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Also, it allows you to invest mental focus into a new implement and possibly give that to other party members so that they can gain the bonuses attached to those implements, without taking the disadvantages of casting without and implement.

I'm still only counting 4 attacks. 1 club for each of the four arms your alchemist has.

If you're thinking of taking psychic warrior and monk, my I suggest the Meditant. He's basically a psychic monk already, right down to the Flurry of Blows and extra unarmed damage.

Cheapy wrote:
That was actually my evil arch nemesis Mr. Alarm.

I've always considered myself more chaotic neutral.

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I'd like a class that I couldn't think to ask for. I want to be surprised by something new. Looking at the Advanced Player's Guide classes when they first came out, and realizing none of them had 3.5 equivalents was the most excited I've been for a product in a while. Even now, the classes I'm most excited to play are the Gypsy for Dreadfox Games and the Luckbringer from Rite Publishing because they are classes unlike any other I've read.

PS:For those talking about a shapeshifter class, might I suggest the Taskshaper from Rite Publishing?

CR 12, templates can't lose CR like monsters with class levels can.

Edit: Ignore me, I forgot that base races with levels are CR-1.

Dire Weaponry is really really strong. Con hits mixed with any kind of poison would make a really deadly combo. Plus, you don't have now this ability interacts with Pressure Points. This ability struck me as far and above better then anything else you've written.

Frame the PC for having the whole thing be a set up to win the lady after he only came in second, thus having the PC become a wanted man.

Quickly getting back to the blink. I would personally like to see them gain the Dimensional Agility tree as bonus feats.

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I think eating another intelligent humanoid is a chaotic act, not necessarily an evil one. I could imagine a barbarian tribe that believes eating their dead allows the person to live o within them, or that if eating a great warrior gives you some of his strength, a great champion would want to be eaten so his strength could continue to protect his tribe. In this way, eating the fallen is a way of respecting the dead, and wouldn't be evil in my view. Weird, uncivilized, and maybe hard to stomach for some, but not evil.

In this specific situation, I also don't think its evil. Your Half-Orc was scavenging, if it doesn't make animals evil, it doesn't make him evil.

Your link isn't working, but I'd be willing to talk about a commission with you. I'm just starting up a DA account to try and get some presence for commissions. I have nothing I can really link to, but I can send you some examples of my work if you'd like. PM me if you would like to talk more.

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Bestow Curse him so every time he says the name Sarenrae, he instead makes a raspberry.

Improved Balance gives you a reduced penalty -or- the ability to use a one handed weapon as if it were light. Perfect Balance further
eliminates the penalty, if you are not using 2 one handed weapons, or reduces the penalty by one if you are using 2 one handed weapons.

So, if you have a 15th Dwarven Fighter with a battleaxe and a warhammer, you would only take a -1 to your attacks. If you had a battleaxe and a short sword, you would take no penalty for 2 weapon fighting.

Anything that persists for 24 hours counts allows you fill the prerequisite on a feat. So, if you're a Synthesist Summoner and want Awesome Blow, just leave your summon out for 24 hours. I'm pretty sure this works the other way around as well, meaning you wouldn't lose TWF if took a hit to dex unless the effects lasted more then 24 hours.

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I hate it when I decide to read forums and suddenly take 6d6 damage with no save.

Vicious Stomp does work with Ki Throw, as it results in them going prone. Vicious Stomp also works with Greater Trip, as both AoO are trigger by 2 different actions, Vicious Stomp granting an AoO for having the enemy go from standing to prone, and Greater Trip granting an AoO for a successful trip maneuver. Consider the feat investment, and how fast you can eat up your AoO, its not as bad as you might think.

Rynjin wrote:
Pretty freakin' great IMO. My Monk has it along with Crane (or Panther, still not solid on which I'm going with this level) and Dragon styles, and I hardly ever get hit by that one attack I wanna say "Nope." to.

I hope you know that you can only have 1 style up at a time, switching between them as a swift action. Unless you have Combat Style Master, which effectively lets you have all your styles up at once.

The way I've always interpreted it, is that it changes the time it takes to make a grapple check from a standard to a move action. Its rules legal to take a standard action to do a move action (such as double moving, or drawing a weapon with 0 bab and moving). Basically the feat defines this, then explains some of the things this implies.

To answer your points specifically:

1) Little confused about your wording, but you could make a grapple check as a move action to maintain a grapple (or start a grapple as a standard action) with your +5 bonus, then make a second grapple check using a second move action to pin, damage, or move, also with a +5 bonus.

2) Making 2 grapple checks uses both of your actions, so in this case you would only have swift and free actions remaining.

