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Game Master Zesdead

The 'Legendary Planet' Adventure Path from Legendary Games.

Book 1, 'To Worlds Unknown'

...in which, our unlikely heroes find themselves on the unknown world of Argosa...

Party Health
Ravboom: 11/36HP, 3 Hero Points
Palomia Kasic: 24/24HP, 3 Hero Points
Relas: 10/26HP
Vael Dahl: 6/22HP, 3 Hero Points
Blekk: 22/35HP, 3 Hero Points

Lomrick's Laboratories

This is a semi-closed recruitment thread for my second table of the Legendary Planet Adventure Path.

The following characters from the first recruitment round have been pre-selected for the adventure:

  • Kaloora Plimp, Goblin Gunslinger (played by adsapiens)

  • Ravboom, Goblin Barbarian (played by mdt)

  • Sparky, Goblin Rogue (played by gobo horde)

And the following folks are invited to pitch either their original characters (background modified to have some association with a group of goblins) or a goblinoid character:

  • Mimesyne

  • Chainmail

  • DekotheBarbarian

  • Tangefree

  • Mr. Whatever

  • Lady Ladile

  • Evgeni Genadiev

  • TheWaskally

  • Warhawk7

  • Redblade8

  • Artemis Moonstar

  • Tharasiph

Recruitment will be open until the 30th September, midnight GMT.

Just to reiterate – especially as things moved around in response to people’s requests, the character requirements / house rules for this adventure are:

  • Characters start the adventure as Level 1.

  • All classes are acceptable (including the oft-maligned Gunslinger, Samurai, Ninja and Summoner – note that the Pathfinder Unchained version of the Summoner is preferred to the original APG version).

  • 20-point ability buy (no stat lower than 8 AFTER racial bonuses / penalties – No Upper Limit).

  • Maximum HP for your class (further level increases in HP shall be average for class rounded up).

  • Core and Featured Races from the Advanced Race Guide are acceptable – other Paizo published races from the Campaign Setting are subject to GM discretion.

  • One trait / Two traits with a Drawback maybe selected – a further campaign trait from the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide will become available when you reach Level 3 and start the ‘To Worlds Unknown’ adventure.

  • Background Skills from Pathfinder Unchained: Characters get an additional 2 skill points which must be spent on Background Skills.

  • Average Starting Gold for your class.

  • Non-Evil alignments only.

  • All character options must originate from Paizo published Pathfinder products; No 3rd party Materials…

Note also that we will be using:

  • Hero Points.

  • Variant Multiclassing from Pathfinder Unchained – note that Core Rulebook Multiclassing remains a valid option.

  • Automatic Bonus Progression from Pathfinder Unchained.

I feel joy that my suggestion for game title has been used....

Now to decide on Szinorvir, or go in for a Goblin... I REALLY like Szinorvir, and can easily edit his backstory to account for goblins...

Hey, GM... Can we edit the Wayang Spellhunter trait? The fluff of it anyways? The core of it is using magic while hunting, nothing really pertaining to the Wayang themselves.

Szinorvir could have popped out of a "sacred cave" of some sort, and thanks to his "Dizzy-Fun Powder" (among other drugs in his background stash), got taken in by the Goblins instead. Thus, he has a very vested interest in taking care of the goblin village...

Plus, Sparky likes his Bufo spiked with Shiver, among other things.

*Quick wink at Sparky*

I think I'm gonna pitch in a goblin. Would you allow the medium goblin variant from the Monster codex? Gonna pair that with the fighter archetype from Giant Hunter's Handbook and maybe variant multiclass with barbarian.

DekotheBarbarian - no problem with you using the oversized goblin racial trait.

Also, my erstwhile goblins... We're going to need a name for the tribe...

The Birdbrain tribe!

The "We not Evil so don't kill us!" Tribe

We-no-ev-so-don-ki-us Tribe for short.

'Dotting' this thread for now so I can keep track of it more easily! I think I'll take my chances and keep Palo as my submission. Once I've had a chance to sit down and give her sheet another once-over and add/change stuff for her background as needed, I'll update here and let you know that she's ready for inspection!

As for tribe names, uh...lemme get back to you on that one, hehe.

