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Dear All,

I have a question to you :)
Assuming we have a rider moving on a horse. He needs to get to destination ASAP, so he wants his horse to force march today.
Reading Handle Animal skill, I've noticed that this is being handled via Push Animal option and it has DC 25.

So, assume that our rider has Handle Animal bonus of +5 and he wants his horse to force march for 3 hours.

How should I handle this in-game? Every hour he should spend 2 minutes to "take 20" (retry is allowed for this skill)? Or not?

Oh... wow. Very bad art of Amiri. Sorry to say that, but it's just awful.

I definitely dislike this art. Actually I'm very concerned on overall new style of art for PF2. Sorry to say that but it's not good and this picture of iconic here is very good example why it's not good.


Has anyone used this system from Ultimate Campaign in your CotCT games? I've noted that it's quite generic and requires a lot of tailoring for this campaign, and if possible, I would love to learn from experience of others.

So if you've used it, especially if you have something documented - I would really appreciate if you would share it. :)

Sorry for reincarnating this thread, I also have an important question regarding this game.
It's stated that as soon as any coin is knocked off table game immediately ends and person with more gold in purse wins.

So what exactly prohibits to throw singe coin from table as soon as you see that you have more coins than your opponent?
This rule feels very strange, I wound say.

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Thanks! Stolen smiling Ileosa for my campaign! :D


Haven't got time to play. Wanted to check - how close to original AP is game story?
Had thoughts to GM Kingmaker AP to my players, but all of them are now heavily playing Pathfinder:Kingmaker PC game, so wanted to check if this is still viable choice of AP.

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Attack of Opportunity is for fighters only??? No non-fighter tanks? Hmm... maybe I should read this again...

Sorry for necroposting, but latex actually OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED.
http://archivesofnethys.com/MagicWondrousDisplay.aspx?FinalName=Gloves%20of %20the%20Keen%20Evaluator

Hello All!

Quick question - what do you think - how much do the raft weight?

Oh, thank you very much!

Hello All,

I've decided to play Skull and Shackles with slow XP progression and if someone have created additional events during Wormwood journed (Part 1 of first module) or any ideas what side quests can be easily implemented - I would gladly use your ideas and help. ;)

Thank you in advance!

Hello All,

I'm really confused with vehicle rules.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/other-rules/vehicles#TOC-Driving-Vehi cles

Can a driver use Keep It Going in addition to any other driving action, basically doubling speed of vehicle? Or not?

As per wording it's looks like that it is allowed, but I'm not sure, cause it means that pilot should make 2 driving checks per turn and after reading all rules it seems that it is assumed that driver makes only one driving check per turn and vehicle moves only once per turn.

Can please someone help me clear this out?

And a bit later there is a following statement:

Movement: At the start of the driver’s turn, she makes a driving check to control the vehicle as detailed in the Driving Vehicles section. When doing so, she takes whatever action is required before doing anything else that turn. Vehicles usually ignore difficult terrain due to rubble and foliage, but treat steep inclines as difficult terrain, and depending on the vehicle type and GM judgment, they may be affected by other difficult terrain types as well.

From what I can see here it is clearly implied (but not stated clearly) that pilot makes only one driving check per round and vehicle moves also only once during turn...

Oh hell, it drives me crazy, really.
Please, please, please someone experienced in PF, help me.

It looks like that, BUT the reason why I'm asking this...

If "double movement" is allowed - that means that top speed of sailing ship can be around 180 feet per round = 30 feet per second ~ 17 knots!
It looks too much for such ships...


Hello All,

Quick question. Is action sequence on the same round below correct:

Pilot uses Full Ahead standard action
Ship immediately moves it's current speed
Pilot makes another Stay the Course move action
Ship immediately move it's current speed

So ship basically makes double move.

Hm... Daily supplies?
Can you please help me - in what book there is information regardin supplies rules?

Hello All!

I'm going to GM S&S soon and currently reading a lot of stuff about future campaign.
And I'm really confused with plunder system.
1 point of plunder costs only 1000 gp and has weight of 20000 lb.
So, we must assume that abstract goods plundered on average have cost of 5 cp per 1 lb. For me it breaks immersion, really.

Will it break adventure balance if I reduce plunder weight at least by 50%?
Thank you in advance.

Hello All,

Assume very powerfull wizard creates a shield guardian Iron Golem for himself and stores some kind of offensive spell of 4th level or less, so golem would cast it on enemies on sight.

