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I've got a local store doing it, but I haven't been able to make it out there yet and last year they made you buy something like $25 bucks worth of gaming books to get any of it. Which I get, it's supposed to encourage you to support the store, but 99% of my store's gaming book selection is either D&D stuff I don't want or Pathfinder/Starfinder stuff I already have, so I had to really dig through the bins and got some map tiles. (And even then the guy at the register said it had to be specifically books, and I had to talk him into letting the map tiles count.)

VerBeeker wrote:
I read Zo!’s lines in Handsome Jack’s voice.


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Invictus Novo wrote:
This is a great story. Love it and it's non-tragic origins. Have to wonder how old she is as an adventurer though. Something about taking a child into grueling battles makes part of me cringe...but then stories like Avatar the Last Airbender and Demon Slayer (and many other animes) make it work.

Last I checked, most Pokémon trainers begin their journeys at the age of 12 or so. She'll be fine.

Zaister wrote:
MythicFox wrote:
I dunno if this is a problem in anyone else's downloads, but for the third volume I'm only given the "one file per chapter" option.
The full PDF is included in that download.

So it is. I just saw the multiple files and didn't look closer. Whoops.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I dunno if this is a problem in anyone else's downloads, but for the third volume I'm only given the "one file per chapter" option.

Jason Tondro wrote:
Added by one of our adventure authors, Kendra Leigh Speedling!

Nice. I've written my share of 'sweet adventures in space' stuff, and my writing playlist for that uses a number of tracks from that soundtrack.

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Woo, high-five for the Leverage theme!

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Jason Tondro wrote:
We are working on it. I found out about this myself only yesterday, but I checked with folks above me in the chain and they already knew and were working on solutions. I know this is a hassle, but I really appreciate your patience. We got you fam.

Thanks, Jason!

Between what appears to be layout artifacts and a noticeable number of typos in the PDF, I'm actually wondering if someone uploaded an in-progress version of the file by accident.

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Anybody else having trouble with the first FFoD volume? It's loading up for me with a lot of what look like layout artifacts, I guess? And I can't select or search the text.

And this is in addition to the ongoing issue of file size creep -- while not as bad as Devastation Ark, it's still nearly 80mb for the 64-page-plus-cover volume, which is almost twice as much as any of the Alien Archives or Armory and over half the size of the core book PDF, last I checked. Some of us need to find space for these on tablets.

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"Present a problem without a clear solution in mind and let your players figure something out" has worked for me pretty well in the past in other games. The trick is having an open mind for any solutions they do come up with -- as long as it's not outright impossible according to facts already established in play, let them try it. If there are factors they have no way of knowing about about that would automatically foil their scheme, either have them learn about the factor or rework some notes. Nothing kills the fun more than "We spent twenty minutes working out how to open this door, and then were foiled by an extra lock we couldn't have known about."

Please cancel my Pathfinder Rulebooks and Pathfinder Lost Omens subscriptions. Thanks.

The Threefold Conspiracy PDFs were unusually large as well, though not nearly to this extent.

captain yesterday wrote:
Yes, I just assume it's laziness by the post office, it's a twenty pound package.

There've been a lot of USPS slowdowns lately, for reasons best discussed elsewhere (but without getting into the details, let's just say it's a management issue at the top).

Of course, I'm still waiting for mine to ship at all.

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I'm not crying you're crying.


Okay we're both crying.


Just pass the wedding cake.

ThermalCat wrote:

I'm curious what ideas you had along the lines of Osteth's fate. Did your players end up following any of those paths?

Unfortunately, my players have a shorter attention span than I'd anticipated, and much of the interest they'd had in Osteth was lost by the time I got to run the scene. I tweaked the dialogue suggesting that they might be able to dig something of her out of the computers if they come back later (like, after the Adventure Path officially wraps up), but I don't expect them to pick up that thread.

Oh my goodness, this was just delightful.

Has anyone toyed with tweaking the ending to provide an 'out' for Osteth's sacrifice? Some way to perhaps save her, even if it means leaving her for now and coming back later after the AP wraps up?

I'm currently running this, and while my players have engaged well enough with Osteth, enough that they'd be affected enough by her sacrifice (in particular, they're hoping that maybe they can find some way to connect her to Nejeor VI and help the kish there restore their lost culture), I expect one or more of them to pitch a fit that they can't do anything to try and save her, because it just feels to much like an uninteractive cutscene. (Which, to be fair, it kind of is.)

So I'm considering making some adjustments to leave open the possibility for an epilogue. Has anyone else done anything like this? I've got a couple of ideas but thought I'd bounce it off folks here while we're on a bit of a gap (small g) between sessions.

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We barely knew Buddy, but we'll remember him forever.