3) Yes, you could make take an attack with your standard action and maintain the grapple with your move action.

Edit: OMG, an army of ninjas!

Personally, I would rule it like the rules for Directed Blast.

Pathfinder SRD wrote:
A grenadier can detonate a bomb so that it splashes in a 20-foot cone rather than affecting a radius. The cone starts at the alchemist and extends away from her in the direction she chooses. The alchemist designates one creature in the squares affected by the cone to be the target of the bomb and makes her attack roll against that creature; all other squares in the cone take splash damage.

I would go with Jamaican. When I read the description of the Xeph Philosophy, I immediately thought of Bob Marley. Plus, Jamaican accents are awesome.

Psionics Unleashed wrote:
Resilience (Su): When an elan takes damage, he can spend power points to reduce its severity. As an immediate action, he can reduce the damage he is about to take by 2 hit points for every 1 power point he spends.

It seems pretty cut and dry that the ability would save your limb, no where in the text does it say it gives you damage reduction, just that you reduce the damage. unfortunately, I was unable to find the rules for a Severing Weapon its hard to make a final judgement. Ultimately though, its your DM's game and ultimately his call. (Though if I was running your game, I would say you saved the limb if only because it would hamper your character by such a great deal)

I wouldn't say they're lawful at all. To me, this seems like an "ends justify the means" kind of thing, and lawful characters have always been more "by the books". Maybe you can skirt lawful neutral, but a lawful good temple wouldn't probably only accept donations and not force taxes on people (being selfless and all that).


If I was DMing, I'd use this house rule. A little non-new player friendly, but neither is the base Summoner.

DamnIAmPretty wrote:
1st level characters whose attacks are high enough to be more threatening to monsters; spellcasters with better attack bonuses than than some fighters; an attack stat that further weakens people when penalized.

I think you're looking at this wrong. A spellcaster has a smaller BAB not because of some genetic ability. A wizard is not a wizard by birth, but a person who decided to spend their time learning spells instead of proper sword techniques, thus giving them lower BAB. Stats are a reflection of a person's natural talents, but classes (and feats, and skills) are a reflection of a person's actions, and what skill set they have decided to develop.

There is no reason to make a Prowess stat because strength already covers your idea. A level 1 wizard with 18 strength will hit harder then a level 1 fighter with 14, but eventually the fighter improves because he practices his fighting technique while the wizard practices his spellcasting. Eventually the naturally weaker fighter would overtake the naturally stronger wizard because of his practice and hard work.

GrandReaper wrote:
The thing to watch out for is Synthesist syndrome. If it is a natural lycanthrope (the only one that a PC should be in control of) then you control when you shift. In hybrid form you can use the physical stats of the animal (plus the lycanthrope bonuses) and keep your mental stats. This can lead to abuse.

Actually, its a little worse then that, as written:

SRD wrote:
In human form, the lycanthrope's ability scores are unchanged from the base creature's form. In animal and hybrid form, the lycanthrope's ability scores are the same as the base creature's or the base animal's, whichever ability score is higher.

So if you happen to have a very beefy fighter that has more strength then a wolf (which isn't hard to do with only 13 str), you keep that modifier as a Human, Hybrid, and Animal. Abusable indeed.

For some reason, I want him to make jokes only requires a intense sadism to appreciate. Like the Joker's "magic trick" in the Dark Knight.

Darklord Morius wrote:
1) If i have a Beneficial Bandolier full with bullets or a Blinkback Belt loaded with daggers, when i remove them all its contents fall of? In the items descriptions it says nothing about it, but its a slotted item, and slotted items should stop functioning when removed.

No, though the item's magical enhancements cease to function, they are still actually belts capable of holding things. If you take off a Blinkback Belt, it still has clips to hold items, and the Bandolier still has pockets and straps for bullets.

Darklord Morius wrote:
2) I'm wearing my Beneficial Bandolier/Blinkback Belt and i decide to wear a Belt of Physical Perfection +6, the rules says that only the strongest remain functioning. So, do all my stored stuff fall of?

Again no, the belts have stopped having magical functions, but have not stopped having belt functions.

Darklord Morius wrote:
3) If my things do not fall of, that means i can use multiple Beneficial Bandoliers/Blinkback Belts or a combination of both and another belt, isn't that right?

Yes and No. You can't wear multiple magical items and have them all function. By RAW, the Bandolier would continue function because it has the higher caster level. You could still use the Blinkback Belt as a belt that holds weapons, you just couldn't use its magical ability to teleport said items back to itself.

