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Wiggz wrote:

Man I wished I had checked the discussion before purchasing - no bases make it almost unusable for my first session (arrived day-of).

Browsing through, and I don't know if this has been addressed, but there seems to be some significant names mising- Tangletooth, the Bunyip... Elyrium??? Elyrium could have taken the place of one goblin easily...

This set is meant as an addition to the Bestiary Box, although Bestiary Boxes might more accurate. (I.e. the Bunyip is listed in Bestiary 2, and is correspondingly in the Bestiary 2 Box.) You should take a look at this thread.

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Bondanalloy wrote:
Also just noticed it's missing the 'Pit and Caverns' map from page 16 - the tags are there but the map is blank. I attempted to contact customer service a while ago but still haven't received a response... guess i'll send another e mail.

Looks fine on mine, (Acrobat Reader XI, Version

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On twitter he indicates the new book is taking up a lot of his time.

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Diella wrote:
I have one left pm me your email

PM sent, thanks!

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Does anyone have an invite left? If so, I'd appreciate one.

I think Bloodless had Sheild Other, so 20 more HP damage to me.

Bejis swings into the next one, working to keep them trapped against the wall.
Greatsword PA: 1d20 + 11 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 11 + 1 = 22 for 2d6 + 14 + 1 ⇒ (6, 4) + 14 + 1 = 25 +1/+1 Bardsong

HP: Lost 18+20, Raging for 3 rounds.

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Nix Tharel wrote:
I backed the Kickstarter in January 2013 at the $35 Adventurer Level. If I upgrade to the Explorer level through the Goblin Works store, do I still retain all the Kickstarter benefits for the Adventurer Level? Including the 2 months (1 base and the additional bonus game) game time from the Kickstarter?

Bumping the thread, now that PAX is (almost) over.

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I originally sent this as an email, but as it's PAX, I'm not sure how closely that is being monitored.

I backed the Kickstarter in January 2013 at the $35 Adventurer Level. If I upgrade to the Explorer level through the Goblin Works store, do I still retain all the Kickstarter benefits for the Adventurer Level? Including the 2 months (1 base and the additional bonus game) game time from the Kickstarter?

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Character Name: Seoni
Role Card: Celestial Sorcerer
Skill Feats: Dex +3, Cha +2
Power Feats: +1 hand size, +2 Discard (+Acid) for Arcane and 1d6, auto succeed item recharge, bury card to succeed when off by one, d12 for Blessing of Pharasma
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Spell +2, Item +3, (2 as the final reward not choosen)
Weapons: Acidic Sling +3
Spells: Teleport, Blizzard, 2x Poison Blast, Lightning Bolt
Armors: <None>
Items: Staff of Hungry Shadows, Holy Candle, Ring of Energy Resistance, Necklace of Fireballs, 2x Staff of Minor Healing
Allies: 2x Acolyte, Vale Temros, Shaman
Blessings: 4x Blessing of Pharasma, Blessing of Erastil

Character Name: Kyra
Role Card: Healer
Skill Feats: Str +3, Wis +2
Power Feats: +3 hand size, Weapon proficiency, Heal with additional +2 and draw a card
Card Feats: Weapon +2, Spell +1, Item +1, Ally +1, Blessing +1. (Died in final battle)
Weapons: Flaming Ranseur +3, Mokmurian's Club, Shortspear +3, Fanged Falchion
Spells: Swipe, Invoke, Scrying, Mass Cure
Armors: Breastplate of Fire Resistance, Invincible Breastplate
Items: Magic Spyglass, Headband of Inspired Wisdom
Allies: Bear, Sacred Killer
Blessings: Blessing of Norgorber, 2x Blessing of Gorum, Blessing of Gozreh, 2x Blessing of Abadar, Blessing of Sarenrae

Most of the game felt easy, the last half was generally unchallenging. The exceptions were when some of the mid-level encounters which didn't allow direct damage spell-casting. We started using locations for an extra (non-existent) player.

However, the final battle was very difficult. Kyra took enough damage in the final Scenario and was our only death. Seoni was extremely lucky on the final check, and just barely manged to overcome Karzoug.

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Just before the final RotRL battle, I encountered and obtained a Blizzard spell, of which I already had one in my hand.