Question. What DC/caster level will this spell have? DC/CL at time of storing and determined by wizard or it's assumed that golem 'casts' this spell all by itself, so DC will be super-low?

Vidmaster7 wrote:
If you cut everything but mundane gears price in half I see no side effects other then the obvious of bringing magic item cost close to mundane item cost.

I'm a bit worried - will it impact game balance too seriously or destabilize WBL? Have anybody ever done something similar in their games?

Azothath wrote:

review the table on wealth by level.

Things are tied together by level at; level, wealth, ability scores, class gained feats, hit die. Notice that several are not linear.

Of course I know this.

I'm not sure that I understood the intent of you comment correctly.

Hello All!

I'm not 100% happy with current game economy system, specifically with a fact that PCs wealth grows really exponentially to non-realistic amounts and very early in their careers they become ultra-rich people, and sometimes it is not good for story.

I'm trying to figure out an easy and fast solution to this.
This is what came to my mind - what will happen to WBL, if all magic item prices will be reduced by 50%, but any item must be sold only for 33% of it's price?

So we can easily cut treasure per encounter by same amount (50%) and...
What potential issues do you see here?

Hello All,

What do you think, will gargantuan dragon's head fit into portable hole (10 feet deep, 6 feet diameter)? :)

Hello All,

I'm a bit confused with following combat situation.
Assume that we have 2 stone giants and they are fighting in area with Fog Cloud spell. They both have 10 ft reach, so if they are 10 feet away they can technically attack, but can't see each other.

Question is. If giant attacks giant from 10 feet in cloud - he will have 50% miss chance, but will he get +2 to attack and deny defender Dex bonus to AC?

Hello All,

Demilich (Bestiary 3) has Immunity to Magic (Su) quality that makes him

A demilich is immune to any spell or spell-like ability that allows spell resistance.

Does it mean that awakened demilich cleric can't cast Still Shield of Faith on itself?

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I'm confused by this spell wording.

What exactly happens when caster uses this spell?
Natural armor is removed? Deflection to AC = Cha mod is granted?
All corporeal attacks deal only 50% damage to you?
You lose Strengh score and you your Dex to attack?

Vatras, thank you very much!

Big thanks to CannibalKitten for his advice :)
Anyone else?

3.x edition is fine, after all it's more or less easy to convert to PF.
Thank you!

Hello All!

I need your expert advice!
Can you please recommend me good (in your opinion) dungeon (module, adventure, standalone) for 15th level PCs?

Good color maps, puzzles and interesting traps are definitely welcomed! :)

cuatroespada wrote:


Wiggz wrote:
Maezer wrote:
August 2015 is when the errata'd improved snap shot.
Thanks for that. I only noticed it a couple of weeks ago.

It is REALLY wierd, I swear that I've checked Improved Snap Shot 2 or 3 months ago in my recently downloaded and updated UC, and it granted +10 feet.

It's really confusing...

Emmm... Last errata to Ultimate Combat was in 2015... I don't get it...

Sundakan wrote:
Because you can't do that with the PDFs anyway?

Emm, now you are basically saying that you use stolen PDFs? Cause all PDFs that were bought from Paizo.com can be downloaded again already updated to errata.

Covent wrote:
Ah if you read the scrolls section in magic items in the CRB it says that using a scroll is just like casting a spell prepared and cast in the normal way under determine effect this along with several other passages in the scroll section indicates that scroll + martial + ioun stone works.

Ok, so fighter with 1 rank in UMD and bunch of scrolls in his scroll case can suddenly qualify for any arcane or divine prestige class that requires ability to cast arcane or divine spells of some level?

Stop trying to find things in rules that do not exist.
UMD =/= ability to cast spells. UMD allows you to bend rules, activate items, but still, you are NOT spellcaster and you do not possess ability to CAST spells.


Fokodan wrote:
UMD allows you to emulate class feature. So, assuming "being spellcaster" is druid class feature (and you know, "spells" is a part of "class feature" section), you rogue just need UMD DC 20 roll. You still, may be, need DC 26 to emulate ability score and 3rd check DC 21 to use scroll. Ta-da!

Ta-da, so how many points you should invest to UMD to consistently beat those DCs? Argument was that even with +1 UMD you can use this trick.

