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Possibly long question(s) about kineticists:

Many kineticist infusions have damage significantly reduced if the blast to which they are applied is physical. (See, e.g. Spindle, Mobile Blast, Torrent, Wall, Eruption, Singularity, etc.)

Some of these have energy damage doing full and physical doing half, while others have energy damage doing half and physical doing quarter damage.

I'd like to know whether this design is due to complex mathematics that suggests actual relative parity between a full-damage energy blast and a half damage physical one (and by the same token a half damage energy, quarter damage physical) or whether this design is due to simple math (that is, "people can do halves and quarters and anything else is too hard") or something else entirely (For example, random choice, or flavor that energy should be better at "area" stuff including 1-square areas like Mobile Blast).

Two secondary question arise:
1)Do you think that outside of those infusions (i.e. just regular blasts) physical damage (attacking against regular AC, but getting reduced by DR) is doing way more damage than energy damage (attacking against touch AC, but getting reduced by energy resistance) such that energy blasts need a boost (or physical ones need a nerf)?

(According to this guide (link) physical blast damage is about 33% higher than energy blast damage at all levels (but of course has to hit AC not Touch AC, which makes them hard to compare)

2) For composite blasts that are half physical, half energy in their damage (e.g. Blizzard Blast) but which are categorized as "physical blasts": should they be treated entirely as physical blasts for the above infusions (and similar ones) or should each part be treated as appropriate to its type (so for Blizzard the piercing damage would be 1/2 and the cold would be full damage or whatever). If they're treated as fully physical, is that just a math/time/ease issue or something else?

I am genuinely interested in hearing the reasoning, and while the kineticist I'm making may not like your answers, as a player who has seen tables with 8 summoned monsters running around at the same time (2 summoners at one table...) I understand that simplicity has significant virtues too.

Posting to dot this and:
Starting money (Cleric): Starting Money Cleric: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 4, 1) = 8 x10 = 80g. Also my gold roll resembles those stat rolls, unsurprisingly...
I'll get an alias up as SOON as I come up with a good name for this dame.

Roll 1: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 2, 4) = 12; 5+2+4=11 bonus: 0
Roll 2: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 2, 1) = 15; 6+6+2=14 bonus: 2
Roll 3: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 3, 2) = 12; 5+3+2=10 bonus: 0
Roll 4: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 5, 2) = 12; 4+5+2=11 bonus: 0
Roll 5: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 5, 5) = 14; 5+5+3=13 bonus: 1
Roll 6: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 3, 5) = 14; 4+3+5=12 bonus: 1
Roll 7: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 2, 5) = 14; 5+2+2=9 bonus: -1 DROPPED

Total bonus: 0+2+0+0+1+1=4 Fails.

Roll 8: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 3, 6) = 17; 6+5+3=14 bonus: 2
Roll 9: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 2, 2) = 10; 5+2+2=9 bonus: -1
Roll 10: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 5, 4) = 18; 5+5+4=14 bonus: 2
Roll 11: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 5, 3) = 12; 5+3+3=11 bonus: 0
Roll 12: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 1, 2) = 7; 3+2+1=6 bonus: -2 DROPPED
Roll 13: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 1, 4) = 10; 4+3+2=9 bonus: -1
Roll 14: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 6, 3) = 18; 6+5+4=15 bonus: 2

Total bonus: 2+-1+2+0+-1+2=4 Fails.
Shocking that this is soooooo bad.

Roll 15: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 4, 6) = 14; 6+4+2=12 bonus: 1
Roll 16: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 4, 6) = 15; 6+4+4=14 bonus: 2
Roll 17: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 3, 6) = 15; 6+3+5=14 bonus: 2
Roll 18: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 4, 2) = 13; 4+3+4=11 bonus: 0
Roll 19: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 5, 1) = 14; 4+4+5=13 bonus: 1
Roll 20: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 6, 2) = 14; 6+4+2=12 bonus: 1
Roll 21: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 4, 2) = 13; 4+3+4=11 bonus: 0 DROPPED

Total bonus: 1+2+2+0+1+1=7 Success.

Now that I've got numbers, I'll take a look at the campaign traits etc. and see if I come up with a concept. I'll try to pick something that heals; but a motivation and personality are mostly what I'm thinking about. (Who this is and why they care about Kintargo).

Posting so you know I found it; rolling in a moment.

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Background: I'm playing in an online AP, and my witch uses Infernal Healing. I'm casting it DURING a combat, so we cannot simply hand-wave the timing.

I began casting the spell last round without using a move action, so like other 1-round cast spells (e.g. Sleep, Summon Monster) it will take effect "immediately before the beginning of [this] turn." (See {1} below.)