I've seen that I can only play one card type per check, but is it possible to play two Blizzards when before encountering an enemy (outside of a check)?

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simonmagnus wrote:
is there a video or demonstration of how these look?

It's the maps from the book. They appear in the same size, but with layers to control if you see the grid, secret doors, etc.

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See around iary-Box#88.

I think some things had to be left out due to space constraints, or for other reasons (see above link). From my Runelords campaign, I know the frustration of realizing something is missing just before the game.

I would ask in the corresponding S&S forum. You will not be the first person to miss something, and others may have found a good substitution.

Another useful trick is to buy some small colored glass beads, (google for Eldritch Gems). You can use them to fill in for a missing mini/pawn, mark something the players didn't fully see, show environmental conditions (caltrops, broken glass, fire, spell effects, etc.).

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If my memory serves, only "small", "medium", "large", and "huge" size are printed as pawns. "Tiny" and smaller wouldn't be practical to handle, and larger ones would take up excessive paper and make a view blocking wall on the table.

I can't find the appropriate search terms to find the thread addressing this, maybe someone else remembers.

TarkXT wrote:

Updates sometime in the morning if the child runs in and tells me the sky is awake.

It sounds adorable to anyone but myself who enjoys skipping the morning entirely in favor of the more hipster approach of waking at noon.

My son had a phase where he would yell out that he wants to get up, but if I went into the room (and not his mother) he'd yell "Go Away!".

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El Ronza wrote:
To piggyback on Koroboo's question (as I'm also in Australia, and find the shipping on the base set a bit outside my budget, but really want the promos), what would be the best way to go about continuing my subscription, but skipping the base set? Do I need to email anyone in particular and ask them to do that, do I need to start a thread asking the same, or would I be best off cancelling my subscription after Spires of Xin-Shalast ships, then starting it again with the add-on deck?

Check the main ACG subscription thread.

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I would prefer to pay through Paizo as well.

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The Pathfinder related content appears to have been released today:

I'm sure my overall accounting is off, with players coming/going and the loot division.

I upgraded to a +1 sword on Bejis (spending 2k gp from the MW Greatsword).

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Trying to keep on topic, is there a mailing list (or some preferred way) through which we could get updates to automatically find about about any new developments?

Would the Current features RSS feed be appropriate for this?

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SplittingImage73 wrote:

Hello Nix, thanks so much for your input, really helpful. It saves me time from driving out to the bookstore in town to see what's in an actually AP.

In general, APs sound like a ton of fun. I don't mind doing the GM "homework", in fact I look forward to it.

For the sake of budget limitations, is the Anniversary Edition of RotRL a good investment? Having everything in one book seems convenient and the plot seems easy to get myself and my friends feet wet (although APs like Skull and Shackles or Reign of Winter sound cool, I don't want to dabble in "must-have skills" during character creation yet).

Also, in term of maps, do APs show you or describe to you what you should draw in terms of places of interest? When I was doing AP research, I know some of the dungeons are crazy massive. How do GMs deal with these massive dungeons in terms of map grids and combat? I'm willing to draw on my BB flip map, I'm just not at the level of sand-box invests to make all the rooms up as of yet :P

RotRL is a good one. Specific questions are probably better directed to the appropriate sub-forum.

Personally, I don't find the Town Square map reusable enough to be worth it.

APs don't show you, directly anyway. But there is a natural tendency to focus on things that deserve attention. The glowing thing with monsters crawling out of it doesn't require much additional focus, just mark it's outline with a different color marker on the map.

For general mapping stuff, I use this in addition to the BB map, although a double pack is also available now. A multi-color pack of wet/dry erase markers works well, having some colored glass gaming token-beads are also useful.

Not every room has a combat, so don't worry about mapping out the whole dungeon at scale. You can get a PDF of just the maps (same size as what is in the book) here. If you don't care that secret rooms are obvious gaps, you can print out a player view, cut it up, and give the players a piece room by room. For outdoors areas, just use it as a reference.

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SplittingImage73 wrote:

Now that My friends and I know the basics, I wanted to start an AP with them. But I'm not sure how APs work.

Are they the same as how the black fang campaign was written in the Gamemasters Guide of the Beginner Box? As in, does it tell you what to do, when what events trigger, what to tell the PCs, etc.? Thanks for your help.