The Screamrot Clan

The Stinkfury Gang

The Bigtongue Clan

The Wormrot Clan

The Blackshade Brigade

The Spinerot Horde

The Bigrot Pack

Scabby Eye Tribe

Yellow Eye Tribe

Creeping Death Tribe

Forest Scuttlers Tribe

Gaping Maw Tribe

Rootgrubba Tribe

Burnin’ Face Tribe

Red Eye Tribe

Alright I will throw down my dot here for now :)
Over the next day or so I will go over my character and make sure everything is in line, then redo whatever sections of my background need to be done to make him still a part of the goblin tribe (just to be clear, we want our characters to be a part of this tribe, and start in it?).
As for the name of the goblin tribe, I currently have Sparky as hailing from the Vex Valley goblin tribe whos chief is named Stabbedgutz, we could use that? If not, names are easy enough to change :)

Rav can't really be part of a goblin tribe, given he's an amateur gunslinger. It wouldn't make a lot of sense. I was going to have him not be from the tribe. His background would be mostly the same.

Well, Kaloora is a Gunslinger, but he doesn't have his tribe anymore. He could have been adopted by a different tribe, I guess - but maybe we could be a nomad subset near one of the human cities.

True, but that argues more towards them both having an odd background than being from the same tribe. Guns are rare, and goblins with guns should be whacky as heck. :)

Maybe not a tribe of goblins then? Maybe the gunslinger types were raised up by the same gunsmith?

I literally found the gun and trained myself in it (just read Kaloora's background if you want to have some laughs). If you're an Amateur Gunslinger, in theory Kaloora could have taken you as an apprentice (God, this sounds even more awful when I type it lol). Gotta love gobbos

Here is my Goblin submission: Biggun Walker, the Goblin Titan Fighter.

Will have his in depth background and stuff posted tomorrow. Went with the Advantageous Distraction and Dirty Fighter traits, and the Headstrong drawback. Planning on variant multiclassing into Barbarian (wish that Titan Fighter and Viking meshed :( ).

*Waves flag I'd still like an answer to this previous erm... Question without a question mark.

Artemis Moonstar wrote:

Hey, GM... Can we edit the Wayang Spellhunter trait? The fluff of it anyways? The core of it is using magic while hunting, nothing really pertaining to the Wayang themselves.

Szinorvir could have popped out of a "sacred cave" of some sort, and thanks to his "Dizzy-Fun Powder" (among other drugs in his background stash), got taken in by the Goblins instead. Thus, he has a very vested interest in taking care of the goblin village...

Artemis - yeah, go ahead and refluff that trait...

Some cool names for the tribe... Although, taking Ravboom's point - not everyone will originally be from that group of goblins... We can sort out the final details when we have the final group selected...

...don't forget - I will be making my final choice on Thursday (with recruitment closing on Wednesday - midnight GMT)...

@Deko the Barbarian. How did you manage to get 2 17s (Str and Con) on a 20pb? Also, what weapon are you planning to use? I figure that a -4 to hit for using an oversized 2-handed weapon would be harsh at lvl 1 :)

Me again!

Just to say I'm still here, here is my preferred character concept to out forward! I'll have her more formally packaged asap!

(Yet to be Named)
Race: Gnome
Class: Cleric, Oracle, Druid, or Sorcerer (honestly, any of these wold work depending on the party's comp, which seems to be in need of any of these)
A plucky and mildly crazy green-skinned gnome who has an unhealthy relationship with fire. Knowing the only other people who respected fire as much as herself, she walked right into a goblin tribe's metaphorical front door and cowed them into something resembling compliance with displays of conjured fire. She demanded to be allowed to live as one of them. Since moving in, she has started her own cult within the tribe, a cult that worships fire specifically. The cult's mission? Reach the sun and harness its fiery power as their own. She's also one of the chief's advisers and in a constant power struggle with the other shaman who encourages everyone to pay their proper respects to Lamashtu and her barghests.

Will finish fleshing her out layer today!

§parky wrote:
@Deko the Barbarian. How did you manage to get 2 17s (Str and Con) on a 20pb? Also, what weapon are you planning to use? I figure that a -4 to hit for using an oversized 2-handed weapon would be harsh at lvl 1 :)

Oversized goblin gets a +2 to Str, so that accounts for a few free points. Going with a large horsechopper, just forgot to factor in the atk penalty which will make it a total bonus of 0 until I start decreasing the penalty.

Ah, oversized goblin, now that makes sense :) I was wondering how a goblin with -2 str got a 17 ^-^
Now I will have to look up the oversized goblin as that sounds super cool!