Even if we have Wis 11+:
So, we have to beat DC 21 to cast spell from scroll. Immediately we need to make DC 20 to emulate class ability for ioun stone.
5% chance and 10% chance... Overall we have 0,5% chance per attempt to recharge ioun stone. We also have 5% per attempt to not be able activate this exact scroll for 24 hours and another 5% per attempt to not be able to emulate class feature for ious stone.

Good luck trying! :D

Menacing Shade of mauve wrote:
Assuming that "must be a spellcaster" is even a rule and not a description of the common use case, my Cleric buddy can use the scroll for me. Yes, one could say that I'm moving the goal posts here by requiring a teammate to have spent a skill point in one of the 3 top skills in the game, but all of this UMD nonsense goes out the window with a single level of Ranger or Hunter anyways.

Assuming your cleric buddy can somehow qualify as "able to cast druid/ranger spell" (and I must repeat myself, UMD doesn't allow you to do this) - then fine. Maybe he is cleric/druid or cleric/ranger...

My point is: people complain and some ppl decided to ignore errata cause "if it's not in my hard copies blah blah blah..."

So my question is: why is this so difficult to change some things in hard copies with pencil?

One question.
Is it difficult to make some fixes with pencil in your printed book?

Menacing Shade of mauve wrote:

A Ring of Spell Storing allows the wearer to cast the stored spells, whether or not he's a caster. That's the point. It takes a caster and/or a scroll to recharge it.

And I am arguing from an assumption of actual play, so the UMD is really not an issue as long as I don't have to do it in combat time.

In order to store a spell in ring of spell storing you must be able to cast a spell and be a spellcaster.

I still don't see how UMD grants you ability to cast spells and be a spellcaster.
After all, UMD doesn't allow you to qualify for any feats or prestige classes that require ability to cast spells.

So, if you don't have druid or ranger in your group your trick doesn't work.

Menacing Shade of mauve wrote:

2.000 gp for 80 scrolls of Aspect of the Falcon.
2.000 gp for a cracked vibrant purple prism.

You can now recharge your stone outside of combat (so a single skill rank and a total modifier of +1 or better is all the UMD you need, assuming no-one in your party has the spell on their list), you're not limited to 1/day, you can use your stone for even better buffs, and you have a free wrist slot.

Assuming that GM will allow you to somehow buy 80 scrolls of druid/ranger only spell, you still need to have Wisdom 11+ and Charisma 10+ to be able with only 1 rank in UMD use this trick.

And btw, how are you supposed to store a spell into this ioun stone if as per RAW of ring of spell storing...


A ring of spell storing contains up to 5 levels of spells (either divine or arcane, or even a mix of both spell types) that the wearer can cast.

A spellcaster can cast any spells into the ring, so long as the total spell levels do not add up to more than 5

Use Magic Device do not make you a spellcaster (you need to have CL 1+ for this, and it doesn't allow you to qualify for 'wearer can cast').

HyperMissingno wrote:
It might be harder to make 20 of the items worthwhile, but it's the better solution since it allows for more fun options.

Do you understand that "bad item" and "good item" are not absolute but relative concepts?

If out of 100 items you have 1 item that is uber powerful, that one item automatically makes other 99 items bad. If you fix this one item, you automatically again make bad items good.

Dracoknight wrote:
Play 4th edition i suppose then?

Actually you can, nobody forces you to play Pathfinder, D&D 4 ed, Dark Heresy or other game systems over there.

You keep complaining about Big 6 items - but Paizo already provided you all rules to fix this issue. You tell me now that those rules are not OK because they are optional.

Ok, what do you want exactly? 2nd edition of Pathfinder? Are you sure that there won't be haters that will complain about that evil Paizo forces them to re-buy all there Core Books?

N. Jolly wrote:
I see post like the first one, and I really wonder if this is why Paizo 'rebalancing' is accepted. Like are you happy that the item is made entirely unviable now? There's very few people saying that the items weren't broken (jingasa could have been 2 items easily), but is this salt the earth level of errata really acceptable to some people who just didn't like something? Wouldn't you rather seen something simply made good instead of broken rather than broken bad instead of broken good?

What item is unviable now?

Bracers of Falcon's Aim? Even with nerf it's normal, usable item.
For just 4000 gold you can make your bow 19-20/x3 for entire combat (it's unique ability that can't be replicated even by weapon enchantment). Only downside is activation time, but there are cases when you have at least 1 round of preparation before combat starts.

