal with this by whatever means you choose. I would think twice about penalizing a future character build. If you decide to kill them and continue to play with the same group the play should stay fair

If you decide you are ok continuing play with them it sounds like they are ready for the Town to Hire a party of adventures to come hunt them or the hellnights send groups after them. I have always found that this type of play (if accepted by the GM) is best handled by showing them the consequences.

And as they are acting in the exact way a Bandit organization would treat them as such.

Party of adventures to hunt them
HellNights send reprisals
Locals arm against them

Regardless of how you spin it you are stealing from your party'

If this is acceptable to your group. Then your party should have a chance to detect your thefts (DM can have them role random perception checks)

I would also hope that your DM is paying attention to alignments

So why does it say 1NL beside Rueganns name

That's awesome Sago you win the initiative and use it to use me as a shield.....Not feeling the love here

Sure the pally and party can be pulled to a different dimension and be tried infront of the pallys god

Ruegann grabs the rope and hauls Jaquilin up

As to the op if your now second guessing "the fall" I say let him fall. If he raises a stink then extend the story line that he can right the wrongs and regain his god's and his order's favor.

On a side note I have never taken to immediate punishment of Pally's that acted in a grey area even if I thought they where wrong. A few disturbing dreams and some penance would suffice. And without having the full campaign details the best I can see this as is a grey area

True surrender does not mean free from punishment but as the OP stated in the kingdom they are in Death is not the lawful sentence which is what puts him in this situation. So by the rules of the land he is currently serving the execution would be illegal. And as the Paladin excepted the surrender it would now constitute murder.
After the trial if he was sentenced to Death the Paladin could kill him with impunity

would stop attacks from the same water source atleast temporarily. Or create ice then wait for it to melt and you as much water as you need. To drink or put out a fire.

Well that would be a very fast way to create a bridge and at 9" thick there isn't much in game that couldn't cross it

Seems like a good option to cross water or swamp
If you math is right

Want to put a hockey game together with little notice

The easiest way to decide is for yourself. None of us played this but you where there the fact that you have to ask leads me to believe something in the story line left you questioning the act.
That being said now put your self in the role of the Paladin who is highly moral, Lawful and religious.
If you have doubts then so does he. I doubt he is going to give up his faith when he has doubts

A quick look through the equipment descriptions in ultimate equipment will show you a full diversity of bags, sacks, packs etc. So adding a little game flair to the shape of yours should not be a problem

Attempted to kill or actually succeeded could be argued into any " Chaotic" role with the story line which I admit I have no knowledge of.
Chaotic good - Believed she was going to commit some sort of evil
Chaotic Neutral - Well don't really need an example for this one

This seems to fall directly into the "Lawful" part of your alignment.
If the authority you are in service to has laws that state he must face trial and can't be executed then you are sort of stuck.
As for him not being evil that is perfectly reasonable Just because he tried to kill her does not automatically make him evil

Ruegann draws a dagger while waiting for a path through the door to clear

I don't know if this will help or make matters worse.
But assuming your off hand is your non dominant hand and that is where you are wearing the buckler( a right handed person has buckler on left arm) And then you think about the actual mechanics of firing a bow. Bow held in off hand and drawn, loaded etc with main hand. May explain why your off hand is not available for other tasks.

I am currently out of ideas to fix burn out as so many have been mentioned.
But also being a gamer since the 80's and reading this thread I truly hope that the good folks at Paizo are also reading it and taking notes.

And Headfirst I have to agree for many years all the players I knew refused miniatures and mats enjoying keeping the game imagination based

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Well Someone let the game designers know that all the games we have been playing for decades are full of useless fluff. Like magical enhancements to have weapons return or quivers re fill, not to mention all those useless bags of holding. And no reason to put towns or markets in the game. Just throw some gold over your shoulder and poof everything you want is right there

So for all the people here that say do not count arrows.
Do you extend this courtesy to every player at your tables. A player building a fighter around the spear or throwing axe. Or a thief throwing daggers do they all get unlimited ammo at your tables

Infusing new blood into your gaming group. I have noticed that constant gaming with the same group can dull the game as you start to know the players responses before they do. Or possibly find a new group entirely but this is probably difficult in the age of video games.

Take a break. I was in the same boat when a geographical relocation forced an extended break on me and know I can't wait to return to gaming

ok thanks. It got confusing as other traits allowed a spell like ability to non casters

So I am sure I am missing something but I am looking at traits and the trait "Gifted Adept" States you can pick a spell and cast it at +1 caster level.

Question there is no class restriction for this trait. Does that mean any class can take it and get a 1st level spell. Caster level 0+1 = level 1

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