Darklord Morius wrote:
4) If i remove a slotted item it stops functioning how the Bladed Belt functions at all? [sic]

It's still a belt, it just can't magically teleport things.

Darklord Morius wrote:
5) Can i have multiple Bladed Belts and another belt and all function normally?

The can all function normally, just not magically.

I hope this clarifies your conundrums.

I would go with changing the Charm domain to Lust. Usually lust is seen as the enemy of love, and it reflects how she's become like the thing that first "used and abused" her.

Michael Williams 1 wrote:
My wife and I have stated that we agree that Androids SHOULD age, but at what rate? The oak table i'm typing at WILL age, but not as fast as I will, but faster than the surgical steel coffe mug.

I actually don't know if I agree with yourself and your wife. If it were the case that Android were like any other inanimate object, then they would not heal as they rest (as nothing says otherwise, its safe to assume they do heal naturally). Given that, I would say that an Android's nanites repair it indefinitely, given the android is exposed to normal rates of deterioration(ei: not pummeled into a pile of scrap by a troll)

Either way, I think Mr.Jacob's ruling overturns mine.

Personally, my favorite part of the PDF was the Fumigator Alchemist. Ever since I first say the Green Hornet gas a room full of mobsters I always wondered why this tactic isn't used more often. Plus I have an affinity for poison-based characters.

If I had enough people to start a group (which I don't currently), or could join a group to help playtest I would, but sadly I cannot at the moment. (Unless someone is running something online or whatever, hint hint)

I think the rogue the neutral, though their acts are evil. I don't think that its a single act (or series of acts) that makes a character evil. If this were true then a basically every character would be evil as lethally harming someone/thing is an evil act. If a Paladin doesn't break code for defending himself against a bear, then I would say your rogue isn't evil.

A black band (tattoo'd or made by some other way) under or across the mark would make sense also. Most organizations like military or police forces will wear a black band over their medals as a sign of morning. Placing one over the scar could symbolize the same thing. Plus it holds significance for both people who "can't let go" and for "those who have moved on." For the former it can be a sign of eternal mourning. For the later, placing the band over the scars shows that the event is in the past.

2 levels in Alchemist, probably Vivisectionist. Take is a discovery called Tentacle.

Ultimate Magic wrote:

Tentacle (Ex)

Benefit: The alchemist gains a prehensile, arm-length tentacle on his body. The tentacle is fully under his control and cannot be concealed except with magic or bulky clothing. The tentacle does not give the alchemist any extra attacks or actions per round, though he can use it to make a tentacle attack (1d4 damage for a Medium alchemist, 1d3 damage for a Small one) with the grab ability. The tentacle can manipulate or hold items as well as the alchemist’s original arms can (for example, allowing the alchemist to use one hand to wield a weapon, the tentacle to hold a potion, and the third hand to throw a bomb). Unlike an arm, the tentacle has no magic item slots.

Plus you get: 2 poison resist, poison resit, 1d6 sneak attack, mutagen, and brew potion. Also, if you're so inclined, you can take Adder Strike with your tentacle, might be fun.

PS. You can also take the feat Extra Discovery for Vestigial arms. All in all, you can have 3 extra limbs. Weird mutant clerics are weird.

I might be the only person who thinks this, but I don't think guns should just get touch attacks for free. Ya they have penetrating power, but so does literally every other kind of slashing or piercing weapon. If they didn't they wouldn't be used as actual weapons. Crossbow bolts can pierce plate just as easily as a bullet. I think its fair that if the technology advances enough and you can get anti-armor rounds then sure, touch all the AC you want, but otherwise it just never made sense to me.

Dungeon Grrrl wrote:
How close are these to the old 3.5 binders?

They're actually much more like the old 3.5 warlocks, but not just with demons.

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This one is pretty easy. Just use the standard Psy-war with dual paths, Feral Warrior and Dervish. That or go with the Synthesist for pounce.

If you have some money kicking about, check out Kobold Quarterly 18. It has a class called the "Savant" that has the same jack of all trades feel as the factotum.

I would say a bit of both? I could imagine the heat generated from deforming the metal so drastically and so quickly would cause it it flash fuse, maybe even splashing some liquid metal around. It would be a finer spray then shrapnel, but the heat would make up for that. Also, as Stiehl9s mentioned, it would probably be completely flat.

SmiloDan wrote:

Would you still get +3 to the attack/weapon skill roll for it being a class skill? Would you then need to adjust how AC is determined? Would there be skill-based defenses (AC, Saving Throws, etc.)? Would you increase the number of skill points per level PC classes get? Would different classes get different weapon class skills? Would light blades (daggers, shortswords, rapiers, scimitars, kukris, etc.) be based off of Dexterity instead of Strength (simulating Weapon Finesse)?