Adventure Path's are a series of 6 books. The bulk of the book contains adventure text. There are typically 2 segments on side topics per book (city/village/location description, new (special) rules for the adventure, description of one of the religions related to the campaign), a few pages of fiction, and some new monsters). There is also a free Players Guide which can be downloaded.

The Adventure Path (and modules) doesn't give as much direction, as Black Fang's Dungeon was meant as an introductory encounter with rules interjected into the text. Instead, you'll need to "understand" the rules well enough to have an overview of what should happen, although the trick to good GMing is knowing how to improvise past parts you don't know very well offhand. (Don't stop the game, just make a note to look it up later, and use a dice roll that seems appropriate.)

The APs/Modules use a similar format as Black Fang's Dungeon. There is a section title, "Block Text" (designed to be read aloud), then text describing to you the true details of what is present that you need to interpret/handle, and then Stat Blocks (or page number references to them) for any combats.

Before a session, you'll have to review the encounters, check the bad guys abilities, and look up what the mean. You'll have to read up on the backstory of critical locations and characters, and be ready to act out NPC's. Key NPC interactions are noted in the APs, but you'll presumably have to take some notes.

1) The APs/Modules use more rules than the Beginner Box. The 'Open' part of the Pathfinder Rules are available for free at: Having a physical copy of the Core Rulebook at the table is very nice, and you should ensure that all of your players have quick access to the text of any rules they use.
2) A module might be a better transition piece. Search for Paizo's Free RPG Day modules for a short version, but The Dragon's Demand might be good. However, APs start with brand new characters are meant as a full campaign. When you start an AP, you start with new characters. (Modules are not meant as a full campaign, are more of a "short story".)
3) Also note that a new AP is starting right now. If you want to subscribe through Paizo, now would be the best time for the next 6 months. See Mummy's Mask.
4) These message boards connect your to a wonderful community. If you have questions, need advice, or even want to know how other GMs handled something, this is a good place for all of that.

TarkXT wrote:
I haven't seen much out of bejis though I think his internet is in the suck.

Still here. Deustch Telekom claims to have fixed the Internet, (and it seems to be working so far), but I'm clueless how they did it without access, or why they couldn't fix it the first two times...

My home Internet connection isn't working properly. My posting might be delayed for a few days.

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Cori Marie wrote:
Here is what my shelf looks like (many of the files are much more complete now) Picture

@Cori: That looks very nice!

It's been nice that Germany has escaped the harsh winter so far, though last year it caught up to us in March.

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The hardcovers are easy enough to store, but I'm not quiet happy with how I store others

I've noticed that the softcover books tend to be a bit thicker on the binding side. In my Adventure Path collection, a few are forced back into the shelf while the two adjacent books push together to cover the gap. Has anyone else had (and/or solved) this problem?

I've though of using more bookends, but wasn't sure if this would cause additional wear on the books.

I've put the saddle stitched books in magazine boxes. They store well in this way, but they tend to be difficult to locate. This isn't a big problem for the (old style) modules, but it is inconvenient to find a Player Companion quickly.

I'm sorry to hear that. All the best for you and your family.

Just a heads up that I'm probably going to (continue) being a bit scarce for another week, our next baby is due in the next few days.

Hit Die Roll: 1d12 ⇒ 4

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ZanThrax wrote:
Buying content twice hasn't stopped Lone Wolf and Paizo from having a successful relationship.

I think a large part of that is OGL content, the art assets are in a different category. There are free alternatives to Hero Lab, but Lone Wolf makes the UI work well, and this is where they add their value.

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Mr Chickins wrote:
personally i dont get the point. i think piazo could have just teamed up with the roll20 guys and had something up and running 12 months ago. surlying just linking the piazo and roll20 shopfront would have been a easier. why dosent piazo sell maps etc on roll20? seems obvious to me.

I believe at one of the convention panels, Paizo said they had talked to other companies about licensing, but were unable to find a common ground.

I've been having problems accessing, I assume it's related to their sale from the notice on the top of some of the web pages.

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It looks like it is the power of the deity that shows: Cleric's Aura

Trevor Culexis wrote:
Bloodless needs a flanking buddy to help draw off aggro.(Yes I know this isn't WoW but it is appropriate.)

