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Now that we have a player willing to play someone who worships Aaluran, I need to flesh this guy out.

So far, his symbol is the bull. He is a God of Fertility, Deviance, Taboos, and Sexual Liberation. The bulk of his followers come from a very Mediterranean culture.

THE WIVES OF AALURAN: When one prays at the Temple of Aaluran, he in a sense becomes the Bull. At the Temple are clerics/holy women (not always the class Cleric) who are considered to be the Wives of the Bull. During prayer, the devout become their temporary husbands.

THE CHILDREN OF AALURAN: These are the children born of the unions between the Devout and the Wives. Within the Temple and within the Kingdom of Salvana (whose patron is Aaluran) the children are considered sacred, a blessing of the Bull. Elsewhere, their reception is everything from indifference to outright shunning. In the Kingdom of Umeria, they are known as the Bastards and their mothers the Whores of Aaluran. While being raised at the Temple, the Children are given a basic education (what a typical adventurer might have) and then have several choices as to how to spend the rest of their lives. Many stay with the temple, others see military as their only chance at a future. Most take up adventuring at some point. Still others take steps to find their Seed Father, hoping he might give them a better life.

THE CLERICS OF CONSENT: Aaluran has one rule with his deviance. You better be sure whoever you are doing whatever to is okay with what you are doing to them. This is why the Clerics of Consent fight. There is a joke amongst my group of friends that these guys are basically Temple of Aaluran: SVU.

So am I crazy for creating this god? Any suggestions for the Bull?

Rynjin wrote:
I honestly did not realize until now that the iconic Inquisitor was a female half-orc. Always looked like a male Dhampir to me. Picture was too small (or I was too blind) to see the boobs 'til I looked it up here a second ago.

Wow, the first thing I noticed was the boobs.

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I dunno, I'm a girl and I am enjoying that npc-bickering into the story for the solo gestalt game Mr. Nepherti runs for me. Basically my character married a prince who slept around a lot. A few of those women sent assassins after Nepherti when she was competing in a long distance horse-race in the hopes Prince Alexei would seek comfort in their arms after losing his wife in an already high-lethality race. I also play a paladin (for our other game with a few friends) who has a damsel he rescues frequently from dragons.

Maybe I'm just weird. might work. Its a brainstorming tool. Not sure if it's what you need though.

Dude, if you want to run it that way, then do it. I would. That is the beauty of a system that you can customize. If the way it's written doesn't work for your table, then change it to something that does.

In the setting for one game in in, we regularly sell the meat from our monstrous foes to an exotic restaurant in the capitol city. The restaurant sells dire bear fondue, dark mantle sushi, blackened troll burger, dragon turtle soup, etc.

GM has ruled it socially exotic, but the culture follows the "looks like you" mentality. For instance, we sold a blue dragon to the restaurant, the meat did not detect evil. Its sort of like those modern places that cook tiger and monkey, only legal.

Did I mention the party is inquisitor and paladin?

I like the ideas of Jean Claude hiring people, also like him targeting the father. Mirabelle, the lady, does favor the PC. The PC would do anything for her, even walk away if that's what she desired.

Jean Claude is meant to be the 'thorn in the side' antagonist. He's never really tied to what the PCs are aiming for, but rather distracts from the mission.

Perhaps something with the temple? The PCs are an Inquisitor of Pelor and a Paladin of Saranae (Pelor's wife in the setting).

So far, Jean Claude has spiked their drinks with a powerful hallucinogen. The 2 PCs thought wizards were chasing them and stole decorative armor to ward themselves. They then ended up trying to break into the palace to warn his majesty of the wizards. The paladin got chased onto a trash pile by a mob if angry halflings who accused him of stealing one of their daughters.

Son of the Vet, Jean-Claude us a tournament knight. He's never seen a real battlefield.

The story is that Jean-Claude Severe (npc) won a tournament for a lady's hand in marriage. The night before the wedding, an attack saw the lady kidnapped. Jean-Claude was a coward and was nowhere to be found and another knight (the PC who came in 2nd in the tournament) had to ride to the lady's rescue. as a result, the lord of the manor changed his mind. His daughter would not wed the winner of a sport, but rather the one who rescued her. Jean-Claude was socially humiliated. Now he wants revenge on the PC. What could he do?