Not to mention Skill Focus and the various ways one can increase a skill cheaply (when compared to hit) with magic. To be honest this idea seems pointless because ever character will just max out this skill, no question. Plus, it kills switch hitters who would have to invest more skill points to get the same attack bonus.

Edit: Oh also, you could take 10 on attack rolls with 19 level bards and 11th level Rogues.

Dabbler wrote:

Dex to damage is kind of broken, as you get the following off Dexterity:

AC Bonus
Hit Bonus
Reflex Save Bonus
Lots of Skills
I would suggest an Improved Weapon Finesse that let's you add intelligence to damage along with strength, with Combat Expertise as a pre-requisite. Dex-based fighters have another feature in common: they tend to be smart.

I plan on doing something similar, but I plan on having the damage from dex be precision based.

I was thinking that you could have the weapon have its weight magically enhanced, thus adding to the damage of the weapon. A hit penalty, speed negative, or even losing your lowest attack due to the encumbrance of the weapon might work to offset the heavy attack bonus. Or you could even make it an intelligent item and impose negatives that way.

That said, I would not allow this magic item in a game I was running.

Robespierre wrote:
I'm not impressed with jason quotes. If it's not in black it's just another interpretation. I still wouldn't take vital strike even so because charging is rare.

Vital Strike is a standard action, that was clarified. You can't take a full round action (charge) and a standard action (vital strike) at the same time. Even if you could get them both on the same turn (assuming this is possible), the bonuses from a charge wouldn`t apply to the vital strike as they were taken in succession, not on the same action. Unless you wanna get into crazy LanceChargeVitalStrike debauchery, leave it at that.

Personally, I think having characters use the sphere and get comfortable with the idea of using it, and then punishing them for using it is strange? I think a gold penalty is the way to go. Since they are in temples, you could have to pay tribute to the goddess to be able to use one. That or make it always have some kind of penalty.

Personally, I would say that it requires the same gold as a raise dead (although this gold could be given in other forms, such as favors to the church) and gives 2 (or 1?) temporary negative levels as the sphere takes a part of the character's essence to later build from. This way the sphere is basically a contingency raise dead.

I would say no, a well timed 3 second pause wouldn't raise suspicion in my eyes. I think a bluff (or even diplomacy to simulate a mastery of conversation, knowing when to pause and such?) vs sense motive is the right way to go, although if they bandit has no reason to suspect the sorcerer, I would make it against a passive sense motive (sense motive +10) rather then having the bandit roll. Could be just me though.

You could give him a template to make him an outsider (native).

Or, you could just rule 0 it, your villain came across a magic item, or is cursed. Living forever doesn`t really matter in a fight, so it`s not like you`re making him unbalanced. You`re the Dm, make up a story reason.

KrispyXIV wrote:
Why? Unlike Prehensile Hair, there is no provision for using Intelligence for anything but Damage Rolls (and then, 1x Intelligence instead of 1.5x Intelligence if your Prehensile Hair is your only natural attack) and triggered Grapple checks from the not-Grab grablike ability.

Can't you finesse it? Or is that Unarmed strikes only and not all natural attacks? Either way I did FAQ.

In the idea of keeping things simple, why not just house-rule a feat like "Clustered Shots". Something like:

"Clustered stabs" (name pending)
Weapon Finesse, Bab 6+ (or maybe lower?)
When using a full round attack action, damage is totaled before applying damage reduction.

Ya sure, its pretty much required, but so is Power Attack in this kind of campaign.

blue_the_wolf wrote:

So I am running an E6 campaign and considering using the Armor as DR system found in Ultimate Combat.

I have looked at the system before and rejected it because I dont believe is scales to the higher levels well but I think that it may be a good system in the more limited E6 environment.

was wondering if any one had ever tried it or had any comments or suggestions.

I would suggest looking at the Unearthed Arcana Book in 3.5. It had an armor as DR alternate rule, but that one also gave bonuses to AC depending on class, which I feel is woefully missing in the Pathfinder Version. I am planning on running a campaign with armor as DR in the near future, and that's what I'm planning on doing.

MendedWall12 wrote:
The thing with Achilles was that he never ever got hit (it's part of his mythological self). So you might want to give him an amulet of natural armor +5, make his breastplate +5 and his shield +5 as well.

Or perhaps a cloak of displacement? Even a 20% miss chance is pretty good.

If I had to choose a single product, Psionics Unleashed would take it. But really, I love so much of the 3PP stuff, Super Genius Games, Rite Publishing, Open Design, there are so much good content out there.

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