It's in the Monster codex.

Alrighty. Got something a little more formal done. She's definitely not your standard oracle, but an oracle of flame. With a focus on fire. And a little bit of putting them out. But mostly starting them.

As an oracle, she does get access to all the restoration spells and other defensive goodies (albeit at a level later than the clerics). Thought it might be useful to have those around :P

I wasn't sure if you wanted stats, so I made them anyways. Equipment isn't done yet, though.

Brief Character Overview:

An unstable menace. That's what they called her. No, no! They just didn't appreciate her art! So she'd take her art to those who were more appreciative of such things! At least that was how Solie rationalized her decision to burn down the front door of a local goblin tribe with ludicrous demands of being granted citizenship. It's a good thing they were too fascinated with her flickering displays of flames to protest or she'd likely have been spit roasted on the spot.

Since taking up residence within the tribe, her astounding skill with fire earned her a little following of goblins. A following she developed into a cult that worshiped fire before all other gods. Needless to say, the local shaman who demanded respects be paid to Lamashtu and her barghests was not particularly pleased. This sparked an ongoing rivalry between the two parties, most often ending with the other shaman's hut on fire and a train of he said she said when the chief comes in to shut them both up.

More recently, she has put her cults' energies into something more productive than harassing the other shaman. She's set them to work trying to capture the sun! The magnificent ball of burning fire in the sky! With that, they would be unstoppable! So far they've tried catapulting devout members towards the sun (3 dead, 5 maimed horribly), building flying contraptions (1 dead, 2 injured, 1 paralyzed), and now they are trying to build a ladder to reach it. If this fails, they'll be trying a lasso next.


Female gnome oracle 1
TN Small humanoid(gnome)
Initiative +4; Senses low-light vision; Perception +2
AC , touch , flat-footed (+2 Dex, + armor, +1 size)
hp 10 (1d8+2)
Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +2; +2 vs fear and despair effects
Weaknesses oracle's curse (tongues [ignan])
Speed 30ft
Melee +(1d+)
Ranged +(1d+/ft)
Gnome Spell-Like Abilities (CL 3rd; concentration +7)
1/day — dancing lights, flare, prestidigitation, produce flame
Oracle Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration +5)
1st (3/day) — burning disarm (DC16), cure light wounds, shield of faith
0 (at will) — create water, detect magic, light, spark
Mystery Flame
Strength 8 (-1), Dexterity 14 (+2), Constitution 12 (+1), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 10 (+0), Charisma 19 (+4)
Base Atk +0; CMB -2; CMD 10
Feats Elemental Focus
Diplomacy +8 class skill +3, ability mod +4, rank +1
Intimidate +8 class skill +3, ability mod +4, rank +1
Knowledge(planes) class skill +3, ability mod +1, rank +1
Knowledge(religion) +7 class skill +3, ability mod +1, racial +2, rank +1
Perception +2 ability mod +0, racial +2
Spellcraft +5 class skill +3, ability mod +1, rank +1
Stealth +10 ability mod +2, size +4
Background Skills
Craft(alchemy) +5 class skill +3, ability mod +1, ranks +1
Perform(oratory) +8 class skill +3, ability mod +4, ranks +1
Traits Excitable, Desperate Focus
Drawback Power-Hungry
Languages Common, Gnome, Ignan, Sylvan
SQ cinder dance (+10ft speed), eternal hope 1/day (reroll 1 on d20)
Belt Pouch
Carrying lb
Carrying Capacity 20lb/40lb/60lb
Favored Class Bonuses
1st — hp
Ability Score Increases
4th —

Okay, after going over Palomia's sheet and background, I made a few changes. The only big change I made is that I wanted to try something crazy and go for VMC sorcerer with the Celestial bloodline, largely to help strengthen and explain her powers and her connection to Relas; the explanation for that is under the 'Mechanics & VMC' spoiler on her sheet.

I tried to leave her tie to the goblins somewhat vague, to allow for a couple of different possibilities should she be selected and depending on who else is selected. For example, should Palo and Solie both be picked, perhaps it's Solie's cult who demanded she and Relas help solve their problem - reaching the sun? Not to mention strengthening her own group's position by saying, "Hey look, besides lots and lots of fire, we've got a mojo user and her killer kitty on our side! What do you have?"

(Please thwack me if I'm being at all presumptuous in pitching such ideas, however.)

AWESOME! Totally gonna pitch a character ASAP!

