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veector wrote:

The subject line may seem like a joke, but it's not. I'm no fan of 4E and if I ever said anything that pissed any 4E fans off, I apologize.

But antagonizing fans for their choice in gaming system is puerile. Let them have their game, you still have yours.

If you feel WotC is hating on you and you have to respond, take it up in a rant thread in the Gamer Life forum or the 3E forum.

Next you have to dye your hair platinum blonde and cry in a yuotube video.

Remeber the youtube video of a Britney spears fan pleading the media to leave her alone?.

Hmm...what's Dawning Star?

Any chance for a Hardnova2 conversion? or a BRP?

Antioch wrote:
I read the excerpt last night, and went ahead and changed some of the worms in Age of Worms into reagents that can empower necrotic spells.

care to post some notes on this, I could use something like this on my AOW 4e game.

chopswil wrote:

Hmm am I missing something?

This blog post is a month old?

Polaris wrote:

-then electronic attack squads will come out and hound/attack you...

Hehehe, thats the price of being famous. Think about them as Paparazzi!

Polaris wrote:

[We're good. I am 'that' Polaris just to set the record straight, and I can be extremely stubborn. Contrary to rumor, I can be convinced, but telling me "you're wrong" or pulling out the grognard/hater/etc card just raises my hackles and unfortunately you may have seen that.

Hey Polaris good to see you are still around, it's been a while since I see you around RPG.net or even the WOTC forums.

Looking forward for good debates here on paizo forums.

Bagpuss wrote:
Nahualt wrote:

So how many copies sold at Gencon?

How many in Amazon?

Do you sell more under subscriptions or other means?

I'm not sure they're going to give you numbers (for semi-obvious reasons).

Which are?

So to recap:

4E is selling well: Fact
Pathfinder is selling well: Fact

4E is selling more copies than what was projected: Fact
Pathfinder is selling more copies than what was projected: Fact

Some people will only play 3.5/Pathfinder: Fact
Some people will only play 4e: Fact
Some people will play both: Fact

This is a success for WOTC: Fact
This is a success for Paizo: Fact

Hmm...so what are we arguing about?

Tatterdemalion wrote:
Nahualt wrote:
So you never had a web aplication glitch on you before? Apparently WOTC can't ever win.

WotC didn't have a Web glitch. They've had repeated failures, often of serious magnitude. They've admitted this themselves.

For the industry leader, their performance is nothing short of incompetent. Seriously, how many major foul-ups are necessary before it is we can blame them for dropping the ball? It's a rhetorical question, but a somewhat serious one. Their failures have gone far beyond the point that many companies would be making major personnel changes.

WotC can't win because they keep dropping the ball, not because they aren't being given a fair shake (OK, at least on this issue).

I take it you don't play many MMOs?

MarkusTay wrote:

I haven't bought a WotC product in a couple of years, unless you count the novels, and the old-edition pdfs I purchase hear at Paizo.

Well... they won't have ME to kick around anymore.

At least... until my banning wears off. :P

YOu havent bought a WOTC book for years, yet bought FRCG just to make fun of it?

So how many copies sold at Gencon?

How many in Amazon?

Do you sell more under subscriptions or other means?

WelbyBumpus wrote:

Those of you who are on Facebook may have noticed a neat little application called "Dungeons and Dragons: Tiny Adventures" that lets you play a quasi-4E character, go on adventures, gain xp and treasures, etc. It's been out for a couple of days, I believe, but I just discovered it today and I've been playing with lots of my friends (friends can't help you adventure, but they can heal and buff you while you are out adventuring).

This afternoon, the application started terminating for lots of folks, giving the message "User wizapps_wotc has already more than 'max_user_connections' active connections". I got back on, only to get kicked off for the same error message.

I point this out partly because I recommend Tiny Adventures, but mostly to say that I think this is an unpleasant, but sadly typical, example of WotC's ability to fumble any kind of web-based play/reporting/product launch/etc.

So you never had a web aplication glitch on you before?