And do not compare this item to similar Wands. This item doesn't require UMD investment and doesn't have chance of failure during activation (as you will have until +19 UMD skill)

Fokodan wrote:

What's about Bracers of Falcon’s Aim price?

Spell Effect, use-activated or continuous: Spell level × caster level × 2,000 gp and x2 for 1 minute/level duration. That's 4,000 gp for 1st level spell.
BTW, new item should cost Spell level × caster level × 1,800 gp/(5/1 per day). That's 360 gp.
Yeah, I remember that preset item cost is what's matter, so it's like, may be I've missed something?

Aha, and continuous True Strike should be around 20000 gp?

Bottom line. Bracers of Falcon's Aim were not just underpriced. No, they were BROKEN.
Permanent effect that dublicates very powerful personal druid/ranger-only spell?
That grants you stackable very powerful critical-boosting effect for bows and crossbows?
This item was so broken that it was complete idiotism not to buy one (if it was available) for every bow and crossbow build.
And even if they would be priced 20000 gp or 30000 gp they will still be broken, it will just delay their purchase till mid-high level, but they would still remain a must have item.

Overall, I would like to THANK Paizo for this errata. It's sad that we had to wait for it all those years, but it's better late than never.
Good job, Paizo! Just please, please, issue erratas more frequently.

gnomersy wrote:

If this statement was true then yes. But on the other hand you have 98 items not worth wasting gold on and 1 item that is worth it for a slot but you always have 6 excellent choices that literally must exist because you can't maintain game balance without them. Nerfing the 1 worth while item will not result in people spending money on the 98 garbage ones, people will use that gold on a different item that is worth buying either from the 6 necessary items or the 1-3 items that are decent in any given slot which you were already planning on getting.

Just. Use. Pathfinder. Unchained.

There are several options there to fix Big 6 items issue.
Paizo already created for you all rules that you can probably need, but no, I don't want to use them, I want to complain about Big 6 items again and again and again.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
If the problem is that every character is buying the same thing in the same slot, then make more than one thing that people want to put in that slot.

If you have 99 items for a slot and among those items you suddenly realize that there is only 1 item that is so good that everybody uses it, then it's unwise to revise other 98 items or introduce new items.

It's much more easier to fix only one problematic item.

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Grue wrote:
For instance a Mnemonic Vestment is a 5k item. Just how many of these things are spontaneous casters buying to gain access to unknown spells on their caster lists? At what point does it become viable for a PC to budget buying a wardrobe of Mnemonic Vestments considering they have some basic resistances & enhancements to buy as well? 12th or 13th? Most campaigns are in their endgames by that point (and it's far from an 'I win' button). If a lower level PC wanted to spend his resources this direction and sacrifice basic coverage in other areas (and still have to use a spell slot to tap into it)...more power to them. But with the change it makes me wonder if paizo folks grok how the system comes together within a campaign.

I'd like to actually defend Paizo here.

You ARE wrong. At least check published adventure paths and you will (surprise!) find that a lot of campaign go up to 17th level and even after that level they have ideas/recommendations to continue up to 20th level. Game is designed to be played from 1st level till 20th level, it's a FACT. So stop forcing your way of thinking - if you prefer to stop playing at 13th level - fine, but please take into consideration that a lot of us want to play up to 20th level and I applaud Paizo that they've nerfed Mnemonic Vestment.

At 15+ level sorcerer with old item (before nerf) basically could become wizard with +2 slots at each level and ability to cast them without any preparation. Mutliple times per day.

I don't want this happening in my games and I'm happy that this broken item was nerfed.

Same for bracers of falcon's aim and jingasa.

And for those of you that don't like Big 6 items - just buy and read Pathfinder Unchained. You will find all rules you will ever need to get rid of those items like belt of strength or cloak of resistance.

Hello, All!

Quick question.
Does sacred weapon ability of Warpriest stack with Greater Magic Weapon Spell?

As per wording..

These bonuses stack with any existing bonuses the weapon might have, to a maximum of +5.

...but I'm not sure if bonus granted by spell can be counted as existing bonus of a weapon.

Thank you in advance!

Thanks you very much for your answers!

Hello All,

Just wanted to clarify a short and probably easy question.
Assume that rogue throws +1 heartseeker dagger as ranged attack. Does heartseeker property actually work?

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