The fighter (on whom I want to cast the infernal healing) moved next to me on his action (which is right after mine), so I can touch him without moving.

The Question: I touch the fighter in the 2nd round to deliver the infernal healing spell. Do I still get a full (move and standard) turn this round? Or do I only get my move action (no question that I still have that).

Normally the rules say the touch attack for a regular standard action touch spell is a "free action" on the round you cast the spell (See {2} below), but that happens "in the same round that you cast the spell."

Concurrent question: If I were to move, start casting using my standard action, and then in the 2nd round use the "finish full-round action" action (see {3} below) would I in the second round get the normal free touch attack to deliver the touch spell as part of that standard action (i.e. could I then move and deliver the Infernal healing without using a 3rd round)?

Reference Links:
{1}LINK: 1 Round spell: "A spell that takes one round to cast is a full-round action. It comes into effect just before the beginning of your turn in the round after you began casting the spell. You then act normally after the spell is completed."

{2}LINK: Free touch attack in round you cast a touch spell: "Many spells have a range of touch. To use these spells, you cast the spell and then touch the subject. In the same round that you cast the spell, you may also touch (or attempt to touch) as a free action. You may take your move before casting the spell, after touching the target, or between casting the spell and touching the target. You can automatically touch one friend or use the spell on yourself, but to touch an opponent, you must succeed on an attack roll."

{3}LINK: Start/complete standard action: The “start full-round action” standard action lets you start undertaking a full-round action, which you can complete in the following round by using another standard action.

Ranger starting gold: 5d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 6, 3, 4) = 21 x10 = 210

Background is being edited and crunch done except for things that depend on gear (which is why gold is now needed!)

Will have it all posted on a named alias shortly (and I'll throw up a link for it so Azure can update his list--Thanks azure!)

I'm tying my background into Kragmaw's character... I hope 'Gus' doesn't mind having a secret admirer (who may or may not be that great at hiding it).

GM: After I saw your submission date I decided to give it a bit more thought and came up with what I think is a much more interesting (and better fitting) submission. I'm working on the crunch and have another question--> When you said on SRD did you mean d20pfsrd? (There's an archetype that's up there I would like (but don't HAVE) to use, but it's not on the paizo PRD).

The archetype in question is this one LINK. (I understand that bonuses in forests are useless; I'm willing to take that loss if you don't want to make "Forest Ghost" into "Desert Ghost" because I think the archetype fits the character very well.)

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I'm not sure this should have been moved to advice; if he wants a PFS specific answer, it differs from the generic answer.

PFS specific:
You can either: choose a single animal from the MOST RESTRICTIVE list and the levels stack, or you can choose two different animals *BUT CAN ONLY USE ONE IN COMBAT.*

Generic answer:
From the PRD Druid class: "If a character receives an animal companion from more than one source, her effective druid levels stack for the purposes of determining the statistics and abilities of the companion."
From Ranger: "This ability functions like the druid animal companion ability (which is part of the Nature Bond class feature), except that the ranger's effective druid level is equal to his ranger level – 3."
From Paladin: "This mount functions as a druid's animal companion, using the paladin's level as her effective druid level."
From Cavalier: "This mount functions as a druid's animal companion, using the cavalier's level as his effective druid level. The creature must be one that he is capable of riding and is suitable as a mount."

In other words: ask your GM if you're not playing PFS; many GM's would read the text above to say that the levels stack as long as (for instance) your TIGER is big enough to ride (one or more size categories larger than you).

I would also point out that PFS USED to just straight up have the levels stack under Joshua Frost's ruling on May 28, 2010 LINK; that ruling was subsequently changed by Mike Brock on November 29, 2012 Link, Link2 and Link3--that's 2 years of PFS during which the levels stacked just fine thanks and the world didn't end.

Harbug runs around the remaining Tower Girls to give Krass an advantage in his fight.
Double move way around to Z-33; Round 8/10 of Fast Healing 1.

Just to make this more complicated for you rules-redesigning people:

2.20 Wrath of the Accursed:
This scenario includes a Girdle of Opposite Gender as part of the Cheliax faction mission. The scenario explicitly includes a sidebar stating:
2.20 Sidebar wrote:

The girdle of opposite gender PCs can find and use here
presents and opportunity for players to “rebuild” their
characters in a way normally not allowed. In general,
PCs should remain the same gender they begin play as,
but since there are no mechanical effects of switching
gender, it’s a fun way for PCs to interact with the
cursed items without altering their PCs’ usefulness in
the game.

I suppose this one may fall under the same exception as the evil ioun stone brought up earlier in the thread? Either way, I'd expect with the new ruling that a little YMMV will occur as to whether my wizard is considered "dead and unplayable" just because he decided it would be fun to send "his secretary" on missions instead of going himself.