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Dragonchess Player wrote:
MythicFox wrote:
Also, whatever Aballonian music sounds like, I wanna hear it.

Something like this? "Skitterbeats" seems appropriate, not to mention the theme.

<_< >_> ^v^

More seriously, for some reason I'm thinking something like fast-paced Gregorian chant over a driving techno rhythm and synthetic music track.

I was imagining something like this, particularly the harder bit starting at about 0:47.

Zethorn wrote:
I won't tell you that you're imagining that, but do not remember seeing that as a blog or forum post. If anyone finds it, I'd love to look at it, too!

Honestly, someone probably talked about it in a vague "wouldn't it be cool if" sense and I'm just misremembering.

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I love the attention to detail with the "roasted vegetable skewers" line -- despite mi-go having the 'plant' type, most people forget about that.

Also, whatever Aballonian music sounds like, I wanna hear it.

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Okay, it's possible I'm imagining things, or experienced some sort of bizarre reality shift, or...

Not gonna spoil Return just for a joke:
...Alaznist's history manipulations are Just That Good...
...but I vaguely recall reading on a blog or forum post about running all three adventure paths at once in some fashion. Like, if you had a group that hadn't played any of the APs yet, one of the writers or developers talked about having an outline in the works for weaving them together so it doesn't take you forever to get to Return. (I'm assuming something like the Machete Order, but with AP modules)

Am I imagining that? (feel free to tell me if I am)

And if I'm not imagining it, did that ever get posted anywhere?

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They may have advanced the setting, but saying they advanced the metaplot implies that there's some ongoing story thread tying everything together. I don't wanna get pedantic on this, but it's not like we have to buy supplements every month or so just to follow a storyline hidden within flavor text and artwork, like some of the old World of Darkness stuff. (Not that anyone's saying that, but to my understanding that's what the word 'metaplot' would really mean in this case.)

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I could be wrong, but I imagine in terms of letting people adjust for their home games, there were two fundamental options:
1. Assume a peaceful resolution and have a small hobgoblin nation that could be handwaved away if need be.
2. Assume a more violent resolution and force peaceful games to handwave an entire nation into existence.

The first option expands the setting a bit and adjustment requires less work from GMs. The second option simply reduces the hobgoblin population but otherwise preserves the status quo. I can see why Paizo would go with the former.

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JiCi wrote:
On a sidenote, I would like to suggest that for the Vigilante, any class archetype can work with any class, considering how versatile the class was in P1E thanks to its archetypes. The main idea for the Vigilante is to have 2 identities with technically 2 sets of abilities. At this point right now, pick your class, pick your archetype and "swap" between styles by putting a mask and a hoodie :P

Or just make a Vigilante archetype directly, and graft the alternate identity mechanics onto your existing class. PF1 has enough class archetypes that could be described as "The original class but with identify stuff stirred in," it would make sense for PF2 to just take that to its logical conclusion.

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Forgive me if it's been said elsewhere, but I am curious as to where the art is from (and, by extension, where the pieces of art tied to the upcoming fictions are from). Do we know?

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Kelly Livesy wrote:
But for starters, it seems strange to me that they should describe the existence of class archetype feats and then not include any.

It sucks that they didn't have space for any class archetype fears, true. But if they didn't at least describe them in the core, then they'd have to include some form of that description in pretty much every future supplement that includes them (at least for a while), and that eats up word count.

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As the guy who is the 'eternal GM' for his gaming group, I'm a little jealous of all of the folks who have 1e characters they're excited to update.

Rysky wrote:
Maybe, fighting styles are cool, but those swordlords are so snooty >_>

I'd look it up if I wasn't on my phone, but I seem to recall a web fiction with a former swordlord who was anything but snooty. (Though to be fair, he was a former swordlord for a reason.)

Todd Stewart wrote:

It's a unique look, though I'd always gotten a Slavic/Siberian shamanistic theme for Old Sarkoris.

I can't remember where I read it, but I seem to recall that Old Sarkoris was also where the Celtish-Pictish analog had been located.

But what I'm more interested in is whether there'll be mechanical representation to play the god-callers, since we no longer have a summoner class.

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Mervikoth wrote:
Unless it's been renamed, Realm of the Mammoth Lords is incorrectly labelled Realm of the Mammoth Lands on the map.

As long as it's in the appropriate reigon, that's what matters, right?

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"...his arms pistoned as he struck, the sound of each fist's impact blending with the others like raindrops in a storm."

I loved that bit of sensory imagery.


Also, until and unless I hear otherwise, I will assume pugwampis are at fault.

I hate to be That Guy, but is there any sort of update as to when my March order is going to ship? It's been sitting in 'Pending' for a good while now. (If my having to remove the one item early on broke something, I apologize for my role in the situation.)