Apparently WOTC can't ever win.

drsparnum wrote:
How did Darl Quethos get through the portal and reach the island?
drsparnum wrote:
Also, can celestial and fiendish creatures be summoned? The adventure specifically forbids spells that summon creature's from the astral plane and plane of shadow. I would have thought all summoned creatures have to travel through the astral, but the adventure doesn't specifically mention a problem with summon monster.

Plot device?

Pax Veritas wrote:
My opinion: Goodman games has always wanted to be first with something, now is their chance. Unfortunately, their blind support for the GSL is distasteful, especially since Wizards of the Coast is damaging the 3PP community with their GSL failure, and damaging our game with their wonton destruction of the realms along with the video-esque incoherent, poor quality 4e. For these reasons, I find Goodman's zealous reaction to 4e distasteful, immature, and shows a strong level of insensitivity to our community. I've asked to be removed from all Goodman games advertisement email lists.

No you!

Eirip I suggest you give the game a chance, most 4E detractors I have met havent even played the game and have just dealt a judgement based on mostly web comments.

If you do play it and decide its not for you, well thats good, there are other stuff you can play. Go 3.5, 3.75.pathfinder,heck even go into any non D&D fantasy rpgs (there are tons and some are awesome).

Forget about skill and use attribute checks. Make up a feat called Riding thatgives +5 to any check related to horses. Then depending on the situation ask for attribute checks to simulate riding. ( Dex check for combat maneuvers, Wisdom checks for calming the mount during combat, STr checks for stopping the horse abruptly, etc.)

Thats the ppoint of the atribute modifires to simulate any other secondary skills.

SO have you considered a system for this yet?

David Marks wrote:
Ixancoatl wrote:

Don't you think the use of "them" might be a touch polarizing?
Only to those who are incorrect. By which, of course, I mean those who disagree with me. 'Cause I'm right. :P

Meowth, dat's right!

bugleyman wrote:

Thumbs down to the sarcasm. On a more serious note, don't you think that the phrase "4E side" might be a touch polarizing? I like 4E, but I'm on Wotc's "side." I don't hesitate to call them out for stupid mistakes (GSL anyone?).

Its the binary situation, you are either with me or against me. It just doesnt have occured to them that we may like both things.


Ixancoatl wrote:

Gosh, you're right. There really is nobody on the 4e side who would ever non-sequitur or speak in a condescending manner. I stand corrected.

I am glad I could be of assitance, if you need anything else just ring the bell.

Ixancoatl wrote:

I'll be the first to admit that I have posted things that can be insulting or baiting or otherwise in poor form for discourse, but I have tried to contain myself of late.

Accepting that you have a problem is the first step towards a full recovery.


Hmmm actually:

Warmachine Universe + D&D 4E high fantasy= Makes and excellent Final Fantasy wannabe.

This may not be a bad thing.

I would like to see your notes on this, what system do you plan to use?

I loved those comics.

BTW IIRC The elite warrior 'Grendel' was called a Paladin.

I read somewhere that they may make their own inhouse system based on the minis game.

BTW is Cortex the system of Firefly RPG?

If so *SHUDDERS*x2

chopswil wrote:

wow, changing the GSL and SRD just before Gen Con, thereby preventing any compition for WoTC 4e products.

How convenient...

Man what?

Fake Healer wrote:

I realize there was a bit of snark in your reply, Pres, but I am trying to overlook it and not return with snark because my original question was not meant to be rude even though everyone seems to be beating on me pretty good for it.

I mean no offense by this, but there is no need to play the martyr. You made a post that people have seen as rude and got flak for it.

There is no need to continue on that topic , so lets carry one with the new GSL discussion.

Dread wrote:
Nahualt wrote:

I agree completely Ixan, but how many from the other side have you seen crossing over into Pathfinder or even 3E forums to 'stirr up trouble'?

In all fairness, If he is like many of us, we dont look in the 4e forums, but instead look at the recently posted titles on the left of the screen of the message boards and it doesnt tell you what forum the title is from.