4-16 The Fabric of Reality:
There is a cursed book in this mission that causes a character to become cursed if they carry it. Without looking at my chronicle I can only approximate the curse effects: it is something like -10 or -16 to stealth and a similar penalty to another skill check; but it also makes you LEAVE A GREEN TRAIL WHEN YOU MOVE. My summoner's eidolon carried the book and INSISTED on keeping that curse (i.e. "Don't you dare remove this, it's TOTALLY AWESOME, or I'll stop responding when you call me.")

So two issues from the second spoiler: 1) what if someone wants to keep this curse? (Under this new ruling, they're reported as dead) and 2) What about Summoners/Druids/Cavaliers/any character with a familiar: what happens if their companion gains a permanent condition like a curse? What about Summoners whose eidolons take ability damage--remember (in case you hate summoners/for some other reason don't know their rules: eidolons do not heal normally--neither health nor ability damage return without magical assistance. If an eidolon is not at full health/stats at the end of an adventure is the summoner reported as dead?

And a third wrench to throw in your gears: What about scenario sets like The Rats of Round Mountain 1 and 2 (3-18 or so and 3-22 or so?) No spoilers here since I've not played either, but if you were to get a condition in Rats I and

boon thing:
wanted to play the 2nd one without a visit to Absalom so you get the boon you can't clear your conditions as far as I know.
To make another example, I played The Heresy of Man I - III straight through on a single day at a con; the GM/Judge ruled that since we were going from one mission straight to the next, we could not make any purchases over 1000g because we were in Society-hostile territory.
Heresy of Man:
Also because Heresy takes place in a nation that is hostile to divine casters, we could not get divine scrolls/spells cast at any significant level.
If there is (and I don't know if there is) a curse in Rats I or a player gets some condition in the situation like the Heresy of Man trilogy I played in, does their character get reported as dead because they were incapable of clearing the condition? Do they have until the end of Rats II/the end of the trilogy to clear all conditions?

Well, I think Bracers of Archery LINK are overpriced considering what they grant:
5000g for:
Proficiency with bows (NOT crossbows) if you did not have it (and if you didn't have it why are you buying an item to improve your ranged weapon attacks?)
IF you already had proficiency, you get a +1 competence bonus on attack rolls.

That's like paying 5000g and taking up your wrist slot for a +1 weapon. Now, I know archers will still take it because every +1 to hit helps, but let's be serious here: it's only even remotely good because it stacks with most *BUT NOT ALL (e.g. Bard Song)* other bonuses to hit.

My understanding of "run as written" is something like the following:

First Steps 2:
Last fight of the scenario:
Skelk illusionist, his tactics say something like: He tries to run away as best as he can. He uses his spells and spell-like abilities to blind and stun the PCs to aid his escape. If a PC moves in front of the dragon statute trap, he activates it. If cornered and given the chance to surrender he hands over his loot in exchange for his life.

We'd made friends with the displaced kobolds so they called the skelk out to fight us. He won initiative and opened with color spray (perfectly good for his tactics as written). I and the other character near the front failed our saves. Still no problem here. Next round he proceeds to provoke an attack of opportunity to coup-de-grace my character... his tactics specifically say that he runs away as best as he can using his spells and spell-like abilities to incapacitate players. As I've played and run this mod before, I point this out to the GM, who says something like "Oh, yeah, this is PFS not my home game."

That there is what "run as written" is about.

CWheezy wrote:
I was pretty sad when this was banned, I guess because it wasn't good for wizards?

I'm sure that's sarcasm, but just in case: These bracers are amazing for wizards. +1 to hit with all ranged attacks?! and +3 to perception (most used skill in the game anyone?)

[sarcasm]What wizard would want to hit better with his scorching rays in the surprise round he gets to act in because he perceived the hidden enemies? These are useless to wizards.[/sarcarsm]

I think what Eric is getting at is the following:
the chronicle my characters *currently* receive for Prince of Wolves has two pages. The first page is about how to use the chronicle. It details how to get your GM to sign it etc.
The second page is the actual chronicle.
click HERE {LINK} to download it (or go to additional resources and click on Prince of Wolves a little ways down on the far right of your screen).
It has on it a boon:

Chronicle wrote:
Prince of Wolves: Your experiences with the Sczarni of the Prince’s Wolves have given you insight into dealing with werewolves and other lycanthropes, and you are unphased by their bestial natures. You receive a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks against lycanthropes. Additionally, the Intimdate DC for a lycanthrope to demoralize you is 2 higher than normal.

Essentially, my character "read" the chronicle written by Count Varian Jaggare and from reading it has gained the experience of "interacting with Sczarni werewolves." Like, literally gained that experience. Like as if my character(s) (and each of them at least for now) ALL DID THIS THEMSELVES.