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Best examples of this from my gameplay:

Armand the paladin has a good wisdom, but he takes people at their word. Therefore, I didn't put ranks in sense motive until level 8.

Rhoridan the sorcerer had a low wisdom, 7, and one day when my witch was going through some magic books, the teenage low wisdom rhoridan was drawing dicks in the books.

I saw the potential for controversy, and I admit I giggled when I read the thread title. Not offended, not in the least. Just found it funny because several friends of mine would have meant hookup if making that post.

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And, my friend didn't feel violated, just kinda pissed and uncomfortable with a decision being made for his character.

I, however, put myself in the situation. I would have felt violated. It would have brought me too close to painful memories not because it was sex in a game, but it was sex that I was forced to make my character go through, even if the character was okay with it.

But it doesn't even have to be sex. I have a friend who is fairly arachnaphobic. I don't introduce drow or the like when he plays in my games. It's only courteous.

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I have come to a conclusion.

He and I will still hang out. I am still friends with his girlfriend and I can't avoid him otherwise without giving up most my hobbies, I can't just not be around him.

He is nice when he's not given a position of power. So basically, we just can't GM for each other.

Maybe design adventures involving NPCs that they care about? Rescue missions, vengeance quests, etc.

Irnk, I apologize, you are more than likely right. I was just going by the section in NWoD core rulebook pg 82. Success on a persuasion means you convince the subject to accept your assertions. It bears no mention as to the degree the subject accepts.

I'm tired. This guy is plaguing my concentration. I haven't been able to get anything done for days.

Kevin, and it wasn't even that it squicked my friend. His character is dating another PC, and they are always having sex, apparently. It was more the lack of magical control. He comes from a strong d&d background, and this is his first WoD game, so he at least partially didn't realize what the strictest definition of the rules will let you get away with. There is actually nothing in the books about how to deal with player issues and play styles. It expects you to figure that out for yourself.

DQ, its hard to tell. After some thought, it seems related to his own sense of pleasure at the situation. For the past year we've been smoking buddies, and he's always willing to share in that regard. But he did tell me once there are only two people in the world whose opinion he truly cares about. I was trying to open up one car trip, talk about how bad I felt over something, and get advice, but he had none because he said his brain don't work that way.

Loyalist, and the player has tried that. His character has plenty of reason to not go for the hookers. The Creepy GM doesn't care because the dice say the player has to do the hooker.

But, my friend did say a conversation between him and Creepy GM made everything make sense. My friend GM's for the fun of the table. He accommodates all players to the story he has, he will build things that are custom tailored to your character. He even overhauled half his plans to accommodate Creepy's character (LE Gnome Sorcerer).

Creepy, he makes a world. He builds his NPCs, but in essence they are all just a slight variation on Creepy's manipulative mentality. My friend has said he feels like putting a bullet between the eyes of even those npcs meant to help him. No one ever gives a straight answer. In Creepy's eyes, its his world, you are just playing in it. what he wants to have happen will happen. He even said he was very surprised when for the Monday game his gnome got such a plot arc. He would have been happy just interacting with what was already there. It seems to really be all about the power boost to him. And, from me talking to Creepy, he thinks I shouldn't be gaming since i cant seem to separate the character from me.

But it wasn't a romance, it was another npc saying "here's a hooker I have here just for you. sleep with her". Or at least that's the impression I got.

Hey, it's broken.

Mikaze wrote:
Nepherti wrote:
Dominatrix Hermaphrodite Pharaoh
Go on...

Queen Aliyah of Stygis. She murdered her husband so that she would rule alone. Any enemy of the realm is taken to her bedchamber and tortured. Once she tires of them, they are taken to the Temple of Sobek, mummified alive, and thrown to the crocodiles. There the souls are consumed and an afterlife is not granted.

This happened to Nepherti's mother.