Many times Ive seen an interesting title, gone in and posted; and after the fact realized I was saying anti-4e things in the 4e forum. All I can say, is please understand, most of us aren't getting on anyone else who wants to play and likes 4e. Heck I don't like the World of Darkness Games either.:D

But expressing why we dislike it is as much our right as it is the the right of the folks to say why they like it. The issue comes from people who feel they have to argue that your opinion is wrong, and demand you to substantiate why you have your opinion...from either side of the house.

So I don't think its to stir up trouble. ;)

Well if that is the case, just look beforfe you post. :P

I have no problem when someone posts their opinions, actually this is what this board for discussion. But when some people get right out insulting and just post stuff to start a flame war, Well their intentions are pretty obvious.

Ixancoatl wrote:
Nahualt wrote:

As for when will it end, well that depends on when the forumites(or is that forumers?), stirring up trouble just because they cant stand a new edition, decide to stop.
To be fair and honest, there is equal amount of "stirring up" going on by people who can't stand people not liking a new edition. There is equal stirgin going on from all sides, and to claim otherwise is to run with blinders on.

I agree completely Ixan, but how many from the other side have you seen crossing over into Pathfinder or even 3E forums to 'stirr up trouble'?

BigDaddyG wrote:

See this isn't healthy though. There is a pretty big wound in the industry between the publishers as well as between the gamers. I don't think it will be healed any time soon (or ever?). WotC made this. Now they are trying to fix it. I just don't think it can be fixed no matter what the new GSL says. It's unfortunate.

That's a pretty defeatist actittude to take.

This not WOTC fault, its just nerdrage.

GSL has nothing to do with this, and by revising it they are not trying to heal anything.

It is just a business decision.

As for when will it end, well that depends on when the forumites(or is that forumers?), stirring up trouble just because they cant stand a new edition, decide to stop.

alleynbard wrote:

Okay. You said, specifically in your post that you were being sarcastic. I am only going on by what you have said. You admitted to being confrontational so trying to step back and say "Oh, double standard" doesn't really make much sense.

I don't think FakeHealer was really asking him to go away. He said he was not trying to be rude but was asking an honest question. I take what he said at face value much in the way I take what you said at face value.

Okay I will accept that you really belive what he said was not rude nor civil. I'll mark that as a description of your character.

alleynbard wrote:

Yes, because that would help continue the anti-4E assumption that paizo has on other boards. Something I very well imagine is good for business.

I was simply agreeing with you. What does it take to make you happy?

(By the way, that was sarcasm).

Some cookie on cookie action.

alleynbard wrote:
In fact, it was generally civil outside of your sarcastic comment.

So I post the exact same thing he posted and his was civil while mine was not?

Asking someone why are they are here and that they would be better at some other forum is akin to asking them to go away.

alleynbard wrote:
As for shutting down the 4e forum. I am starting to think that is a good idea. You might be on to something.

Yes, because that would help continue the anti-4E assumption that paizo has on other boards. Something I very well imagine is good for business.

Fake Healer wrote:

I'm just curious but I thought I would ask, you don't like Pathfinder Setting, you are a fan of 4E and, as far as I can tell, you don't like the Pathfinder RPG. Why are you here? This is Paizo. They make Pathfinder products and don't support 4E. It sounds like you should be over at WOTC's site judging by your preferences. I am not trying to sound rude or anything, I am just curious as to why someone would frequent a gaming site that they don't support or have interest in?

Well following your line of logic:

This is Paizo. They make Pathfinder products and don't support 4E. Why do they have a 4E only forum, they should just close it and be done with it.

I am not trying to sound rude or anything, just curious as to why a publishing company would mantain a forum dedicated to something they don't support or have interest in.

Sarcasm aside, this is a public forum so far. I ask you Fakehealer do you like 4E? do you support 4E? if not why are you on 4E public forum? shouldn't you be on a Pathfinder only forum?