So what Eric is saying is: My character has the chronicle for Queen of Thorns, and counts as having done the adventure in that book and thus should know about the bleaching.

As for my answer to you, Eric: Ask your GM who claims you are "metagaming": if I keep a journal of everything my character does and either himself identifies or some other party member identifies and tells me about, can I use that knowledge later? For instance, the 3rd time I see Skeletons, can I go straight for my club even though my "normal" weapon is a scimitar? or are you going to call me a "metagamer" and insist that I draw my scimitar and attack the "unidentified bone creature" to find out that it doesn't work well?

I looked into it after getting some sleep. =) I (but not my fiance) have played the scenario. (I'm always happy to play again for no credit, playing is FUN!) but hearing about the module is good too! Thanks for the responses. (Now to cross my fingers and hope the module is the right level range; we're levelled out of the scenario unfortunately).

Woo! 8th level--perfect!

My fiance and I played

The Fabric of Reality
and got the boon; she chose Jalmeray (a large island off the coast of Nex) as her special place, and is interested in playing the character in any scenarios/modules/sanctioned AP's etc. that take place there.

If you want information about Jalmeray (say to remind yourself where and what it is) I'd suggest looking at THIS LINK. Thank you to anyone contributing suggestions for what to play here.


Bless/bane off topic:
yeti1069 wrote:
Well, if you cast Bless on someone under the effect of Bane, both effects end. Your example of Bless and Bane is different, since you can't pass on the buff by shaking someone's hand, just like you can't shake someone's hand with Haste and impart it upon them.

That is incorrect. Example: level 1 Fighter and Cleric fighting 3 goblins and a goblin shaman (Oracle 1). Round 1 cleric casts Bless. Cleric and Fighter have 10 rounds of Bless. <time passes> Round 3 Shaman casts Bane, Cleric and Fighter fail their saves. They now have Bless and Bane (which cancel each other in terms of the bonuses given, but they have both). Round 11 comes around and Bless has worn off. Now Fighter and Cleric are both affected by Bane only until round 13 when that wears off too.

The line "Bless counters and dispels Bane." in the Bless spell (and similar text in Darkness/Light spells, Consecrate/Desecrate, Haste/Slow etc.) refers to the counterspelling (LINK) mechanics and to the dispel magic(LINK) mechanics.

For example if Cleric in round 2 readies an action to "counter a spell cast by the shaman" then when the shaman casts Bless the cleric can 1) make a spellcraft check to recognize Bane, then 2) cast Bane to counter Bane (Remember: "As a general rule, a spell can only counter itself") OR cast Bless "Bless counters and dispels Bane."

Example #2: Round 4 in the BASE example (Fighter and Cleric have Bless (6 rounds left) AND Bane (9 rounds left) going): Cleric decides to cure Fighter of the Bane effect: Cleric casts Bless as a spell to make a targeted dispel on the Bane spell. She makes a dispel check (see dispel magic above and carefully read the example about dispelling a Wall of Fire). Cleric rolls 1d20 + her caster level and if her total is higher than the DC of the Bane spell, then the Bane is dispelled from Fighter.

See Cast Out(LINK) for another example of a spell that references a "dispel check." (which as far as I know is only explained mechanically in the Dispel Magic spell, not in the Magic section of the core rules).

This is sort-of not obvious stuff from the text, but that's how it works. Darkness/Light spells are even worse/more complicated because the "spell" is a touch spell on a specific object that then radiates the light/darkness, and spell level matters, and there's a zillion other problems, which is why Jiggy said above: "Read darkness, read all the FAQs, read darkness again, get everything sorted, then come back to this thread."

FiddlersGreen wrote:

Incidentally, I may have found the answer to one of my own questions at least: the hands slot is a single slot that pertains to gloves and gauntlets. It seems that held items do not require a slot to use.

Questions still remaining for Mr Brock (aka Lord Gold-helm):

1. Does the Cassisian angel also gain all item slots when it takes the "small human-like angel" form?

2. If not, does it still gain the neck and armor slots when in the "small human-like angel" form, considering the base form does not have the anatomy for either armor or neck slots.

3. Is it possible (or necessary, c.f. Paz's post) to buy tiny rings/headbands/belts etc for familiars in PFS?

Previously answered @ LINK

Relevant Text:
1) Original post:
Kristen Gipson wrote:

I have been informed that at higher levels the improved familiar feat can be taken and you can have your new and improved familiar wield magical items; such as a wand. What I would like to know is:

1. Per the FAQ, imps and quasits can wield a wand. So does that mean as long as the familiar is intelligent and can speak a language can others wield magical items as well. If that is not the case what are the requirements?