Psychics are allowed right? XD

Szinorvir reporting with an updated background. The background is pretty much the same. I just added in the encounter where he used up pretty much the last of his drug stash, and was "befriended" by goblins (with very painful pointy objects aimed at him) and persuaded to come back to the village.

This allows a couple of options. 1, he can already be in the village before the problems begin. 2, the group of goblins that "picked him up", as it were, were a raiding party or something and he hasn't gotten to the village yet at the start of the game.

Or if neither of those work, I'm sure something can be arranged, seeing as I know nothing of the goblin village I'm just shooting in the dark here.

Edit: wrong alias

Sorry, meant to have this up earlier.

Anywho, here's the background and what I'm going for with this character.

Fluffy Bits:
Biggun Walker was always a big goblin. Whether it was because of an abundance of food the year he was born, a shaman's blessing, or the blood of heroes in his veins, he never knew. All he knew was that he towered over the delicious little goblins in his childhood cages, and he took advantage of that. As he grew older, he always loved stories of goblin raids, imagining his weapons sinking into the flesh of long legs, dogs, and the vile horses. So, he trained. He trained hard, and discovered that he could handle weapons of a size that no other goblin could handle.

This discovery brought on an obsession. He would learn to use the biggest weapons he could find and become a big damn goblin hero. He knew that his size gave him an advantage in this most noble of quest, and he started with that. First came the standard goblin-sized weapons. But they were too small! Then came the weapons made for the long legs. But they just didn't feel right for him.

Then...Then came the custom horsechopper he had commissioned by the tribe's weapon maker. That, that swung just right in his hands. With his weapon in hand, he rushed off without even gathering a raiding party to revel in his weapons first kill. Hopefully a mangy little dog. Or even a horse!

He never knew what would happen to his village while he was gone...

What I'm Planning:
I'm wanting to stay pure Titan Fighter and VMC Barbarian. He won't rage much, but, as he is a goblin, it will happen and I think it fits the character. I'm hoping to stick with large weapons, as the class reduces the penalties for using those at later levels. What I really really really want for Biggun is a large chainsaw. Just imagine, a medium-sized goblin wielding a large chainsaw...

That gnome oracle seems like a fun addition! Heh. But other great characters appearing here too. Eager to play with y'all :)

Forgot that I switched from using a horsechopper to using a spiked chain. Because, you know, reasons.

Recruitment is Now Officially Closed.

I believe that the possible players for the (up to) three remaining spots are:

  • Palomia Kasic, Human Summoner (played by Lady Ladile)
  • Biggun Walker, Goblin Fighter (played by DekoTheBarbarian)
  • Szinorvir, Drow Psychic (played by Artemis Moonstar)
  • Solie, Gnome Oracle (played by Mimesyne)

Once more, thanks to those who have spent the time building and pitching a character.

I will have a think about these applications over the next few hours and will Probably make / post my decision this evening.

Made the top cut! Woohoo!

Good luck to all!

Good luck everyone; looks like it'll be a great group no matter what! :)

Okay folks, let's get this out of the way...

Joining Ravboom, Sparky and Kaloora Plimp are:

  • Biggun Walker, Goblin Fighter (Played by DekoTheBarbarian)
  • Solie, Gnome Oracle (played by Mimesyne)
  • Palomia Kasic, Human Summoner (played by Lady Ladile)

Szinorvir - I am really sorry that you didn't quite make the table... He would have been a fun character at either of the tables - so, if you don't mind, could I keep you in reserve in the event of player drop out at either table?

Okay, my crazy goblins and assorted miscreants... Let's do this!!!

I will set up the discussion thread imminently so that you can start tying backgrounds together and working out just how you folks ended up together...

Oops, derped on the date! lol. Oh well!

Sorry about that... Given we had been through one recruitment already, there was little point dragging this 'sub-recruitment' out for ages.

Good luck finding another game though!!!

GM Zed wrote:
Szinorvir - I am really sorry that you didn't quite make the table... He would have been a fun character at either of the tables - so, if you don't mind, could I keep you in reserve in the event of player drop out at either table?

Sad Panda Face! *Holds up a crying baby panda!*

Lol, seriously though, yeah, I'm fine with being a reserve player. Looking forward to reading both tables, should be interesting.

Sweet! Will have the alias made when I get on my laptop. Looking forward to going into space with all of you!

Keep me in mind too.

Missed the short window.

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