Great minds think alike?

....ahh I got nothing.

BigDaddyG wrote:

I agree completely. I feel it's one of the worst arguments out there. Nobody EVER has any solid evidence to back it up other than WotC's word on the number of printings and the Amazon Best Seller list. I don't doubt it has sold well however there are two things I'm curious about.

1.) How many of those purchases were speculative, like my group's purchase, that were dropped after a month or two of giving 4.0 a shot....

Juast check the sales for the modules and splatbooks, only people that continue gaming would keep buying stuff right?

Heck even Eric Frakking Mona has come out and said it, what was it? 70-80% of the RPG sales. That leaves the rest 20-30% to be split amongst the rest of the big companies ( White Wolf, etc.). So whats left?

realphilbo wrote:

I don't know - with the botched PR and online launch of 4E, the brand might not be turning a profit, (I have no proof) they might be willing to sell that just to dump it.

LOL, do you know how much revenue the D&D brand makes for HASBRO? Just check the Video game sales.

Also, I posted this at RPG.ney on a similar discussion:

nahualt wrote:

You know this reminds me of an interview with the guys from LOTRO. They were asked if their intention was to dethrone WOW and they laughed answering: " There is no way any other MMO can be as sucesful as WOW. I we can at least get 500k subscribers we would consider our game a success."

I guess this is the thinking behind Paizo and any other 3pp that will remain with 3E.

Eric Can you give us any numbers on how good pathfinder stuff sells, so we can try to gauge what is your % share of the market? (or even better just give us your perception of the %).

To the OP:


Andreas Skye wrote:
OK, I see a big house rule on mind-affecting spells coming up in my games...

Actually making monsters inmune to abilities is a type of gaming the designers tried to avoid. Undead are not inmune to charm nor sleep, so when subject to such spells they are affected by them. Try not think about it as skeletons actually sleeping, but being kept in check by the magic in use or actually severing the conecttion of the spirit animating the skeleton for a short while.

This is good news indeed, and they will have free reign since the ph2 wont be out until mid next year.

Oh btw, call them orc blooded or orcborn. :P

Marc Radle 81 wrote:
What about Kobold Quarterly????

Hmm isnt this just a d20/3E magazine?

I was refering to a more general RPG magazine (covering generic material for other rpgs or material focusing on different genres), is KQ a general RPG magazine?

Is it out yet?

Well the RPG sector no longer has a good general RPG magazine. WOuld it be too crazy for paizo to go for a RPG magazine? Even if it was on PDF?

Did you check the skill challenge sample at the wizards site?

With a little change, it could be exactly what you need.

I am converting AOW to 4E but I havent reached that part yet, but I do plan on making it a skill challenge.

Bleach wrote:

Funny enough, the more we play it, the more it feels like pre 3E D&D among by group. People have alluded to 4E being more of a descendant of BECM and that's a legitimate argument I find (the csomology/world and the alignment system feels WAY closer to BECM than 3E ever did for example)

I think the biggest "feel" difference is that there's way less focusing on the build aspect of the game. Which to our group seems to harken back to the days of 1e/2e where outside of character creation there was less focus on the build.

I have had this exact reaction, heck even a rules cyclopedia gamer who hated 3E (to the point of not playing with us when we played 3E)is back at our table and loving 4E.

As for the part of the DM, yeah its very nice just having to take 15-30 minutes of prep time instead of the night before to set up the adventure.

The more I Gm 4E, the more I think it was built especially for GMs!

Patrick Curtin wrote:

Interesting topic. I am firmly in the PRPG camp now, and I don't think there is much WotC could do to get me back. Of course this wasn't so a year ago. I think there are a few things that would return me to the WotC fold:

1. Bring back Dragon and Dungeon in print form.
2. Keep the DDI free, not a subscription.
3. Revise the GSL to be less draconian.

Sadly I dont see any of those happening in a long time.

Regardless, the DDI + Dungeon/Dragon mags will be free for a year IIRC . That at least will allow for a transitional time plus it will at give tons of free stuff for the game.