2. Does the familiar have to make a UMD check each time it goes to activate the item?

Several posts down (right above the link posted above)

Varthanna wrote:
Why not Cassisians? They can be small angelic humanoids at will.

Mike Brock response:

Michael Brock wrote:
Because they find it strange and rarely stay in the form of small angelic humanoids for more than a few minutes? Who am I to force them into a form that will make them uneasy? ;-)

If the boon says something like "You may spend 6 prestige to make a free purchase up to XXXXg" (where XXXX is at least as much or more than the value of a +1 gun) then you may buy that gun with prestige.

Pathfinder Society Guide to Organized Play (pg 27 footnote 3) wrote:
Once per session, you can acquire any single item of this cost [150g/750g] or less from your faction by spending the appropriate amount of Prestige Points. Items purchased this way are worth 0 gp and cannot be sold.

Italic section added for clarity.

In other words, the gun would be worth 0g, and (like all items purchased with prestige) not subject to availability limits.

If you want better/more specific advice, it may be worth your time to type the actual text of the boon.

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Relevant rules text:
Revelations link

PRD wrote:
Revelation: At 1st level, 3rd level, and every four levels thereafter (7th, 11th, and so on), an oracle uncovers a new secret about her mystery that grants her powers and abilities. The oracle must select a revelation from the list of revelations available to her mystery. If a revelation is chosen at a later level, the oracle gains all of the abilities and bonuses granted by that revelation based on her current level. Unless otherwise noted, activating the power of a revelation is a standard action.

Raise the Dead link

PRD wrote:
Raise the Dead (Su): As a standard action, you can summon a single skeleton or zombie to serve you. The undead creature has a number of Hit Dice equal to your oracle level. It remains for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier. At 7th level, you can summon a bloody skeleton or fast zombie. At 15th level, you can summon an advanced skeleton or zombie. You can use this ability once per day plus one additional time per day at 10th level.

I have been running this ability as having the same range as the Summon Monster/Summon Nature's Ally spells (that is, Close = 25'+5'/2 levels); is there anything to suggest a RAW/RAI range for this ability and/or that I'm doing it wrong?

Note that this is for a PFS character so RAW takes precedence for that, but as I don't know of any relevant text, I've been playing it based on intuition.

Robert Matthews 166 wrote:
You can do what my ranger is going to do and take 1 level of wildblooded sorcerer and go sylvan bloodline. This gives you any animal companion at level 1 sorc. Your ranger levels will stack and make the roc stronger. Roc fits my dwarf ranger so well and because your animal companion comes from the sorceror class you are able to cast enlarge person on it.

Unfortunately this does not work. Link to Mike Brock on the matter (that thread was about Samurai (cavalier) riding a tiger, but the point is, 1 level of druid/sylvan sorcerer/other gives you a level 1 tiger that does not get the benefit of your ranger levels); in other words: Animal Companion stacking must choose from the MOST restrictive list.

RIP the Gnome Ranger, yet again.

Nicholas Milasich wrote:

Thanks for the information, Will Johnson.

I would like to hear from someone who ran a game at tier 1-3 who had to deal with an animal companion. We need data.

As a GM, I agree that a single overpowered character lessens the fun of other players (and the GM) a great deal. I'm not an adversarial GM at all, my job is to create fun. The tier 1 single-lion stomp, I believe from my experience, will lessen fun. I haven't dealt with it yet, and if I do at the upcoming con, I'll let you know how it goes.

I'll step up a bit here: I played (not ran) with a local Nagaji paladin who purchased a snake for his character early on (he's got high CHA as a paladin, and Nagaji gives a +2 bonus to handle animal checks with the snake/reptiles). (If he reads this, maybe he'll jump in on the issue as well, maybe not). Anyway, I think we played through... 4-01 Rise of the Goblin Guild and 3-01 The Frostfur Captives (those are the two low-tier ones I recall being in with his paladin at levels 1-2ish).

He has a little trouble making the handle animal checks from time to time, but generally succeeded. The snake wasn't overpowered, but did get to do some things that were "cool" (like climbing a tower to attack goblins--it has a climb speed) and grab/constricting various enemies (making them easier to hit and doing damage).

The player GM's a lot, so knew the rules well and followed them, and generally was quick with getting his rolls done and deciding what he was going to do, so it wasn't a problem time-wise.

So no, you can't sell back partially-used wands. But not-used is not (to my knowledge) commented upon by the leadership yet, and so should be possible to sell back.

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Yiroep wrote:
Andrew Christian wrote:
But seeing as how allowing it essentially allows free raise deads, which are supposed to be quite pricey...
Again, Ultimate Mercy can do it at level 6 potentially already (with major shenanigans, it's even possible at level 5). The "blood money trick" can't even really do it until level 10 (going pure ancient lorekeeper oracle, or cleric with a level dip in wizard, sorcerer, magus, or witch).