JonGarrett wrote:
I'd recommend to your friend that she leave...after one more session.

Actually, the friend is a he. Don't think that changes anything, however.

If you guys follow my posts in other threads, you will know I am no prude. Far from it actually. When I played Nepherti Beit Shairut, I went to the GM (Mr. N) and told him to get her captured and tortured by the Dominatrix Hermaphrodite Pharaoh, so to create a dramatic 3rd act hitch in her revolution against the dynasty.

There was plenty of planning, trust, and it was fun. all with dice rolls, in case you were wondering lol. But there was OOC consent. I think that is the ultimate moral here.

With the game in question, there are two players in the game who agree with the GM, but I really don't think they should count since one is his girlfriend who this is only her second RPG ever. The other is basically a PC/NPC.

I just hope my feelings about this guy don't affect Monday Pathfinder. We are both players in that and have found ourselves at odds. Most of my anxiety related threads have been triggered by this guy.

DJ, Mr. N wasn't at this session. He plays the werewolf. The session was for the 3 mages.

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I'm an old wod girl myself, but even our Sabbat LARP knew when to draw the line. We had 15 year old theatre kids in that game. One guy tried to rape an npc in character,and he got his sheet ripped up in front of the whole group if 40 players.

You just don't do that.

DQ, the system is practically identical, but this wasn't a magical compulsion, it was apparently a simple Manipulation + Persuasion vs Composure + Empathy.

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I should probably reword that to super manipulative. this guy makes friends easily, is a social butterfly. incredibly charming, I had a crush on him when we first met, he was very likable and funny.

now, I doubt my ability to call him friend.

this GM is super charismatic, egotistical, he plays in a game I am part of run by a mutual friend (who just happens to be the player whose character was forced into sex). this is this guy's first time GMing.

World of Darkness, Mage the Awakening, with one werewolf.

The sad part is, Mr. Nepherti plays in this game, and he seems to have fun, but had no clue this stuff was going on. I almost feel like asking him to quit. I don't feel comfortable with him having to go through that.

This scenario presented itself in a friend's game.

GM: *rolls social dice pool and wins challenge against PC*. I win. Now your character has to have sex with *insert NPC here*
Player: what!?!? My character would never do that.
GM: those are the rules. If I win a roll, you comply.
Player: I'll go ahead and roll with this, but I'm letting you know I'm very uncomfortable with being told what to do like that.

Now, I know this is a game I don't attend, but I was invited. All I could think after this player told me this was how violated I would feel if I had taken up the invite and that had happened to me.

Am i being too sensitive?

Update: talked to GM, he agrees about the loudness factor. The player in question also positions himself next to the GM. He is also taller than all of us, and the player at the end of the table across from the GM and his brother, the player also opposite the GM, are both very quiet. It makes for this loud player accidentally (I hope) dominating the table. Solution, have one of the brothers (the owner of the house who is actually in almost complete agreement with my points, thought not anxious about them like me) already in the seat next to the GM when the player arrives. Loud player has already said he doesn't care where he sits during first session.

LazarX, the gaming environment change does make sense. The table suddenly got a whole lot louder, whereas previously no one seemed to bring a strong personality to the table. I have to position myself sitting next to the GM in order to feel part of the group rather than on the sidelines watching. Unfortunately, this causes headaches when the GM talks to the player on the other side of me.

I am willing to approach the PC conflict from a voice that is more OOC, basically saying what my character does rather than act it out. He seems okay with that. The problem comes with my anxiety, the reasoning behind why I game the way I do. It gets set off before I realize sometimes, and people take my frustration as what my character is doing. in reality, I am fighting panic. The entire table knows of my issues. they accept them and the GM is sure to give my character a handful of clear paths rather than a sandbox, for I do clam up when having to make quick decisions.

I am working on my anxiety, on not letting it get out of control. But there will be the occasion where it still happens and I do have an episode at game. There's no denying that, and they accept my smoke breaks to cool off. but I'm unable to bring myself back sometimes. and the fact that this player reads these moments as my character's reactions are just making it worse. I'm debating quitting, even though I was playing in this game a full 9 months before he joined and had little problem with everyone else back then.