Radavel wrote:
Kradlo, I'm also waiting for the Revised 3rd Edition.

Yeah I was gonna buy 3rd edition until I saw that anouncement now I dunno if I should wait or buy the current edition.

Kradlo once you get it can you let us know how different it is?

BTW from the AEG forums I got this about revised edition:

Legend of the Five Rings, Third Edition Revised
Releases Summer 2008
Return to the Emerald Empire, where honor is a force more powerful than steel.

In its triumphant third printing, the Legend of the Five Rings RPG Third Edition receives a major update! Now including material such as the Spider Clan, more intuitive combat rules, and more, the Third Edition Revised is everything players both new and old need to jump into the world of the Emerald Empire.

- New and updated character creation and development mechanics including the devious Spider Clan and its new schools.
- Updates to some existing schools such as the Daidoji Bodyguard and the Tonbo Shugenja.
- Updated rules for combat, dueling, and spells.
- Updated Timeline brings the story forward to the Race for the Throne.
- Horses! And much more.

Legend of the Five Rings Third Edition Revised is an excellent time for you to begin your journey in the Emerald Empire. Whether samurai or shugenja, courtier or artisan, your adventures begin here.

Shisumo wrote:
Nahualt wrote:
I own the L5R 1st edition, how different is 3rd edition?

It is less different, I think, than 2nd Ed was from 1st Ed. But all three are distinctive in some very specific ways.

Nahualt wrote:
What did they fix? what did they broke?

The biggest changes involve dealing with the issues that came up in 1st Ed about the relative value of Traits vs Skills. Kept dice ruled the roost, and buying skills was a mug's game.

In 3rd Ed, however, that's changed somewhat, because skills now have value beyond simply adding rolled dice. Abilities including Free Raises, additional Insight points, and special bonuses unique to each skill mean that buying a skill up to 5 or even higher is a very good idea. Traits are still important, and probably still outweigh skills in some respects, but it's no longer so clear-cut as to which is the better choice for your XP.

Nahualt wrote:
If I own 1st, should I consider buying 3rd or am I set with 1st?
I personally think 3rd Ed is a much, much better game. What 1st Ed wanted to be, 3rd Ed manages. YMMV, however.


late to the thread , but can yopu answer me a couple of questions regarding the system?

I own the L5R 1st edition, how different is 3rd edition?

What did they fix? what did they broke?

If I own 1st, should I consider buying 3rd or am I set with 1st?


vance wrote:
Chris Mortika wrote:
When do characters start getting magic powers like that?

Currently, there ARE no powers that really pull stuff off like that, regardless of level. (Indeed, there are FEW powers in any class that aren't somehow straight-up damage effects). That's actually part of the difficulty, we're attempting to model it from scratch for a system that's actually HOSTILE to the very concept.

I dont see the hostility in the system. The system just doesnt have any "save or Die' abilities for the players, but those do exist in game (see the Orcus big save or die ability).

Actuallly adding this type of 'save or die' mentality would be rather easy to do.

But the question is:
Would you just add it to spell casters or would you make a martial exploit called "Off with his head" in which a Dex vs For hit means instant death?

(IIRC I remember Clark from Necro games talking about a book to reintroduce this type of gaming back into 4E)

here is one version ( just took me 1 minute):

Polymorph Other Wizard Attack 19
With a flick of your wrist, you alter reality itself to change your enemy into a toad..
Daily Arcane, Psychic, Polymorph, Implement
Standard Action Ranged 10
Effect: You polymorph the target into a small inoffensive animal. The polymorph effect lasts until the end of your next turn.(save ends)
Targets: One creature
Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d10 + Intelligence modifier psychic damage, and the
Targets changes shape into a small inoffensive animal ( toad, rabbit)
Special: A polymorphed target is stunned until the effect wears off.
Sustain Minor: The polymorph effect persist.

TYVM, and I have those issues. ( Now I just need to find what box I put them in)

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