How do you get it at level 5? I built a paladin for PFS specifically to have this ability at level 6 (and hey, 10 LoH/day is a pretty damn good healer so it's not like the character is worthless UNTIL someone dies)... but LoH per day=½ paladin level + CHA mod...

Level 6 Ultimate Mercy:

Level 3: take Greater Mercy (requires Mercy class feature, so can't take it until 3)
Level 5: take Ultimate Mercy (requires Greater Mercy)

Start with 19 or 20 CHA (if you start with 19, put your +1 into CHA at level 4).

Be a Paladin with the Sacred Servant archetype: lets you get 1 extra LoH per day at 5th level.

LoH is ½ Paladin level + CHA mod per day, (so level 6 = 3 + 5 (CHA) + 1 (Sacred Servant)) = 9; get a headband of CHA for 10 LoH per day...

But if you were only level 5 it would be: 2+5+1+1... how do you get the 10th?!

You can't get it from Extra Lay on Hands because you can't take that feat at level 1: it requires that you have Lay on Hands, which requires Paladin 2...

Edit: I thought I'd found it with Bracelet of Mercy, but how does a level 5 character afford a 15,000g item (even if they have the gold, 14 scenarios = max 28 prestige = 11,750 gp max value.

Fairly certain he just made the url link wrong; Try this one. (Or do what I did: copy what he wrote and paste that into your address bar).

Lanith: Are you going to be at any conventions between now and August? I simply must play First Steps I at your table. =p

The current ruling by Mike stands (of course), however, if there is going to be a re-evaluation of the "no upgrade path to Celestial Chain" rule, I would point out the following:

Gold exists as a special material, and

Additional Resources regarding Ultimate Equipment wrote:
Special Materials: All special materials, except angel skin, living steel and wyroot, are legal for play.
So if Celestial Chain is +3 chainmail made of gold links, then buy chainmail armor made of gold
PRD wrote:

Items constructed purely of gold cost 10 times the normal price for items of their type. Gold items weigh 50% more than typical weapons or armor of their type.

Gold can be fashioned into light or medium metal armor. The softness and the weight of the metal decrease the armor/shield bonus by 2, and increase the armor check penalty by 2. Gold armor has hardness 5. Magically strengthened gold is the equivalent of steel and can be made into any armor or weapon that can be made of steel.

Emphasis mine. The armor is actually usable as armor once you get it to +1 as it loses the increased check penalty and gains back the armor bonus, though it still weighs a lot until you make it celestial.

Not saying this is perfect, but if the description says "gold" then this is a feasible upgrade path.

My wizard ran across a girdle of opposite gender. His faction mission was to retrieve this amusing belt, and (with a tiny bit of intuition) he knew what the belt was going to be. He also succeeded on his spellcraft check and so "actually" knew what the belt was going to be. When I play that character now, "his secretary" arrives, claiming that he has "more important" things to handle and that "he sent her" because he knew she would be sufficient for the job...

Thank you all for the responses! I appreciate the help. I've still got some time before I arrive on the east coast, but I'll definitely see some of you when I get there.

I'm moving east soon, and will be in one of these two places; specifically New York City or Storrs, CT (sort-of near Hartsburg, kinda?) and am investigating PFS opportunities in those areas.

Anyone know places to play in and around those two places? And/or who the current VC's are for those areas so I can e-mail them directly?

Thanks in advance for any information!

RainyDayNinja wrote:
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RainyDayNinja wrote:
Actually, I've been running into this issue myself. I'm building a Nature Oracle (who gets a bonded mount), and dipping into 1 level of Cavalier. I think that if I take a level of Oracle first, I'll already have Share Spells, and won't lose it when I take a level of Cavalier. But I'm not sure. Keeping Share Spells for a Cavalier would fix that, but they already get Light Armor Proficiency for their mount to compensate for it.

I don't have a link handy, but I know I've seen an official clarification that animal companion features don't stack; ie, a level 1 Nature Oracle/level 1 Cavalier would have two mounts, one with 6 Int and Share Spells, one with Armor Proficiency (Light) and WITHOUT Share Spells...

Time to go searchin' for the post in question...

If you find that thread, let me know, because that will change how I build the character A LOT. I think I remember the thread you're referring to, but as I remember it, the main debate was whether you could stack mount levels from a Cavalier with a druid's AC, when the AC wasn't of a type that fit the Cavalier's mount choices. I guess I'll have to look for it too...

Just beware that even IF abilities stack (and I'm not going to argue that point here), legal companion CHOICES don't stack:

So sayeth the Brock, and so shall it be.