Bejis is supposed to be the meat shield, but Bloodless was the obvious threat in that encounter.

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Dakwan wrote:

For personal use I went through a listed every encounter in the entire AP and then noted which pawn box has what creature and if there is an available PF battles or reaper mini.

image uploaded here

There are a couple that I don't have any solution at all for unfortunately. There may be other PF battles series or minis by other companies that would suit but I only looked at the pawn boxes and stuff geared directly for RotRL.. If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know!

Could you post your original data? It would be nice to update this with Bestiary Box 2.

Fort: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
Fort: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10 Am I paraylyzed?

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mearrin69 wrote:
An idea: for products that are a single PDF include two links, one for a zip and one for a raw PDF. I don't know the technology issues surrounding this but I'd think it'd be clear enough from the users' point of view.

I assume that have never worked tech support, as there is no such thing as "clear" when it comes to how end users will interact with software. (E.g. I have had to help someone power on their computer.)

There would be some increased demand on Paizo's support staff if a change is made, (as Vic mentioned above). This has to be weighed against the benefit to smart phone and tablet users, which don't have Adobe's PDF reader plugin to "intercept" PDF downloads.

(While I'm thinking of it, I should mention that direct ePub downloads would be nice to do, in addition to PDFs.)

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I also frequently use my iPhone to read the forums without a problem.

Making posts is a bit more difficult, due to the large text entry width compared to what is visible on the screen. (If I can easily read the text, I can't see more than about 40% of the line.)

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Ross Byers wrote:
Maybe detect the browser platform when determining how to personalize? (I of all people know that that is far from trivial, but it's an idea.)

A simple profile setting somewhere would be a more direct (and controllable) solution.

I suppose the scenario of when a small PDF (i.e. just of maps) is included with a download would also require some special handling, further complicating the issue.

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Jerry Martin wrote:

Will the earlier promos be added to my first sub.

Is there anyway your UK based (and overseas) supporters can obtain earlier (August) promos.

I don't have an official answer, but see Vic's post a few up, and: Card-Game-Subscription#147

I think this would only count for the next few days, though.

For ordering just the Character Add-On deck to Germany, the total cost including shipping/handling was $21.86. I assume shipping charges are based upon the black magic of USPS pricing, so your experience may vary.

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Tamago wrote:
I use an app called GoodReader, which is way faster than iBooks, and also handles the zipped PDFs.

Thanks for the tip!

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Did this get lost in the holiday weekend festivities?

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Nathaniel Gousset wrote:
Thanks for teasing us, european, that couldn't access thoses shinies because of over-inflated shipping rates and boundaries taxes.

See 5 posts above yours.

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TOZ wrote:
Shem wrote:
How do I ignore this thread...
Don't read it.

I'm afraid it is too late for that.

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I would like to suggest (where sensible) a direct PDF download, as opposed to ZIP files, so that one could directly load my PDFs into iBooks on iOS devices. (I recognize that one can use 3rd party utilities to unzip the file, but I find this to be buggy at times, especially with the large hardcovers.)

An alternate suggestion along similar lines would be an App connected to my Paizo Downloads, which could handle the PDF downloads.

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Doug Hood wrote:
New to this stuff: what is the size of each individual square - ie will basic lead figure fit? Agree with other comments - this is lacking specifics, I see people can only get info they need to decide to purchase as board posts. Unless the specs are on the BACK of the envelope - in which case need an expandable image for that also.

It's one inch square. Stats can be found on other products in the line. For instance, the previous Basic Flip Mat

I store mine folded vertically between the side of my desk and the wall. They could be folded both vertically and horizontally, but I find it takes a bit longer for it to straiten out afterwards. The already thick paper is embossed/impregnated with a chemical that lets you use it with whiteboard markers.

Pick up a pack of wet erase markers and you can quickly setup a combat. Dry erase will work fine, they tend to get unintentionally erased easily.

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Fromper wrote:
ulgulanoth wrote:
"Thats comming out of your holiday bonus" - classy

You gotta wonder what holiday they celebrate where they give her a bonus.


It's worth noting that the first panel clearly shows Tarquin sheathing his dagger, which is presumably covered in Nale's blood. He can still do resurrection from the blood, if he wanted. Another interesting question is if Nale would consent to being resurrected by his father at this point.
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