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I'll go more into detail later, just had to get this out there now. Next week, our characters are creating their own Demiplane, though they don't realize it. All we know we are doing is drawing on a magic book we stole.

We are 10, 10, 12, 13, and 14 years old in character. All the sons of heroes. What would you put in it, from a child's eye?

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Falcor and the rock monster! And Mr Tumnus... The naughty faun ;P
A little dog named toto.

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Without knowing the specifics of your characters it's difficult to say....

An island like Neverland? With a giant treehouse to live in and a pirate ship in the lagoon?

You could subvert the childs eye.

Mr. Tumnus really IS a naughty faun. Chaotic evil lich faun and toto is his pet hellhound... instead of oompa loompas you could have a giant... that behaves like an oompaloompa. That would be kinda creepy.

  • Food, shelter and all the other necessities of life should simply appear out of nowhere.
  • Buildings and furniture are scaled-down.
  • All animals are friendly and comprehend common languages. All plants are edible.
  • Environmental hazards are absent.

Also: Pipi Longstocking would make a kick-ass Paladin - alignments be damned.

Son of the Veterinarian wrote:
and a pirate ship in the lagoon?

So that's why they call you one eyed willie, one eyed willie.

Down here its our time! Its our time down here!
And then there was the giant octopus...
Sloth love chunk!

Sorry about that... Caught in a nostalgia storm.

Bradlyn Waynolt, age 10: the most hyper of the bunch. He's a Daredevil (Bard) who in the very first scene of our first session stood on the roof of his family's Tavern sitting on a makeshift sled with a few rockets strapped to the back. There is a crowd of children gathered below and a ramp built at the edge of the roof. He has used a few cantrips to make a pyrotechnics show around the roof. He lights the fuse and takes off, when in mid-air he drinks a potion of what he thinks is Feather Fall. Its not. He crashes through the second floor of the clothing shop across the street. A cloud of dust goes in his mouth and he starts coughing. Then the potion takes effect. Its Fire Breath. He jumps out the hole he made in fear and lands in the street below. The guards then start to close in, and he tries to hide in the tavern. They find him and cart him off to the Wizards Tower where his mother works.

That is my character.

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