R.I.P. The Gnome Ranger, you were fun before that thread happened.

Just prepped The Jester's Fraud, had to make the templated creatures for the high tier.
Google doc here: PUus/edit?usp=sharing

Feel free to copy it over to the appropriate folder

Augh, too late. I noticed my problem: I has the Acrobatic feat (+2 fly and acrobatics). And now I can't delete the thread. Oh well. Egg for everyone! (if you're willing to eat it off my face).

EDIT: Deleted huge post 'cause it was me overlooking the simple possibility.

Based on what's on the warhorn, pretty likely. I'm signed up to judge on Friday afternoon for We Be Goblins! along with 1 other person, and there are only 5 players signed up (i.e. there's only 1 table's worth on Warhorn, but there's likely to be plenty of walk-ins... which means my secret plan to play in that slot instead probably won't happen. =p)

I looked back and failed to post this last post: Ravagwen it's now your turn.

Sammy T wrote:
What is the most expensive item your character owns?

I don't even know, as my highest character is a level 8 cleric (which doesn't get played much) it's probably a +4 WIS headband.

Sammy T wrote:
What is the most unusual "flavor" item you own?

My druid has a pet cat... that drinks whisky. (Cheers to you Auntie Baltwin!)

Sammy T wrote:
What is most interesting thing you've seen another PC own?

I've seen two or three PC's with courier's outfits (I don't recall the scenario, but they're all Chelaxian... something about playing dress-up for the Paracountess...)

I'm 90% certain Mike Brock posted that you have the old familiar teach the new one on its way out (i.e. you keep your spells). Let me see what my search-fu turns up. Also, for many/most feats (e.g. evolved familiar) they specifically call out that if you get a new familiar, the new familiar gets the benefit of the feat.

EDIT: fixed a parenthesis and Linky to Mike Brock on the issue! Search-fu >> edit timer!

For critique:

Scroll Scrying Goggles
Aura strong divination; CL 5th
Slot eyes; Price 12,800 gp; Weight
These goggles greatly assist the wearer in deciphering and using magical scrolls. In addition to constantly granting the ability to read magical writings as per the spell read magic they grant the wearer a +5 competence bonus on Use Magic Device checks to use a scroll and to emulate an ability score for purposes of using a scroll. They also provide a +2 competence bonus on Perception checks to detect traps involving magical writings, like glyph of warding or symbol of death.

Once per day the wearer can cast a spell from a scroll with a caster level up to 5 without making a Use Magic Device check; this drains the goggles’ power into the scroll, leaving them as ordinary lenses for 24 hours. Activating a scroll with the goggles’ magic takes a full-round action (or the spell's casting time, whichever is longer), provokes attacks of opportunity as casting a spell does, and is subject to disruption as regular spellcasting, but is not subject to arcane spell failure. The goggles do not possess enough magic to power a spell with a casting time longer than 1 round; attempting to cast such a spell with the goggles drains their power for the day and the user must succeed on a Use Magic Device check (DC 15 + double the level of the spell you're casting) without the goggles' +5 bonus or suffer a scroll mishap (see Scroll Mishaps). Even with a success on this check the spell is still gone from the scroll.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, read magic, creator must have 5 ranks in the Use Magic Device skill; Cost 6,400 gp

Question for you Jiggy (and anyone else who wants to answer as a GM):

PRD wrote:
You can use this skill to identify monsters and their special powers or vulnerabilities. In general, the DC of such a check equals 10 + the monster's CR. For common monsters, such as goblins, the DC of this check equals 5 + the monster's CR. For particularly rare monsters, such as the tarrasque, the DC of this check equals 15 + the monster's CR, or more. A successful check allows you to remember a bit of useful information about that monster. For every 5 points by which your check result exceeds the DC, you recall another piece of useful information. Many of the Knowledge skills have specific uses as noted on Table: Knowledge Skill DCs.

I personally read this to mean that if you make the DC you get 1 question (i.e. "what is it's DR" or whatever). If you beat it by 5 then you get a 2nd question, and so on. Is there a ruling somewhere as to whether I'm being too lenient by giving more than the name?

Dragnmoon wrote:
Kyle Baird wrote:
Luckily at Dragnmoon's table, there will be no dip in quality as half of zero is still zero. :-)
How do you do half a death at your table?...

He just kills half the party and calls it a PTK (partial-table-kill).

Sanjiv wrote:

At each level, can a Brood Master decide how many Eidolon are in his brood? Can he reduce that number, as well as increase it? If he can, then surely he can redistribute evolution points freely, but what about feats?

Ultimately, is there a difference between a Brood Master with a single Eidolon, and a normal Summoner?

You must have at least 2.