I do feel in the wrong because of my emotional uprising at the situation, I'm not denying that. I just don't know how to fix it.

say you and another player are at odds. one of you likes to know the path, is not interested in conflicting pc interests at all, likes to metagame on occasion to ensure the GM can keep the game flowing, does not like to feel strong gutwrenching emotions when it comes to pc decisions.
the other loves playing the character. he loves those emotional scenes where you don't know if this NPC will die or not, he refuses to metagame, even if keeping in character will cause him to stray from the story.

how does one compromise in this situation?

Which is why I would not allow that version of it. These are NPCs. And the dog will probably never be involved in rounds.

Threeshades wrote:

Oh i love that idea. Give it the ability scores of whichever side of AC and Familiar is better, have the special abilities, like Link, Share Spells, Devotion etc. apply to the one of the two characters they apply to each and such. Should make for a great and very characterful critter.

That is exactly how I was going to do it.:-)

I'll post the sheet once its built.

Werewolf the Apocalypse / Forsaken has that with the pack totem.

I have a married pair of npc's and I want to represent how close they are to each other. Felix is a Ranger and Giselle is a Wizard. Their dog is the special animal. I think it was mainly her dog, but Felix takes it hunting and such. We have a plot where Felix gets replaced by an antagonist double and the dog absolutely refuses to be around 'Felix', to the point of alerting the party to the switch.

Would Gestalting the animal work?

Currently playing a paladin who would fall from his path for his wife. the running gag of the game is that dragons keep kidnapping her and he has to ride in to save her.

Yeah, it does take a certain group dynamic to pull the derangement idea off. Both examples I gave came from the game I play Nepherti Beit Shai'rut in---as the only PC. We designed her party to function like Mass Effect choices, where she chooses who she wants accompanying her and who she wants in other missions. Since she is the only PC, she also cannot truly die, else the intricate story we have going for her dies as well. We haven't tried derangement death with a full group yet, for the need for resurrection is quite rare in our groups.

@ciretose, its mostly RP for now. If a PC dies and is resurrected, then player and GM discuss how the death itself will manifest a psychosis.

My rogue was fed to a crocodile god, now she fears crocs. She also has no fear of anything else. This leads her to be reckless.

An NPC was resurrected by my PC, the NPC now has a fear of dark, closed in spaces (she was locked in a trunk) and hates to be alone.

we have that anyone who is raised will have some sort of derangement upon returning to life. things just aren't psychologically right for them anymore.

Its funny, re-fluff it to fit modern day New York...the first episode plays out like L&O:SVU meets L&O:CI.

I feel if I'd known from the beginning that it was essentially a story of how keeping it in the family can make one go mad,then I'd have been on board from the start.

just watched first episode. loved it. I like how the queen and her brother thing plays into the actual plot, rather than being random. everything seemed tastefully done. tyrion is hilarious. like arya too.

Bradlyn Waynolt, age 10: the most hyper of the bunch. He's a Daredevil (Bard) who in the very first scene of our first session stood on the roof of his family's Tavern sitting on a makeshift sled with a few rockets strapped to the back. There is a crowd of children gathered below and a ramp built at the edge of the roof. He has used a few cantrips to make a pyrotechnics show around the roof. He lights the fuse and takes off, when in mid-air he drinks a potion of what he thinks is Feather Fall. Its not. He crashes through the second floor of the clothing shop across the street. A cloud of dust goes in his mouth and he starts coughing. Then the potion takes effect. Its Fire Breath. He jumps out the hole he made in fear and lands in the street below. The guards then start to close in, and he tries to hide in the tavern. They find him and cart him off to the Wizards Tower where his mother works.

That is my character.

I'll go more into detail later, just had to get this out there now. Next week, our characters are creating their own Demiplane, though they don't realize it. All we know we are doing is drawing on a magic book we stole.

We are 10, 10, 12, 13, and 14 years old in character. All the sons of heroes. What would you put in it, from a child's eye?

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