I just imagined that the alleyway leading to the security entrance actually slopes down a bit, like how sometimes you'll get a building on a hill or something that has a 'loading access' for a basement level below the 'ground floor' entrance, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

Also, I've got a question -- in the Securitech building, is it possible for the writher swarm to actually stop the characters from leaving the room? I was always under the impression that it's possible to move through a swarm. Or, if they get it away from the door, if they run around it they can easily outrun it and flee the building without having to kill it and worry about the subsequent collapse. Am I missing something?

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Draco18s wrote:

Is perfectly fine for them to go quiet for a couple weeks.

The problem is if they go quiet until August, pop back up, and say "tada!"

Because in august, if there was some part of the rules that they thought was fine, but was actually a real hangup for a lot of people, but it hasn't been accurately identified, people will respond with, "Yeah, but what about..?"

The realities of the required lead time for printing are such that "a few weeks" will probably be too late for any further changes. They've gotta get proofs made and approved, then however many copies printed and shipped from the printer between now and Gencon with a little wiggle room for the inevitable thing that will go wrong in that process. That means final text, art, and layout (including things like spell and feat templates) have to be set in stone months ahead of time.

Just as we saw Starfinder and PF2 Playtest previews over the course of months leading up to release, we will likely see final version previews spread out over the course of months as well. But because of the aforementioned lead times and the need to accurately represent the final product, the odds are extremely good that by the time any previews hit the blog, it's already too late to incorporate any more fan feedback.

I haven't had a chance to playtest yet or see them in action, but I can't help but think of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite as well, especially in the portions of the game where she's helping you in combat.

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Dracomicron wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Use profession vidgamer for gunnery?
Now we're just getting into The Last Starfighter.

I'm having trouble seeing the problem.

Phredd wrote:
Could we get some specifics as to "once per adventure" timing for the campaign traits? Is that once for the entire AP? Once per book? Once you come back to town from adventuring, it resets? It's a little vague....

According to the Directorsaur over in the product thread itself, it's once per book.

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Daniel Scholler wrote:

Yes, received confirmation to end the debate. No matter how we've each chosen to play it, correct ruling is 0/-4, which--most importantly--means Lem might just have a chance at showing Sajan up in a combat on the next blog. Hehehe!

Look at it like this, though -- you'll effectively wind up testing it both ways, and that difference could be useful data.

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Lyoto Machida wrote:
Is Krune still alive for this AP? Or was he put down by the Pathfinder Society in canon?

The state of certain Runelords:
Krune's death is canon, but some dead Runelords' souls become relevant, and there are attempts to resurrect a couple.

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I haven't run/played this yet so I haven't looked at the surveys so they may or may not address this, but I'm curious as to whether the ancestry percentages take into account half-elves and half-orcs (since they're technically humans with an ancestry feat).

Actually, both of your responses make me realize it comes down to something I missed -- I keep forgetting that there's a 'Scan' action, because I've been running out of the adventure paths, which explicitly refer to using the 'identify technology' action to identify enemy starships when 'Scan' would be more appropriate. (Like many things, probably just a quirk of having to get chunks of Dead Suns written while the core book was still being polished.)

So that resolves that. Thanks.

How much detail do you get when you use 'identify technology' to identify a ship with Engineering? I've been assuming that by default, a basic success gets you the name of the model and a rough description of what they're built for, and beating the tier gets you a rough listing of what their default weapons and defensive capabilities or not. Maybe getting it high enough lets you pick out custom modifications and the like.

Does that sound about right, or have I missed something?

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Mark Seifter wrote:
That is the plan starting with Part 2

What about those who still need to run Part 1? Should we incorporate the errata and just make sure to put a note on the surveys?

Aenigma wrote:
Doktor Weasel wrote:
BenS wrote:
What exactly are the 3 creatures in that picture? Or do they not correspond w/ existing creatures and are meant more for mood?

They're all qlippoth from Bestiary 2. The black ones on the ground are Chernobue. The really big ones are Augnagar. And the flying critters are Nyogoth. CRs are 12, 14 and 10 respectively. So our heroes are in for a rough fight.

I recognized the Chernobue right off the bat (although not it's name), because we had one as a prominent and eccentric NPC in our Wrath of the Righteous game.

** spoiler omitted **

Wait, I don't get it.

** spoiler omitted **

Not all priests are clerics. You can preach the philosophies of a deity and encourage worship without any relevant class features or divine magic.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

I got the shipping authorization for order #5023110 on May 14th. It was supposed to ship in two packages, and I got the first package (the Pact Worlds Pawn Collection), but the rest has yet to ship and the whole thing is still listed as 'pending' on the website. Any idea on when I can expect the rest of my shipment?

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