PRD wrote:
Eidolon Brood: At 2nd level, instead of a single eidolon, a broodmaster summons two Small eidolons to his side, ... Regardless of the number of eidolons in the brood, each eidolon has the same base attack bonus and base saving throw bonuses, but the rest of the eidolons' base statistics must be divided between the eidolons, including Hit Dice (minimum 1)...

Since your eidolons must have at least 1 hit dice each, you cannot have fewer than 2 starting at level 2.

Elamdri wrote:
... If you take the Large or Huge evolutions, you can have potentially more than 2 Eidolons, but you can never summon less than 2 at any any level.

True, but not until 8th level (See the "Larger Brood" class feature (and then 13th level for huge)).

Elamdri wrote:
Resources need to be distributed as evenly as possible. If you have 2 Eidolons and 1 feat, one Eidolon is left out. If you have 2 Eidolons and 2 feats, each gets one. You cannot give one Eidolon all the feats.

Not sure about this one; is there an FAQ or message board clarification somewhere? The example in the book splits things this way, but the text says the feats/attacks/evolutions/etc. must be "divided" between the eidolons, it doesn't say "divided evenly" (though that may have been intended). If you and I split a pizza and I take 25% of it and you take 75% of it, we've divided the pizza, but not evenly. (And like the eidolons, you can have 7 toppings on your 3/4, while I have just 1 topping on my 1/4). Ask your GM to see what he thinks is the best answer unless there's some developer word on this--and even then ask your GM, because forcing you to split evenly seems silly to me. Why not allow 1 combat eidolon and 1 skill monkey eidolon?

I'd suggest that this is likely your theory #1 (i.e. most restrictive, but you'll have to wait for Mike or Mark to weigh in on the issue to be certain). As evidence: Mike's Response #1 in Rogue Eidolon's other thread on this same/similar topic; and then Mike's Response #2 and #3 (which you should know about since you posted in that thread).

Mike nixed getting an "arcane" scroll of divine favor from a strength patron witch to do exactly what you want to do, you're probably not allowed to do almost the same thing with barkskin (or else you could just get the Spellcasting services of a strength patron witch to cast divine favor for you).

That said, if you play with a summoner who has barkskin as a spell known and get him to cast it into your ring (as many people suggested regarding divine favor and a witch with the strength patron) on the same thread, and get the GM to note it on your chronicle, it would likely be acceptable.

Nope, it was season 2 (2-19 Shades of Ice Part III). Just a lot of archers and a GM with hot dice. I doubt the longstrider wand would have made much of a difference, but it's nice to confirm that you do get the command word from Detect Magic/spellcraft.

Since he specified half-elves he probably meant Arcane Training alternate racial trait... but that would only give them a caster level of 1 for the chosen class (and they're giving up all favored class benefits for it...)

And possibly because an enemy might sunder your regular gun, but not your adamantine gun (though honestly why make a sundering NPC without an adamantine weapon...)

So it sounds like it's a matter of spell lists:
Bard, Magus, Sorcerer/Wizard, Summoner & Witch = Arcane. | Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger & Inquisitor = Divine...

But then we have the whole "domain spells" (cleric/inquisitor) and "patron spells" (witch) that can (potentially) muddy the waters here. Probably should get a PFS ruling at least as to domain/patron spells.

EDIT: On second thought, since players can't craft scrolls, and NPC-purchased scrolls are made by clerics or wizards, you only need to worry about the domain spells, not the patron spells. I think.

Andrew Christian wrote:
You can't add your Dex bonus twice to the same roll, no matter what language you use to how its being incorporated.

I see your bet and raise you "add your Dexterity bonus to this roll twice." Not that it appears in the rules anywhere that I've seen, but your absolutism about the issue seems unfounded to me.

More specifically: you are correct that most typed- bonuses (aside from dodge bonuses to AC) do not stack, but if someone spent two feats (or say a feat and a +1 weapon property) to get "add your dexterity modifier to damage rolls" twice (for example if a gun could have the Agile weapon property* a Pistolero could add their dex to damage from the class ability and then a second time from Agile) then they would get to add their dexterity modifier to damage rolls twice.

*Agile requires Melee weapons so you can't put it on a gun; or at the least, I would rule that you can put it on there, but you only benefit when you're using your gun as a melee weapon per the pistol whip deed or as an improvised melee weapon.

Christopher Rowe wrote:
I've noticed people who just bring in the Character Folio but don't actually use it except to get a reroll. Not really sure how I feel about that.

I don't write in mine, but I use it often enough: it's got listings of many conditions and quite a few common skill DCs... like a "player" equivalent of a GM screen (before anyone asks, no I don't have it open and blocking vision to my rolls).

'grats & have fun!

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